As the Agenda for a RESET, a new and improved America unfolds, some who believed they were part of the dismantle team are suddenly waking up to find they are dismantled nonessentials.  

Universities created the ignorance of our youth, they fostered liberalism and Marxism, they embraced Communism while hoarding billions of capitalist dollars from our government and from – China.   They embraced CoVid lockdowns and closed schools and are now just beginning to realize they are complicit in their own demise… without students, without international $$$$, they are quickly facing a squeezed budget, shortfalls in pensions, and the New Green Deal call for the end to the burgeoning 5300 traditional colleges across the country in favor of specialty training centers.   Much like Germany.

Having decried the absolute necessity for a college education for decades, the US employers lost laborers, and instead were handed a stream of uneducated, unemployable college degrees – skimpy pieces of paper – and a whole lot of attitude.

You went to college – but what can you do?  

Value of government funding?   Roughly $170 billion – not including loans.

Universities are not the only unintended scrapping by Communism.   Under the New Green Deal Unions would no longer exist.   While some people believe that unions are communist – they are in stark contrast to the entire ideology.   Unions are formed to ‘benefit the worker’, but in a Communist society that would be considered undermining the government and such dissidents would likely ‘disappear’.

In China, a worker’s retirement meant moving in with grown children to support their meager social security subsistence.   When China initiated the one child tribunal, aging parents had little resources and the stress placed on a child resulted in the killing of female babies as they were considered financially less capable. Poverty was rampant.  In essence, the same catastrophic demise of Germany’s system is similar given a negative population growth and they now haven’t the laborer support of growing generations and are thus forced to usher in massive immigration for ‘survival’.

It is estimated that by 2050, 330 million people in China will be over the age of 65.   Social Security will be nonexistent, siphoned to scrap.   And the young people are well aware of this brutal future…       At least the young people who live the nightmare in China.

Hollywood!   They are truly the most nonessential as AI replaces them, their exorbitant fees, their tirades, wimpish cries, and emotional psycho-drama is barely tolerated by Communist China.  Little wisdom, less intelligence, they will be sacrificed.

And yet, they are oblivious to their extinction in this Agenda they adamantly support – their gas chamber.

Movies have been moving closer and closer to the extinction of actors in favor of robotics for decades – it was only a matter of time.   Not only eliminating actors, directors, producers, every pion beneath will no longer exist under the New Green Agenda the RESET will annihilate this industry.

Under Communist ideology, the vast increase in workers is attributable to exactly ONE industry – agriculture;   laborers – cotton pickers.   Somehow I can’t picture the pinktard millennials lining up for a job picking cotton. But that is what their protests produce for them.   Should someone tell them?


What else can we embrace under the totalitarian rule of 20-somethings who advocate Communism as the Flower Child solution to all the world ‘s problems?

Income Limitation.   There is an income level goal, however, if a person exceeds the goal as mandated by the government, ALL proceeds over the base amount remit to the government.

And maybe you think you should be an artist, a writer, a mathematician… Your desire has no validity – because the government will determine what you will do the rest of your life so as to ‘better the common good’.   And you WILL comply.

You get a burr under your skin because the government is prohibiting you from doing what you want?   Go to jail – never get out – and submit to torture.


So why does Communism appeal to such an extent to Young People?

They have little idea of how it works, what it is, and how it will impact them now and forevermore:

  1. Dissent and protests will result in detention, interrogation, possibly torture, and there are no attorneys to bail you out.   According to the Rothschild rag The Economist, in 2017 China was rounding up and torturing all their Civil Rights Attorneys.  
  2. Most employment areas are in agriculture.   Therefore this will be your chosen occupation and training per the government.   No entitlements.   No welfare.   No BLM.  Hard, back-breaking work.
  3. Want to own your own home?   In Shanghai, an 80 sq meter (860 sq foot) apartment sells for $900k to a million. Down payments for properties are most often provided by parents who anticipate moving in when they retire.   A person’s 1st house requires 30% down, 2nd purchase 60% and thereafter no loan is available. Ownership ends after 25 to 30 years and reverts to the government.
  4. While The Sanders Greens like to boast that China has pulled 300 million out of poverty… it should be noted that in China the measure of poverty is $328 per YEAR!  Considerably higher than it was 20 years ago.

Ultimately, unions, teachers, liberal mindsets will begin to understand that they are the victims of their own making given their entire financial means would no longer be remotely feasible.   Of course, by then, the graves will be dug and the dirt will be shoveled.

3 thoughts on “WANT COMMUNISM? Move to China

  1. The nightmare has just begun here. A poem I wrote the other day.

    Freedom’s Wasteland

    Harper Eliot

    A dispatch from Freedom’s Wasteland
    Where once Lady Liberty stood tall
    Filled with the music of summer Gazebo bands
    Before the leaves of Autumn did fall.
    Twas a time so fine, that few remember
    While the little children scampered to and fro
    As we welcomed the onset of fair September
    Before the chill winds of winter did blow.

    And then time stood still
    As a phantom virus swept the land
    Spreading fear beyond every windowsill
    While the ‘Masking Crowd’ made their self-righteous stand.
    At the market down on the corner
    My neighbors run quickly away
    As freedom’s once proud sojourners
    Share sad tales of our lost yesterdays.

    Liberty’s foundry is no more
    Where once were thrown overboard freedom’s castings
    As masked ghosts wander among shuttered stores
    Dooming democracy everlasting.
    Our world a shadow of its former self
    Where now madness rules with impunity
    And heaven doffs its hat to hell
    With those hovering needles of immunity.

    The twilight of the gods is upon us
    As the world continues to turn
    Battered by a phantom microbial Anschluss
    As the city streets wretch and burn.
    Good and evil locked in mortal duel
    As a fugue of despair fills the air
    And life turns cold and cruel
    Infected with a divisiveness beyond compare.

    Neighbor against neighbor
    Sister against brother, son against son
    Without each other’s company to savor
    Our day is finally done.
    And as we celebrate civilization’s benediction
    In a world that is no more
    The captains of restriction
    Grovel before the altar of Babylon’s whore.

    Why cry for what is no more
    What is done is done
    And what once was mankind’s majestic lore
    Now follows the setting sun.
    Goodbye my friends
    I enjoyed getting to know you
    As we did our precious Freedom defend
    Before this world turned blue.

    Rip off those masks of obedience
    And be free at last
    Whatever the consequences
    Let us conjure up the ghosts of our noble past.
    Carpe diem!
    A great future lies before us
    Oh tortured human being
    Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust.

    • Listen, nobody will be telling me what to do. If you think the Chinese are bad in China wait till you see what they are going to do here. It won’t be pretty. If they knock on my door it will be ‘say hello to my little friend.’

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