Election Mudslinging – Routine

We act as though this election is unique, as though peaceful and polite elections have always been the norm. As though candidates speak with genuine concern and kindness, lauding their opponent for their great experience and compassionate loyalty to America. We act as though this time – it is different – when in fact, it is no different than every time.

We act as though Democrats will suddenly be respectful toward Republicans and visa-versa. We act as though the media will be unbiased… and truthful. We point fingers at the elections of other ‘third world’ countries and mock them and deride them for being corrupted all the while politely ignoring the fact that we routinely have 125% turnout in Florida… and 100% voting for one candidate in a number of counties. We lose hundreds of thousands of ballots –  and shrug.

And yet, this time, it is all different.

We have thugs rioting against a candidate and the media trying to claim the candidate is at ‘fault’?    But this time it is different. Every other time in the history of elections when the mudslinging, and screaming, and defaming, and pandering, and lies and pathetic behavior was being exalted, those times don’t exist – only this time – now.

The grand and glorious election for London’s mayor was mired in election fraud, hundreds of thousands of lost ballots, polling places that were strangely shut-down, machines that oddly voted for only one candidate, candidates names omitted from ballots, people turned away from voting – and yet this election was ‘not corrupt’, this English system of elections and democracy…

When has anyone loved the candidate? Nixon got 61% of the votes – Bill 43%… but Bill is a Democrat hero and Nixon a crook. Remember who was running against Billy? Gary Hart, who dropped out when it was discovered he was having an affair… Ironic, isn’t it?

Andrew Jackson arranged for a hooker to frame his opponent, John Quincy Adams called Andrew Jackson a murderer, Lewis Cass was a pot-bellied, mutton headed cucumber, Federalists claimed Thomas Jefferson was dead, Martin Van Buren was portrayed as a perfume smelling effete peacock, McCain was accused of fathering an illegitimate black child, Grover Cleveland was a leche that rivaled Bill Clinton, and Abraham Lincoln put out a very tacky handbill about his opponent claiming he was lost and his mommy worried, and stating that he was called the Little Giant (he was 5’4”), talked incessantly about himself and was very loud. The handbill got quite a laugh – at Stephen Douglas’ expense, and ultimately won Lincoln the election – who on his second term only garnered 39% of the votes.

This is democracy and diplomacy at it’s best.

So next time you see a bunch of wilies who obviously don’t have a job and don’t have a life, out picketing and screaming and throwing rocks and glass bottles at the police – for anti-Trump funzies, remember, this is the US election system. Where tabulations are done in Spain by a Soros organization, where polling machines are bought from Venezuela where Hugo Chavez laughed at how easy it was to manipulate machine votes, where people/citizens think that lying and cheating is just ‘the name of the game’ and everyone does it, where illegals can vote twenty times and no one cares, and where a President can be President after a history of being a cocaine dealer, a fraud, and a nobody who writes a fake book, uses ten different Social Security numbers, has a fake Birth Certificate, promotes radical Islam, refuses to produce one iota of his college records, decries transparency for all – but himself, and has the gall to claim another candidate knows nothing about ‘foreign policy’ when he couldn’t find Cuba or Vietnam or Bolivia, or Guam on a map if his life depended on it.

Ear-Mic… help me out cause I don’t remember the question, I was too busy pruning myself and trying to figure out if that white chick in front is coming on to me…

So step back, have a beer, and watch the Games. Cause it’s all rigged anyway.

ANYONE? ANYONE? Where is Bueller when you need him?

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