Hillarys Election Fraud – Obama, 2008…

Flashback!      In 2008, Hillary and her supporters were screaming foul claiming Obama committed massive voter fraud. The Obama campaign was charged with busing in voters from neighboring states to vote illegally.   In addition, his campaign was charged with voter intimidation of her supporters. Sound familiar?

According to the Cooperation Commission Election Study, in 2008 they estimate 14% of ‘non-citizens’ (code for illegal immigrants) voted with 80% voting for the democrat candidate, Obama. They assert that was enough to change the outcome of the election to Obama’s favor…

2008 was the same year ACORN was accused of massive voter fraud, raising allegations of registering dead people. Twelve members of ACORN were convicted. ACORN was funded by George Soros, but Obama actually trained some of its leaders and represented them in court actions. In 2008, the Obama campaign paid ACORN $800,000.

How quickly we forget:

In Hawaii, caucus organizers ran out of ballots. In a lax environment, Obama campaigners created fake ballots using scraps of paper. “The caucuses ended up with more ballots than participants, a sure sign of voter fraud,” Long said.   Hmmm, sound familiar? Because it is the same tactic employed by Hillary campaigners in the 2016 election.

“In Nevada, Obama supporters upturned a wheelchair-bound woman who wanted to caucus for Hillary, flushed Clinton ballots down the toilets, and told union members they could vote only if their names were on the list of Obama supporters.”

In Texas, over 2,000 Clinton and Edwards supporters filed complaints with the state Democratic Party because of the massive fraud. The party acknowledged that the Obama campaign’s actions “amount to criminal violations” and ordered them to be reported to state and federal law enforcement… Nothing happened.

In Maine where Hillary had been leading by double digits in the polls, she ultimately lost to Obama.

In a video Obama was asked by a reporter about the voter fraud. He answered that it is normal and both parties actively do it… He just wanted to be “honest”.

Quite simply, Hillary lost because Soros didn’t want her to win. Period.

This election, Hillary was backed with all the same tactics, maneuvers and manipulations used to elect Obama, without any consequences, I might add, and she still – LOST. Because her illegal manipulations were broadcast by WikiLeaks.

Most people knew Obama didn’t actually ‘WIN’ the election, he was bought and the election was bought, and there were no consequences for the massive fraud. And somehow, Hillary and Obama are completely miffed and outraged that their manipulation was undercut – by the Truth.

They thought they had it locked up, using all the fraud tactics at their disposal. It was a sure thing…   I trust that one of Trump’s pre-eminent changes will be to require Voter ID’s, as do nearly every other country in the world.

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