MIA: Haspell and Wray – odd…

Gina Haspell has gone MIA.   She seems to have literally been beamed aboard the spaceship Enterprise!   Everyone is mum.   It’s like the secret that won’t die.   Haspell went missing right around the time that the Dominion offices were raided in Germany and Spain.   She was specifically not invited to a security meeting held by Trump and rumors began to rise!

“The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated.” ~ Mark Twain. 

So why, knowing the rumors, would Haspell go dark for nearly 2 weeks now?   But then Haspell’s rise to her position is even stranger…

She got a bachelors degree in journalism, worked as a paralegal – and suddenly is working for the CIA.   As in Boom-Bang.   Simultaneously with that new vocation, she and her husband divorce.   She has no children, and her adventures begin.

Her very first appointment is that of ‘station chief’ who oversees a number of team members who guard ambassadors and such.   She went from benign paralegal to a spook station chief?   That did not happen by accident.  This is not normal transition for anything –

And then suddenly, Haspell is front and center in Guantanamo, waterboarding, CIA Detention Prisons, and she’s up to her eyeballs in all of it. The rogue CIA corrupting and initiating coups and either she shrugs it off and climbs aboard or her career is toasted.   Without a husband, children, family – she chose rogue because at this point that’s all she knew.

Christopher Wray has also apparently gone MIA.

Thirteen days ago we were told that Biden and Wray would work together.   But that was simply a statement by the Biden prop – and there was no video of Wray.

Seems a tad unusual.

Given the tenure of the election – one would think these rather prominent government officials would be front and center? At the very least, a press release. Shouldn’t they be defending their agencies?   In the business world if a charge was levied the CEO would provide a statement within – hours.  Press conference.   Yet these top government officials are MIA.

Shocking the Headline is the appearance of a new acting Attorney General with the timely resignation of Bill Barr.

Positioning their chess pieces.   There is one month before it becomes mute.

Reading news from China their bow and scrape stance has suddenly become one of power and control! Overnight.   Emboldened.   From a military view – they have gone from hiding in the trees, to trenching as a unit of strength.  A Biden win means ALL the CCP’s blackmail they hold is continued for another year.   I wonder how much that is worth?   Is it a flat Mafia fee or is it a percentage of profits and ‘hoa’ fee? China’s silence does not come free.

Still – I don’t see China as anything more than another puppet – a useful set of pawns in the chess game. Yes they are bad. Yes they are evil. Yes they suck.   But they literally destroyed their civilization!   They will not survive unless they conquer large swathes of fertile land.   Think – Hyena’s.

Who’s Who?  Nothing is what it seems.

2 thoughts on “MIA: Haspell and Wray – odd…

  1. Gitmo isnt that Obama stomping ground. We know where the Mia is and how she got there
    Those promotions came from whatever and wherever the Democrat losers who can only do anything by lying and cheating. From wherever they say it came from. Of corse.

  2. Interesting take on China, while many people live in terror of the CCP, even warning of a Chinese invasion and takeover here in the USA. But a pack of hyenas cannot beat a pride of lions, or even one or two angered male lions who’ve had enough poking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdFtSNO2bBg
    The question is, with the ridiculously treasonous Clintons and Obamas having given or sold China some vital secrets to our great strength and the means to circumvent them, is the USA still the lion? I hope and believe so, that despite all of the “cancer” (deep state infiltration) of our government and military that there are still enough honorable, strong, intelligent people to keep us strong enough to remain as a sovereign nation, fairly independent of the world. Despite all democrat efforts to do the exact opposite.

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