China Trade Deficit: A Work-In-Progress

The New York Times, CNN and Chris Wallace have all rallied behind a defeatist propaganda stream that the US-China deal is a failure…  The New York Times claims the China deal has been ‘rebuffed’.   Oddly, that would seem to be a quote from the New York Times and NOT China…  And Fox News host, Chris Wallace, who is a diehard Democrat, went head to toe with Mnuchin attempting to expound on his ignorance and ill-informed China diplomacy, only to find he was out-maneuvered.   Mnuchin was taut and to the exact point for each query, pointing out at the end that Wallace had somehow forgotten about – Iran.  Tch.

The annual trade deficit with China has been roughly $500 billion annually under Obama. During his entire administration he did absolutely nothing to change that negative strategy.   Obama’s cleverly devised China strategy was to build alliances with Japan, South Korea and The Philippines while putting more troops on Australia.  He and Kerry were sure that China wouldn’t notice this dramatic move, and if Jinping did surely he would completely acquiesce and give up.

Trump has indicated a ‘goal’ of a $200 billion reduction.   The EU is quite jittery given the economic consequences could simply mean China shifts trade with the EU to the US.  The EU already has its own significant trade deficit and this could derail them further.

What is becoming abundantly clear is the vast difference in having a politician run the country verses a businessman.   Politicians are being out-maneuvered at every curve in the horse race, their faces filled with the dust of the winning horses.  And ultimately, it would appear that the US, China and Russia will emerge the winners.  An odd shift in alliances.  But given the Swamp originates in the EU, an understandable game plan is clearly in the works.

China’s mainstream news source, Xinhau, is lauding the China-US negotiations as a means of meeting the needs of The People.  Yet the US MSM refuse to give credit where credit is due.  Why?  Because it isn’t about journalism, or truth, or business, it is about what the Liberal Mainstream have created – animosity and division.  They don’t even try to understand because understanding might make them actually realize they have Lost.

So while the Mainstream portray the staunch ‘agape’ political mindedness of Merkel trying to make amends with Putin and beg for Russia to fill the gaps of trade because of the big bad meany US who won’t pay for all their military any longer, Putin is negotiating his get of jail free card like a true businessman.  And Merkel has no choice.

Germany has succumbed to Communism – the war animal of government leading the wolves and attacking any wayward sheep that might want to graze freely:

Germany – a state wherein mom and dad will go to jail if they opt to homeschool. 

Germany – a state wherein the government is fining mom and dad if they take their children out of school a day or two early for vacation.  

Germany – a state wherein all media is subject to government censorship, including social media.

Germany – a state wherein mail belonging to private citizens may be opened by the government.

Germany – a state wherein laws are altered to accommodate the mass immigration of Muslims.

History has repeatedly found The People subjected to Communist rule – revolt.   Merkel grew up in a Communist household, and worked within the Communist Party of East Germany.  Her roots are embedded in an ideology that made her the perfect choice for the Cabal to succeed in strangling the life out of the people and ruling as the elite.

But their agenda is eroding – and taking with it much of old Europe while the eastern blocs emerge on the right as a new Europe in the making.  And as I said before – Macron is fidgeting, a Rothschild play going sour he wants to be on the winning team.

Europe Pick A Side – A Tectonic Shift

Europe is now being faced with a diehard question – pick a side.  Which side?

The media are quick to proclaim that Trump has shunned Europe, but is that really true?  Was Europe ever a true ally? 

While Merkel is staunchly standing her ground even if it means her country dissolves into oblivion, it would appear Macron is nervously trying to ascertain whether now would be a good time to jump the Rothschild ship and plunge into the mania that Trump is powering.

With the shadows of Norway and Sweden ever closer to evolving into third world countries, and the conservative eastern blocs swiftly gaining traction, a monumental tectonic shift threatens the mainstay, the mainstream, and the global Swamp.  Plan, A, B, and even C seem to have fallen flat, and the Rothschild cabal are seeing their stronghold ripped apart.

The Mueller shill is outed. Comey is finding his backside whipped by his good ole buddies, and the winners are – losing.   The Swamp tactic for global control was to bomb the smithereens out of any country they wanted to take control over.  The systematic ideal was to claim the bomb campaign was for the greater good, and would ultimately prove a profitable greater good as rebuilding what they destroyed became the elite agenda.

The ‘sky is falling’ Libertarians and Liberals are convinced that Boeing lost a $20 billion contract, 100,000 jobs, and a peaceful partner in Iran.   But Boeing shares didn’t respond, they never were 100% committed to the contract knowing the iffiness, and have several years of backlogged contracts to fill.

The more conservative EU and Eastern Bloc countries now include:  Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Belarus, and the Czech Republic.   But Italy is also joining the ranks with a coalition of the Five Star Movement and the anti EU Lega Party taking power.

That being said, when the media refers to the European partners, the European concerns, the reference includes exactly two:  Merkel and Macron.  If Macron jumps ship and decides he wants join the winning bandwagon, Merkel’s power will be nonexistent given her soon to be third world buddies will be devoured into – well poverty and Germany will be left holding the bag for the remaining EU member states.

In the midst of the tectonic rift, the EU Commission is blustering as it continues to lose precious ground – and by default $$$$ – that it desperately needs to fill their burgeoning pockets as they do virtually – nothing.

While Germany’s Soros funded, government funded media, Deutsch Weil,, would have us believe that Merkel and Putin are collaborating, the hoax is replete as they attempt to find an alliance where none will ever exist as long as the Soros cabal continue to manipulate Merkel’s strings.  In fact, with Merkel begging Putin for help in the Iran Deal she opens the door for the lifting of Russian sanctions by the EU.  Once she convinces the EU Commission that this is the only way to maintain her credibility with Iran, Trump merely has to revive an Iran pact with a new Nuke deal.  Thus Merkel will have opened the door for the US to follow her lead in releasing Russia from sanctions, and Trump will have won both the Iran and Russian debacle at the behest of the EU.

Putin will be back on track, North Korea is salvaged, Germany will become the new Muslim nation, and Iran will be business as usual, albeit most likely with a new and improved democratic government…  a gift from Bibi.

Ahhh, and The World Turns.  Checkmate.

US Trade Deficits: A Tariff Equalizer

While the EU is blistering as they attempt to retaliate against Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs, they are now attempting to target peanut butter and orange juice.   But the trade war isn’t simply the US vs the EU, it is also the EU against the UK!   However, the commodities their economic experts target is rather odd; Brazil accounts for 50% of all global orange juice. US production is in a downward spiral, has been for years, exasperated recently by Florida crops destroyed by Hurricane Irma and – exports are “flat”.   Which means the tariff on orange juice is worth $0.00.  

US peanut butter export partners include Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan. The European consumers are concentrated in The Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Spain.   Unlike other European countries, The Netherlands top export partners include the UK and the US with Germany being the number one destination.   In 2016, Spain’s highest trade surplus partner was the UK at $8.2 billion, an increase of 3,014%.

The EU has already initiated a trade war with the UK using BREXIT as blackmail.   However, in their tit-for-tat plundering, it would appear they haven’t considered the consequences to countries in the EU other than Germany and France. Given they are the fundamental leaders of the EU decision making schematic, they don’t appear to be making wise choices.

Currently, the UK’s largest trading partner is the EU, with the US coming in a close second. If the EU cuts off the UK and imposes tariffs, the US is calmly waiting in the shadows ready to pick up any slack.   While the EU already slaps a 10% tariff on the import of US automobiles, by contrast, German automobiles are charged an import duty of just 2.5%. The hypocrisy of the German government and by default the EU Commission is beyond comprehension.

It would seem that the EU and Germany are playing a game of chicken without realizing their engine is out of gas.

In 2016, 54% of UK imports came from within EU countries.   If the EU hardlines trade, the UK will slowly shift partners. Currently the largest trade partners include: Germany, Spain and The Netherlands (the same countries that like all the US peanut butter…weird).

While the EU has been considered an ‘emerging superpower’ over the last decade, its share of the global economy has been steadily declining. Add to the fray the growing welfare as a result of refugee and immigration policies, the demand that the EU fund their own military, and Economic policy decisions now seem to be playing a game of chicken without a car…

And the media is at the wheel.

The EU Commission has grown into a Fat Walrus with a budget closing in on $160 billion Euro’s and most assuredly rising. Taxing, penalizing, overseeing, demanding, and fining seem to be their role.   Air pollution is a problem in the EU and despite targets being established in 2005 and 2010, 23 of 28 countries don’t meet the goals.   It’s a joke.

Sanctions on member states not meeting ‘refugee quotas’ was another EU brainchild that has backfired.

And yet, we continue to forget the sage fairy tale that recounts the race between the tortoise and the hare.   While the EU Commission has stated that a) this has been in the air for some time, and b) they will retaliate, and c) they will take this to the WTO, retaliation is not a defense recognized by most courts…  

The US trade deficit in goods is $811 billion, with the largest categories being commercial aircraft, automobiles, and food. The largest deficits were earned with China, Japan, Mexico and Germany.  Germany imports autos, aircraft and pharmaceuticals, while it exports autos, industrial machinery and medicine.   China charges a 25% tariff on US imports of automobiles.

For the Democrats and the GOP to gasp at the horror of equalizing tariffs, they would seem to have ulterior motives that don’t include the prosperity of the US.   Most recently, Trump announced that his goal was to create just that – a direct constant equalizing of all tariffs – thereby eliminating ‘inequality’ – the same catch-all phrase employed by Democrats about – everything Democrat…

But after all the hrumphing and blubbering and demanding, it looks as though the EU, Japan and Australia are begging for their own exemptions.   Bottom line? Trump is looking to close the trade deficits – China, Japan and Germany – it is now your call.

Bana Alabed in Syria: Faked! Merkel Blaming Russia…


Sweden finds that many of the asylum seekers claiming to be under the age of 17 are being found to be well into their twenties after conducting a medical examination…of course they are sure that it is all innocent because Arabs don’t celebrate their birthday and probably have no idea how old they are… The UK says that they look older because of the war, although they have facial hair, a stubble, wrinkles, and clearly appear to be in their twenties and even thirties.


And still the story is about the fear of backlash against asylum seekers…poor them.  Let’s snot focus on the actual ‘victims’.

While the media would have us believe that these poor children are just like the immigrants that came to America, ta-da!!! – I don’t see these pundits offering to open their homes and give them a job…as in, put your freakin’ house to where your mouth slobbers.

Merkel now has the dubious honor of opening her country to its complete demise while Germans are murdered, sexually assaulted, raped, beaten, knifed and infected with diseases once eradicated.  Gee, let’s do more of that!  Elect these wondrous accomplishments…

And as if the fake news couldn’t get worse, the EU has announced that Russia is organizing the migrant attacks to make Merkel lose the upcoming election!   Whoa there horsie…  Where did this accusation come from? The Council on Foreign Relations.  A fake organization infected with Soros, Clinton, and a desire for a World Open Society.  Oh, now it makes sense.

Gustav Gressel has made this audacious claim, taking his cue from the Hillary.   It was just a few short weeks ago that Obama made a special stop to Germany to ‘encourage’ Merkel to run for office again as in a last ditch effort to contain the anti-politics that is sweeping the US and EU.  Remember?  In other words, he told her that she and her entire family would be brutally murdered if she did not comply with the order of the Order.   I digress.

Gustav claims that a small number of refugees have links with the Kremlin and Syrian government. Therefore Russia is the provocateur behind the Cologne attacks , the Nice attacks and the Berlin attack. WOW!  Broad- jump, this is getting perverse like nothing imaginable.  People are actually acting like they are drones in a board game.

You want to shake them and demand they – WAKE UP!

But like the explosive heads in the movie, Kingsmen, they don’t have a lot goin’ – up there anyway.

Echoing the DNC, Hillary and Billy, Merkel is claiming that they are already dealing with hackers and propaganda… As though Merkel were blameless. As though her policies of allowing millions into the country was not her fault – but ‘Russia made me do it.’

I have to say, she did it become apparent that she defected?  Because she wasn’t always on – the wrong side.  She used to represent integrity and honesty.  Once upon a time.  In another generation long go lost.  The Internet is alive with blogs about someone not being who they say to be.  And others who lament what Obama has evolved to be.

But, in reality, the consensus is- Obama failed miserably.

Of course, if we back track the research, it was actually Soros who demanded Merkel open her borders to the refugees. In fact, he was so bold to claim that if she didn’t open her borders, it would be the end of the EU. After she complied, it was Soros who announced that Merkel’s open border policy – would be the end of the EU.    Damned if you do – damned if you don’t.

What we do know is that the massive wave has caused spikes in crime, much that Merkel quashes, doesn’t prosecute, and enables. Italy has declared that the wave of immigrants has sent their stats flying. But most of the European countries try and stifle the statistics to protect their people from fear… And instead, regurgitate ‘Fake News’ and ‘Fake Photos’.

The BBC recently came under fire for its fake photograph, which was the basis of their ‘fake story’ and was picked up as real by The New York Times…

Egyptian authorities have arrested a photographer and his assistants taking fake photographs using imagery in Egypt and red paint on a little girl which they were going to post on Facebook and decry as Syrian regime assaults in Aleppo.

And then there is Bana Alabed, a seven year old girl interviewed via Skype by CNN, who has been posting regularly from inside Aleppo on her new i-phone and laptop, despite the fact that electricity and internet have been down… and despite the fact that they claim their house was bombed to rubble – yet they were somehow able to collect their clothes unscathed, their laptop unscathed, their cellphone, a doll and other accoutrements…unscathed.

CNN shows pictures of her with makeup and ribbons in her newly coiffed hair, her skin unblemished by the ravages of war, squeaky clean, skipping through the rubble of war-torn Aleppo as though she hasn’t a care or fear in the world. And the only other people visible in her many pictures are her mother and brothers – even in the streets. Odd.  A photoshop world.

She and her siblings are wearing new clothing, in fact, every picture shows her wearing a new outfit, cute hats, and logo clothing. And somehow despite the continuous bombing and rubble, the lack of food and water, their apartment in the middle of east Aleppo – is immaculate.

She is obviously posed for all the photographs, including ones in which she is supposed to look ‘afraid’. And of course, her tweets and banners are all in English with Assad and Russia as the demon provocateurs.

Upon a bit of sleuthing, apparently, Bana’s rather extensive wardrobe is bought from AliExpress – including her red and grey letter jacket, and her 68 Universal jacket. Both are said to be new items coming out in “2016”. Free shipping to Aleppo?   Apparently, the Middle East isn’t on the shipping list… UK, US, France, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Israel and Russia – are.

I imagine we will suddenly see her on Entertainment channels across the Uk as her celebrity status is unveiled…


Germany Muslim Crime Skyrockets!

Germany Crime Stats… Really?

Trump has stated that the crime in Germany as a result of refugee immigration is out of control. The German Interior Minister claims that crime in Germany is on par with the US – as it has always been and that the refugees have changed nothing.

Who is right?

A report issued by the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation released a report for the period January to September 2015 in which they stated that statistics prove that refugees have the same crime rate as native Germans. And Politifact determined that the crime rate of refugees is actually lower than that of native Germans. Really?

April 2016, a refugee burned down a residence for asylum seekers in Winsen, Germany.

The following Sunday, another refugee burned down an asylum center – also in Winsen.

June 2016 , a fire broke out at a refugee center in Dusseldorf…

In fact, German police have reported 45 such attacks on refugee centers in 2016 alone.

New Year’s Eve, over 1200 women were sexually assaulted, involving upwards of 2000 refugee men.

October 2015, police in the town of Kiel were told NOT to arrest any refugees for crimes such as theft and criminal damage, because they were told prosecution wasn’t possible.

A policewoman in Dortmund stated, “They laugh at us, because they know that nothing happens to them. The prosecutors and judges have no interest in these offenders. We have often tried, but always fail, to get them into pre-trial detention.” This astonishing regulation—not to arrest or detain “asylum seekers” arrested for street robbery and similar incidents—is official policy ordered directly by the German government.

Another German policeman, Bernd K stated, “there was deliberate suppression of the real nonwhite invader crime statistics. People really have no idea of what is going on. For example, if an asylum seeker cut another person’s throat, then in the official report we are required to write that it was a ‘grievous bodily harm’ case instead of ‘attempted murder.’ This makes the statistics look better.”

In the last few months, I have written just one charge against a German. All the rest [of my write-ups] have been refugees. At the railway station, women are regularly sexually harassed and felt up. When we try and take them to court, we are told that this is not state policy, and that we are racist.”

July 2016: A 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested on Sunday after killing a pregnant woman with a machete in Germany, the fourth violent assault on civilians in western Europe in 10 days, though police said it did not appear linked to terrorism. Neither Sunday’s attack nor a shooting rampage by an 18-year-old Iranian-German man that killed nine people and wounded 35 in Munich on Friday bore any sign of connections with terrorism, police said.

Merkel’s response? Tighten gun laws further… sound like Hillary?

September 11, 2015, two asylum migrants entered a department store and pocketed items, the security guard tried to stop them but they escaped. Shortly thereafter they returned with a machete and pepper spray and threated to kill the employees. Police arrived and the men attacked the police – one escaped and one was arrested. Within hours the arrested man was released without charge. The next day the two men went to a grocery store with a knife and threatened to behead the employees.

Hamburg: police are attempting to curb the rise of purse-snatchers. More than 20,000 purses — roughly 55 a day — are stolen in the city each year. According to Norman Großmann, the director of the federal police inspector’s office in Hamburg, 90% of the purses are stolen by males between the ages of 20 and 30 who come from North Africa or the Balkans.

Stuttgart: police are fighting a losing battle against hundreds of asylum seekers from Gambia who are openly trafficking drugs on the city’s streets.

Dresden, migrants from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia have effectively taken control over the iconic Wiener Platz, a large public square in front of the central train station. There they sell drugs and pickpocket passersby.

A local newspaper editorial expressed shock at the state of affairs in downtown Dresden:

“The central train station is normally a city’s business card, at the same time it is also a magnet for dubious activities…

“But a visit to the site yesterday leaves one shuddering: desperate businesses, intimidated employees, shocked passersby — dealers selling their drugs in front of their eyes. This has created a climate of fear — and it must be swiftly countered.

“It cannot be that a gang of young men lays claim to an entire area to operate their illegal business. The Wiener Platz is a major entry point to Dresden…. Thousands of people — commuters and tourists — walk along there every day. They should be able to feel safe…

Berlin, a classified police report leaked to the German newspaper, Bildrevealed that a dozen Arab clans hold reign over the city’s criminal underworld. The report says the clans, which are dedicated to dealing drugs, robbing banks and burglarizing department stores, run a “parallel justice system” in which they resolve disputes among themselves with mediators from other crime families.

At the same time, thousands of police officers in Berlin are no longer being allowed to carry guns because of cuts to the budget for mandatory firearms training.

Duisburg, spiraling levels of violent crime perpetrated by immigrants from the Middle East and the Balkans are turning parts the city into “areas of lawlessness” — areas that are becoming de facto “no-go” zones for police, according to a confidential police report leaked to the German newsmagazine, Der Spiegel.

So. When the German Interior Minister makes the statement that all is well and good, when the German government and Merkel put out the order to alter the truth, when they attempt to publish false facts through their media, when they blatantly and conspiratorily deny the truth, when they uphold Sharia law over German law and the rape of children in that name, they have sold out their people, their country, their nation, and their society.

And that will be their legacy.

The Panama Paper Caper – German Media Censorship

I came upon an article in a French paper in which excerpts of private emails between two individuals named in the Panama Papers and indicted on money laundering charges were revealed, and I might have read on except for a nag… How did ’emails’ suddenly become a part of the Leaked Panama documents? Because I don’t know anyone who shares emails with their attorney – as in Mossack Fonseca.

Therefore, the ’emails’ had to have been hijacked separately. Or the paper was ‘not relaying the truth. Or the Leak itself is not what it is being represented.

In any of those scenarios, the Panama Leak is looking scourgier and scourgier.

Add to the fray that Germany’s newspapers are tangled in a web of the same layers of shell companies as the Panama Papers decry – and the media in Europe is looking more and more ‘controlled’.

A German comedian who read a vulgar poem about Turkey’s Erdogan is being investigated and could face 4 years in jail for slander as Germany decides whether they will prosecute on ‘behalf of Turkey’.   And yet, the Panama Papers which were illegally obtained by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung are above the law and in fact will not be shared in their entirety to anyone else – including the German Law.  How is that law working for you…?

Why?   I think everyone has come to see the crass demonizing that they were supposed to create – and failed miserably. Instead, the Soros agenda bungled and now in stating they won’t release more names – they have bungled again and shown the world exactly how contrived these lame blackmailers can be.

Mossack Fonseca isn’t even the largest global offshore legal firm, in fact it didn’t even make the Big Ten, so why target them?

Appleby Global is ranked Numero Uno and has actually won awards for it’s expertise and championship of offshore accounts; 2008 China Award, 2010 British Award and 2010 Lawyer Award.   They have been the Pacman of law firms gobbling up smaller ones for decades.   If morality was the true instigator for the Leak, why not target the Big Ten?

According to the Law Gazette published in the UK, the lawyers are cheering greater regulations for offshore accounts because it means more fees for them in order to make sure their clients comply. As a result, business is Booming!  Focusing on the Asian investors, on the Luxembourg Holdings for real estate funds and private equities, catering predominantly to France, Germany and the UK, the law firms are doing high fives!

The Panama Leak – would seem to be more of a grudge against Mossack Fonseca than any of the thousands upon thousands of clients – perhaps a takeover bid was offered and refused and this is simply vengeance. The select list is equally odd, but the Cameron connection is most definitely a specific target – a warning:

According to the Law Gazette, David Cameron is one of their biggest allies and supporters:

David Cameron:  ‘I do not think it is fair any longer to refer to any of the Overseas Territories or Crown dependencies as tax havens. They have taken action to make sure that they have fair and open tax systems.’ Collas Crill group partner Paul Wilkes, who is based in Jersey, captures the mood among offshore lawyers: ‘David Cameron will get a few free drinks if he is ever around on our island.’

But for some reason, we don’t hear this in our infamous journalistic press. Why?

Because what is printed is exactly what was ordered to be printed. Nothing more – nothing less.

In Germany not only are the papers censored, but the German citizens are required to PAY for the censored news whether they want to or not: Germany has a GEZ fee that every household is required to pay for government sponsored television and radio whether they own a television or have the desire to own one or not. If their home doesn’t even receive the transmitted service, or they don’t speak German – they are still required to pay. Sounds like government indoctrination…

Sounding a bit heavy-handed? It gets worse.

A German newspaper editor and journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, published a book in 2014 in which he details not just the censorship of the German media, but the fact that journalists are ‘told what to write and the slant that the article should take’. Who is doing the telling? According to Ulfkotte – the CIA and German intelligence. Where did Ulfkotte work? Within the same network of newspapers that was created post WWII, 1945 by the US military, the – Allgemeine Zeitung.

It is open knowledge that Merkel has demanded that Twitter, Facebook, Google and Redditt, all censor their sites for what she terms to be anti-immigrant rhetoric or hate speech. And they complied. Is that any different than China blocking the phrase “Panama Papers” from their search engines? NO. Germany has evolved into a Communist regime and the people didn’t notice – it was slow and methodical in the making.

Wolfgang Herles, former head of public broadcaster ZDF, has also maintained that the media is instructed to write what Ms. Merkel dictates. He refers to the media as the “State Media” given that there is no journalistic integrity any longer, it is completely controlled. Topics of articles are dictated by the government. And while there are private news agencies, their roots seem to stem from the US Allied Military immediately post WWII.

One of the largest media groups in the world is Bertelsmann SE operating in over 50 countries. Privately held by a number of Foundations and the Mohn family, it is more than a bit rough around the edges with ties to the Nazi’s where it gained it’s initial fortune.

While Nero slept… It is not just the US media filtering and censoring, it is a worldwide phenomena that does not bode well –