NEW WORLD: An Order of Chaos …and Then

With protests and lockdowns actually escalating throughout the UK & Germany, what is the motivation behind the veil?  

When the shroud is taken off the sculpture, and the artists work is revealed, the crowd will gasp as the twisted metal appears hideous and yet ….beguiling – A One Party System.

In the US, Biden was placed in the White House for one purpose, to destroy the Democrat and Republican parties.   Ruinous in his measures, idiotic in his dementia intellect, and powerless, it is unclear if the puppets in Congress are even aware of the Master Plan.   Because in the end – they will be – no more.

It is no different when watching Merkel and the CDU Party fall into decay.   Or as Bojo laughs gleefully at the rot he has created for the UK while pretending to lead the Conservative Party.   Beguiled with empty promises of infinite wealth and power by The Cult, Johnson believes he is a ‘chosen one’.     And in that fantasy, Bojo was willing to do whatever necessary to attain that throne.

But like Merkel, like Biden, these empty souls were chosen, not to gain access to the mountain, but to lead the sheep off the cliff.   Once they provided this mass hysteria and destruction, the Cult would sweep in to Drain The Swamp…

Not The Swamp typically referenced, but the swamp they, The Cult, brought to power, the political peons for whom they likely hold high contempt.

The final checkmate is just around the corner.   Merkel is despised.   Her party despised.   And while The Cult told her to attack the Afd, the real villain waited. Patiently waited.  And Merkel followed her instructions to the cliff.

Bojo has effectuated a hatred of all things – police, government, occupation, and immigration while vilifying free speech and freedom.   Behind the veil, the wolf waits.

Using Meghan and Harry to begin the last calamitous annihilation of the British Monarchy along WITH the takedown of Prince Andrew through the Epstein Pedophilia scandal was simply – another log on the fire.   Contrary to the Media claim that Meghan was a distraction – she was in fact a pre-meditated artillery attack on the battle field.   A battle field already weakened and gasping.

Biden’s policies of economic carnage have found no pushback by democrats or republicans. Why?   They have been promised redemption. They have been promised utopia – for them.   And their self obsessed insurmountable greed allowed them to believe the LIE.   But when the red curtain is drawn, they are ALL nonessential sacrifices

NONE of these people will attain a seat on the Throne.   None will be given access to the Mountain.  

Useful Pawns.   They will have nothing more of value to offer.   Merkel, Biden, Harris, Trudeau, Macron, Bojo, etc… will be considered insignificant and superfluous to The Plan, to The Cult.   They can’t even be a peasant.

The One Party remaining is The Green Party.   The ONLY way it could advance was with the destruction of competition from within. That means the conservatives, the liberals, the nationalists, the capitalists, were all sacrificial lambs to usher in the final Act into complete chaos.

John Kerry said it, Ocasio said it, “we only have nine years!”   Why?   Not because the world will collapse into climate oblivion.    Obviously Kerry knows it isn’t about climate or he would be driving electric cars, and not guzzling about creating a carbon footprint equal to a thousand or more ordinary people jetting here and there, boating about, etc…    Gates too can be seen on his 600 foot yacht with a helipad while promoting a carbon-free environment.

So what is supposed to happen in Nine Years?

The purpose of the Green Party is to fill the void of all other parties representing chaos which will be equivalized to Satan.   Perhaps there is a real something that has been slated to occur in 9 years.   A meteor.   A sun flame.   A UFO.   An insurmountable magnetic shift.   A cataclysmic earthquake.   All of these could inject desperation.    But Climate Change blamed on people provides the peasants with hope.   And that hope can be harnessed to effectuate was is needed for the few to survive.

An unknown event that casts the elite to one continent – Africa.

The purpose of the Green Party is to create a unity where none can be declared in any other party.   It is the answer to division.   But like the BLM Movement wherein all donations were redirected to Democrat PAC’s, the Green Funds are redirected to – Africa.  That could hardly be said to be a ‘coincidence’.

The global economy is an illusion.  The Pandemic was created to shroud the illusion temporarily and give The Cult time to institute a New Order.

Within the Green Party there are a few factions including the GroenLinks which is a conglomeration of the: Communist Party, Socialist Part, Party of Radicals and Evangelical Peoples Party.   Many EU Commission representatives are aligned with the GreenLeft, Labour and Socialist parties.   While many of the various parties reference liberalism and progressivism, the words are interchangeable with Marxism and forms of communism.

Karl Marx, an economist, preyed his theories upon the socialists and Labourers in order to ‘radicalize’ ideology and realities.   Like all philosophies and ideologies, Marx interpretation was never actually put into material production.   Instead, various Communists used his doctrine to create their own realities: Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.

Today is no different.   The Cult has borrowed pinches of spices from a variety of ideals to formulate their very unique stew.  They call it Order.   All other forms of government and ideologies will be reframed as ‘chaos’.   I doubt very much The Cult shared these ultimate New Earth concepts with their dummy politicians.   I doubt they have a crumb of respect for the swampers they created.   No Backbone.

The Cult basis would appear to be:   nonownership of anything, same speak, same thought, same critical theory.   Essentially – a Cyborg human to cater to the Throne.  Who will actually be allowed to inhabit the Mountain is curious.   Although I would theorize that many who believe they are to be resurrected to that status will find themselves relegated to oblivion.

While as Nostradamous predicted, those on the Mountain, The Cult, will have developed a means of prolonged youth.   Only available to them.   And given a planetary overpopulation,  these factors necessitate a massive reduction of cyborgs –  and thrones.

And still – The Cult short circuits….  Because Checkmate remains allusive.   

11 thoughts on “NEW WORLD: An Order of Chaos …and Then

  1. Interesting! The coming antichrist will appear as a “liberator” gut don’t worry, get rapture ready: give your life to JESUS CHRIST today! All born again Christians will get raptured out of here before the 7year Tribulation begins. Study biblical end times prophecy, google “Dr. Ron Rhodes, end times chronology”

    • I study Biblical and Historical – I attempt to align ancient with myth with written. Were the Minoan’s direct descendants of Noah?

  2. In another essay you mentioned that this year this plan to move to Africa will already be revealed? Its not clear whether you are saying an event in 9yrs will kick off this move or whether Climate Change as movement is the driver

    • Really? I didn’t say such a thing – in fact I didn’t say climate change would be a driver either. Perhaps you should reread my articles. Or is the Dutch translation confusing?

      • OK I was referring to this article. I was probably thinking about the sentence that geoengineering would be released in June 2021, and I somehow remembered it as the plan to move to Africa being released.

        I was trying to make sense of this paragraph below. I’m not sure how you connect a natural occurrence in 9 years with the current Climate Change Movement. Could you please clarify.

        “Perhaps there is a real something that has been slated to occur in 9 years. A meteor. A sun flame. A UFO. An insurmountable magnetic shift. A cataclysmic earthquake. All of these could inject desperation. But Climate Change blamed on people provides the peasants with hope. And that hope can be harnessed to effectuate was is needed for the few to survive.”

        Not sure what Dutch translation you are referring to. Your writing is a bit cryptic, so assume that people come from a point of confusion. Clarification will be needed. Thanks

        • The geoengineering is being done by Bill Gates et al. It has been pushed back a few times, and the new date for approval is June 2021. That would have nothing to do with a plan to move to Africa. The Africa plan has been some time in the making via land grabs – primarily agriculture land.
          A different future occurrence or environmental event or any type of event could be premeditated or it could be natural. It could be predicted scientifically. The idea of ‘using’ climate change as the trigger is likely because of what I said – it provides a unity of hope – something people are told they can prevent. It also provides a source of money via the Green Fund. As per other articles I have written – the Green Fund $$$$ are being spent in Africa – not being spent to alter climate – but to build Africa infrastructure for greater land access.

          • Hi Helena;
            Apparently Bill Gates has bought up a huge amount of land in the United States. Supposedly the largest private owner of land in the USA now. Any idea what his intentions are regarding that? Has he been buying up massive amounts of land in Africa?

            • There are various thoughts – the land is a combination of agricultural and his ranch holdings. Either way gates does nothing arbitrarily or coincidentally. And it likely coincides with his non meat agendas and his means for his own famille need for meat….

  3. i still have a hard time believing the shit that the public swallows without blinking even once. they choke down their daily dose of bullshit without a sip of a drink,it goes down dry,but they swallow every single crumb and beg for more! one mask sure,we think you should wear two mask and get the magic shot,no problem! the best term i found for most of america is sheeple,just lead them around like lambs to the slaughter. i can kind of understand a lone person falling for their stick,but to drag you kids along with them is criminal! maybe we deserve whats coming for being lazy and stupid and living in denial but i do know that there is still a chance if people pull their heads out of their asses and organize,at least we go down with a fight!

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