President Trump DECLASSIFY Everything –

What is Europe thinking given the anarchy that has taken place in the US?

Posing the question to European politicians has about as much merit as simply asking Pelosi or Biden.   It is a meaningless query with an obvious response.

As I noted before, Merkel’s ‘election victory’ was based on winning 33% of the voter turnout – meaning she did NOT represent 67% of Germany.   For such a lackluster representation of The People, it is difficult to accept her rhetoric regarding President Trump, or her opinion regarding election fraud.

But the point is clear, when the media asks a question of what another country ‘feels’ they typically report a government opinion and ignore The People.   But then Germany has censored its media for over a decade as it collapsed the country into a Marxist state.   The silent coup.   France, Spain, UK and Italy all followed suit as their leaders caved to the quorum of The Cult/Cabal.  SO, what more can we expect?

The amount of deception that has infiltrated our globe is beyond comprehension. That much is now quite obvious.   And if we assume that we are now privy to 10% of that deception, that means we are not privy to 90%.  

This is why The American People continue to plead for President Trump to once and for all declassify. Give us the benefit of the doubt that the Truth can be absorbed no matter how heinous.

IT is Time.

My father was part of the New Mexico, Roswell investigation.  It remains a controversy to this day – 70 years later!   Multiple accounts suggest UFO’s are real, declassified military radar show UFO’s – It is time to simply Open The Truth.

When one truth is not revealed, it means there are likely thousands of truths that are hidden.   Like a wayward philandering husband – I just did it once, I promise…   Billy Clinton.   When classifying information that the government deems ‘we can not process’ the statement is essentially declaring – you are too stupid to understand.

Who decides that The People, the entire population of the world may not know certain facts and select people may know these facts?   But the document declassification isn’t just about UFO’s as Trump Jr. has requested open information, the hordes of lies include murders, assassinations, drugs, pedophilia, satanic members, mafia criminal alignments, etc…etc…etc.

NONE of which should be classified.   The entire purpose of classification has been completely redefined.  Classified, should be relegated to one thing only, information that could compromise a good asset.   ALL of the information we request be opened is outside of that security parameter.   We simply ask that the governments stop making assumptions that releasing information will result in chaos.

We are in Chaos.

If Nancy Pelosi is fearful that declassifying information would be harmful to her, then it doesn’t fit the narrative for it be classified. It is not harmful to the Public – it is harmful to her because she did something wrong.   It sounds simplistic – because it is. Yet the government has hijacked Truth for the government – not for the benefit of its employers – The People.

A field agent is working covertly to gather information for a sting operation – that would be classified.   Until the operation was concluded and the agent was safe and their identity not disclosed.   But the ‘operation’ once concluded is not classified any longer.   And should be public information.

We are being treated like children led to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy because it is fun! But ultimately even our children are given the truth.   Yet our government’s heavy hand has determined that we remain children – forever.

Taken to extreme measures, the CoVid Apocalypse is the evolution of such a government mindset – albeit in reverse.   CoVid is meant to bridle us in fear and cowardice, while declassifying is said to be shuttered to save us from fear and cowardice.  How odd!

If President Trump wants to make a New America devoid of the Cabal’s destructive systems and mechanics meant to enslave us, then give us the Truth – ALL The Truth.   That We may no longer be viewed as peasants and pawns in their scheme of Power.   Some will have issue, some will argue, and some will cry, to be sure.   But this transition away from the corruption and evil that rules requires a complete Open Book.   All pages.   Unredacted.

Aligned with Truth We Are Better Warriors!

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  1. Hi

    Even if he did they would never comply and we would never know he tried. He has been completely neutered. If Pelosi can ask the military about removing the nuclear codes from a sitting president without fear of judicial action then they surely control it all. Worse not one media, including “alternate” media never mentioned the likely seditious part of this obscene act.

    From what I can ascertain many of Trump supporters are like rats abandoning ship. Especially supposed Libertarian sites. Sites where I have been “removed” for mentioning some of my concerns for a few of his policies in the ME/NA are now denouncing him with fervor. Kind of funny to me as they complain about being banned on twatter and F-book. As you know Parlor may shut down and in my opinion all websites that supported Trump are in danger.

    And this morning it appears Delta Airlines is now kicking Trump supporters off flights. Airlines sucking off the taxpayer tit treating said taxpayers like dirt.

    What we are seeing is a internal coup, and fascism sprouting everywhere. 2021 is going to make 2020 look like a walk in the park. And don’t forget,,, the new mutated virus is waiting for finger sucker Biden to shut everything down and finish the destruction.

    Wish I had better news…


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