Apple and Google are deactivating Parler unless they conform to their rules of censorship!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi

    I have been censored and banned by many a sites,,, mostly sites that complained they were being censored and banned.

    Now I use no “strong language” but I do mention constitution and declaration so there’s that.

    I assume the sites think that will keep them in the good graces of those now in control. We all know weakness never works.

    This is just the beginning. It is no longer a ‘free’ country. In the UK police are now kicking in the doors and arresting families that have too many people in a house and seizing children. Neighbors are ratting them out.

    It’ll likely soon be in a town near you when the new authoritarian government is inaugurated.

    I hate to say this,,, it took 75 years but it appears we only won a battle,,, Germany won the war.


    • I’m on parler – just switched my browser to BRAVE – and am ‘sortof’ on GAB – although they are so overloaded I can’t get in yet – but they say my account was created…

  2. T man needs to take over the media and comm platforms under the natnl security act. It may be coming. Get ready.

  3. Boycott apple and google. Buy chinese phones. When my iphone 6S dies, I’ll be switching if no sooner.

    • Took down GAB too. Twitter is dumping acounts by the millions. Apple phones could be deactivated. Gmail accounts too. This is happening faster than I anticipated. Pelosi’s laptop is in Trumps hands. They need to completely wipe out communication. Trump likely to EO MArtial LAw !!

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