Biden’s Handler May Be Bloomberg –

Two of the world’s Largess polluters and wealthiest white men are working for Climate Change:   Michael Bloomberg as UN special envoy, and John Kerry as US WH envoy.   Both fly frequent flyer mileage – aka their private gas guzzling jets which produce a footprint 625x that of one car in any given year. Each.   In addition, each consumes a relevant housing footprint equal to roughly 30x the average homeowner in the US given multiple properties.   But when the true value is organized, the Climate Change Agenda in terms of stock valuations is considered to be worth – trillions.  

For two of the wealthiest across the globe the obvious question is why?   Why do you want MORE money?   What does it do for you?   Obviously you are bored.   Obviously your life is worthless unless you continue to rape and pillage.

But ultimately, one has to come to terms.   While neither of these pillagers are religious, and therefore do not answer to God, it is noticeable that pictures depict very ‘unhappy men’.   Why then would you continue a path that has no value – even to your own conscious life?

It is quite possible that it is Bloomberg, not Obama, pulling the Biden marionette strings.   Obama is the deflection or decoy.   But a picture unveiled by The Gateway Pundit in March 2021 would seem to be that of – Bloomberg, rallying Kamaltoes and Bidenhose as they completely derail the US economy.

Janet Yellen has declared that mobilizing the private sector on Climate Change is essential.   Why?   Because the private sector controls the money.   The governments do the bidding of the private sector.   And the money is generated by global corporate manipulation.

After the ‘virtual’ Climate Summit, that was so incredibly boring I turned it off after 5 minutes, John Kerry stated that although it is an impossibility, but if the US and China, the two largest global CO2 emitters, were to have zero emissions, it would not even dent Climate Change.   I’m not sure, but I imagine many cringed as he made the statement because it foretells a ‘lost cause’.   And a Lost Cause will not generate the illusion of saving the world!

But then Kerry, like Biden, is in his latter years of 70 and may have a bit of commonality in the reign of – dementia.   As in oops I didn’t mean to say that, where is the delete button…

Why is it that the supposed ‘powerhouses’ in our government are so ‘old’?     Soros is 90+.   He isn’t making policy!   He can barely brush his teeth!    But decades ago, he was pronounced, appointed, as the scapegoat of all things Cabal.   By contrast, Michael Bloomberg would seem to prefer anonymity.   Allowing him to be the puppet master behind Biden while the deflection is to attack Obama as the ‘race provocateur’…

Bloomberg’s abject failure of a presidential run had to be an ego killer.   The notion that a brain-dead person would win has to be even more of an ego denouncement – unless it was the only way for Bloomberg to RULE.   But in their world – ego – is everything, and ultimately Bloomberg will want to take a bow.

That would preserve Bloomberg’s ego.

Because as Jen Pissy put it when justifying government breaking the rules they institute as mandates among the peasants – there is a special status for government, governors, mayors, and the like that overrules that of the “ordinary people”…

The ever-boring virtual Climate Summit did reveal one grandiose sentiment;   They want more money!   Lots of more money!   While never really specifying why… Given none of the Paris Accord Green Fund actually funds anything Green, the Agenda is an illusion, however the concept of a formidable ‘event’ would seem more plausible.

It would make sense that the master puppeteer behind Biden was Bloomberg.   It would make sense that Obama was 3rd or 4th tier.   Obama obviously never made his own decisions but parlayed what was told to him.   Obama hasn’t the intellect nor the military acumen.   He is and always will be the Hollywood playboy.   He was created by McKinsey and Company.   A prop.   While the media repeatedly reveal Biden’s appointees were Obamas, one would have to assume Obama made ANY appointments.   Which I seriously doubt. Creation of a politician’s persona is their main protocol behind McKinsey.   Much like My Fair Lady.  Creation of their Cabinet – is a scripted patented production effort.

It would appear that most of those ‘picks’ were chosen for their lack of intellect – possibly making them clearly puppets as well, easily molded, silenced, and installed in a corner while the World Turns.

So, given Bloomberg is the voice and arm behind Biden, it is worth a moment to observe what Michael advocated when running for President:

Certainly he was all things pro-China, and all things anti-Russia.   Obvious.   But when reviewing his plans as set forth during his brief tenure as a Presidential candidate, they would seem to be lock-step with what Biden is implementing vis-a-vis Executive Order:   increase taxes, surtax on millionaires, free college education, student loan forgiveness, increase minimum wage to $15, Universal Healthcare, and a $1 trillion expenditure on ‘infrastructure’.   Electric vehicles for all, reinstalling the Climate Paris Accord agreement, etc…  THESE were ALL Bloomberg’s platforms!

Does all of this begin to sound familiar?

IF Agenda 2030 is not about Climate Change…   IF it is not about a Cabal Power Grab…  What would be the impetus for reiterating this illusion?   Could the New World Order be about the introduction of technological advancements beyond our comprehension?   Containment of human population in localized cities?   Extermination of the weak, old and immune compromised?

Biden has stated that the UFO report commissioned by President Trump will be released to the public this June.   Perhaps this report will provide more answers to the illusion we have been fed for centuries.   The extermination of past societies, the placebo’s of Big Pharmaceuticals, and a powerless government that is controlled by forces we have yet to meet.

It would appear that Bloomberg and Kerry’s mission has nothing to do with Climate Change, and everything to do with ‘preparations’.

The first recorded UFO sighting was actually 1440 BC.


President Trump DECLASSIFY Everything –

What is Europe thinking given the anarchy that has taken place in the US?

Posing the question to European politicians has about as much merit as simply asking Pelosi or Biden.   It is a meaningless query with an obvious response.

As I noted before, Merkel’s ‘election victory’ was based on winning 33% of the voter turnout – meaning she did NOT represent 67% of Germany.   For such a lackluster representation of The People, it is difficult to accept her rhetoric regarding President Trump, or her opinion regarding election fraud.

But the point is clear, when the media asks a question of what another country ‘feels’ they typically report a government opinion and ignore The People.   But then Germany has censored its media for over a decade as it collapsed the country into a Marxist state.   The silent coup.   France, Spain, UK and Italy all followed suit as their leaders caved to the quorum of The Cult/Cabal.  SO, what more can we expect?

The amount of deception that has infiltrated our globe is beyond comprehension. That much is now quite obvious.   And if we assume that we are now privy to 10% of that deception, that means we are not privy to 90%.  

This is why The American People continue to plead for President Trump to once and for all declassify. Give us the benefit of the doubt that the Truth can be absorbed no matter how heinous.

IT is Time.

My father was part of the New Mexico, Roswell investigation.  It remains a controversy to this day – 70 years later!   Multiple accounts suggest UFO’s are real, declassified military radar show UFO’s – It is time to simply Open The Truth.

When one truth is not revealed, it means there are likely thousands of truths that are hidden.   Like a wayward philandering husband – I just did it once, I promise…   Billy Clinton.   When classifying information that the government deems ‘we can not process’ the statement is essentially declaring – you are too stupid to understand.

Who decides that The People, the entire population of the world may not know certain facts and select people may know these facts?   But the document declassification isn’t just about UFO’s as Trump Jr. has requested open information, the hordes of lies include murders, assassinations, drugs, pedophilia, satanic members, mafia criminal alignments, etc…etc…etc.

NONE of which should be classified.   The entire purpose of classification has been completely redefined.  Classified, should be relegated to one thing only, information that could compromise a good asset.   ALL of the information we request be opened is outside of that security parameter.   We simply ask that the governments stop making assumptions that releasing information will result in chaos.

We are in Chaos.

If Nancy Pelosi is fearful that declassifying information would be harmful to her, then it doesn’t fit the narrative for it be classified. It is not harmful to the Public – it is harmful to her because she did something wrong.   It sounds simplistic – because it is. Yet the government has hijacked Truth for the government – not for the benefit of its employers – The People.

A field agent is working covertly to gather information for a sting operation – that would be classified.   Until the operation was concluded and the agent was safe and their identity not disclosed.   But the ‘operation’ once concluded is not classified any longer.   And should be public information.

We are being treated like children led to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy because it is fun! But ultimately even our children are given the truth.   Yet our government’s heavy hand has determined that we remain children – forever.

Taken to extreme measures, the CoVid Apocalypse is the evolution of such a government mindset – albeit in reverse.   CoVid is meant to bridle us in fear and cowardice, while declassifying is said to be shuttered to save us from fear and cowardice.  How odd!

If President Trump wants to make a New America devoid of the Cabal’s destructive systems and mechanics meant to enslave us, then give us the Truth – ALL The Truth.   That We may no longer be viewed as peasants and pawns in their scheme of Power.   Some will have issue, some will argue, and some will cry, to be sure.   But this transition away from the corruption and evil that rules requires a complete Open Book.   All pages.   Unredacted.

Aligned with Truth We Are Better Warriors!