EU-China Trade Deal: A Joke on Steroids!

It is really no surprise that Germany jumped onboard the China trade deal being finalized with the EU.   Germany has a history of supporting Marxist and Communist regimes having exercised that predilection most notably via WWI and WWII.   And of course, Merkel herself was ‘raised’ a Communist.   Having jumped aboard the Soros train for globalization only served to further reveal Merkel’s roots have always remained where and how she was raised.  Communism For All Comrades!

The EU trade deal with China has been in the making since 2014, and today it became closer to reality subject to some legal affirmations.   The EU believes the deal will open the door to a level playing field for European companies wanting to do business in China.  AH!

While China was already the EU’s second largest trading partner behind the US, the deal was a necessary track for China given lost trade with the US that has negatively impacted their GDP.

But China trade with other countries has hit a brick wall.   Australia is fuming, which resulted in China losing out on needed coal for heating which has wreaked havoc on the country.   Many thousands have likely succumbed to the lacking resource, but far be it for China to be transparent – about anything.

India has emerged as a trading partner with the US to replace China. This switcheroo enraged Xi Jinping and caused him to ramp up border altercations with India.   Not exactly a move that will garner him a renewal of trade, but then China has never been considered masterful at détente or negotiations.

While South America might have been a plausible alternative for China, the multiple coup d’etat’s initiated by the National Endowment For Democracy made that impossible as they decimated the wealthiest countries in South America in favor of dictatorships.

And Africa may appear as a China resource, but it is all built on debt, not actual trade. China’s own corrupted IMF and World Bank have demanded China forgive African debt because, well, Africa can’t pay.   While China has refused, they have also failed to provide an explanation of what collateral they confiscated.   Although Africa is mostly some form of Communism, a mutual friendship will never take place. According to the CCP, Africans are far less intellectually evolved and barbaric.   Integrating the two societies will never occur.

So how much more can Germany and France provide in terms of trade with China while in the midst of an EU recession?   Certainly, not enough.   But it looks good on nontransparent paper written with invisible ink!

As part of the deal, China wants access to the EU’s green energy.   An interesting demand.  But then it reveals that China has no idea how to create a new industry without copying someone else’s.   In the meantime, it also begs the possibility of China simply desiring a backdoor for hacking the EU’s newly created grid so as to shutter it when blackmail looks to be more profitable.

Where is Canada in all this mess?   Given Trudeau relishes pretending he is a Buddhist monk dressing in Indian wedding garb and mumbling ommmmm at inconvenient moments, it is difficult to assume he would suddenly acquiesce to Communism.   But then again we can hardly wait to spy him sporting a Chairman Mao ensemble as he prefers joining The Club and loves his costumes.

In the end, it would appear that the EU is quite clueless with regard to China and their objectives.   China is NOT an ally to anyone.   Never has been, never will be.   China is for China and no one else.   Absorbing countries is their mantra and time is running out.


Because despite the glowing reports of China poised to be a global super power and overtake the US, there remains a teeny-tiny problem.   China lies.   China is a pathological liar rivaling every Democrat and Rhino in the Political sphere of the US.   Or maybe that’s where the US politicians learned the trade – China taught them to lie about everything. Maintain the illusion.   Scorch the media with propaganda and censorship – be like China.  China has no more fresh water.   China can’t produce crops without fresh water.  China will succumb unless they can absorb a country or continent willing to devastate their own population’s water supply – in favor of China’s money.

No one has any idea what China’s GDP is, their growth, their output, their unemployment, their poverty, or their re-education camps, aka, gulags.   Because the only available information comes from the corrupt propaganda machine of the Communist Party.   When media hail China’s progress – it is progress based on what Xi Jinping tells them.   When the media hails China’s response to CoVid, it is based on flagrantly false and fake information perpetrated by Xi Jinping.

The EU is acting like a moronic mentally distressed person bringing Communism to their people.   I doubt The People have any desire to usher in more China given the default crack that took down Italy.   Italy brought Chinese manufacturing into it’s northern hub market. Not jobs.   Factories manned by Chinese.   Italy became the epicenter of the EU CoVid crisis when those Chinese workers, 300,000+, travelled back and forth between the mainland and Italy.

The majority of the most devastating epidemics and pandemics originated in – China.   Now the EU – the Communist Merkel – the Rothschild Macron – would like to sell their countries to the Year of the OX.   The Ox is most compatible with the Rat and Snake.   Barack Obama was born in the year of the Ox.  

I imagine The People of the EU may want to have a say in their destiny come a Communist takeover.   But then Merkel is abdicating her queenship this year and Macron is busily attempting to recreate French elections as his re-election campaign comes due 2022 and his abysmal ratings among the French People are at the bottom of the twalette.   Tch.

The EU-China trade deal is creating a media spook.   It is a bad deal. It is rife with false ‘promises pinky swear’ and will not garner a positive response from EU citizens.   But maybe the mass induction of illegals will uphold the EU Law.   Who knows how they intend to sway their populace – if in fact they even give an Ox ass.

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    Also to let you know my wordpress login has been pulled,,, basically I am banned. I seem to be able to post when not using the wordpress login.

    I am not surprised and I know it’s not your doing.


  2. I don’t know Helena,,, Just tried to post and it disappeared. I just joined WordPress and I fear it was censored. Hopefully you can find it…

  3. Hi

    ((IMO)),,, China seems to me to be a mixture of socialism (communism) and now crony capitalism. The USA (and West) seems to be mostly crony capitalism migrating rapidly to socialism (communism). As for lying both appear to be equals but I personally would nominate the US as the winner especially the economic and military stats.

    Most of China’s exports to the US are from US corporate manufacturers based in China. It is these US manufactures that are causing most of the trade deficit between not only with China but Mexico and others. The obvious reason for offshoring was/is wage arbitrage and lack of environmental restrictions. Both of these mean more profits for corporate boards and shareholders. Some say this is alright, but to me,,, not if it drags down the population that made these corporations to impoverished slaves.

    As for the superpower competition the US bragged that the ability to out produce the Axis was a primary reason for winning the war. The US has now exported most of its production and with it the skills and R&D. I notice the quality of Chinese goods are increasing just as the quality of Japanese goods did in the 1970s. US workers are now mostly unskilled retail and warehouse workers distributing foreign made goods. Add in the corruption factor of the US government is now at 100 meaning it takes $100 dollars to produce $1 dollar of useful product which is why our military products are so poor.

    The fake virus has finished off America and the West and shows how utterly weak and docile most are. Lining up for an experimental vaccine for a disease with a 99.8% recovery which most never know they have it does not indicate a very intelligent population. In the US the willingness to follow dictates (not law) of tyrannical governors, mayors, etc, indicate liberty is no longer an important element in their lives. Worse, the latest study finds the average American youth too fat and with many medical problems to enlist to fight an equal power be it China or Russia.

    IMO we need to clear out the socialists (communists)in America and especially from American education, start producing the goods we need, strategically withdraw from all unnecessary military deployments and alliances, reduce government size and power returning to a constitutional republic. This of course will not happen as can be easily seen from the last election circus and now where the Supreme Court will not hear cases from the states that the constitution requires of it. With the above in mind, the country is doomed to continuing civil violence and a likely breakup.


  4. So, let me see if I have this straight. Germany is a bunch of neonazis for signing a trade deal which is the same as the us? And Germany is pro communist even though they attacked Russia as the US allied with them?

    • A. I never said anything about ‘neonazis’ – please stay on track. B. Germany didn’t ‘sign’ anything – the trade deal is with the EU. Please stay on track. C. Germany’s history is exactly as I presented. That is a fact you can not argue. D. Not sure how Hitler’s invasion of russia in 1941 supports anything in my blog. And there was NO US alignment in operation Barbarossa.

      • You’re being sophomoric. The US didn’t ally with the USSR? The EU trade deal would have passed even without Germany? It was Jimmy Carter who recognized Taiwan as part of Commie China and George who started “engagement,” not Germany. The trading desks that China uses were put there by Michael Bloomberg, not Angela Merkel.

        As to the “socialist” Germans, the backbone of their economy are the “Kliene und Mittlere Unternehmen. There are 2.5 million or one for every 3 Germans. This is a history of communism?

        I live part of the year in Germany. My apartment in Nuremberg is cheaper, nicer and safer than anything anywhere in the shithole immigrant and crime ridden USA. Earth to Helena. Your Trump is a fucking moron. Deal with it.

        • You have become brain-washed – once claiming Columbia was the best place on earth and now Germany where you have no property, no value, and a diminished view of reality to support a deviant worth. You don’t remember what you say. You don’t read what I say – and then respond with gibberish that has absolutely nothing to do with anything but your hatred of President Trump. You really believe that the US is the backbone of corruption – and pretend that the rest of the world is all sweetness and nice just like a proper communist peasant. The Backbone of EVERY country is small business – always has been. And so I salute your choice to dwell in the alleys of a dank apartment somewhere in the world where you can suffocate in your misery. Germany will likely be kicked into the twallete once you decide that Kosovo is really a perfect FIT! You are not missed.

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