Science vs. Charity. Mythological gods of Science.

The egocentric gods of Science are much like the mythological gods of Rome and Greece.   They have elevated themselves to such extremes that they now truly believe they are the only ones worthy of survival.   Their Science is typically based on conventional predictions and false predications, but the delusion remains strong.  

If one can stack 20 facts upon a theory – they espouse the core theory to be a fact. And with this elixor, they are trampling our world.

Science is a PHILOSOPHY.   Within it there exist truisms – and trash. But unfortunately, our world has recently elevated science to such Biblical proportions that the masses follow without any creative thought or challenge.

In 2007, Germany, the progenitor of nearly all massive Wars and destruction, created the World Future Council.  

Their purported function is to determine what is equitable, what is justice, and what needs to be eliminated given their surmise.   It would appear – they function primarily in – Africa.

One of their premier representatives is Auma Obama, elder half sister to Barack Obama.   And in that, it would drive the concept that Africa is being groomed to be the next Global Power.

Unfortunately for Africa, this does not mean that Black Africans will rule the world, it simply means that those entities and people who own and control Africa will be the elites to control – whether White, or other.

In that context, it is important to note exactly who those ‘others’ might be.

Unlike the British Royal Society that has existed for centuries, The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 by a plethora of academia who considered themselves intellectually – elite.   The plebes, the peasants, the society that was not of their compatible IQ were wholly and effectively renounced as unworthy of existence.   And thus they became a mainstay of the Gates Depopulation Agenda.

People often wonder how someone of an elevated ‘IQ’ could possibly be evil?   Wouldn’t one completely void the other?

When serial killers, Ted Bundy types, were analyzed, it was believed that a higher IIQ would translate to a higher compassion for human existence. Only to discover the exact opposite was unharnessed.     And IQ has absolutely zero correlation to compassion, heart, or God.   Instead it embraces what is described as – evil.

Instead we have the Bill Gates of the world who are Ted Bundy times 100million.

The Royal Society, the Club of Rome, these are simply two examples of what are likely hundreds of exclusive egocentric machanizations that purport to be the ‘worthy’.   They view themselves as the ones who will ‘inherit the earth’ .

And yet, what is overwhelmingly powerful is the fact that in this thinking – they have revealed their inherent lack of intellect – or worthiness.

Sun Tzu thought;   when a person elevates themselves they reveal they are the dirt that needs to be cleansed.   When a person believes they are the prophet or savior, they have fallen into the deepest depths of fire – or Hell.   Because the moment you elevate yourself, is the moment you lose the most fundamental Buddhist concept.   At which point you are relegated to the lowest point of reincarnation.

It is all about humbleness.

I am not a practicing Buddhist.   But I have studied.   And most of these Atheist or Agnostic champions that we face today, proclaim they are – Buddhist.   And yet haven’t a clue about the most pronounced caveat – much like #1 of the Ten Commandments.

They are fake.   Fake humans.

When Kamala squeakily squeaked that her family always celebrated Kwanzaa, the chalkboard fingernail was vicious!   But pathological liars have no guilt, because they don’t even understand that what they lie about is a lie – because everything is – made up!

Truth does NOT exist.   How bizarre is that!   I had the misfortune to marry such.  UGH.

Anywhoooo.   The ONLY way to vastly deplatform the sector is simply to make all charitable organizations, foundations, NGO’s, and anything nontaxable – Taxable.

I mean, a charity should not have a profit…   otherwise it isn’t a ‘charity’!!!

I mean, if a charity is sitting on $563 billion profits – what expressly defines it as a ‘charity’?   There should be zero profit.

Wonder how that would change the NGO Landscape? Wouldn’t it be a HOOT!

5 thoughts on “Science vs. Charity. Mythological gods of Science.

  1. Hi

    “But unfortunately, our world has recently elevated science to such Biblical proportions that the masses follow without any creative thought or challenge.”

    I have wondered how on earth they have gotten 80-90% of people to go along with their dictates even if they impoverishes or kills them.

    Months ago I put forth an argument that they were already changing our genetics successfully using the flu vaccines which was why our taking the new vaccine was paramount. Of course I received some laughs but today reading Lew Rockwell I discover the DoD were/are doing just that. An old Video (2013 I think) has them discussing this very premise.

    Looking at the flu vaccine stats I noticed 80-90% of the populations have received these vaccines yearly. This matches nicely with the number of zombies I see everyday wearing the holy rag and social distancing even after multiple news articles showing the uselessness of it all. Recently a WHO “scientist” said the holy rag will have to be worn even after the vaccinations as there is no proof that the virus can’t be spread. Short version: the vaccine does not work.

    Okay,,, I’ll take my hits for claiming this possibility, but something has made the masses docile enough to verge on stupid. What we are witnessing is NOT normal human behavior.


  2. That Sun Tzu guy was amazing. He could look at things as they really are without the pompous idiocy that destroys all truth…or that ignores reality in favor of arrogance and egotism. A high IQ means little if it is embroiled in conflict with arrogance and self conceit. Many self appointed intellectuals are self-serving and complete control freaks. They are so lame, scared, insecure and apprehensive that they feel the need to control their environments to the utmost.

    I would never listen to any advice coming from Fauci, the CDC, FDA, WHO, Gates, politicians or any of the dozens of politically driven agencies that have only the interests of pharma and the deep state in mind. Quite frankly, I do not recall ever hearing of Fauci before 2020…that is how much I ignore the main stream news and many of the players in government. Most experts are perception freaks with little or no actual experience or success to support their grandiose claims to supremacy.

    • Fauci was extinct before CoVid. Although in 2008 he did actually write about the ‘flu pandemic’ of 1918 in which it was revealed, and Fauci concurred, that the flu wasn’t the killer, an experimental vaccine caused bacterial lung infections, highly contagious – and most deaths… Of course I imagine Fauci doesn’t remember that far back – 12 years.

  3. you have a great idea based on fact,the problem is that most of the scum that are running these organizations or on their boards also write the laws,they have all the bases covered.

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