Mass Murders, CoVid19, Russia, Germany and the Green Party…WHEW!

HEADLINE:   3 People Have Died Per Day in US Police Encounters Since The Chauvin Trial Began.   Half of those are black or Latino – 64 in total.

Of course what the article omits is the fact that these people were committing a CRIME!

FACT: There have been 164 Mass Murders in the US this year alone – and counting. More than any time in history!   Those Mass Murders were NOT perpetrated by police – in fact by comparison police have shot 50 white people, 30 black people, 20 Hispanic and 112 unknown – this year. That would equate to ‘in the line of duty’.

Finding the number of “protests’ or “riots” in the US for 2021 would seem to have been scrubbed from the Internet.


HEADLINE:   Colorado and Midwestern states enter into a water shortage/drought as a result of warmer temperatures and less rainfall.

FACT:   According to the NOAA, Colorado snowfall is 36% ‘above’ normal at 74.5” vs normal accumulation of 54.8”.   In fact, we have not had this amount of snowfall since 1984 with the exception of 2012, although current totals are still shy 1.5 months and are likely to grow significantly.

So where oh where has all our water gone?   Nestle? Coke?  It takes 1.4 to 2 liters of water to make 1 liter of bottled water.   It takes 3 liters of water to make 1 liter of coke. A liter of beer, meanwhile, needs 4 liters of water, wine demands 4.74 liters. Hard alcohol, it turns out, is the greediest, guzzling 34.55 liters of water for every liter!

To manufacture a solar panel producing 1 megawatt per hour of electricity consumes 650 gallons of water.

Cows consume roughly 30 gallons of water per day vs maize uses 550 billion cubic meters of water annually – 8% of all crop production.   Where will Bill Gates get this precious resource for the production of a meatless society?  Because in a world subjected to climate change as a result of untenable water consumption, a world without water is – death.


HEADLINE:   Can the CoVid Vaccine Protect Me Against Virus Variants?

FACT:   The vaccine is NOT for Covid19, it is for SARS-Cov2.   Given any variant is within the same coronavirus family, that would indicate that the vaccine works for any and all future variants – in perpetuity. According to Science.

The ‘variants’ are detected via the same PCR test which is a non-diagnostic test that the CDC and NIH claim identifies ‘coronaviruses’.   It is the only ‘test’ being used.   If the actual CoVid19 has never been genomed in full, how could a mutant be genomed?

Answer – it can not.   This is perpetuating a false narrative.   If variants are outside of a vaccine then every flu shot in the history of mankind is – worthless.   And I seriously doubt the “Scientists at large” want to make that acknowledgement.

HEADLINE:   Russian Officials Move Navalny to Prison Hospital – Brussels claims they will hold Russia responsible if Navalny dies…GASP!

FACT:   Navalny went on a self imposed voluntary 3 week hunger strike to protest his circumstances after attempting to provoke a Russian coup backed by Germany, France, Belgium, the EU, and the Liberal US NED.   In actuality, if any ‘governments’ were to be held accountable it would be the EU in alliance with the National Endowment For Democracy, which is responsible for ALL US coup engagements.

Navalny is financed, grilled, recruited, and groomed by Germany in order to infiltrate the last bastion standing that has not fallen to the Fascists – Russia.

It has been ongoing for a decade or more thru the same means utilized in every other country – protests and riots.

Russia – will not bend.  And that just pisses them off!

HEADLINE: Why Did Jack Ma disappear For Three Months…?

FACT:    Jack Ma was “Detained”  by the CCP.  Jack Ma had built Alibaba and Ant Group into a multi-billion dollar organization with no end in sight!   Fascists are greedy and often ignorant.   China believes they can divest Jack Ma of his entire asset base and run the company as it does best – into the ground.

Why does China want his company so badly?

Because the illusion China presents is economic growth and prosperity. While the reality is far more grim. China’s economy is in the twlalette.   They lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty… measured as $1.75 per day.   So now those hundreds of millions make $2 per day and are NOT counted as living in poverty.  Their trade has tanked.  And people are starving…

That’s the Chinese propaganda game exhorted by Bernie Sanders.

If China’s economy is so fabulous, why is everyone eating bats and dogs to survive?

China’s solution? Confiscate one of the world’s wealthiest of all their property.

Coming to a theatre near you in the EU and US.

And yet, somehow US Corporation CEO’s think this won’t ever – happen to them.

So much for ‘wokeness’….

Lastly – the HEADLINES we Should Focus on:

Where is Hillary?

Where is Kamaltoes?

Where is AOC?

For three very headliner grabbers – they seem oddly blanketed with snow….   I imagine 3 possible reasons:   1.   They are being fitted with reptilian brain chips,   2.   They are dead,   3.   They are being programmed to enforce Phase II, when Biden inexplicably collapses at a news event and is declared utterly incompetent. Forever, and ever – AMEN.

All in sinc with Germany announcing today that Annalena Baerbock of the GREEN PARTY is the next Angela Merkel. Imagine THAT?


RIOTS Destroying Democrat Credibility – and Wealth…

The stores that have been looted and destroyed as a direct result of incompetent city mayors and governors allowing the destruction include: Target, Macy’s, AutoZone, Walmart, Cub Foods, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Verizon, Apple, Boss, The Grove, Nike, Neiman Marcus, La Raza radio station (which was owned by the woman who hired Floyd as a bouncer), The Shops at Buckhead, Attom, Premium Boutiques, ice cream parlors, clothing stores, restaurants, liquor stores, cigar shops, etc… Many, if not most, of the small businesses were either minority owned and operated, or were sympathetic to BLM.

Today, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee laughed while giving an interview in which he declared he had ‘no knowledge by a reputable news source’ that ANY anarchists had taken control of Seattle.

De Blasio has appointed Loretta Lynch to determine if police brutality is at the root of NYC looting and arson anarchy problems.   And Democrat female mayors across the board seem blank eyed and completely devoid of brain matter when addressing the absolute devastation.   Minneapolis has declared that the looting has cost $55 million in damages – so far –   and innocent citizens are caught up in cars destroyed and set aflame, businesses destroyed, homes destroyed, and livelihoods decimated.

We listen to countless conservatives kissing their arse and saying good-bye to their courage, as they simply ignore the tally of damage, and assert that they are guilty by ‘white privilege’.

T-Mobile which has -0- black executives, -0- board members and is owned by a German conglomerate and based out of Bonn, Germany has declared itself pro-Black Lives Matter without a shred of understanding that such a declaration may leave them subject to aiding and abetting a domestic terrorist organization – Antifa – which also has its roots in – Germany!

The TEN most costly riots in history:

  1. Cleveland Ohio – 1968: Police and Black Militants – cist including insurance = $12 million.
  2. New Mexico – 1971:   Police and black youth – cost $20.5 million.
  3.  Chicago – 1966:   Police and Black Youth – cost $33.3 million.
  4. Newark New Jersey – 1967:   Police and “African Americans’ – cost $90 million.
  5. Baltimore Maryland – 2015:   Police and African Americans – cost
  6. NYC – 1977: Police and Blacks – cost $137.5 million.
  7. Miami Florida 1980 – Police and Black protesters – cost $253 million
  8. LA – 1965:   Police and blacks – cost $324 million
  9. Detroit – 1967:   Police and – Blacks: Cost – $335 million
  10. LA – 1992: Police and Blacks – Cost $2.1+ billion

The “Damage Cost” is born 100% by the Rioters.

EACH incidence was supposedly triggered by one person’s incarceration or deth at the hands of the police. How many lives were destroyed by the looting, arson, riots, and damage? Hundreds of thousands!   Hundreds of thousands!   The agenda would have us believe that hundreds of thousands must pay for the price of – one.   Because we are all trash.

While some may see the “Police” as the common denominator – others see the Black shitake hatred kill destroy mantra as the obvious conclusion to the destruction of America.

And while this may not be a politically correct mantra – it is a statistically correct fact.   Mantra.

SO is it “Police Brutality” or is it police pissed because they are supposed to bring order to a neighborhood that will forever rule in CHAOS?   And Mafia renegades in Seattle shaking down business owners and assaulting news people is just another black video proclaiming poor freakin’ me!

Instead of ignoring the statistics, or attempting to hide their reality, perhaps we would be better disposed to pay attention!

In the meantime – I wonder how many previous liberal business owners will find themselves re-thinking their affiliation.   Given a liberal affiliation means you forfeit your existence, you business, your life and livelihood, doesn’t seem like a platform any party would glom onto.

So that means the Democrat Party is purposefully attempting to destroy itself. For what purpose?   And how is it that the heads are willingly sacrificing their jobs to usher in this New Party?

Pelosi is already attempting to make amends for her life toting about a Bible that likely houses the Quran, while spouting shrewish spews as she walks to the final garden plot of her life.   She knows her days are limited.   And clings to some absurd thought that she can somehow nullify herself before GOD.   As though He doesn’t know.   All that she is.

And of course we know – He will Reign.

And those that scurry like rats fearing for only themselves – there will be penance.   And so we are reminded that ‘they do not know what they say…’ –

Justice of Policing Act – 2020: Pelosi’s Kill Police Bill Unveiled…

The Pelosi Democrats have quickly compiled a piece of legislature, Justice of Policing Act -2020, wherein they virtually make every officer accused of misconduct – guilty without actual justice, evidence, or law.

It applies to ‘local law enforcement, including school officers and correctional officers who – acting in good faith, and believing they are in compliance with the law, or even under Constitutional authority – guilty as charged.   The Bill removes any concept of jurisprudence law and replaces it with some bizarre Communist manifesto demand that the officer must prove innocence via documentation and witnesses – otherwise guilt is the assumption.

The Universal declaration of Human Rights, Article 11, in which the presumption of innocence means the prosecution must prove guilt, has been completely voided in Pelosi’s Bill.

And of course, if a state deems it has need of Federal funds to uphold the anti-judicial cause of denunciation of Rights, our taxpayer dollars will be allocated according to Congressional dictates to the tune of $100 million in grants annually for state Attorney Generals and an additional $750million for states and Indian Tribes annually between 2020 and 2022 as well as $25 million stipends here and there and everywhere where deemed necessary by a “Review Board” created by Liberal Congress..

“Deadly Force” shall hereinafter be construed by ‘a reasonable person’, and prosecution against said officer shall be brought by a ‘civilian review board’, the Attorney General of the State, and an independent prosecutor appointed by the Liberal AG.

That would translate to mean that any officer who subdues a criminal for any cause, whether mass murderer, rapist, arsonist, etc… may politely ask said criminal to enter police vehicle voluntarily, and if said criminal refuses, said officer can do – absolutely – NOTHING.   Lest he/she risk being called to the mat for excessive force.

The “Civilian Review Board” shall have power of subpoena, mandatory police power to conduct hearings, authority to utilize complaint trends, authority for representative diversity, policy making authority, and of course – independent funding.

The Bill names specific ‘grassroot organizations that will be given the funding and power to implement all actions against police officers including: NAACP, ACLU, National Council of La Raza, National Urban League, National Congress of American Indians, and the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium.   Oddly, White People are omitted from representation… and given Asians are rarely involved in criminal conduct statistically, and given that American Indians are already exempt having their own criminal courts, the entire Bill is an advocate for Blacks ONLY.

Standards for the Bill are based on Obama’s 20th Century Policing Task force implemented in 2015.   This Obama era Task Force shall be a new department within the Department of Justice with 11 subsections – each determining racial rights. Of course, Whites are once again not protected under these departments – only Blacks – the 12% of American citizens committing 50-75% of the crimes.

The Bill requires all precincts to match race statistics for the District within which they serve.   Thus, if a neighborhood is 75% Black – Hispanic, White, Asian and American Indian applicants will only be able to fill open job listings matching their ethnic statistic within that neighborhood.  Otherwise the job will remain – open.

A form of segregation.

There are currently 26 Democrat Attorney Generals representing Democrat/Liberal states.   The “Review Board” shall ascertain whether each state’s Attorney General is compliant according to the Review Board, the Grassroots Agencies, and the sub-departments as appointed by the Liberal review Board, in having met the criteria as set forth in their opinion as identified by this Bill, as to whether they may receive any funding… In addition a registry of every complaint filed by anyone, for anything, anywhere, no matter how frivolous or whether it resulted in any misconduct will be tallied by each State AG!  Said registry shall be made available to the entire public and may be used to launch an allegation against any officer for any purported ‘misconduct’ as determined and stipulated by anyone.  Of course the address, family and and personal information of said police officer shall also be made public should anyone want retaliation or vengeance.

Tactics that are assuredly defined as the use of deadly force include; use of a firearm, a maneuver that restricts oxygen, and tazers.   Officers will be trained to use ‘verbal communication, warnings, and the stabilization of circumstances instead. Of course, officers may not even use these neutral tactics either unless these tactics are deemed proportional – according to the Review Board.

The transfer of military equipment to federal and state law enforcement shall be prohibited.   And law enforcement shall henceforth be called Pussies.

Pelosi is taking Applications now – Who wants to sign up!?

Black Lives Matter Protests

Protests coming to a city near you?   Knowing that every ‘peaceful’ protest right now has devolved into massive rioting, why would ANY protest be okay?   Knowing the business destruction, hospitalizations shootings, and police deaths, why would any protest be authorized today!   It is insanity knowing that each and every protest has ultimately led to full scale looting, fires, and complete chaos. And yet, here I am reading that my fair city will be the next victim as of today.  

Black Lives Matter has captioned a protest that will begin at 2pm and continue without end…   We have video after video of the resultant outcome – business owners attempting to secure their stores beaten, looted, and dropped.   How many innocent people must be butchered in order for Black Lives to feel vindicated?

According to the BLM website, their main call to action is to ‘defund all police across the nation’.   What exactly could this possibly accomplish? We can clearly see the lawlessness and chaos that has now consumed NYC, St Louis, Baltimore, Minneapolis, etc…   Police – STAND DOWN.

Do Black Lives matter? Yes!   All lives matter – but statistics reveal that it isn’t about racism at all – it is about behavior.

Each and every year the statistics are the same, blacks account for 52.5% of all homicides despite representing just 12% of the population. Is that racism?   Or is it behavior?

Given whites have a higher rate of death by police, why aren’t they protesting?

Simply providing the number of blacks vs whites ‘killed by police officers’ in any given year is a ridiculous statistic as it makes absolutely no reference to a crime or the circumstances!   Between 2015 and 2019, blacks represented 26% of police killings while whites represented 50%.   When adjusted for crime rates, blacks are thus greater than 50% LESS likely to die by police shooting.

The problem with any statistics in this realm of discussion is that a true representation of crime compared to ethnicity is not available.   Records do not adequately provide the ‘nature’ of the encounter.   The underlying factors, the crime committed, the circumstances, are not a part of FBI data.   Did the person assault the officer?   Did the person attempt to escape? What was the toxicity of the person and did the toxicity contribute to death?   Were they a gang member?   Where did the shooting take place?   What was the ethnic makeup of the neighborhood?

None of these factors are traceable. And all these factors are statistically relevant.

There are good cops and bad cops.   There are good black people and bad black people. Good white people and bad white people.   Claiming that ALL police should be eradicated has as much merit as saying all black people are bad.   It is a ridiculous statement.

What does a protest accomplish?   What does a riot accomplish?

Protests:   a form of physically voicing an opinion.   Does it change anything? Rarely, it is more of a placebo.

Riots:   a lawless form of destruction and chaos with the sole purpose of violence.   Victims are typically innocent.   Property and livelihoods are the target. Does it change anything?   It promotes hatred.

Who pays for the destruction caused by rioters?   Insurance companies may or may not cover the cost – some do and some don’t leaving the business owner or homeowner responsible.   In addition, any claim against insurance increases rates, even if the person was not responsible.   Ultimately, the victim pays.

What is the behavior mechanism that creates criminality?  

For the most part environment is the core – a persons values are a direct relation to their peers and parenting. The ever exhaustive means of fixing the problem has been ground out time and time again and yet its implementation has not. Why?   Because it means taking responsibility instead of exacting blame.  Blame is much easier.

The psychology of crime begins in childhood.   For some, gangs are essentially their parents instilling values and ethics.   Estimates range from 65-70% of black children live in a single parent household compared to 24% of whites.   The statistic is routinely ignored because it represents blame – therefore the statistic does not change!   In fact it gets worse.

Even Obama recognized the failure of black men to support their children emotionally is the basis of criminal degeneration.   “I believe the continuing struggles of so many boys and young men—the fact that too many of them are falling by the wayside, dropping out, unemployed, involved in negative behavior, going to jail, being profiled—this is a moral issue for our country,” said Obama

According to psychology studies – “father-absence was the strongest indicator of delinquency, even more so than low socioeconomic status or peer pressure. There is also evidence that fatherless children have lower self-esteem, a greater risk for mental illness and suicide, and increased risk of depression.”

So what will these protests actually accomplish to help pull black lives out of criminal behavior activity? What will ‘defunding the police do to save black lives?

NOTHING. Absolutely – nothing.

Gun Stats and Stats Unraveled

Statistics are an interesting tool. They can be very useful and they can be very manipulated. For example, GUNS. Given the Charleston shooting, and three additional shootings this past weekend, gun confiscation is again the agenda. So I looked up some graphs and tables and was saddened, not because of what I found, but because of how the manipulation creates a ‘stupid audience’.

The first and easiest manipulation is the ‘date range’. This is typically used by big pharma as well when attempting to show the success of vaccinations. But it is also a common tool in the gun control agenda.

After looking at graphs, the most straight forward analysis was provided by the FBI. In this chart, violent crime rates are at about the same level they were in 1970. The peak for all firearm and violent crimes occurred in 1993 (see chart below). In general, all crime escalation began in the mid 1960’s, ramping up significantly as it tripled by 1993, before slowly subsiding to the same levels in 1969. So, what changed in the 1960’s to precipitate this trend?

There are a number of interesting distinguishing events:

  1. Race became a tenuous and tension driven agenda,
  2. Drugs became rampant; PCP, heroin, LSD etc…
  3. Freedom from virtually every ideal of authority was the new rule,
  4. Religion was mocked and the rise of atheism took over
  5. Women left their children to be raised at the hands of the state – daycare

The ‘change’ that took place can be summed up to be a society without morals, without ethics, without parenting, thriving on anger and self righteousness. Instead of looking at the root causes of chaos, we are playing a game of statistical manipulation.

We have become a sad commentary of deception as the norm. The three shootings this past weekend are not given a race profile in the media because it is not politically correct. Dolezal pretended to be something she was not, but instead of focusing on her sickness in being a pathological liar, the focus was on racial ‘identity’. It wasn’t about race really, for her, it was about a psychosis that came down to her even challenging whether her parents were her ‘real parents’.

Back to statistics: In contrast to crime stats, according to a Gallup poll, gun ownership has remained relatively constant during this same time frame. Gun ownership and crime have the least correlation of all the statistics. One statistic whose chart has a fairly equal correlation for this same time period is divorce rates. Another chart with an identical graph is the number of juvenile murder rates. Neither poverty rates or unemployment rates followed the crime graph.

Another statistical faux pas is the number of individuals shot by police. You see, the statistical chance of getting shot by a policeman is just a tad bit higher than a person dying from smoking in bed which was just a rung higher from the rate of death from ‘falling out of bed’. In fact, out of the top 36 causes of death, getting shot by a policeman ranked 30th. The number ONE cause of death every day was by – abortion. It dwarfed every other number. Statistic: death by abortion – 489,900 to date 2015, by a cop – 495.

Bottom line, statistics can be helpful if the measurement is logically based. But they can also grossly misrepresent logic with just a pinch of manipulation. Case in point: Polio peaked in 1953 and tumbled 75% by 1957.  The first vaccine was found to actually cause polio and was immediately taken off the market.  The second vaccine began human ‘trials’ around 1955.  But the graph is pretty telling when the date range is expanded.  Still, many within the media and medical community would have us believe that the vaccine eliminated polio whereas we can clearly see that once the vaccine became approved for use, polio had already achieved dramatic declines.

Polio Cases 1950 to 2003

Playing with statistics is a dnagerous game.  It is a manipulation of opinion, thought and truth.  Don’t be deceived, look at who is providing the statistic – do they have an agenda – how far back do they expand the data.  The tale may be quite different!

Police Brutality – Who Is Counting

Okay I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to hold to the value of law, to policemen, to their hardship and honor they do in doing their duty. But, even this off kilter gal knows a hideous wrong when it slams itself in our proverbial arses. If my fourteen year old daughter or son was thrown to the ground at gunpoint by a police officer while wearing her/his bikini and calling, “mama, mama!” Well, I’m sorry by my hairs are raised tall!  Fourteen!  That is called – Police Brutality.

I don’t think that is ‘training’. I think that is truly something more ingrained. A huge fear. A huge anger. That went beyond all justification.  That is beyond defense.

Personally, this goofy white girl, is scared of the police. A police car pulls up behind me and my pulse quickens, I start to check every aspect of my being and behavior, am I this or that? Sweat begins to bead. And the relief when they pass – is enormous!

On the other hand, I did get a speeding ticket recently and I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised by the respect the officer gave, I complimented him as he handed me the ticket. My amazement was huge! He wasn’t brusk, he wasn’t rude or aggressive or anything. He was old school, thank you ma’am. And I appreciated that. And I thought it was important that he know that and know I appreciated that.

But the reactions of this cop in Texas was so very, very scary. This was middle class America replete with a pool and having a party and parents present. This was a fourteen year old girl! This was not good. If she were my daughter, I would mobilize a massive campaign and I imagine there is not a ‘color’ who would take issue. This is so beyond color it is impregnated in Fear. Capital F.  Police Brutality is a mental predisposition.  Police brutality – we are all counting!

The incidence was again highlighted by the atrocity of a young heart, soul and being incarcerated in a New York prison for three years enduring ridiculously heinous starvation and solitary confinement on a child accused of lifting a backpack. I truly cry for his pain. A backpack. My childhood was no sainthood. But I’m not running for a public office either – ever. And so, I can tell the truth.  I am counting Police Brutality.

While I am the first to the plate to state the statistics of crime in the US, I am also an idealist in that I support truth, honesty and a wrong. And although I want to give the police the benefit of the doubt, knowing the statistics, this particular case, these cases cited, were inexcusable and heinous. And, if it were my child, I would not be – happy.

But – I also live in the real world and know that if we continue to persecute cops – we will have NO COPS! And that will not be good. Imagine risking going to jail for life for doing your job? Would you sign up? At that pay grade? I don’t think so. And so, therein lies my support for them as I try to put myself in their mindset instead of the political or media mindset.

Are there really more racial surges? It depends on what comparable statistic you choose. For example, if you choose the statistic of white incarcerations vs black, I’d say no. If you were to compare total population without profiling, I’d say no. Because profiling is NOT A BAD WORD!

Profiling is what every detective in every law enforcement division in the WORLD does! Hello! There is nothing if there isn’t profiling. It’s like the word – judging – when used in the context of a legal court decision – it is good, it is law. When used in the context of society – it is bad. You are judgemental. I digress.

Are the police out of hand? Yes. A resounding yes. Does that make all police bad? No. A resounding no. It makes for a huge problem that requires a Hell of a lot of mediation that isn’t being done. Make the laws, tell us what they are, mark the boundaries and get rid of the hidden agendas and ‘grey’ areas.

I don’t have a solution. Confronting any scene would seem to qualify as a life-death scenario. So how can you possibly make written laws about such a thing? How do you write every potential piece of history? I know that the statistics have specific outcomes. Do I defend myself in that respect?

Damn Straight!

I’m no idiot. You know who is the enemy and you try to make the dissemination in a matter of minutes. Or less. What do you see vs what has happened is a very grey area. But it is a part of every police event. Whether the actions are justified or not is the discourse. What does the law say?

Most aren’t really sure. But a good supportive would be, ‘when in doubt err on the side of the police.’

Technically, they aren’t against us, and oh I wish I could believe this, they are – for us.

Police Brutality – A Maze of Statistics

What is Happening With Our Police?

We want to support them, we want to have faith in them, and yet time and again a video surfaces in which grave acts of violence are perpetrated against otherwise innocent victims.

  1. A video showing California Highway Patrol pointing guns at a young pregnant woman. She is obviously scared and confused. They don’t have patience and physically, violently throw her to the ground, knee her and hogtie her. Four additional patrolmen show up – 6 large gun wielding men, none of whom allow her to sit up even though she is handcuffed. At one point it looks as though one of them realizes they have screwed up because he checks and notes the video is playing, recording the events.
  2. A woman calls the police to report she has been in a fender bender in a parking lot. When the police arrive, the woman is arguing with her boyfriend. Immediately, the two officers order the pregnant woman to the ground and attack her pushing face down to the ground, and straddling her while tasering her. They punch her leg and continue to hold her. More police arrive and arrest her boyfriend, handcuffing him and taking him away. Meanwhile the woman remains on the ground. More police arrive – a total of five cars and a paddy wagon. The woman is charged with resisting arrest.
  3. A woman in Baltimore is stuck in traffic and witnesses police brutally beating a young man. She pulls out her camera and films the scene only to have one officer run over to her car, pull her out and beat her. Three additional officers joined the beating. They smashed her camera and threatened to have her two year old daughter taken away by DPS. A trial was set twice and none of the officers showed. The case against her was dropped, although there is no specific mention of what she was charged with.
  4. Two officers in Texas pin down a prostitute while a third beats her severely. They had a warrant to arrest her for prostitution. The Chief of Police claims the force was justified.
  5. A pregnant woman in Massachusetts called the police because she thought someone was breaking into her apartment. It turned out to be her boyfriend. But when she went to the door to let the police officer in and tell them it was a mistake, before she could even open the door all the way an officer shot through the door and the bullet hit her in the face shattering her jaw and lodging in her neck. At the time she was holding her two year old child.

What is the rationale? The claim is consistent, the officers felt threatened. But we know that isn’t true. Something quite different is happening. Police argue that they have the right to subdue a suspect however they see fit given the circumstances. But actually that isn’t the case:

  1. a citizen may deny a search of their car
  2. a citizen may object to any handling
  3. a citizen has the right to question racial motivation
  4. a citizen has the right to object vocally
  5. a citizen may deny entry of an officer without a warrant
  6. the use of excessive force is a violation of the 5th and 14th Amendments

Police state that crimes against a police officer are rising, when in fact they have been decreasing dramatically since the 1990’s. They claim that aggressive behavior is necessary in order to control a situation. And they claim that Taser use allows them to use ‘less force’.

In fact, none of these statements are true. The hypocrisy is evident. It would appear that every situation is met with aggression and an abundance of cops on the scene for what should be a minor incident. It would also appear that Taser use has risen dramatically, 1500% in the last several years, and is used ‘in conjunction with’ brutal force as opposed to – instead of.

Part of the hypocrisy is in profiling. In reality, profiling is a valuable tool. Somewhere along the line it became politically incorrect, but it offers information that can be used to deter criminal activity. We all profile to some extent. Sometimes we profile in the most inane ways:

“Oh no, I’m behind four women on the golf course, they are going to play slow”

“Oh no, a woman driver…”

“Oh no, that guy is big and scary looking, I’m going to cross the street”

We even use it in our idioms – ‘that guy is going ‘postal’ or, ‘he operates like a used car salesman’.

That’s profiling. It is a part of our society. Is it a bad thing? No. Neither is being judgemental. They both use statistical data to form an opinion.

Recently a friend was incensed when I commented about an Asian student excelling in school. I was accused of being judgemental. Really? I was stating a statistical fact. A judge in a courtroom uses evidence to make a decision and judgement. He is thus judgemental. He weighs the evidence and makes a decision. But when applied in real life, the person making a statement based on evidence and facts becomes ‘judgemental’ in a negative context. The assumption is that the person has no evidence and has no facts.

Police are there to defend us against bad guys. But more often than not, they are perpetrating violence themselves. That’s hypocritical. Domestic violence classes are supposed to teach people how to use their logic and verbal skills to deflate an argument, to diffuse aggressive behavior and to act in a civilized manner. Yet our police act aggressively, physically, and brutally. Why? Because they can.

Profiling; how many pregnant women have shot at a police officer? None. Ever.

In 2013, the FBI profiled the 27 police officers killed while on duty:

Circumstances: Of the 27 officers feloniously killed, six were killed in arrest situations, five were investigating suspicious persons or circumstances, five were ambushed, four were involved in tactical situations, four were answering disturbance calls, and two were conducting traffic pursuits/stops. One was conducting an investigative activity, such as surveillance, a search, or an interview.

Weapons: Offenders used firearms to kill 26 of the 27 victim officers. Of these 26 officers, 18 were slain with handguns, five with rifles, and three with shotguns. One officer was killed with a vehicle used as a weapon.

Regions: Fifteen of the felonious deaths occurred in the South, six in the West, four in the Midwest, and two in the Northeast.

Suspects: Law enforcement agencies identified 28 alleged assailants in connection with the felonious line-of-duty deaths. Twenty of the assailants had prior criminal arrests, and six of the offenders were under judicial supervision at the time of the felonious incidents.”

How many citizens were killed by police officers in 2013? Apparently, there is no data kept on this statistic by any government organization. However a fairly new website,, uses media reports to quantify the numbers. The organization started May of 2013, and between May and December accounted for 748 deaths attributable to police – both justifiably and not. In 2014, the number was 1100.

We want to believe in our police, we want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it is increasingly more and more difficult when the evidence continues to accumulate and their credibility becomes questionable.