ISIS or Russia – Who Is the Biggest Enemy?

The world debates; who is a worse enemy, Russia or ISIS?

Unfortunately, the question is not posed to people, it is posed to governments and to media to spout. Not exactly a fair agenda. But then, agendas are rarely – fair.

So, if you were to ask this question of the US or French government, the answer might well be – Russia. But if you were to ask the people? I don’t know because no one wants to know this truth. And so, the government speaks – for the people and the media panders like some bizarre marionette. Who are you?

Picking the lesser of two purported evils is like picking between Trump or Biden, or Biden vs Hillary. There is no answer. Its like asking, ‘do you support Fox News or MSN?’ Well, not really either, I just grin and bear it… And that’s the real sad commentary, because we have lost – faith.

Faith as in belief and values. Faith as in heros and good guys. Faith as in our government is for the people and by the people. Faith as in my heads not going to get knocked off my shoulders by a cop. Faith as in that strange person in the parking lot is not looking to steal from me or put a knife in my gut. Faith as in, if I park in a covered parking garage I better carry a can of mace and brass knuckles unless I have my Glock handy.

But this is where we are now. A sad commentary to be sure.

So who is the enemy?

We are the enemy. We as in the US, France, Australia, Russia, China, Korea… we are all the enemy. And that is why as children of Israel, we are called back, to find a common community within which there is faith, and hope, and belief, and truth. And when we can point the finger back at the log in our own eye, then we can begin, just begin, the trek along the long arduous road, the journey back to a land where people covet the walk of Christ. And that becomes the entire journey, without tributaries, without diverted paths, a single walk.

But we’re not. Not yet able to be a leader. We still talk a big streak. We elaborate and expound, we create fantasy and fakery, we speak without the integrity of the word. Without hypocrisy. Don’t talk about the lies of Russian when the US lies routinely… don’t talk about the lies of governments when our own is so lavish in lies. Don’t talk about freedom, when our own is closing in on us as we continue to fall within the international scale of economic freedom.

Don’t point a glaring finger of retribution and derogatory vile at someone or some place, while mired in a closet of stolen silk. It is not becoming. It is arrogant.

So while the governments debate who is the worse enemy – Russia or ISIS. Beheadings, rapes, murders, suicides, bombs, children dying, cities in rubble, famine, plague, and the debate is – answer who is worse…? Maybe a better focus might be – what can I do to help the victims? This is not a communist or socialist or Marxist thought, this is a logical care for humanity.

“My enemy is my enemy – until they become my friend…”

Who would you choose to make your friend? ISIS? Or Russia? If you had the opportunity…?   Throughout history, alliances were forged and divested like a dirty cloak. Today we stand upon a precipice, a shift, that will define our future as we speak. We have the choice.

ISIS or Russia?

What if it’s a bet, a gamble, a roulette and the answer doesn’t even matter, it is the idea or ideal of who the world would choose. In the end…what have we got to loose? ISIS, or Russia?

I see Putin envisioning a world ruled by him in a majestic bounty of gilt and gold, everyone lavishing in wealth and luxury.

I see Obama envisioning a world in which we are all workers, slaves to a select few masters who cause us to reap the harvest in pain or in health.

I see Biden envisioning a world like a black and white cartoon, where comedy and stupidity are what makes the world go round.

I see Merkel wishing she didn’t have to lie and cowtow to the lords who are blackmailing her soul.

I see Hillary in an alien warp drive of hate fuming from her mouth like soap bubbles.

I see Rubio as too confident, too assured, too unfazed… as though he knows something,and its being manipulated again, … and I’ll be damned!


And you wonder – has our world always given in to this emotionally cold shoulder, to government, before? IS this the norm? Sometimes, it takes the sting away to know this is just simply – how it has always been…

Of course, the answer to the riddle is ‘yes’, this is a cycle, a recurring pattern that rises like a moon and is blackened from view within the ‘lunar cycle’. This is how society cycles in it’s norms and rules and conditions. To which we now face a cycle of depravity. Utter, complete, inner, emotional, spiritual – depravity. How utterly, completely, innerly, emotionally, spiritually was found such depraved thought… But it is this cycle that will hopefully bring us just a bit closer to the brass ring, the light of God, the heaven in glory. Because, it is not just a circle, it is an ever closing circle in which the lines grow tighter and tighter in knowledge and understanding of each variation of self. An infinite circle.

ISIS or Russia?

Think about it. It may be the choice. What will you pick. Its a fair question. It says a lot. And the path we take on the journey of our future is – thus – defined.

Gun Stats and Stats Unraveled

Statistics are an interesting tool. They can be very useful and they can be very manipulated. For example, GUNS. Given the Charleston shooting, and three additional shootings this past weekend, gun confiscation is again the agenda. So I looked up some graphs and tables and was saddened, not because of what I found, but because of how the manipulation creates a ‘stupid audience’.

The first and easiest manipulation is the ‘date range’. This is typically used by big pharma as well when attempting to show the success of vaccinations. But it is also a common tool in the gun control agenda.

After looking at graphs, the most straight forward analysis was provided by the FBI. In this chart, violent crime rates are at about the same level they were in 1970. The peak for all firearm and violent crimes occurred in 1993 (see chart below). In general, all crime escalation began in the mid 1960’s, ramping up significantly as it tripled by 1993, before slowly subsiding to the same levels in 1969. So, what changed in the 1960’s to precipitate this trend?

There are a number of interesting distinguishing events:

  1. Race became a tenuous and tension driven agenda,
  2. Drugs became rampant; PCP, heroin, LSD etc…
  3. Freedom from virtually every ideal of authority was the new rule,
  4. Religion was mocked and the rise of atheism took over
  5. Women left their children to be raised at the hands of the state – daycare

The ‘change’ that took place can be summed up to be a society without morals, without ethics, without parenting, thriving on anger and self righteousness. Instead of looking at the root causes of chaos, we are playing a game of statistical manipulation.

We have become a sad commentary of deception as the norm. The three shootings this past weekend are not given a race profile in the media because it is not politically correct. Dolezal pretended to be something she was not, but instead of focusing on her sickness in being a pathological liar, the focus was on racial ‘identity’. It wasn’t about race really, for her, it was about a psychosis that came down to her even challenging whether her parents were her ‘real parents’.

Back to statistics: In contrast to crime stats, according to a Gallup poll, gun ownership has remained relatively constant during this same time frame. Gun ownership and crime have the least correlation of all the statistics. One statistic whose chart has a fairly equal correlation for this same time period is divorce rates. Another chart with an identical graph is the number of juvenile murder rates. Neither poverty rates or unemployment rates followed the crime graph.

Another statistical faux pas is the number of individuals shot by police. You see, the statistical chance of getting shot by a policeman is just a tad bit higher than a person dying from smoking in bed which was just a rung higher from the rate of death from ‘falling out of bed’. In fact, out of the top 36 causes of death, getting shot by a policeman ranked 30th. The number ONE cause of death every day was by – abortion. It dwarfed every other number. Statistic: death by abortion – 489,900 to date 2015, by a cop – 495.

Bottom line, statistics can be helpful if the measurement is logically based. But they can also grossly misrepresent logic with just a pinch of manipulation. Case in point: Polio peaked in 1953 and tumbled 75% by 1957.  The first vaccine was found to actually cause polio and was immediately taken off the market.  The second vaccine began human ‘trials’ around 1955.  But the graph is pretty telling when the date range is expanded.  Still, many within the media and medical community would have us believe that the vaccine eliminated polio whereas we can clearly see that once the vaccine became approved for use, polio had already achieved dramatic declines.

Polio Cases 1950 to 2003

Playing with statistics is a dnagerous game.  It is a manipulation of opinion, thought and truth.  Don’t be deceived, look at who is providing the statistic – do they have an agenda – how far back do they expand the data.  The tale may be quite different!