Police Brutality – Who Is Counting

Okay I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to hold to the value of law, to policemen, to their hardship and honor they do in doing their duty. But, even this off kilter gal knows a hideous wrong when it slams itself in our proverbial arses. If my fourteen year old daughter or son was thrown to the ground at gunpoint by a police officer while wearing her/his bikini and calling, “mama, mama!” Well, I’m sorry by my hairs are raised tall!  Fourteen!  That is called – Police Brutality.

I don’t think that is ‘training’. I think that is truly something more ingrained. A huge fear. A huge anger. That went beyond all justification.  That is beyond defense.

Personally, this goofy white girl, is scared of the police. A police car pulls up behind me and my pulse quickens, I start to check every aspect of my being and behavior, am I this or that? Sweat begins to bead. And the relief when they pass – is enormous!

On the other hand, I did get a speeding ticket recently and I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised by the respect the officer gave, I complimented him as he handed me the ticket. My amazement was huge! He wasn’t brusk, he wasn’t rude or aggressive or anything. He was old school, thank you ma’am. And I appreciated that. And I thought it was important that he know that and know I appreciated that.

But the reactions of this cop in Texas was so very, very scary. This was middle class America replete with a pool and having a party and parents present. This was a fourteen year old girl! This was not good. If she were my daughter, I would mobilize a massive campaign and I imagine there is not a ‘color’ who would take issue. This is so beyond color it is impregnated in Fear. Capital F.  Police Brutality is a mental predisposition.  Police brutality – we are all counting!

The incidence was again highlighted by the atrocity of a young heart, soul and being incarcerated in a New York prison for three years enduring ridiculously heinous starvation and solitary confinement on a child accused of lifting a backpack. I truly cry for his pain. A backpack. My childhood was no sainthood. But I’m not running for a public office either – ever. And so, I can tell the truth.  I am counting Police Brutality.

While I am the first to the plate to state the statistics of crime in the US, I am also an idealist in that I support truth, honesty and a wrong. And although I want to give the police the benefit of the doubt, knowing the statistics, this particular case, these cases cited, were inexcusable and heinous. And, if it were my child, I would not be – happy.

But – I also live in the real world and know that if we continue to persecute cops – we will have NO COPS! And that will not be good. Imagine risking going to jail for life for doing your job? Would you sign up? At that pay grade? I don’t think so. And so, therein lies my support for them as I try to put myself in their mindset instead of the political or media mindset.

Are there really more racial surges? It depends on what comparable statistic you choose. For example, if you choose the statistic of white incarcerations vs black, I’d say no. If you were to compare total population without profiling, I’d say no. Because profiling is NOT A BAD WORD!

Profiling is what every detective in every law enforcement division in the WORLD does! Hello! There is nothing if there isn’t profiling. It’s like the word – judging – when used in the context of a legal court decision – it is good, it is law. When used in the context of society – it is bad. You are judgemental. I digress.

Are the police out of hand? Yes. A resounding yes. Does that make all police bad? No. A resounding no. It makes for a huge problem that requires a Hell of a lot of mediation that isn’t being done. Make the laws, tell us what they are, mark the boundaries and get rid of the hidden agendas and ‘grey’ areas.

I don’t have a solution. Confronting any scene would seem to qualify as a life-death scenario. So how can you possibly make written laws about such a thing? How do you write every potential piece of history? I know that the statistics have specific outcomes. Do I defend myself in that respect?

Damn Straight!

I’m no idiot. You know who is the enemy and you try to make the dissemination in a matter of minutes. Or less. What do you see vs what has happened is a very grey area. But it is a part of every police event. Whether the actions are justified or not is the discourse. What does the law say?

Most aren’t really sure. But a good supportive would be, ‘when in doubt err on the side of the police.’

Technically, they aren’t against us, and oh I wish I could believe this, they are – for us.

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