South Africa’s Marxist Regime Instituted by Nelson Mandela

Was Nelson Mandela a Hero?   Did he save South Africa?   Or did he destroy it?  

Mandela was a professed Marxist Communist.   So why has history refrained from providing that account and instead hails him as a Hero?   The life expectancy for blacks in South Africa is 48. Income inequality is among the highest with 40% of the population unemployed and 60% living in poverty. 20% of the population live on less than $2 per day – and the wealthy are taxed at 45%.   But, Yea – no more apartheid.

Oddly, the biggest fighters of apartheid, Mandela and the current president, Ramaphosa, both obtained prestigious law degrees at African Universities and have amassed great wealth.   Ramaphosa is worth well over $400-$500 million.

While apartheid created a segregated class, today in America blacks are demanding ‘segregation’.   And Biden is demanding that the US as a whole be as diversified as the federal government.   The federal workforce is now 18% black and 8.4% Hispanic. Obviously NOT the US demographics; 13% black and 18.5% Hispanic…

Johannesburg is the host of most of the 30,000 wealthy elites. But crime, corruption, and a deteriorating economy have pushed South Africa into a downward spiral without trained workers/slaves.   This is the model that the Marxist regime changers envision for the “Global RESET”.

Nelson Mandela ushered into power the African National Congress, a party that was labeled a terrorist organization by the South African government, the US and UK.   Their platform was guerrilla warfare.   The ANC Party is now suddenly considered democratic rule, aka Marxist Communist.

Real Heroes are harder and harder to come by.   But eulogizing someone as a hero would seem to require burying one’s head in the sand regarding ‘actions’.

Martin Luther King, Jr. supported eugenics, abortion and Planned Parenthood.  Pope Francis is a Jesuit who believes in the accumulation of wealth from the peasants.  Zuckerberg is hailed as a great philanthropist yet he gives his money to his own foundation charity.   In fact most NGO’s function that way now as the scheme of greed revealed its legality.

Even the label ‘Hero’ has been hijacked.   Reagan, Einstein, movie stars, scientists, and even Buddha have been raised to Hero status.   Hero: a person who exhibits bravery above and beyond normal. A person whose actions evoke distinguished courage in fighting adversarial battles.   A selfless person who uses their unique abilities toward good.

What a Hero is NOT – is a person who does the job they signed up to do.

Today, the military awards medals to ranking officers for doing their job – not for exhibiting courage or actions above and beyond duty.   Presidential awards are given to such heroic persons as actors, musicians, narrators, etc… as though the White House is vying for Hollywood status.   As such the award loses it’s value. Just as Hollywood has lost its value.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom has gone to such a botched sense that it is an insult to the the terms Freedom and Hero:   Mr. Rogers.   Joe Biden.   UK Minister.   Bill Cosby.    Pope John.   TS Eliot.   Reagan gave out 86 such Medals.   Not one was for anything related to meritorious Freedom.

Somehow, the idea that Nelson Mandela, an anarchist, was a great Hero was important in order to recognize that Marxists are newly redefined as demi-gods.   The ANC Party that Mandela led – is guilty of killing hundreds of civilians. The civilians were targeted for their witness status, or because they provided aid to the government against the ANC party.

Is South Africa better now governed by this Marxist Party?  

The Freedom Charter of 1955 in which Democracy was to be established in SA called for shared wealth, shared voting rights, shared human rights, shared learning, shared land, and equal security and work.   But none of that actually happened.   Words.   In order for Mandela to claim the right of Hero and the ANC Party a success, would be for blacks in South Africa to have experienced a maturity of prosperity – and a longer life.

Mandela failed because he replaced apartheid with his communist ideology.   Just like most African nations which have also devolved into an abysmal rancid odor of Marxism and elite classism at the cost of black peasant class citizens.   While the absence of apartheid is good – A hero does not assassinate civilians or demote his countrymen into Marxist Totalitarian Poverty.

Justice of Policing Act – 2020: Pelosi’s Kill Police Bill Unveiled…

The Pelosi Democrats have quickly compiled a piece of legislature, Justice of Policing Act -2020, wherein they virtually make every officer accused of misconduct – guilty without actual justice, evidence, or law.

It applies to ‘local law enforcement, including school officers and correctional officers who – acting in good faith, and believing they are in compliance with the law, or even under Constitutional authority – guilty as charged.   The Bill removes any concept of jurisprudence law and replaces it with some bizarre Communist manifesto demand that the officer must prove innocence via documentation and witnesses – otherwise guilt is the assumption.

The Universal declaration of Human Rights, Article 11, in which the presumption of innocence means the prosecution must prove guilt, has been completely voided in Pelosi’s Bill.

And of course, if a state deems it has need of Federal funds to uphold the anti-judicial cause of denunciation of Rights, our taxpayer dollars will be allocated according to Congressional dictates to the tune of $100 million in grants annually for state Attorney Generals and an additional $750million for states and Indian Tribes annually between 2020 and 2022 as well as $25 million stipends here and there and everywhere where deemed necessary by a “Review Board” created by Liberal Congress..

“Deadly Force” shall hereinafter be construed by ‘a reasonable person’, and prosecution against said officer shall be brought by a ‘civilian review board’, the Attorney General of the State, and an independent prosecutor appointed by the Liberal AG.

That would translate to mean that any officer who subdues a criminal for any cause, whether mass murderer, rapist, arsonist, etc… may politely ask said criminal to enter police vehicle voluntarily, and if said criminal refuses, said officer can do – absolutely – NOTHING.   Lest he/she risk being called to the mat for excessive force.

The “Civilian Review Board” shall have power of subpoena, mandatory police power to conduct hearings, authority to utilize complaint trends, authority for representative diversity, policy making authority, and of course – independent funding.

The Bill names specific ‘grassroot organizations that will be given the funding and power to implement all actions against police officers including: NAACP, ACLU, National Council of La Raza, National Urban League, National Congress of American Indians, and the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium.   Oddly, White People are omitted from representation… and given Asians are rarely involved in criminal conduct statistically, and given that American Indians are already exempt having their own criminal courts, the entire Bill is an advocate for Blacks ONLY.

Standards for the Bill are based on Obama’s 20th Century Policing Task force implemented in 2015.   This Obama era Task Force shall be a new department within the Department of Justice with 11 subsections – each determining racial rights. Of course, Whites are once again not protected under these departments – only Blacks – the 12% of American citizens committing 50-75% of the crimes.

The Bill requires all precincts to match race statistics for the District within which they serve.   Thus, if a neighborhood is 75% Black – Hispanic, White, Asian and American Indian applicants will only be able to fill open job listings matching their ethnic statistic within that neighborhood.  Otherwise the job will remain – open.

A form of segregation.

There are currently 26 Democrat Attorney Generals representing Democrat/Liberal states.   The “Review Board” shall ascertain whether each state’s Attorney General is compliant according to the Review Board, the Grassroots Agencies, and the sub-departments as appointed by the Liberal review Board, in having met the criteria as set forth in their opinion as identified by this Bill, as to whether they may receive any funding… In addition a registry of every complaint filed by anyone, for anything, anywhere, no matter how frivolous or whether it resulted in any misconduct will be tallied by each State AG!  Said registry shall be made available to the entire public and may be used to launch an allegation against any officer for any purported ‘misconduct’ as determined and stipulated by anyone.  Of course the address, family and and personal information of said police officer shall also be made public should anyone want retaliation or vengeance.

Tactics that are assuredly defined as the use of deadly force include; use of a firearm, a maneuver that restricts oxygen, and tazers.   Officers will be trained to use ‘verbal communication, warnings, and the stabilization of circumstances instead. Of course, officers may not even use these neutral tactics either unless these tactics are deemed proportional – according to the Review Board.

The transfer of military equipment to federal and state law enforcement shall be prohibited.   And law enforcement shall henceforth be called Pussies.

Pelosi is taking Applications now – Who wants to sign up!?

THE SQUAD: RACIST Today and Slave Traders Yesterday…

“Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another. It may also include prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone because they are of a different race or ethnicity, or the belief that members of different races or ethnicities should be treated differently.”

 There are so many issues with this definition – where to begin???

First:   racism can be directed toward any person – calling everyone white nationalists is racism because it is used in a derogatory way to denounce a group of people based on their ethnicity.

Second:   members of different races should be treated differently, they ask to be treated differently, they demand that their particular culture be treated differently to the point that there are now black only universities, in fact many universities segregate graduation based on ‘different ethnicities’ in order to be ‘all-inclusive’.   All Inclusive would thus be – racist! There are entire neighborhoods dedicated to a particular ethnicity – by choice.

Third:  antagonism has been directed against our elected President because he is white and male. That is not only racism, it is discrimination based on gender.

Fourth:   racism is an all black basketball team.

While the ever vindictive, Washington Post, is aghast because GOP senators who were asked to define racism had many different answers, their ignorance holds title given racism has many definitions! How dare they!   Apparently, we must ALL have the same speak forthwith elst we are ‘different’, and being different is racist.

And the very non-independent Independent rag in the UK has declared that Trump’s latest tweet was racist. Why?   Because instead of realizing that he was calling out four women who have banded together to demonize the United States and all things we stand for, they, the non-independent Independent, chose to see ‘women of color’ – which of course would make them racist for even seeing ‘color’.   Oops.

Because, in order to be non-racist, one must be ‘color blind’.   The media became the progenitor of racism by seeing ONLY ‘color’.

“The Census Bureau defines White people as follows: “White” refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.”


Ocasio Cortez’ parents are both Puerto Rican. Over 78% of Puerto Ricans identify as ‘white’.   The racial ancestry DNA is largely composed of 64% European and 21% West and North Africa.

Rashida is Palestinian – Middle Eastern = white according to the US census.

Ilhan is Somalian. Somalian’s do not identify as African, they identify as Middle Eastern, thus white.

Ayanna Presley would then be the ONLY ‘woman of color’ and we have no information about her ancestry.

And the press and Democrats would be belligerently – racists for assuming three women who are white – are in fact ‘colored’.

So who did Trump tweet to? Four women who have united together to call all white people supremacists, and Nazi’s, and nationalists. Four women who have called black voices deplorable slaves if they don’t align to the Presley view of Socialism/Marxism.  Four women who are actively discriminating, racist, and misogynist.

Color – is not an ethnicity.   Color is not a culture.

However, from a purely anthropological standpoint there are three human races: Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasoid.   But those definitions have since been refuted given that are genetics has proven to hold a maelstrom of ethnicities making our race sometimes non-identifiable.

While Aristotle and other ancient philosophers designated a weak vs strong means of defining people, that is termed ‘ethnocentrism’. Ethnocentrism is based on language, behavior, customs and religion.   One of the first books to discuss ‘racism’, was written sometime in the 9th century by a Muslim titled, The Superiority Of The Blacks To The Whites. In AL-Jahiz writings, he explained that Turkic and Bantu people were actually black because of environmental determinism.


The Somali people captured Bantu’s and sold them into slavery.   That would make Ilhan Omar a slave trader by historical consequence. The Palestinians had three classes of slaves: state, domestic and temple.   That would make Rashida a slave trader by ancestry.   Puerto Ricans had African slaves up until 1873 – eight years AFTER the end of the US Civil War granting slaves freedom.   That would make Ocasio a slave trader by ancestry. Presley has given no background on her ‘ethnicity’ so I can not comment.

Racism would obviously be present in Three of The Squad members!


Modern use of the term racism in the US rose with the belief in eugenics.   Eugenics was a form of racism in that it aimed to favor – once again – the strong, ie the weak must be eradicated.   Hitler and Marx were true racists in that sense.   Abortion was the other form of racism.

The Squad is calling for the white founding fathers of America to be eliminated because they were white and thus racist given some had slaves as was the custom in the south.

Perhaps The Squad should go back to their own countries of origin and demand reparations and racist nationalism therein – but then Ilhan would have to go into war torn Somalia that is in the midst of ethnic cleansing by Al-Shabab a Muslim – panAfrican organization…   Oops.   And Ocasio would go to… you get the point.