South Africa’s Marxist Regime Instituted by Nelson Mandela

Was Nelson Mandela a Hero?   Did he save South Africa?   Or did he destroy it?  

Mandela was a professed Marxist Communist.   So why has history refrained from providing that account and instead hails him as a Hero?   The life expectancy for blacks in South Africa is 48. Income inequality is among the highest with 40% of the population unemployed and 60% living in poverty. 20% of the population live on less than $2 per day – and the wealthy are taxed at 45%.   But, Yea – no more apartheid.

Oddly, the biggest fighters of apartheid, Mandela and the current president, Ramaphosa, both obtained prestigious law degrees at African Universities and have amassed great wealth.   Ramaphosa is worth well over $400-$500 million.

While apartheid created a segregated class, today in America blacks are demanding ‘segregation’.   And Biden is demanding that the US as a whole be as diversified as the federal government.   The federal workforce is now 18% black and 8.4% Hispanic. Obviously NOT the US demographics; 13% black and 18.5% Hispanic…

Johannesburg is the host of most of the 30,000 wealthy elites. But crime, corruption, and a deteriorating economy have pushed South Africa into a downward spiral without trained workers/slaves.   This is the model that the Marxist regime changers envision for the “Global RESET”.

Nelson Mandela ushered into power the African National Congress, a party that was labeled a terrorist organization by the South African government, the US and UK.   Their platform was guerrilla warfare.   The ANC Party is now suddenly considered democratic rule, aka Marxist Communist.

Real Heroes are harder and harder to come by.   But eulogizing someone as a hero would seem to require burying one’s head in the sand regarding ‘actions’.

Martin Luther King, Jr. supported eugenics, abortion and Planned Parenthood.  Pope Francis is a Jesuit who believes in the accumulation of wealth from the peasants.  Zuckerberg is hailed as a great philanthropist yet he gives his money to his own foundation charity.   In fact most NGO’s function that way now as the scheme of greed revealed its legality.

Even the label ‘Hero’ has been hijacked.   Reagan, Einstein, movie stars, scientists, and even Buddha have been raised to Hero status.   Hero: a person who exhibits bravery above and beyond normal. A person whose actions evoke distinguished courage in fighting adversarial battles.   A selfless person who uses their unique abilities toward good.

What a Hero is NOT – is a person who does the job they signed up to do.

Today, the military awards medals to ranking officers for doing their job – not for exhibiting courage or actions above and beyond duty.   Presidential awards are given to such heroic persons as actors, musicians, narrators, etc… as though the White House is vying for Hollywood status.   As such the award loses it’s value. Just as Hollywood has lost its value.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom has gone to such a botched sense that it is an insult to the the terms Freedom and Hero:   Mr. Rogers.   Joe Biden.   UK Minister.   Bill Cosby.    Pope John.   TS Eliot.   Reagan gave out 86 such Medals.   Not one was for anything related to meritorious Freedom.

Somehow, the idea that Nelson Mandela, an anarchist, was a great Hero was important in order to recognize that Marxists are newly redefined as demi-gods.   The ANC Party that Mandela led – is guilty of killing hundreds of civilians. The civilians were targeted for their witness status, or because they provided aid to the government against the ANC party.

Is South Africa better now governed by this Marxist Party?  

The Freedom Charter of 1955 in which Democracy was to be established in SA called for shared wealth, shared voting rights, shared human rights, shared learning, shared land, and equal security and work.   But none of that actually happened.   Words.   In order for Mandela to claim the right of Hero and the ANC Party a success, would be for blacks in South Africa to have experienced a maturity of prosperity – and a longer life.

Mandela failed because he replaced apartheid with his communist ideology.   Just like most African nations which have also devolved into an abysmal rancid odor of Marxism and elite classism at the cost of black peasant class citizens.   While the absence of apartheid is good – A hero does not assassinate civilians or demote his countrymen into Marxist Totalitarian Poverty.

3 thoughts on “South Africa’s Marxist Regime Instituted by Nelson Mandela

  1. Hi
    First, no offense to you or the article which is good. It is just some have a wrong definition of anarchy due to many years in the government indoctrination system humorously called education.

    I am an anarchist which by actual definition means ‘without government’. My opinion after 73 years is the best government is no government. Many, usually governments, define anarchy as pandemonium. Look around. Tell me how there is peace and goodwill over this planet today with these insane governments. In Europe they’re doing their best to freeze their constituents this winter while feeding money and weapons to Ukraine’s insane nazi dictator who just said he wanted the US (NATO) to nuke Russia. Hey, Did you know he is on the list for the Nobel Peace Prize. Like Obama,,, he’ll probably get it.

    Show me a government that does not try to control your every move, your every thought. None exist! Today they are destroying food processing centers to increase hunger,,, blowing up pipe lines to reduce “fossil” fuels and price them out of our reach. The medical system is today killing folks using CDC’s “Covid” protocol and Remdesivir,,, firing people for refusing a shot that has already killed 32,000 in a year,,, three times that of all other ‘vaxxed’ combined… forcing masks on children which will seriously impair their development, while in adults the masks will kill brain cells and spread diseases. Look what they’re doing to the military. Dishonorable discharge for refusing the shot. Some put their life on the line only to be shitted on by FJB like this.

    Governments are now on a war footing trying their best to foment WWIII. They’re constantly bringing up nukes so I suspect it will happen although on a limited basis in order to instill more fear in the sheep. IMO the US will light off a couple ‘small’ nukes and blame Russia. And guess who they will use as fodder?

    The US government just hired 87,000 new ARMED IRS agents to pick your pocket even more and if you don’t like it you may get shot! And the sheep just keep on grazing.

    The only way you can be truly free is anarchy. You may have to defend your person and property but at least you won’t have the worry of being swatted by government because you hurt someone’s feelings on twatter or F-book.

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