World Economic Forum via McKinsey & CO and Bank of International Settlements

In 2017 the World Economic Forum launched the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the Presidio in San Francisco.    The Centre developed key initiatives with most project deadlines coming of age as of 2023.   The initiatives are funded, researched, and disclosed by McKinsey and Company. According to their research, the decarbonization of urban cities to a net zero emissions would cost $1.7 trillion additional funds ‘per year from 2020 to 2050. As such they suggest ‘startups focus on venture capital to make the transitions’.

McKinsey & Co is the largest advisory firm in the world. Their global director is Bob Sterfels whose previous associations include Rhodes, US China Business Council, Asia Business Council, Trilateral Commission, Tsinghua Advisory Board and FCLT Global.

US China Business Council: I thought China was in twallette water and yet McKinsey is deeply entrenched.  The council is a nonprofit NGO whose stated goal is promoting trade between the US and China. It comprises around 200 American companies that trade and do business with China.

FCLT’s board includes Mark Wiedman, senior managing director at – Blackrock.

Asia Business Council is based in Hong Kong, China and hopes to integrate globalization and sustainability and diversity and equity and happiness for all.

Another ‘Source’ for WED research and information parlayed by the WEF is BIS – Banks for International Settlement and the IMF.   BIS was established in 1930 post WWI to determine reparations against Germany.   They were instrumental in accumulating gold reserves and preserving them for posterity purposes in London.   They apologized profusely for giving Nazi Germany, 23 tons of the Czech gold reserves after Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia.   The fact that BIS’ Board of Directors was rife with Nazi Germans was simply a coincidence.   And quite a bit of gold was transferred thru BIS to the Reichstag.

A Danish Banker, Ronald Bernard came forward around 2017 and gave five interviews in which he detailed the workings of BIS and the Mafia Controlled global Enterprise.   The first of the series is available on utube (wordpress will not allow me to post the site).

BIS is the esteemed analysis/opinion source which states that the global stakeholders ruling the world need to ante up the afore mentioned $1.7 trillion each year for the next 30 to rebuild sustainable, affordable, diverse, equity driven, climate free, nonpolluting ‘shared’ housing at the rate of 97,000 per day.

They also believe that the loans for these new buildings should not necessarily be made according to current ideologies of mortgages and banks.   Instead, the stakeholders would own all the homes.

The model cities used by the WEF are Saudii’s NEOM and KAEC.   Built with private and Kingdom funds, these cities are built within the concept of worker=bees.   All the bees work to maintain the Queen’s lifestyle. The Queen’s job is to lay 1000 eggs a day while keeping the workers sterile.   Nurse bees take care of the Queens eggs on her behalf.   Queens have sperm, so there is no need for a male ‘impregnation’. A form of Eugenics.

It is a bit disconcerting that the WEF initiatives have end dates of 2023.

At this point WEF claims to have solicited stakeholder centres from 16 advanced economies representing 40% of global GDP within:   Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Brazil, India, Israel, Japan, Columbia, Norway, Serbia, Rwanda, UAE, South Africa and the US via Michigan Manufacturing Alley.  

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