Seattle – Democrat Mayors – Cities Destroyed By Anarchy

Reading liberal media is both hilarious and a walk on the wild side!  

Seattle mayor, Jenny Durkan and her media pundits have declared that the riots don’t exist. Lawlessness was disbanded when the CHAZ Zone was cleared 3 months ago, and everything in that regard now is simply freedom of speech.   But headlines would seem to indicate otherwise:   18 arrested at riot, 47 arrested at riot, 12 cops injured, looting stores, explosive hurling, 66 police injured, etc…etc…etc.

Which reality is real?

Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats have outed themselves by openly stating that if Trump replaces the now deceased Ginsberg, riots will become bigger and more powerful!   Essentially, they are revealing the riots are CONTROLLED by them.

It isn’t just these city mayors who are collaborating in widespread destruction, it is prosecutors, the DA, and judges.   In Seattle, even when rioters are arrested, 65% or more released without charges and told to seek answers for why they are rioting from a licensed therapist…   Because jail time won’t do any justice.

Are the Rioters being released from psychiatric facilities?   Interestingly, the Seattle Foundation gives an enormous amount of funding to these institutions of mental health…  And it begins to seem plausible there is a connection.

Hundreds of businesses in Seattle that were already struggling with the Lockdown have been looted, set fire, and destroyed.   Who pays?

Most costs will be born by the insurance industry – including damage and looting, but that does not account for lost business, employees, income, etc…   And of course, rates will simply rise accordingly.   Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have Comprehensive Insurance and have relied on the much cheaper – liability only.   Meaning, the destruction is a total loss.

Riding in on the storm front are lawyers ponying up for the inevitable class-action lawsuits that target the mayor and governor for basically – gross incompetence. Seattle is already facing a $400 million budget shortfall without consideration of the cost of the class action lawsuits.

What’s on the table?

Seattle Council members state they allocated $4 million to ‘address gun control’.   Not exactly sure how you ‘address’ gun control except that it sounds like the Pelosi scheme of creating a commission to review a commission to review a – commission.

However, gun laws in Washington are regulated by the state government not city governments, further confusing the monetary issue.

But Washington has bigger problems.   Their unemployment rate is 14.4%, and outstanding debt is $6 billion which averages $13,150 per person according to Debt Clock.   But mayor Durkan believes Climate Change is a number one presser.   Secondly, she endorses focusing on the ‘greatest civil rights reckoning’ and CoVid.  Oh brother, wherefore art thou?

Oddly, the rampant arson fires that have plagued Seattle since the riots began are ignored.   Construction sites are a prime target, but a Lutheran Church was set on fire and completely destroyed as well as a juvenile detention facility. The Fire Department has stated that at least 13 large fires are attributable to arson, one damage estimate tallying $5 million.

Durkan’s claim to fame rose in 2009 when Obama elected her US Attorney for the Western District of Washington.   In this role she created a civil rights department and began investigations into police brutality. Durkan won her mayoral votes after being sponsored by Comcast, Vulcan, Amazon, CenturyLink and Starbucks.   In essence they bought her and she must now do their bidding.  Donations were siphoned via a political action group within the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.    Leading members include: Microsoft, Boeing, Kaiser, Alaska Airlines, Port of Seattle and Blue Cross.  Donations to Durkan’s campaign were the largest in history.

Of the 50 largest cities in the US, 35 are democrat controlled – 70%, 3 are Independents who vacuously lean Democrat.   They would also appear to rank the highest based on crime statistics and poverty rate.    Detroit leads the pack with a poverty rate of 30.6% followed by Philadelphia and Houston.   Mayors in these states always seem to win by a landslide.  No contention.

There are No Coincidences.  But there are FACTS!

RIOTS Destroying Democrat Credibility – and Wealth…

The stores that have been looted and destroyed as a direct result of incompetent city mayors and governors allowing the destruction include: Target, Macy’s, AutoZone, Walmart, Cub Foods, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Verizon, Apple, Boss, The Grove, Nike, Neiman Marcus, La Raza radio station (which was owned by the woman who hired Floyd as a bouncer), The Shops at Buckhead, Attom, Premium Boutiques, ice cream parlors, clothing stores, restaurants, liquor stores, cigar shops, etc… Many, if not most, of the small businesses were either minority owned and operated, or were sympathetic to BLM.

Today, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee laughed while giving an interview in which he declared he had ‘no knowledge by a reputable news source’ that ANY anarchists had taken control of Seattle.

De Blasio has appointed Loretta Lynch to determine if police brutality is at the root of NYC looting and arson anarchy problems.   And Democrat female mayors across the board seem blank eyed and completely devoid of brain matter when addressing the absolute devastation.   Minneapolis has declared that the looting has cost $55 million in damages – so far –   and innocent citizens are caught up in cars destroyed and set aflame, businesses destroyed, homes destroyed, and livelihoods decimated.

We listen to countless conservatives kissing their arse and saying good-bye to their courage, as they simply ignore the tally of damage, and assert that they are guilty by ‘white privilege’.

T-Mobile which has -0- black executives, -0- board members and is owned by a German conglomerate and based out of Bonn, Germany has declared itself pro-Black Lives Matter without a shred of understanding that such a declaration may leave them subject to aiding and abetting a domestic terrorist organization – Antifa – which also has its roots in – Germany!

The TEN most costly riots in history:

  1. Cleveland Ohio – 1968: Police and Black Militants – cist including insurance = $12 million.
  2. New Mexico – 1971:   Police and black youth – cost $20.5 million.
  3.  Chicago – 1966:   Police and Black Youth – cost $33.3 million.
  4. Newark New Jersey – 1967:   Police and “African Americans’ – cost $90 million.
  5. Baltimore Maryland – 2015:   Police and African Americans – cost
  6. NYC – 1977: Police and Blacks – cost $137.5 million.
  7. Miami Florida 1980 – Police and Black protesters – cost $253 million
  8. LA – 1965:   Police and blacks – cost $324 million
  9. Detroit – 1967:   Police and – Blacks: Cost – $335 million
  10. LA – 1992: Police and Blacks – Cost $2.1+ billion

The “Damage Cost” is born 100% by the Rioters.

EACH incidence was supposedly triggered by one person’s incarceration or deth at the hands of the police. How many lives were destroyed by the looting, arson, riots, and damage? Hundreds of thousands!   Hundreds of thousands!   The agenda would have us believe that hundreds of thousands must pay for the price of – one.   Because we are all trash.

While some may see the “Police” as the common denominator – others see the Black shitake hatred kill destroy mantra as the obvious conclusion to the destruction of America.

And while this may not be a politically correct mantra – it is a statistically correct fact.   Mantra.

SO is it “Police Brutality” or is it police pissed because they are supposed to bring order to a neighborhood that will forever rule in CHAOS?   And Mafia renegades in Seattle shaking down business owners and assaulting news people is just another black video proclaiming poor freakin’ me!

Instead of ignoring the statistics, or attempting to hide their reality, perhaps we would be better disposed to pay attention!

In the meantime – I wonder how many previous liberal business owners will find themselves re-thinking their affiliation.   Given a liberal affiliation means you forfeit your existence, you business, your life and livelihood, doesn’t seem like a platform any party would glom onto.

So that means the Democrat Party is purposefully attempting to destroy itself. For what purpose?   And how is it that the heads are willingly sacrificing their jobs to usher in this New Party?

Pelosi is already attempting to make amends for her life toting about a Bible that likely houses the Quran, while spouting shrewish spews as she walks to the final garden plot of her life.   She knows her days are limited.   And clings to some absurd thought that she can somehow nullify herself before GOD.   As though He doesn’t know.   All that she is.

And of course we know – He will Reign.

And those that scurry like rats fearing for only themselves – there will be penance.   And so we are reminded that ‘they do not know what they say…’ –