Mass Murders, CoVid19, Russia, Germany and the Green Party…WHEW!

HEADLINE:   3 People Have Died Per Day in US Police Encounters Since The Chauvin Trial Began.   Half of those are black or Latino – 64 in total.

Of course what the article omits is the fact that these people were committing a CRIME!

FACT: There have been 164 Mass Murders in the US this year alone – and counting. More than any time in history!   Those Mass Murders were NOT perpetrated by police – in fact by comparison police have shot 50 white people, 30 black people, 20 Hispanic and 112 unknown – this year. That would equate to ‘in the line of duty’.

Finding the number of “protests’ or “riots” in the US for 2021 would seem to have been scrubbed from the Internet.


HEADLINE:   Colorado and Midwestern states enter into a water shortage/drought as a result of warmer temperatures and less rainfall.

FACT:   According to the NOAA, Colorado snowfall is 36% ‘above’ normal at 74.5” vs normal accumulation of 54.8”.   In fact, we have not had this amount of snowfall since 1984 with the exception of 2012, although current totals are still shy 1.5 months and are likely to grow significantly.

So where oh where has all our water gone?   Nestle? Coke?  It takes 1.4 to 2 liters of water to make 1 liter of bottled water.   It takes 3 liters of water to make 1 liter of coke. A liter of beer, meanwhile, needs 4 liters of water, wine demands 4.74 liters. Hard alcohol, it turns out, is the greediest, guzzling 34.55 liters of water for every liter!

To manufacture a solar panel producing 1 megawatt per hour of electricity consumes 650 gallons of water.

Cows consume roughly 30 gallons of water per day vs maize uses 550 billion cubic meters of water annually – 8% of all crop production.   Where will Bill Gates get this precious resource for the production of a meatless society?  Because in a world subjected to climate change as a result of untenable water consumption, a world without water is – death.


HEADLINE:   Can the CoVid Vaccine Protect Me Against Virus Variants?

FACT:   The vaccine is NOT for Covid19, it is for SARS-Cov2.   Given any variant is within the same coronavirus family, that would indicate that the vaccine works for any and all future variants – in perpetuity. According to Science.

The ‘variants’ are detected via the same PCR test which is a non-diagnostic test that the CDC and NIH claim identifies ‘coronaviruses’.   It is the only ‘test’ being used.   If the actual CoVid19 has never been genomed in full, how could a mutant be genomed?

Answer – it can not.   This is perpetuating a false narrative.   If variants are outside of a vaccine then every flu shot in the history of mankind is – worthless.   And I seriously doubt the “Scientists at large” want to make that acknowledgement.

HEADLINE:   Russian Officials Move Navalny to Prison Hospital – Brussels claims they will hold Russia responsible if Navalny dies…GASP!

FACT:   Navalny went on a self imposed voluntary 3 week hunger strike to protest his circumstances after attempting to provoke a Russian coup backed by Germany, France, Belgium, the EU, and the Liberal US NED.   In actuality, if any ‘governments’ were to be held accountable it would be the EU in alliance with the National Endowment For Democracy, which is responsible for ALL US coup engagements.

Navalny is financed, grilled, recruited, and groomed by Germany in order to infiltrate the last bastion standing that has not fallen to the Fascists – Russia.

It has been ongoing for a decade or more thru the same means utilized in every other country – protests and riots.

Russia – will not bend.  And that just pisses them off!

HEADLINE: Why Did Jack Ma disappear For Three Months…?

FACT:    Jack Ma was “Detained”  by the CCP.  Jack Ma had built Alibaba and Ant Group into a multi-billion dollar organization with no end in sight!   Fascists are greedy and often ignorant.   China believes they can divest Jack Ma of his entire asset base and run the company as it does best – into the ground.

Why does China want his company so badly?

Because the illusion China presents is economic growth and prosperity. While the reality is far more grim. China’s economy is in the twlalette.   They lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty… measured as $1.75 per day.   So now those hundreds of millions make $2 per day and are NOT counted as living in poverty.  Their trade has tanked.  And people are starving…

That’s the Chinese propaganda game exhorted by Bernie Sanders.

If China’s economy is so fabulous, why is everyone eating bats and dogs to survive?

China’s solution? Confiscate one of the world’s wealthiest of all their property.

Coming to a theatre near you in the EU and US.

And yet, somehow US Corporation CEO’s think this won’t ever – happen to them.

So much for ‘wokeness’….

Lastly – the HEADLINES we Should Focus on:

Where is Hillary?

Where is Kamaltoes?

Where is AOC?

For three very headliner grabbers – they seem oddly blanketed with snow….   I imagine 3 possible reasons:   1.   They are being fitted with reptilian brain chips,   2.   They are dead,   3.   They are being programmed to enforce Phase II, when Biden inexplicably collapses at a news event and is declared utterly incompetent. Forever, and ever – AMEN.

All in sinc with Germany announcing today that Annalena Baerbock of the GREEN PARTY is the next Angela Merkel. Imagine THAT?


JACK MA of Alibaba Disappears inside the CCP

From a purely current tier political move, China’s arrest and disappearance of Jack Ma is not to their benefit by any stretch. But that would appear to be the constant roil of China – the equivalent of Biden Gaffes. They continually do – really stupid things!

And thus, they get caught.

Pushing our election into realms that are not statistically within any remote guidance was just simply – stupid. And that ‘stupidity’ is what will seemingly be ruling the world should President Trump fail to secure the Election Fraud.   Not only are we facing a communist/socialist/marxist regime, they would all appear to be rather innately – stupid.   How could hundreds of thousands of elite liberals FAIL against One Man?   And not feel utterly – STUPID.

China would seem to have educated these American politicians, because in the midst of a Human Rights Crisis in China, they have unilaterally decided to go missing – Jack Ma, likely the wealthiest man in China.   Stupid!

That is exactly why – China always – loses.

How best does one garner the alms of the wealthy?   According to China – torture and prison.

Vunderbarr!  No – it is Stupid!

In other words.   Jack Ma ‘s life is in jeopardy.   And that play of the cards would indicate that China intends to deploy this exact same heavy hand on every billionaire.   Bezos, Zuckerberg, Pinchai, every billionaire that cozied to China thinking they had the Court Hand is finding they are the pawns.   And in the world of China, they would simply – disappear. We wouldn’t care because they were evil – and their lives would simply go away.


I wonder who is ruling whom?

Of course knowing the answer to this question would require some degree of honesty – and unfortunately, that value seems in minute quantities.

I Will venture that the answer is not so rigid that any of us could possibly respond. I would venture that the people you consider the most trustworthy are in fact the most corrupt, and I would figure that the Hollywood actor/actress persona plays largess.

Politicians are groomed.   McKinsey & Company are a prominent ‘groomer’.   They teach a candidate how to dress, where to have their hair cut, who to like, who to dislike, how to walk, body language, sign language, it is a college of sorts.   And most politicians choose to attend in order to create a career.

The name McKinsey is like a DC shoe-in.

These ‘politicians’ are not necessarily versed in anything relative to politics, but they can portray a good actor, a persona, and a speech.   And thus the Hollywood connection is irreversible.

Those that graduate from McKinsey are easily spotted – their coif is exactly the same, their suits, their demeanor, their shoes, and their stature. It is all a skilled and created – persona.   They portray themselves as suave, arrogant, perfect, and without fault.   The illusion is created.

Jack Ma made a mistake.   The CCP is desperate for money, their real trade has tanked, their real economy has tanked, and Ma’s wealth seemed a good honest robbery to quell the storm.   But Ma was not so willing and he immediately ‘disappeared’.

In China no one would question this news – in fact, it would be advised to ignore this altogether.   And thus the world of censorship would be ignited and the story would die.   Except.   The US has a strength that they have yet to silence – our voices!

The voices are not simply relegated to the US, the voices resound across the globe and this rising, the power that it holds, is far greater than they imagined or – we imagined.   We are millions against hundreds!   We are Millions Against Hundreds!   Do you get that?   We ARE MILLIONS AGAINST HUNDREDS.   And we will NOT be silenced.