Globalization: Obama Passes Baton to Merkel

Standing alongside Obama, Merkel has stated that globalization is here to stay:

“Germans and Americans must take the opportunity to shape globalization according to our values and ideas.”

Of course the blaring question is ‘whose values and ideas’? Hers? Soros? Obamas? Hillarys? Because their version of it certainly doesn’t embrace my values or ideas, or any ones I know. It would seem that the values and ideas belong to the elitists who want to recreate our world.

In addition, she, they, announced that TTIP also embraces our values and ideas… TTIP was and is considered highly secretive. The exact draft is not public, the terms are not public, and in fact, it is so secretive it is kept in a vault. Protests against its directives have been massive throughout Europe. The People of the US have absolutely no idea what it is, what it embraces, or how it would impact us. The media has kept it quiet revealing – nothing. So how in the world can Merkel and Obama say it is: ‘our values and ideas’!

Unless of course they mean – theirs, as in Obama’s and Merkel’s version of ‘values’.

It is sad how far removed from The People Merkel has strayed during these past few years. Obama we knew who and what he represented, but Merkel used to be – different.

The values that Merkel refers to is the globalization of the world, which could be beneficial except that in its essence it places a value structure, political ideologies, laws, regulations, religions and social culture into one basket for everyone, governed by an elitist power.   Imagine trying to elect King of The World and every person on the planet has one vote! We can’t even elect a mayor of a city without vote rigging, corruption and fraud…

Practicalities are obvious: Sharia Law? Religion? Clothing? Taxes? Healthcare? Crime? Punishment? Education? Philosophy? Creativity?

Whatever globalization used to define, today the term has been taken hostage in order to create a Communist regime structure of control. Imagine living in a household where ALL decisions are made by an ‘Overlord’… it is incredibly stifling, suffocating and belittling. Imagine an entire world under such a Thumb. It can’t happen in a free world, it can only happen in a world of slavery.

Overlords, or Monarchs, were the governmental structure that caused the massive defection from Europe to the United States.   Monarchs still reign in the Sunni Middle East, and some Asian countries, but Queen Elizabeth has by far the largest territorial monarchy covering no less than 15 countries, perhaps some that didn’t even realize they were under her jurisdiction, including: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Belize and Tuvalu (where the heck is that?)!   Europe still greedily embraces their monarchies from The Netherlands to Denmark, to Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.

Globalization would end those monarchies and replace them with a singular universal power. Perhaps these last monarchs believe they will be anointed to be a part of the elitists. I think they may be a bit short sighted…

So why is Merkel important enough for the global elites to use her as a point to point critique? Because right now the EU is collapsing, but not in the direction Soros anticipated, the tree is falling to the left instead of right which means it could destroy the globalization perceived as the next ACT in the World Game of Tactics II. With the left decimated, freedom and independence rise up as a bastion of hope and identity.

While Obama and Merkel have been involved in very intimate and secretive discussions about ‘our values and ideas’, Obama demands the ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY OF BREXIT negotiations.

The hypocrisy does not go unnoticed, nor is it met with much approval. It simply mirrors the last eight years of Obama, his presidency, and ultimately his Legacy. And so the baton is being passed to Merkel to hold up the ideal while the countries all around her begin to peel away from the agenda.

While US relations with the alternate countries (Russia and China) is redesigned to include non-intervention, sovereign dignity, and mutual respect for each countries patriotism, social ideals, and internal growth, the media continues to make statements that simply aren’t true. Climate change? If China wants to tackle the problem internally, that is their inherent right. If the US pulls out of the summit and the associated costs – that is our right.

The point of non-globalization is to allow each country to represent their People according to their own ideals, and stop forcing agendas that we may not support or value.  It requires Trust. And right now – The People do not Trust the elitists.

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