China and US Trade – Path to Prosperity

The media – including conservatives – are posturing-prostituting some sort of trade war agenda between Trump and China. The scenario would seem to be China’s Xi is wagging a menacing finger in Trump’s face and that a potential trade war is looming that will blow up the US economy!!  They even source the Global Times as their backup for this statement.

But when I went on the Global times – the sentiment was a positive review of the discussions between Trump and Xi, they were in a mutual agreement of partnership and working together. When I visited Xinhau, it was the same. Bothe Chinese papers exuded a positive confidence of the dialogue between the two Presidents and nations. It was all good!

So why would the press, including Fox News, try and change the mantra, the dialogue, the sentiment, the ability of two super powers to convene in a prosperous and mutually agreeable attitude on what to do, how to accomplish it, and what the future holds?

Because it is a deceptive manipulation.

It would seem that Trump realizes that the way to advance a global unification is through the understanding and acceptance of each nation’s sovereignty. In other words, it isn’t about trying to morph every person on this planet into one commonality or commodity of a person, it is about working with differences. It isn’t about making Muslims Catholics, or making Russians Americans, or making Chinese into ‘g’day man’ Aussies! It means we can recognize the differences without making them OURS!

And once we accept this – we will stop regime change, wars, civil instigation, riots, and hypocrisy.

As in Sharia Law.

I don’t want Sharia Law and most Americans don’t want Sharia Law. Nor do I want to ‘embrace it’ in the US! So let them have it where it originates – in the Middle East. Don’t make me be you. And for some indeterminate reason, that concept has alluded our politicians who feel that recreating the Middle East is the American agenda. Bringing the Middle East ideologies and laws into the US some sort of political feel good. Sanctioning Russia, vilifying the Philippines, attempting to overthrow the Chinese, will somehow create a “Greater Good’, when in reality it all creates ‘chaos’.

One of the newest dialogues is that Trump is creating ‘racial divide’! Have our schools, teachers, politicians, mothers and fathers really become so deadened to reality? During the past eight years of our esteemed Black President, the racial divide in the US has magnified 100 fold!   He has single handedly marketed bigotry, hate, and derision. Whites have never been so demonized, so demoralized, so lanced as the causation of all the ills of America as we have today.

Violence has never been so prevalent save the days of Muhammed, or Ghengis Khan, or Hitler, or Stalin, or a host of equally divergent days.   But already, the propaganda would have us believe that it is all the fault of Trump – who hasn’t even taken office yet. How sad. How uneducated.

In the meantime, China’s Xi, Russia’s Putin, they plod along like the Tortoise and the Hare, creating a massive bubble of patriotism, security, and prosperity for the future.

Does that mean I want to live in Russia or China? Heck NO! It means, we can humble ourselves and take note, take a bow, and learn!

Our politicians failed us. Not our system – our greedy, self serving, deceitful politicians. They do NOT represent this country.   They represent themselves.

So. Media. Trump is working to create alliances. With world superpowers. Without making us into – the alliance. I am not Chinese. I am not Russian. And why that simple concept seems so difficult for so many – I truly do not understand.

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