EU Commission: Bully Child Needs a Timeout

The EU is rightfully running scared. Having backed Hillary’s candidacy throughout the election, they, like her cabal, didn’t even consider the idea that Hillary might lose to Trump. As such they seemed to find a plethora of words and derision with which to condemn and slander Trump without filter. Backing off the rhetoric isn’t easy, and now the consequences are biting their proverbial butt

Unsure what to do, how to react, they continue to scream and rant like a bully child alone on the playground with no one left to bully.

Not only is Trump considering a possible NATO dis-alliance, the possibility that the US will not take in more Muslim refugees and terrorists – was simply never considered in the scheme of things and now Europe is ‘stuck’.   It almost feels like a James Bond movie where a CIA agent defects and becomes a double agent, only to defect again and become a triple agent…until the person doesn’t even know what side they honor any longer.

If the US deports specific criminal illegals, and beefs up border security, if we disavow Obamas deliverance of open borders, where will the refugees go?   The Middle East is a large territory – it would cost a fraction of what we are currently spending per refugee ($60,000 per year is the estimate), to build them a new country and stop the destruction. Over there, in their native land, where they can live according to their own beliefs and laws, customs and practices which they prefer. With Cher… and Miley…

Of course then there is ISIS. Al Qaeda. El Nusra. Until they are defeated, the land is not available. So the priorities are obvious.

And this would seem to be the Trump agenda that has so many European nations trembling in fear, shaking in rage, and screaming derisively. Saving our nation from terror. Redistributing costs associated with regime changes abroad, wars and civil strife abroad, and using those funds to actually ‘rebuild America’.

How awful!

From a practical standpoint, what would that look like?

I remember when I got divorced. Whether you want to or not, you quickly learn who are your true friends and who is not. People scatter, people who apparently were just pretending to be your friend. People who once ate and drank with you, played with you, and with whom you shared, just up and walk away.   And then there are the ones that you thought were just acquaintances who show up, who come to your aid, and with who you discover a new found joy. You may forgive, but you don’t forget. And neither has Trump.

He’s not a prophet, not a prince, not a hero, he’s just a man who happened to raise some pretty awesome kids, run a business, make a name for himself, and along the way get into some trouble. He has some ideas that are shared with most Americans who see this country in a downward careening spiral as a result of policies, agendas, and lofty aspirations of a lot of politicians who seem to do absolutely – nothing.

During this past year, during this election cycle, I doubt there are many politicians who have done anything noteworthy to earn their salary and keep. For example: Colorado’s governor, John Hickenlooper, was elected into office in 2011. Researching his accomplishments didn’t take too long, because he hasn’t actually accomplished much during his tenure.

He signed some bills in 2013 regarding gun control background checks, he granted a stay of execution for a murderer, he signed a bill for ‘better legislation’ after the 2014 Colorado floods, and he signed House Bill 1241 which funds the Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI). “The program has a total grant budget of $2.7 million, of which $530,000 has been awarded. Right now, seven projects are under consideration, representing $20 million in capital investment and more than 150 new jobs in rural areas.”   That’s it!

Five years later. While those ‘accomplishments’ do have value, doesn’t seem to me it is cost efficient or worthy of him, and his elaborate staff who it would seem have a LOT of extra time on their hands…

Of course the point is our governing system has become so bloated with nonessential administrators and employees that our budgets keep expanding exponentially. Partially, the reasoning is that you need more employees to cover the pensions of those retiring – a never ending loop.

But it is the same ‘loop’ that Merkel has been indoctrinated into believing as she ushers in more and more refugees under the pretext that they will generate wealth and their salaries will pay for the current retiring generation X. She failed to recognize that the vast majority of the people she was bringing in would not only generate a zero salary, but be an added burden on welfare and healthcare.

Seems shortsighted.

Instead, the alternative at this point would be to eradicate ISIS and help to rebuild nations bombed and obliterated as a result of regime change ideals. While it is an artificial opportunity in that we would be rebuilding what we destroyed, it is where we are today.

While the cost of our war campaigns in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Ukraine will not pay off our national debt, costs are not just measured in terms of direct expenses, but indirect as well – death, dismemberment, ptsd, mental anguish, healthcare, families torn apart, fathers unable to support their families, children lost without discipline and guidance, protesting in the streets of Oregon… rioting…

These are the costs that aren’t measured, aren’t applied to the schematic, and are major contributing factors in the decline of the US – For The People.

Grief is ok. But when that grief turns and becomes rage, destruction and assault, it is NOT OKAY.

FYI:    It is funny, sometime in the early nineteen hundreds the Democrat and Republican parties shifted and switched sides. I think they have again. It is the Democrats who are through their chosen candidates embracing war, big business, massive wealth, massive welfare, unemployment, division, destruction and regime change. And yet, they don’t seem to notice that they have been conned – because that is not who they used to be…

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