Election 2016 – Not over…

“Now, I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but some day someone will—and hopefully sooner than we might think right now.” ~Hillary Clinton

Something about this part of Hillary’s concession speech continues to nag at me. Under normal circumstances I might have glossed over it, or even forgotten the phrase altogether. But given the heightened riots instigated by Hillary’s most fervent Master, George Soros, whose organization Moveon.org is mainly responsible for the protests, I am wary.

A quick browse of Moveon’s website gives insight into their agenda – create such an overwhelming chaotic atmosphere against Trump that the electoral vote will change their mind in order to keep peace. Two: work like mad to deplore of the electorates that a change of vote is for ‘the greater good’. And three: the phrase “hopefully sooner than we might think” implies she might be anticipating a turnover.

Why else would Soros put so much effort and time into protests?

The media, albeit via Soros, had Hillary losing the popular vote but leaving Trump in the dust when it came to the electoral vote. That upset has triggered a massive wave of riots in which the entire electoral system is targeted. Soros now wants that system, that part of our Constitution to be amended claiming it is antiquated. Of course, it is only antiquated because it did not produce the results he arrogantly anticipated and expected.

Of course, we already know the popular vote was rigged, so that tally isn’t even real. But could Soros pull out a rabbit and coerce the electoral votes away from Trump? It would appear that is the ‘agenda’, and Hillary still thinks she has a chance.

Podesta also has stated, “She is not done yet,” when asked about Hillary. These statements and actions together are definitely fodder for some offensive action should these threats curve back. And just as Soros failed in The Art of War (‘never underestimate your opponent’), so should we as we still face the December electorate.

Clinton lost the electorals miserably with only 232 to Trump’s 306. With a 74 vote difference, she would need to re-acquire 38. This was not what the media, including the conservatives, had thought would be the end result – not even close. But altering the Constitution is not an easy task and certainly not one that can be had in a month.


WE ARE NOT DONE!   THE FIX will not simply step down.

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