Russia Hacks Vermont Electric Company!

Here’s the story being splayed all over the news, apparently originating at the Washington Post: RELENTLESS, PREDATORY’
Malware code tied to Russian hackers found on US electric company laptop!

The story then goes on to instill fear and paranoia as though we are fighting a terrorist attack…  Sound fishy?  It should.  Here’s what is wrong with the entire story:

1)   The malware code is actually not Russian, it is Ukrainian.

2)   The Malware is seriously outdated, hardly of the caliber of a government spy institution.

3)   No mention of ‘who’s laptop’?

4)   The laptop was actually not even connected to the electric companies own software server – it was independent and posed no threat.

5)   Why did the electric company feel the urge to scan somebodies personal laptop, an unnamed person?

6)   Officials claim they took immediate action to “isolate the laptop” … meaning they put it in their car? Solitary confinement? Make sure it didn’t touch any other laptop?  Hello?

7)   The Vermont Democratic Congressman who is making the allegations is Senator Patrick Leahy, he has no background in cyber security, and no foreign affairs background. He is making an allegation without any supportive investigation whatsoever.

8)   The other Vermont Senator making allegations is Democrat Peter Welsh.

9)   Allegations linking the entire laptop fiasco to Putin are simply slanderous at this point given there is NO Evidence!  It is a planted story.

Our judicial system is falling apart!   Making accusations without confirmed evidence goes against every grain of our Constitution and our law. When we circumvent due process we are making Dictatorial, Communist expressions of law, all coming from a Democrat vendetta that desperately needs to create a vile enemy of the state in order to organize a vigilante posse.

Hillary will not roll over. She is going to make each and every person she feels is responsible for her loss – pay the Hillary price.

We have all become aware of the massive fraud perpetrated on the American people by various media outlets, repetitiously making statements without evidence in order to psychologically persuade that an idea or belief or just a simple statement is fact – without any proof.

I remember when movie theatres were charged for slickly interposting subliminal messages into the movie reels depicting bags of buttery popcorn and gulping cups of coca cola and mounds of chocolate and candy YUM – in order to make people feel the urge to buy their wares.   Of course, it worked. And today’s press is no different.

Subliminal messaging has risen to the ranks of Supposedly Legitimate News.

If you say it enough, people will mindlessly believe even without evidence. It’s called “propaganda”.   It is manipulation.

That being said, it would be healthy for us to have our press move their topic coverage to more valid issues – jobs, healthcare prices rising, economic trials, corruption within our government, illegal immigrants, terror threats, you know, all that goofy stuff that well, makes for our world…

FODDER FOR THOUGHT:   Few media outlets have brought up the fact that California issued over 800,000 drivers licenses to illegal immigrants in their ‘all inclusiveness’ agenda, which enabled every one of them to – vote! Hmmm, but that isn’t even the story, the story is that actually 12 states and Washington DC do the same thing. So exactly why do the Democrats feel requiring an ID to vote is racist?   Now that IS a Story!

Oh, and just a funny – while the US refers to our esteemed Hollywood gossip as ‘Entertainment’, in European papers, the lives of these narcissists is considered “Culture”… EWWWW!


Obamacare – Reality vs Fake News

Dissecting the Truth of Obamacare: AGAIN.

The New York Times has reported that: “The Obama administration said last week that over the first 12 days of open enrollment, plan selections in the states that use the federal marketplace were up by about 5 percent compared with the same period last year. Some of the states that run their own marketplaces have reported brisker business: In Colorado, sign-ups are running 30 percent higher than they were at this point in the last open enrollment period, according to Kevin Patterson, the chief executive of the state’s marketplace.”

What that really means…

In Colorado, we lost a number of insurers and within Obamacare plans were eliminated causing a huge influx of panicking citizens trying and find an alternative healthcare plan given theirs was cancelled. United and Human both fled the individual market. And for example, my son was given exactly three choices for a self insured plan. Not three insurers – but three plan choices. Period. They all were on the Obamacare exchange, because many of the insurers will no longer insure individuals – and thus there is no competition, they all offered the same option, the same cost. HELLO???


The fact that the New York Times failed miserably to investigate what they were reporting is only more fodder for the ‘Fake News Conspiracy’ perpetrated by our established media, including; Washington Post, New York times, The Economist, The New Yorker and most other Liberal news sights who prefer to post massive articles deriding Trump than they do reporting on ‘NEWS’.

The people that support Obamacare include the government officials who have private plans outside of the system, and those whose income allows them massive subsidies to the point that they pay – next to nothing. And of course, the rest of us are required to foot the bill.

As in – moi.

The other little detail that hasn’t been discussed is the great additive that allows children to be on their parent’s plan until they turn 26. Sound good? Well, it ain’t free! The cost to me for each son is about $350 each per month and the additional out-of-pocket skyrockets from $4000 to $10,600. This means if I have a surgical procedure, my individual out-of-pocket is the maximum family amount. Not my individual amount.

So. New York Times. Washington Post. I suggest next time when you make rampant accusations about media propaganda and tag other countries, you might consider the false- FAKE news you participate in on a daily basis without even attempting to research – THE TRUTH.

Perhaps that is because their own healthcare is paid for completely. Or perhaps it is because they have no dignity or ethic. In this, I take great exception as I am required to pay astronomical premiums and astronomical out of pocket costs in order to provide the government their private insurance, and in order to provide free healthcare for everyone else.

What ever happened to ‘equality’?

Cause it sure doesn’t feel equal to me. New York Times… New York Times… Anyone… Anyone… Ferris? Are you there?