Russia Hacking Election?

CIA Head, Brennan, Conspires Against Russia!

False Reporting. “17 US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia hacked the emails in order to sway the election results toward Trump”.

What is wrong with this statement?

For one, there are not 17 intelligence agencies. There are 16, however, the CIA is not considered a part of the Federal globe, they are distinguished as ‘independent’, so technically, there are 15 units.

And apparently, none of them are willing to take the stand that the CIA asserts. They all say there is no concrete evidence to support the allegation. And without evidence, a US Constitutional Law, there is no case. That’s the system we embrace. Like it or not.

So why has the CIA gone out on a limb? John Brennan. The same Brennan who converted Wahabbist Islam during his tenure in Saudi Arabia, while working for the CIA. The same Brennan who has a close relationship with the Saudi’s and the Clinton’s and Obama, and Soros. The same Brennan has been quoted making pro-jihad statements claiming that it simply means, “to purify oneself”… The same Brennan who in 1976 voted for the Communist Party USA in the US Presidential election…

This same CIA Head, is now the sole supporter of the Russia hacking allegation. But wait, it get’s better.

Brennan was instrumental in creating the Directorate of Digital Information, in order to maximize the CIA’s hacking abilities against foreign governments. As in, remember NSA hacking Merkel? Hollande?

Remember the CIA attempt to interfere in the re-election of Netanyahu? Remember the CIA and McCain raising a ruckus in Ukraine and ‘swaying the ousting of Yanukovich in order to usher in the Maiden Revolution, regime change and Chocolate man, Poroshenko?

Apparently, the motto is, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

“Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenant of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children.”  ~ Brennan

Brennan served as president for “The Analysis Corporation”, whose parent company is Global Strategies Group, a private security firm that specializes in providing security in the Middle East and Africa within the oil sector.   An agenda?

Of course.

Therefore, when one US intelligence agency advocates a narrative that has no proof or evidence behind it, it is important to understand the motive behind the allegation. Brennan has an obvious motive that is completely undermined by his faith, his policies, his friends, and his warped beliefs.

Of course, McCain and Brennan share the Soros Files as their core and that alone should be worthy of investigation.

By the way. How come Soros voter fraud and manipulation is not under the same scrutiny? Proven, in the recounts under the shill, Jill Stein.

Russia Hacking

We are being led to believe that something is ‘fact’, based on a hypothesis.  Based on an opinion, without proof.  IF, our great and glorious ‘intelligence’ division can state that they have proof that Russia hacked Podesta’s emails, then we need to deal with that outcome.

However, the facts remain that John Podesta’s emails revealed information that was critically destructive in the demise of Hillary.

So, in revealing the Truth, do we attack the messenger – or the perpetrator?

There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the logic of Democrats…

It is akin to ‘Science” being billed as factual, when in fact it is built on one hypothesis after another, with the final icing, a layer of fact.  That means that the entire supposition is built on theory – and no matter ow many facts are layered onto the theory – it will still always be a ‘scientific hypothesis’.

Similarly, when the Democrats call Russia a purveyor of fabricated news and fakery because they feel they illegally hacked Podesta’s emails – it is a claim built on on a sandlot.   Because A.  It is a claim – not substantiated with any evidence.  B.  It deludes the viewer from the larger fact – the evidence released!  C.  It is embarrassing given the amount of fake news and propaganda perpetrated by our own media/government which is levied for one purpose only – to delude and manipulate the American population.

Given most Liberals have no religious faith, they may want to review the concept of The Log in One’s Eye…  If in fact we were innocent of all ‘regime change atrocities, resultant civilian casualties, instigations of riot, chaos and civil warring, then perhaps, just maybe, we would not be viewed by the world as tyrant hypocrites.

Personally, I hope that the divestiture of politicians from our government will be the first step to a reality that we can support.  Secondly, I hope that their wealth is so sufficient, that they have no desire to utilize corrupt practices and agendas to advocate their pockets instead of their people.

If in fact, Russia is found to have altered the election results, then we have every right to address that.  But until such proof is existent, hypothesis merely comes across as more Liberal “Fake News” used to justify a fake candidate and her fake agenda.

For a media that is now obsessed with Truth – they should take a look at their proof…

In the meantime – they have -0- credibility, no matter how many ads they take out in their own media to alter the perspective that they relay – Truth!

Me Thinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much.

How many times did the Pentagon and the White House claim that we had NO involvement in the Syrian revolution?  Only to find that the CIA and the Pentagon were funding rebels, including those affiliated with al-Qaeda??  Remember that?  Or has the media attempted to quash that bit of Truth?

How often did we hear that the Ukraine coup was the result of an internal rising, only to learn that the CIA, the White House, and George Soros, were the instrumental sources?  Remember?  Because it is important.