US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Balance Sheet – 2022

According to the Treasury Department, the Assets of the Federal Government as of September 2022 total $4.962 trillion on Liabilities of $39.022 Trillion for a NET Deficit of $34.061 Trillion.   Imagine using this balance sheet to ask for a Loan? Despite the Ukraine War – inventories held for sale actually increased from 2021 by $7 billion.

Student Loans Receivable account for 25% of the entire stated Assets. Buildings account for 50% of the value placed on Furniture & Fixtures which they declare to be worth $1.442 Trillion.   Furniture & Fixtures!   Giving rise to nearly an additional quarter of the value of ALL Assets. The infamous “Other” which accounts for an additional quarter of assets – is NOT delineated at all.

Treasury Note debt increased by $1 trillion from 2021 to 2022. When listing Liabilities – federal employee pensions and Veteran pensions are listed as debt – Social Security is NOT. But $6 TRILLION is owed to Veterans.

WHY isn’t the Federal Government in Court defending their Balance Sheet debacle of insanity!?

Putting forth Trump’s supposed overstatement of assets – is the point of his ‘corrupt investigation’… yet the Federal Government Balance Sheet is an absolute FARK CRIME of unfathomable proportions!   And the Trump trials are a distraction.

The US Government is so underwater – there are not enough trade deals that can even dent the debt.   And printing more money to sustain Ukraine has likely pushed the value of the dollar since the advent of our esteemed Federal Reserve established in 1913 into negative territory! Our dollar is worth negative cents.   NEGATIVE. Debt to Fake GDP numbers is 125%.

By comparison, our supposed ‘arch enemy Russia’ debt as of 2022 was US estimated to be $335 billion or 15% of their GDP. Within those sparse figures, the US NGO Government states this 15% is ‘unsustainable’ and Russia will default.   The US is in even deeper failure than we can imagine given the numbers presented are likely well overstated for assets and well understated for liabilities – with absolutely zero SOLUTION proffered.

Instead, we are given the privilege to listen to Crispy Crème Christie scream Trump is the destruction of America!   We are privileged to listen to FBI agents demanding the gulag appointment of 85 million American Trump supporters – and the prevalence of an ADDITIONAL 7 million illegal gangland mafia members who do NOT give one dollar to the US Economy, but do TAKE their “Fair Share”.


Meaning – when the shiitake hits – we are paying. And the Agency holding the vast majority of T-Bills in our taxpayer government?   Social Security! That’s why Rand Paul wants to extend the age for social security benefits – because they have been dry for sometime – and are simply another money printing scheme.  Trust No One.

And nobody wants to tell the truth.   Not even – the good guys.

Even worse, the Jesters running America now have to acknowledge that governments such as Russia can outpace, outperform, and out prosper at a congenial rate.   Such an EGO blaster.   Their immediate reaction was to hit oil & gas on the markets driving the price down $3.   Big accomplishment – in their brains.

We are dealing with Neanderthals who took over banking.

It is why the next thing I was going to say I had to delete for I knew it would garner me a few more negative points.   On the LIST. On a point system, I am pretty far down the LIST.

The Twin Tower assault was rumored to have been orchestrated to cover up some severe Pentagon ‘lost money’ – I believe $11 trillion.   All the paperwork was destroyed.   The Bush’s were thought to be central.

IF The Pentagon was concerned about missing trillions, imagine what the rest of the government was hiding? It isn’t as though the corruption is singular to one department or the other – it is highly likely it applies throughout.   And the Twin Towers – extinguished a portion – but the remains are seeping into reality. And THAT is the Game – How Deep Does It Penetrate And Who Is At The END?

McCarthy was a good revelation of deception.   He was a pretty boy charmer who smiled and promised and swore – AND YET – never did a dang thing. And in the end was hoping to rely on his fellow Democrats – to save Republican him. Not exactly a Brownie Point!

SO What’s Next?   November Elections are upon us and they will need to switch gears pretty quickly to local propaganda.   Read before you Vote.   Ask Questions?   The Last Local Vote Here misguided residents into a 60% increase in property tax and insurance. BUYER BEWARY….

Que Sera, Sera.

UKRAINE: The West Great RESET Illusion

The EU’s Ursula Von der Leyen has announced when the Ukraine conflict will end – December 2023.   In anticipation of this momentous moment, von der Leyen has also gleefully stipulated that all EU taxpayers will be footing an impressive $55 billion bill to begin the reconstruction/renovation process.   BlackRock and JP Morgan will be the beneficiaries of $500 billion once they open the Reconstruction Bank in Kyiv.  How exciting! Ukraine is poised to become a new statehood just as soon as there are no breaths still in existence within its borders – Riff-Raff…

While von der Leyen is making taxpayers foot their fair equity share, BlackRock and JP Morgan work is to establish a bank for investors wherein they can trade Bitcoin for a proportionate share of Ukraine.   Ukraine will thus become a corporate vassal. A technical ‘first’.

CEO’s Fink and Damon don’t give a fark about Ukraine – but the investment potential for rebuilding after destroying a nation has always amounted to a frenzied mania of greed.   Syria’s Assad was not so forgiving and refused any investment or support from US conglomerate Pacmen – despite feverishly sitting on the sidelines with bags of gold outstretched… Assad vehemently denied ANY Western money!

Ukraine represents desperation for those lost War Profit Margins.

The new and improved estimate by The World Bank for the reconstruction is $411 billion.   An odd number, but then perhaps the $11 billion portion is a front loaded fee payable to BlackRock and JP Morgan off the top.   However, it is more than likely the true cost is double the estimate and the EU doesn’t want to scare off investors.

Once again, Zelenskyy is propped up in London for a ‘conference with the British government’ to discuss their visions of the New Ukraine.   Architecture drafts…   Given Bill Gates dropped his dream for a Smart City in Arizona it is likely Ukraine will be the recipient of this vision instead.   Albeit free from law and regulations.   Not to mention – Free Money!

I imagine the project will be similar to the Saudi venture, NEOM:

“On January 29, 2019, Saudi Arabia announced that it had established a closed joint-stock company named Neom.[8] The company is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund and is solely dedicated to developing the economic zone of Neom.”

This would be the roadmap.

In order to build such a vast city-state, slave labor will be necessary to control costs.   The model for this portion of the venture would be Dubai. Harness poor men from Africa, India and Pakistan and offer them an opportunity to work. Slaves, their wages will be doled out amidst stipulations for food, water and rent.   Just like the US Okies.

Amnesty International will be obliquely silent and Human Rights Watch will laud the brave investors for supplying thousands of jobs to the ‘needy’ while building a carbon free Ukraine.   The UN will occasionally issue a distress warning over the deplorable conditions, but ‘do’ absolutely nothing.

Bill Gates et al, were convinced that building a massive city complex wherein everyone worked 24/7, and paid the vast majority of their wages to The City, was the perfect model of the Great RESET.   When the Saudi’s brought forth NEOM, jealousy was only matched by greed. But the cost would be unsustainable.   Ukraine provides the answer:    free land, abundant reserves to colonize, uneducated people living in dire poverty, a corrupt government that would do anything for $10, and a level of ethic that would rival Stalin or Mao.

The Biden Handlers will likely attempt to embezzle large sums from US Taxpayers under the guise of human rights and climate change to fund the New Ukraine which will be populated by The Royal Cabal and their minion servants.

In line with this push for reconstruction the World Economic Forum has declared that cities account for 70% of all global warming…  A Brand New Finger Pointing!    And Smart Cities?   The Klaus Answer for everything. The purpose of this unfounded declaration regarding the source of climate change is to vacate large US cities.   The purpose of the inclement rioting and chaos within these urban cityscapes – separate the productive from the nonproductive, ie, the large scale dunderheads committing horrific crimes. Once a city is operating mostly on dunderheads, they can be vacuumed.

The Green Climate Fund is sitting on $10-$15 billion in unspent funds.   Therefore those funds could easily be allocated to Ukraine to justifiably build the West’s First NEOM according to Garp. In fact the Biden Regime just announced another allocation of $600 million – for The Green Fund.   From Taxpayer coffers. Collectively, The Green Fund hasn’t actually spent any money on Climate Change, instead they pay salaries, accumulate cash, and use the IMF and World Bank to issue micro-loans at 30% interest.  Hence, the unspent funds and the largess revenues on ‘investments’.

While the Cartel Powers that be have noted that the conflict will end December 2023, they have not delineated how.   Nor do they suppose Russia will be a threat at that point.

Under what circumstances would the Western Powers assert that Russia is no longer a threat:

  • Putin is no longer alive.
  • Moscow & St Petersburg will be reduced to rubble. Just ask Assad or Erdogan.
  • While that may be their goal – it does not equate to actuality.   Nor does the fallout.   A takeover of Russia would hardly unite the globe to the Cartel.   No matter how hard they try to parlay and/or lavish upon such members as – India.

Modi has graced the front page of The Rothschild Economist near daily as of late;   “America’s New Best Friend – India”, aka Modi. Or this doozy:   “Modi is the Most Beloved Leader in The World”.   Drawing on my more tender years, “GAG me with a spoon!”

The illusion is The Propaganda.   A cosmic psychedelic version of the truth that has Matrix diaspora written all over it.  

Unraveling.   Climate Change is a universal natural condition.   Russia’s nationalism is 10fold stronger than the enemy asserts.   The Cartel is flailing and failing. The NEOM Project has been halted due to massive overruns in cost!   Ukraine is and always will be a colonized vassal state.   Modi has expanded its trade outside of America 100fold.   And Klaus Schwab and his AGENDA will not be immortalized – he is 85+ years old and has no viable successor –

Soros has presented his entire Empire to his near youngest son Alex – drawing the ire of the older 4 siblings.   Alex has none of the inherent brain damage suffered by Gyorgy during WWII which recreated his conscious.   Alex may WANT to be evil, but his genetic structure is silver spoon…

The Russia-Ukraine conflict being waged as another western agenda is not materializing despite inserting BILLIONS$.   They have no Plan B.   And the Belarus Nuclear Initiative is – a massive security blanket for Russia.   Lukashenko will have no qualms about retaliation should Russia suffer a Western coup.   The Red Button has likely been thoroughly discussed.  

Western Militaries Falling Apart as the Pentagon Proposes War With CHINA

Two Black Hawk helicopters down – 9 experienced trainees killed!   The military has no idea why.   No communications were revealed.   NO cause identified.   What are the odds?   Two months ago a Black Hawk went down in Tennessee. No explanation was ever given.   Two trainees killed.   No word from the Pentagon. No word from Lloyd Austin.  

Where is Austin? He’s testifying before Congress over the GOP ‘delay in promotions’ with Austin claiming that delaying promotions is a national security threat…   WTHECK?   There are currently 162 active duty 3 star generals including Rachel Levine in public health and 39 active duty 4 star generals.   One measly war – Ukraine.

Yesterday a Republican Congressman submit impeachment articles against Lloyd Austin for his actions in Afghanistan.   Thirteen active duty servicemen were shot and killed because Austin gave a stand down order when evacuating the country.   In addition, Austin did not account for the BILLIONS in equipment left behind for the Taliban.

Over 8400 troops left the military when Austin imposed the vax mandate. Thousands more have been left in limbo as they assert religious exemptions.   The military refuses to provide data regarding the number of adverse events and deaths related to the vax.   But instead has lowered their standard for enlistment because of low recruitment levels across the board.

Did the Black Hawks go done because of pilot failure?  Heart Attacks?

Despite a lack of troops, Biden is demanding an additional $690 million to support ‘global democracy’ and $9.5 billion for a new department.   The new department will be created within USAID.   The new and improved agency will support:  “free and independent media,” strengthen “information integrity,” fight corruption by having the US Treasury “unmask shell companies,” bolster “human rights and democratic reformers” and defend “free and fair elections.”

In other words the new agency will support bloody coups and more mercenaries in Ukraine.

The US isn’t the only country facing an unprecedented military personnel shortage.   Denmark has announced a shortage of 25% and an army in such a deplorable state it will take years to be combat ready for NATO enlistment.   Canada is short 16,000 members to meet recruitment goals, a 16% shortage.   In addition, Canada claims its inventory of weapons is depleted!    Along with all their gold inventory.

The German Defense Minister claims his army is understaffed and hasn’t adequate equipment.   “The German army is not capable of defending itself against a brutal war.”  The UK’s armed forces has been significantly understaffed since 2018 – not just among troops but among intelligence officers as well.   In 2021, the 82,000 recruitment target was scrapped and replaced with a goal of 72,500 to give the propaganda impression of fully staffed…

The Economist, in the midst of these vast shortages and depleted weapons has declared war on China. Ursula von der Leyen of the EU Commission has called for Europe to be ‘more aggressive and more assertive toward China’.   The new Bad Guy was the old good guy.

Suddenly the Pentagon is concerned that China is luring away former US allies and Lloyd Austin can’t understand why.   Could it be that the unveiling of the US involvement in all things coup and the incompetence of the dementia riddled president does not instill confidence – could those reasons justify the migration?   Could the destruction of economies have anything to do with a boundary crossing?   The Pentagon is loathe to admit failure but the reality cannot deny the gross incompetence and fraud being perpetrated.

Laying bare western nations to a frontal assault by any country seems to be the purposeful agenda for annihilation.   ANY soldier in any military is now being called upon to commit hari-kari suicide.   Their reward?   Moldy barracks, shortages of basic supplies, tainted water, inadequate pay, forced sterilization and heart failure…   While the military industrialists languish in lavish wealth accouterments.

The Handlers have achieved many of their goals in disintegrating livelihoods and destroying education – but their determination to create a vacuum of defense is truly deplorable.

The incompetence of the Biden Administration is the heart and soul of evil.   Every one of these goons is well aware of the extent of harm they are creating. Harm that they somehow feel they will be immune to once their time is suspended.

If the Handlers continue to destroy all nonwestern alliances in favor of the creation of a new empire, the Lloyd Austins, Buttigiegs, and Myorkas will NOT be invited to the party. They will be kicked to the curb.   The new world RESET is about the elimination of the weak.   And the puppet show in the White House have identified themselves as weak, incompetent, greedy, and brazenly rageful goons.  


Communist Ideology: Stalin’s Great Purge = Schwab’s Great RESET

In 1953, Harvard was called The Kremlin on the Charles.   McCarthy was large and in charge in his bid to rid the US of its Communists.   But it wasn’t just Harvard, Cambridge, Yale and nearly all-elite schools were being indoctrinated into communism by the faculty and their Presidents.   Instead of aiding in whittling out the Reds, Harvard chose to elect a new President, Nathan Pusey, who had an acrimonious relationship with McCarthy.  

While fearing the Communists, academics felt that government interference to weed out the subversives was a lethal weapon.   So the Communists were protected.   And flourished.   Today these elite schools no longer pretend they are anything but Marxist Communist institutions.   The ideology that Harvard and it’s ilk proffer is;  Marxism is good because Capitalism is bad.

In 1935, Joseph Stalin announced that he would allow Communists around the globe to ally with liberals and non-communist leftists in an anti-fascist coalition.    It became the Communists vs the Fascists.   Mussolini came to power.   Hitler came to power.   Disillusioned with Capitalism following the hardships of the Depression, communism was considered the lesser of two evils.

These developments swelled the membership of the US Communist Party from some 7,500 at the start of the decade to an estimated 55,000 by its end. It was also during this same time period, 1930 – 1953, that Stalin was executing millions of citizens.   The Great Purge was Stalin’s means of eliminating anyone whose views were contrary to his.   Those he didn’t execute were sent to the Gulag labor camps – and starved.

This concept of a Great Purge is now being called The Great RESET.

One of these Communists was Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground.   It is believed he is the ghost author of Obama’s books. Others came to the US to escape the Soviet Union communism, others came from Germany to escape Hitler.   They became the ‘unionists’, the liberal Jews, many became writers and journalists, others went to Hollywood. There was also a spattering of black communists who were actively proclaiming their denouncement of white supremacy.

One such black man accused by the FBI was Martin Luther King, Jr.   In a letter, King wrote to Coretta Scott, he stated,   “I am much more socialistic in my economic theory than capitalistic, capitalism has outlived its usefulness.”

Many of those who support Communism do so because they believe capitalism is wholly responsible for the wealth disparity.   Citing capitalism as materialism, taking necessities from the commoners in order to give luxuries to the elite is the strategy.

But what is Communism?   Is it purging those who are deemed dissenters?   Is it simplistic power central to One?   Oxford Dictionary defines communism as:   “a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.”

This would be the exact wording proffered by AOC, Schumer, Pelosi, Schulz, every member of the very Liberal Party today. The kicker?   What is the definition of ‘needs’?   At it’s most basic level, ‘needs would include; food, water and shelter.   Cambridge defines needs as those things your must have for a satisfactory life.   The kicker? What is ‘satisfactory’.

In the world of Hollywooders, Politicians, and CEO’s – satisfactory would include planes, trains, yachts, horses, farms, mansions, cars, etc…

The other twisty in the Communist Manifesto is ‘abilities’.   In a communist world would an NFL player’s abilities qualify for his multi-million dollar ‘needs’?   Bill Ayers, a communist, has a net worth between $5 million and $9 million.   Is that the base point for every commoner?     Angela Davis?   Her net worth is estimated to be between $8 million and $250 million – give or take….   Maybe that’s the base point everyone’s ability and needs should be based on – $$$$$$$$$millions.

What luxuries has Davis consumed while depriving the masses of needs?

As far as I can tell there are zero countries in the world that follow a purely capitalist ideology.   Yet the disparity of income grows ever larger under this hybrid mechanism that is part Capitalist, part Marxist, and part Communist.   Eliminating the capitalist portion of the equation will NOT create utopia.   But it just might hasten the Second Great Purge of 7 billion in order to leave earth to the likes of John Kerry’s capitalist fortune . The same liberal, communist John Kerry who announced that he is one of the few chosen select human beings achieving extraterrestrial good for all us minion earthlings…

The Pentagon is Run By Michael Bloomberg thru Defense Innovation Board

In March 2016, well before the presidential election, an interesting agency was created with little media input or fanfare: The Defense Innovation Board.   Its purpose is to merge Silicon Valley with the US Military. Its newly elected Board Chair as of June 2022 is – 80 year old Michael Bloomberg.   What Bloomberg doesn’t have is experience in defense or AI.   Which leaves one to wonder why he would be advising our Military.

Other Board Members Include:

  1. Mac Thornberry – a republican politician along the lines of hawkish McCain, Thornberry is an advisor at RAND.
  2. Mike Mullen – a retired admiral who serves as consultant and partner at C5 Capital, a cybersecurity investment vehicle, based in DC and London.
  3. Will Roper – a Rhodes scholar who studied at Oxford where he got his doctoral in mathematics – and worked as assistant secretary in defense within acquisitions and technology. He is an advisor at McKinsey & Co.
  4. Sue Gordon – former CIA
  5. Gilda Barabino – biomedical engineer
  6. Reid Hoffman – board member of Microsoft and chairman of LinkedIn
  7. Ryan Swann – data analytics director at Vanguard.

Reading the bios it becomes clear that the intent of the Defense Innovation Board is to militarize AI. It also becomes clear that the Pentagon will likely act upon orders/advice outside of the government, and as we suspected, Lloyd Austin is a shill.

According to RAND, China and Russia need to be economically destroyed, and right wing extremists on social media are neo-Nazi’s that should be silenced.   Including such sites as Gab.  RAND supported a Commission to investigate the January 6th ‘takeover of the US Capitol’.   Citing terrorism, insurrection, violence, and conspirators – RAND used the widely discredited Warren Commission as an example of expert government exceptionalism.

RAND has vehemently stated that the US election was without a doubt a fair and truthful election.  And anyone who disagrees is an extremist.  It advocates for extremists to be deprogrammed because right wing propaganda and conspiracies have altered their brains…

Oddly, the Defense Innovation Board hasn’t made a “recommendation’ since 2020. In addition, no meetings were conducted by the Board since mid 2020 – until today.   The meeting today is ‘closed to the public’.   It’s data sheet claims it is about National Defense, ie, I would interpret that to be Russia and China and US extremists.

China, to determine if the US is going to threaten a military takeover of Taiwan and provoke China into the a pronounced global battle. And Russia, to determine how further draining to our military inventory can be successfully accomplished laying us as sheep in a wolves den.

It is not clear if Lloyd Austin will attend or if he is too busy in Biden’s basement.   But we can effectively conclude that this group intends to ‘own’ the Pentagon.   And Michael Bloomberg is no different than Hillary in his whine, “I coulda been King!”

The efforts to create coups in China, Russia and Iran could also be on the table for the agenda.   The EU has declared they are NOT representing the will of the people when arming Ukraine.   In fact, they argue that People don’t have the wherewithal knowledge to make decisions about war and Nazi allies.  And unelected EU Commission members run Europe  according to their tzar, Schwab.    Just as the Defense Advisory Board’s existence makes the point that our Pentagon is incapable of making ‘correct decisions’.

Making matters even more complicated in the incitement of WWIII, Israel’s President has announced that they will begin supporting the Ukrainian Nazi’s empowered within the Ukraine military.   And fight alongside men whose ideology is genocide.

Next week, Israel’s president, Herzog, will be meeting with “Biden” and ‘a range of interagency officials’ – one week before Israel’s new election.   Polls claim Netanyahu’s Likud Bloc will take 60 seats.   But the likely main objective of the meetings is to determine if Israel can take out Iran and thus deprive Russia of missiles and drones.

Russia’s former President Medvedev has warned that Israel’s inclusion in the western bloc’s empowerment of Ukraine will have consequences = without elaborating.   An interesting mess given the UN has actually reprimanded Israel multiple times for its continued war with the Palestinians.   Including as recent as August 2022 wherein the UN called on ALL EU member states to condemn Israel.

All at the backdrop of riots in Iran stoked mainly by the US Agencies NED and CSIS. For one purpose – coup.   Reminiscent of Hong Kong and of Ukraine.   Peaceful protesting turned violent is the incitement factor employed in all revolutions.   We saw it across the US, we saw it in Chile and in Venezuela. Always the same attempt – not always the same outcome.

But we can be assured of one thing – Communism is the end goal whether it is Fabian communism, Marxist communism or Lenin communism. Taking control of our military via radical hawks bent on the RESET is a common denominator.

World Economic Forum DAVOS MANIFESTO – Unraveled…

DAVOS MANIFESTO – 2019:   Three models to choose from;  1)  The first is “shareholder capitalism,” embraced by most Western corporations, which holds that a corporation’s primary goal should be to maximize its profits. 2)   The second model is “state capitalism,” which entrusts the government with setting the direction of the economy.   3)   Third is “stakeholder capitalism,” a model which positions private corporations as trustees of society, per WEF (is clearly the best response to today’s social and environmental challenges).

In order to institute the WEF full transition, citizens must become so disillusioned with their government’s corruption, fraud and heavy hand that they welcome an ‘alternative’ – a HERO.   The corporate savior will thus step into position.

As Planned.

The Davos Manifesto, written via dictation by Klaus Schwab, outlines how businesses must adhere to a set of rules of order as a precedent for admission of the fourth industrial revolution.   Manifesto – “a shared commitment to policies and decisions that strengthen the long-term prosperity of a company.”

You might notice that the ‘prosperity of a company’ is basically shareholder capitalism and has little to do with society and its ‘stakeholders’.   And then there is this tidbit;  “Executive remuneration should reflect stakeholder responsibility.”   Given executives are now thus tasked with running cities, states and countries – that responsibility would be considered quite vast – and the ‘reflection’ of wage determination could be quite higher than is already remunerated as it will encompass governing a sector of society.

Today Davos is in the midst of their 2022 meeting in which Ukraine, Climate and Energy Security and Fairer Economies are the forefront topics.   The supply chain crisis will be hailed as a great success as will the clean oceans wherein the WEF will take all credit.

Fairer Economies is the most relevant topic for the US given a contrived RESET of our economy is in the midst of a recession pushing closer to a depression.   The Reason?   To make America on par with economies in Africa and South America.   Thus ‘fairer’.  Once the US is on par with Africa, an ‘equitable reboot’ for global citizens will supposedly be configured by the Executives of the stakeholder companies.

Voting on the passage of the World Health Organization being the head-honcho of rules, order and mandates is on the table.   The use of Gate’s algorithm derived CoVid deaths will be compared by country in order to show the inequality of governmental initiatives.   China, having artificially shown to have a total of some 6,000 deaths will be used as a positive example compared to the US 600,000.  Thus the more restrictive mandates of China will be pushed as a great success.

China will become the beacon.   The US will be the ‘failure’ model without interpreting the numbers to the 6% factor as ‘from’ vs ‘with’ CoVid.   However, given the pushback is still quite largess, it may be it is a trial and implementation won’t take effect until December 2023.

In 2021, Nuclear Threat Initiative released a Design scenario of the next pandemic – Monkeypox.   Three stages were stipulated with the first being the discovery of global cases as of May 15, 2022.   RIGHT ON TARGET!

Stage 2 is designed for January 2023.  At this point 83 countries will report outbreaks.   They will ‘count’ 73 million cases with 1.5 million deaths – 2% rate of death.   Nations will still implement their own measures against the disease amid severe supply chain shortages.

Stage 3 deaths and cases will mount significantly;   27 million deaths among 430 million cases – 6% death rate surpassing CoVid.   Science experts will find that a civilian biosafety lab has been infiltrated by a terrorist group and this terrorist Group is to blame for the release.  Russia likely.

Stage 4 will count 3.2 billion cases with 271 million deaths counted – 8.5% death rate.   At this point WHO will become the global Pandemic Tzar given the media, aka Bill Gates, will note great differences in how various nations mediate this disease.

  1. Monkeypox is a rare disease that saw exactly 450 cases in Africa between 2017 and present.   It necessitates a warm/humid climate to thrive.
  2. Monkeypox has a number of close cousins including herpes and ‘Shingles’.   In fact, the pictures presented as Monkeypox for the public today were either dated from 1970 – or they were pilfered from sites showing – images of Shingles.
  3. Numerical stats, like CoVid, flu, measles, and every other disease, are wholly contrived via an algorithm and do NOT represent an actuality.  However the death rate is estimated at 1%.
  4. There is currently no available demographic data on the ‘persons’ infected today according to the CDC – the only commonality is these persons ‘engage in sexual activity’.   Prior to the Gates/NTI pronouncement, there have been only 8 cases that have crossed from Africa into other countries.

Everyone at this point will be screaming for a ‘savior’, and the WHO along with Stakeholder companies will emerge to interject 100% control.   Governments will be caved.   Congress will disappear.   No elections will be held in 2024.   And the New Pyramid will RISE!

UKRAINE Photoshop Propaganda Winning in South America

The ‘professional’ photo ops coming out of Ukraine have become a Hollywood movie set replete with clean, new clothes, a slight shade off in the photoshop coloring of the people vs the backdrop, and horrendously conspicuous inconsistencies.   The latest is a bunch of men wearing the same face mask, beanies, and spotless ‘ski-suits’ brutally shoving bodies into a grave.   The photo montage then reverts to same grave, same date and time but different men all wearing black outfits looking inside a mass grave… Then there is a shot of a makeshift morgue with a man in a brand new silk suit, arms folded delicately across him with a body bag waiting for his disposal.

But the piece de resistance is a picture of a man sitting maskless on top of a truck full of dead bodies in body bags… Of course, that’s what everyone would do – sit on a pile of dead bodies with one’s feet propped up on another dead body…  for a photo shoot.

Good ole AP – leave it to the professional Hollywood miscreants to create morbidity.  Oh right – Horror Movies!

I decided to lookup photoshop techniques and it was quite enlightening.   One of the most common errors is ‘lighting’.   People in the foreground are sharp, the color brilliant – and the chaos behind them is dull, fuzzy, and disregarded by the inserted people who take no notice of their surroundings.

I started looking at Syria again, Serbia, and other wars photoshopped by the pro’s.   And soon, even the faces reveal the fakery.   You can discern people smiling and even laughing in the midst of chaos…

One of the more hilarious videos emerging from Ukraine was a newsman front and center agonizing over the dead bodies covered with black tarps behind him – only to have one of the dead begin moving – taking the tarp off, flailing his arms only to have an assistant quickly replace the tarp over him.   And the clip was still – AIRED as though nothing had happened!


The Newest Darling Mariopul picture fits all of the above disqualifications – including the fact that the pregnant woman on the board has to be carried by six men and they are the ONLY ones fleeing the bombed hospital.   But wait.   They are heading ‘towards’ the hospital – not away.  Oh and her occupation is listed as blogger with a shot of her ‘presenting a boob shot’… looking for attention.

The Western dystopia of disinformation and fake news is overwhelming.   Fake videos. Fake pictures.  There are theories that the fakery is now so multiplied that should we learn the Full Truth we would go mad.

The Bioweapon labs have now been renamed/coined by the US to be ‘CoVid Clinics’.   For humanity.   I’m sure someone will come up with some Ukrainian Covid Nurses crying about how fabulous and heroic ‘their clinic was’ in the face of Death!  Despite Victoria Nuland’s statement under oath to the contrary = BIOWEAPON LABS.   And still, our paid for very legalistic diligent UN has concurred – The Documents of anthrax and plague and TB and migrant birds – neeah.   Just a Clinic.

END of Hunter Biden/President Biden’s alliance with the Ukraine “Labs”.   The Cleaners are now back at their desks. hm-mm.

European citizen voices are completely quashed as all rhetoric is espoused by politicians eager to giggle and cackle and demonize the grand Pubah Putin.   Just in time for Zelensky to photoshop himself into a hazy backdrop of Ukraine while looking like he’s in Florida.   His statement?   Russia will find her citizens looking for a humanitarian corridor very soon.

A threat.

And not a threat to take lightly.   If in fact NATO, the West and the desk-idiots decide to send a few missiles and bombs into Russia they will be countered by a frenzy of retaliation throughout ALL of Europe.   Putin has NO intention of backing down.   He was simply PUSHED too far, too often.

And we all understand how that plays out. The only understanding can thus be – it is what the Mafia/Cabal want – to see Europe in rubble.   And somehow each country aligned with this RESET Cabalist designation is willing to sacrifice their country and populace for this achievement.

JUST AMAZING – The mentality.

Today, Chile’s first anarchist/communist/green President was sworn in as he announced the creation of a New Constitution built on a plagiarized version of the World Economic Forum.   In 2014, the voting process in Chile changed dramatically;   everyone is registered to vote, but voting is voluntary.   Ballots are pre-printed for every registered voter.   AHHHHH!    Meaning all those ballots that are not filled in – can be….by whomever.

Since 2012, Chile has documented that the previous voter turnout for decades at 85%, suddenly bottomed out at 45% whereas the registered voters skyrocketed to 103%.   Isn’t That Odd?   It would be in the real world…

In the meantime, Biden has called on Columbia to be our new ally against Russia.   They agreed.   How much did that cost?   COLUMBIA: Capital of the drug cartel mafia, home to a poverty rate of 28% and GDP per capita level of $6400, a country built on African slaves.

In 2021, Soros played a pivotal role in the chaos that engulfed Columbia with riots, guerrilla warfare, violent demonstrations, and murders.

“President Iván Duque is clearly linked to tycoon Soros since he obtained a scholarship from the National Democratic Institute, an organization funded by the speculator, about 20 years ago.

Subsequently, he publicly exalted Soros’ postulates and his model of society. Then, together with Felipe Buitrago, he published “Orange Economy”, written with economic concepts that the consultant promoted in a seminar in Salzburg sponsored by Soros.

Likewise, it is rumored that his vice president, Martha Lucía Ramírez, has also benefited from juicy contracts with Soros’ NGOs.

Among other politicians, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lopez, who holds the second-highest office in the country, has also been visited by Alejandro Soros, the son and apparent successor of his billionaire father, who also visited prominent politician Sergio Fajardo.

Another politician who is part of Soros’ circle is former President Juan Manuel Santos, who is on the board of directors of one of Soros’ New York-based organizations.

To further darken the uncertain future of Colombia, which already seems to be in the hands of the globalists, Duque is strengthening his relations with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with the complacent eyes of the Democratic Center party, home of former President Álvaro Uribe, who sponsored Duque’s rise to power.” ~ The BL

Communist countries are NOW aligned as Western Allies.   Capitalist countries – are NOT. This is the RESET.


FYI:   Klaus at the World Economic Forum has completely severed any previous, current or future ties with Russia – deleting any reference, picture, award or congratulation of them from all past-present websites and platforms just like a classic junior high school Beeatch might do…  How incredibly immaturely moronic.

SO is that why you left Columbia Schwartmeyer – because you had sowed the necessary seeds?

Elon Musk – The Awakening Of A PowerHouse

Off the Fence, Elon Musk is on a roll!   Having attempted to be neutral and listening to all sides, it would seem he has fully awakened!   And we are joyous at this revelation!   A potentially very powerful man who has used his time to try and advance technological fields relevant to our future, Musk has apparently disrupted the Cabalist ‘balance’.   We need 1000 Musk’s.

The height of the recent feud would seem to come on the heels of Biden touring GM and Ford factories while promoting their product line. Essentially becoming an ‘ad’. while ignoring Tesla. Why? It is simply a political response and in this Biden becomes even less relevant to reality. Ignoring Tesla and its massive frontiering in the realm of electric vehicles is akin to requiring the next Supreme Court Justice to be black and female.

It ignores the quality – and supports racism.  

Personally, I would never buy a fully electric vehicle given our grid is less than prepared and more likely to fizzle at any given point.   But still, I admire a man, a person, who forges new ideas and innovations unperturbed.   They are the backbone of America!

While attempting to stand outside the fence of politics, Musk has forged an interesting path into future technology and innovation, including his brain implant for those who can’t walk, to his space travels beyond NASA, to his AI.   He is a forage of innovation!

While I was not so endowed, I can appreciate the internal realization process of ‘wokeness’.   Although in my generation we called these ‘awakenings’.   To realize the actuality behind the illusions presented.

I think he will do well.   I am very encouraged.

By contrast, while Zuckerberg was being scorched by the Cabalist Regime and threatened with takeover, his response was to hype their dictum.   Dorsey, was equally lame in caving only to find himself ‘outed’.   Bezos, even Gates lost control of their own companies to the hype of the Cabal.

Obviously, they wanted Musk – given his vast wealth.   And he has not caved.   Reminiscent of Braveheart and the cry for FREEDOM!

Top three of my favorite movies.

While Tesla shares were a top portfolio holding for all the largest Hedge Funds – as well as Pelosi – it will be interesting to see how this parlays.   Because we all know that the manipulation of our markets is old news – and anyone who bucks is soon hobbled.

While Musk has claimed that his AI robotics will far surpass Tesla in market futures, the cabalists are really not interested in our future so much as our demise.   They support the ugly, the demons, the failure, and the chaos that provides them control.

Musk is fresh!   I only can hope that he remains so.  I very much enjoy his perspective.

As a mother, I commend his mother.   She obviously gave him some principled advice.   We stray, we wander, the Prodigal Sons of life, and we come back.   This judgment down to detail of some perceived infraction 20-30 years ago has lost its luster – that EverReady Battery died.

While the Religious Zealots of the world may not ‘approve’ of Musk given he hasn’t led the perfectionist lifestyle they presuppose is the most important requisite to a leader, as in the John Pipers who couldn’t get past Trump’s marriages, their denunciation has become a largess bane of the demise of America!

I would suggest our current situation is a DIRECT response to this PreEclampsia of religious arrogance.

We are NOT electing a leader for our country based on his religiosity.   That is about as absurd as Biden picking a Supreme Court replacement based on color and gender.

While I am sure, Musk would NOT pass the John Piper test, I am not sure John Piper would pass the Piper Test either.   And perhaps the religious arrogant need to resolve the idea that a leader MUST be equivalent to Jesus Christ.

Because as such – the John Piper ‘extremists’ effectively ushered in Marxism and the crushing demise of America in their arrogance of the perfect human being… SHAME.   

Russia Aggression Touted by The Rothschild Economist

The Economist ragamuffin is running a rampant campaign of stories under the Holy Title:   “Russia’s New Era of Repression”. Their source is Memorial International, a human rights organization based in Moscow with offices in Germany, Belgium, Italy, and France.  

In 2019 when debate ensued as to whether Russia should be allowed to remain in the Council of Europe and thus subject to European Court of Human Rights, Tanya Lokshina, the associate director for Human Rights Watch’s Europe and Central Asia Division, supported the inclusion stating, “Thousands of Russians whose rights are ignored at home call on the ECHR.”  The Logic:   If Russia is not subject to those laws and their directives, then Russia will apparently become ‘repressive’.    As is now espoused by the elite sources whose coups have fundamentally failed and failed and – failed…

Human Rights Watch is the Soros NGO.

After Russia initiated its purge of Rothchild and Soros influence in Russia, a number of ‘human rights’ organizations began to spring up throughout the country.   As a result, Russia instituted the foreign agent label to identify organizations that received foreign funding and engaged in political activity.

Another such ‘human rights’ organization operating in Russia is Agora International which receives funding from the National Endowment For Democracy, MacArthur Foundation and Soros Open Society.   One of their primary goals is to open Russia to more foreign NGO’s.

The Economist cites Gorbachev as their respected former Russian leader of choice given he was an iron clad communist/Marxist who ultimately resigned amidst a failed coup wherein members were ‘suicided’.   TO support his lifestyle post-presidency, Gorbachev ha given lectures, appeared in television commercials, written for the New York Times, and solicited political ‘friendships’ across the globe, including Ted Turner and Barack Obama.

Today Russia is accused of inciting and aiding the conflict between Belarus and Poland based on pinky swear media hype.   Simultaneously, Ukraine has flared up once again making the claim that 90,000 Russian troops are ‘not far’  from their border ready to initiate war.    Ukraine has consistently attempted to become a part of the EU to no avail due to their abhorrent human rights violations, their parliamentary brawls, their coups, their alliance with coups, and their desire to sellout.

A week ago, CNN reported, “CIA Director Bill Burns took a “rare trip” to Moscow last week “to warn the Kremlin that the US is watching its buildup of troops near Ukraine’s border closely, and to attempt to determine what is motivating Russia’s actions…” Citing multiple sources – unnamed.

Well gosh darn CIA Burns, I think this little lady here has figured it out…

Bill Burns is either a con man or an idiot – likely both. US warships have been conducting ‘drills’ in the Black Sea next to Russia for over 2 months, NATO troops have been conducting ‘exercises’ along the Ukraine/Russia border for months, and now US GOP war-mongers are calling for action to counter Russia’s aggression – as in war!!

The NATO setup is being labeled a Blitzkreig. The term, blitzkrieg, was coined in WWII by the Germans wherein a surprise attack using rapid and overwhelming force was used to unbalance the opponent and result in full defeat.

The provocateurs in this instance would be blinkin’ Blinken, Bill Hillary Burns, NED and NATO.

Bill Burns was Hillary’s deputy. He has spent his entire life as a politician. He has little credits to support his career other than he assisted with the Iran Nuclear Deal.    Wunder Bahr!  Burns wrote a book published in 2019, The Back Channel: A Memoir of American Diplomacy and the Case for Its Renewal, which was reviewed by:    John Kerry, Hillary, James Baker, George Schultz, Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, and Condoleezza Rice… Ever hear of it?   Neither have I.   Obviously the Brethren have.   But then Random House has been portrayed as laundering money through their list of political memoirs that no one buys.

Burns net worth is estimated to be between $6.65 million and $16 million – give or take… His largest asset would be Cross Country Healthcare, wherein he owns 253,976 shares.   How he came to accumulate such wealth is of course – a big HUH…

Now GOP senators are calling on Biden to send ‘lethal weapons’ to Ukraine to protect against Russian aggression.   And in an interview with Tucker Carlson, the primary instigator of the letter to Biden, Mike Turner, argues that Ukraine is a democracy… and “Russia is an Authoritarian Regime – Russia isn’t showing up on the border with ballot boxes, Russia is showing up with tanks!”

Well Jiminy Crickets!   That’s like saying Indiana Jones should show up to a gunfight with a pen instead of a gun!   Is this guy for real?

Obviously, Mike Turner and his echelon are Rhino’s.   And the ONLY predators of adult rhinoceros in the wild are – human hunters.

An alliance with Ukraine is business – particularly soil.   Black Soil. The most perfect soil in the world – and only one other country in the world has this rich resource – Russia.   Jiminy Cricket!

Owning Russia is not just political, it is resource driven.   Having major swathes of inhospitable land, that may be juxtaposed by the Climate Change vortex, Russia has remained staunch.   But it isn’t just the soil, Lake Baikal – the world’s largest, deepest, fresh water sources in the world containing 20% of the WORLD’s supply… is at stake for the greed and  evolution of elite ancestry…

Not a small design!

BRAZIL COVID19: Bolsonaro Facing Tribunal Charging Murder

The Death Growth Rate in Brazil has been steadily growing since 2008… with a peak in 2019 – before CoVid.   But a handful of protestors are accusing President Bolsonaro of manslaughter worthy of a tribunal. The protests and a damning report were both incited/created by his upcoming adversary for the October 2022 election. The 1100+ page report that no one will read details the 600,000 needless deaths by CoVid that were suffered by Brazil’s populace all at the hands of – Bolsonaro.   But who counted the deaths and cases?   HINT:   Not Brazil…

Caveat: Because case counts, testing and stats are not available from Brazil, WHO created an algorithm based on ‘observed trends’ while adding a ‘correction factor’ to guesstimate all numbers. And – VIOLA!

Even the population demographics are an unknown.   As such the UN is the self appointed determining organization making up numbers like candy in a candy store when pronouncing factoids of illusion.

As the economy of the communist/socialist country of Venezuela devolved into humans eating their pets, over 4 million migrated to neighboring countries, including Brazil.   In addition, as of 2004 it is estimated the over 60 population of Brazil represented 9.7% of the population.   By 2030, that number is estimated to reach over 20% of the total populace with the potential to grow to 33% by 2050.   That equates to a higher causal factor of death, which would account for the increase in death rates since 2008!    At least in a world above Alice’s Wonderland.

Like Europe.   Like the US.  

Immigration brings with it, disease, disease spreads, death rate increases.   But even that logic is a failed dissemination.   In fact Bazil’s death rate is far below that of Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, France, UK, etc…   Which begs the question … are the numbers at fault or the algorithm?   Are the numbers skewed or the algorithm?   Is up really down?

I wonder how long it took Bolsonaro’s opponent to create the 1180 page document reminiscent of Obama’s Healthcare for all?   I wonder if the Steele Dossier authors offered their vast expertise?

Reviewing the stats for China’s well of factual idiocy, their death rate began to increase in 2004, spiking again in 2019 – before CoVid and then falling in 2020 and 2021.   How is that possible if CoVid was the death surplus Pandemic?

PSST!   A is not communicating with B – and thus the numbers need to be rearranged quickly before anyone actually – notices…

Of course the Brazilian numbers are all reported by the Guardian which bills itself as the MOST Liberal Media in the WORLD.   How artfully … pompastically verbosely dastardly stupid.     Aka – idiotic.

Human Rights Watch, the wholly owned puppeteer of the Soros legacy and the equivalent of The Southern Poverty Law Center has hailed Bolsonaro as ‘threatening democratic rule’.   Why?   Apparently Brazil is being ruled via a ‘Hostile Militarist Dictatorship’.  

Sound familiar? It should.   Because it is the same accusation spewed upon President Trump.   An old and boring idiom that brings yawns and rolled eyes.   Oh, shoot, I am so scared, ‘file my nails and turn a page’…   Old, tired, worn, and dementia riddled, the Cabal needs a revamping/

Poor Babies.

For some odd reason, the Cabalists can’t see to rejuvenate and instead play revamps of old movies with an assortment of new actors.   Oh WAIT. Yes, I am talking about business – not Hollywood.   And yet the Cabalists and Hollywood seem so intertwined today, it is difficult to separate the values.

What is certain – if the media claims someone is evil – they are likely a hero – and vice versa.   Obviously the Cabalists have yet to bring Brazil into their divine trenches of destruction amidst communist totalitarian rule.   Using the quackery theory employed by the Rockefellers to eliminate ‘alternative medicine’, in the 1930’s, the playbook pages must be rather yellowed and frayed.

The alleged charges against President Bolsonaro are impossible to uphold because they are not provable.   Making a legal claim based on an algorithm created and determined by an outside entity is not evidence.   A Guesstimate is not a factual determination any more than a Ouija Board would be.  In order to ‘prove’ the number of CoVid deaths the Senate would need to show each death certificate and medical record ascertaining ‘cause’.   Then the Senate Panel would need to show the deaths could have been prevented by the President personally.   Then they would need to show that the death rate far exceeded the natural climb that had already begun in 2008 due to an aging population.

But then the entire Drama is all for show!   I wonder what voting machines they use in Brazil…