World Economic Forum DAVOS MANIFESTO – Unraveled…

DAVOS MANIFESTO – 2019:   Three models to choose from;  1)  The first is “shareholder capitalism,” embraced by most Western corporations, which holds that a corporation’s primary goal should be to maximize its profits. 2)   The second model is “state capitalism,” which entrusts the government with setting the direction of the economy.   3)   Third is “stakeholder capitalism,” a model which positions private corporations as trustees of society, per WEF (is clearly the best response to today’s social and environmental challenges).

In order to institute the WEF full transition, citizens must become so disillusioned with their government’s corruption, fraud and heavy hand that they welcome an ‘alternative’ – a HERO.   The corporate savior will thus step into position.

As Planned.

The Davos Manifesto, written via dictation by Klaus Schwab, outlines how businesses must adhere to a set of rules of order as a precedent for admission of the fourth industrial revolution.   Manifesto – “a shared commitment to policies and decisions that strengthen the long-term prosperity of a company.”

You might notice that the ‘prosperity of a company’ is basically shareholder capitalism and has little to do with society and its ‘stakeholders’.   And then there is this tidbit;  “Executive remuneration should reflect stakeholder responsibility.”   Given executives are now thus tasked with running cities, states and countries – that responsibility would be considered quite vast – and the ‘reflection’ of wage determination could be quite higher than is already remunerated as it will encompass governing a sector of society.

Today Davos is in the midst of their 2022 meeting in which Ukraine, Climate and Energy Security and Fairer Economies are the forefront topics.   The supply chain crisis will be hailed as a great success as will the clean oceans wherein the WEF will take all credit.

Fairer Economies is the most relevant topic for the US given a contrived RESET of our economy is in the midst of a recession pushing closer to a depression.   The Reason?   To make America on par with economies in Africa and South America.   Thus ‘fairer’.  Once the US is on par with Africa, an ‘equitable reboot’ for global citizens will supposedly be configured by the Executives of the stakeholder companies.

Voting on the passage of the World Health Organization being the head-honcho of rules, order and mandates is on the table.   The use of Gate’s algorithm derived CoVid deaths will be compared by country in order to show the inequality of governmental initiatives.   China, having artificially shown to have a total of some 6,000 deaths will be used as a positive example compared to the US 600,000.  Thus the more restrictive mandates of China will be pushed as a great success.

China will become the beacon.   The US will be the ‘failure’ model without interpreting the numbers to the 6% factor as ‘from’ vs ‘with’ CoVid.   However, given the pushback is still quite largess, it may be it is a trial and implementation won’t take effect until December 2023.

In 2021, Nuclear Threat Initiative released a Design scenario of the next pandemic – Monkeypox.   Three stages were stipulated with the first being the discovery of global cases as of May 15, 2022.   RIGHT ON TARGET!

Stage 2 is designed for January 2023.  At this point 83 countries will report outbreaks.   They will ‘count’ 73 million cases with 1.5 million deaths – 2% rate of death.   Nations will still implement their own measures against the disease amid severe supply chain shortages.

Stage 3 deaths and cases will mount significantly;   27 million deaths among 430 million cases – 6% death rate surpassing CoVid.   Science experts will find that a civilian biosafety lab has been infiltrated by a terrorist group and this terrorist Group is to blame for the release.  Russia likely.

Stage 4 will count 3.2 billion cases with 271 million deaths counted – 8.5% death rate.   At this point WHO will become the global Pandemic Tzar given the media, aka Bill Gates, will note great differences in how various nations mediate this disease.

  1. Monkeypox is a rare disease that saw exactly 450 cases in Africa between 2017 and present.   It necessitates a warm/humid climate to thrive.
  2. Monkeypox has a number of close cousins including herpes and ‘Shingles’.   In fact, the pictures presented as Monkeypox for the public today were either dated from 1970 – or they were pilfered from sites showing – images of Shingles.
  3. Numerical stats, like CoVid, flu, measles, and every other disease, are wholly contrived via an algorithm and do NOT represent an actuality.  However the death rate is estimated at 1%.
  4. There is currently no available demographic data on the ‘persons’ infected today according to the CDC – the only commonality is these persons ‘engage in sexual activity’.   Prior to the Gates/NTI pronouncement, there have been only 8 cases that have crossed from Africa into other countries.

Everyone at this point will be screaming for a ‘savior’, and the WHO along with Stakeholder companies will emerge to interject 100% control.   Governments will be caved.   Congress will disappear.   No elections will be held in 2024.   And the New Pyramid will RISE!

9 thoughts on “World Economic Forum DAVOS MANIFESTO – Unraveled…

  1. On target!

    American traitors at Davos: (from zerohedge)

    Gina Raimondo Secretary of Commerce of USA, USA

    ***** John F. Kerry Special Presidential Envoy for Climate of the United States of America *****

    Bill Keating Congressman from Massachusetts (D)

    Daniel Meuser Congressman from Pennsylvania (R)

    Madeleine Dean Congresswoman from Pennsylvania (D

    Ted Lieu Congressman from California (D)

    Ann Wagner Congresswoman from Missouri (R)

    Christopher A. Coons Senator from Delaware (D)

    Darrell Issa Congressman from California (R)

    Dean Phillips Congressman from Minnesota (D)

    Debra Fischer Senator from Nebraska (R)

    Eric Holcomb Governor of Indiana (R)

    Gregory W. Meeks Congressman from New York (D)

    John W. Hickenlooper Senator from Colorado (D)

    Larry Hogan Governor of Maryland (R)

    Michael McCaul Congressman from Texas (R)

    Pat Toomey Senator from Pennsylvania (R)

    Patrick J. Leahy Senator from Vermont (D)

    Robert Menendez Senator from New Jersey (D)

    Roger F. Wicker Senator from Mississippi (R)

    Seth Moulton Congressman from Massachusetts (D)

    Sheldon Whitehouse Senator from Rhode Island (D)

    Ted Deutch Congressman from Florida (D)

    Francis Suarez Mayor of Miami (R)

    Al Gore Vice-President of the United States (1993-2001) (D)

    Everyone of these suckers should be tried and hung for treason. But won’t happen. The elections are such a scam they’ll likely be re selected.

    The fake SARS 2 COV virus is not killing anyone,,, the injections are. Who ever took these injections are in for a shortened lifespan and a lot of pain before its all said and done.

    Yes, Monkey Pox is next and as you mention they’ll throw in horrid pictures of shingles which looks almost the same. American lemmings will be screaming in terror and demanding masks and the smallpox vaxx which will kill even more!

    Your timeline seems about right. The death rate will be much, much higher. Deagle expects the US population alone to be at 100 million by 2025/26. A 70% drop.

    The WHO will have passed their amendments to gain totalitarian control of governments and Internet.

    Can you imagine the chaos!

    • IF we go to stakeholder capitalism – Congress will no longer exist – in which case it is more important to note which corporation heads are attending DAVOS

  2. AMEN timmer121 and Alex.
    sorry MaryLou, the election process is broken – it is all meaningless and rigged. We cant ‘vote’ our way out of this.

  3. looks like the assholes to be are going to use the monkeypox to throw a wrench into the 2022 mid-terms.more hype and bullshit to keep the sheeple agitatated!i’m getting tired of their shit already,i wish they’d throw the first punch and get on with the civil war,it’s either that or a slow death by this one cut hate for these people is like a glowing hot coal.

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