The CHINA CONUNDRUM; What The Heck Is Going ON?

THE CHINA CONUNDRUM… What The Heck is Going On?

The company, Microvast claims that it is involved in raising money for a polyaramid separator facility located in Nevada.   Their YTD 2022 performance is less than stellar with a net LOSS of $124.5 million – which they praise as better than last year which resulted in a net loss of $159.8 million!

The Grant money is part of the boondoggle “Inflation Reduction Act” which along with Jerome Powell of the Federal Reserve has done NOTHING.

The CEO Chair and Founder of Microvast is Yang Wu from China, and their Chief Technology Officer is Wenjuan Mattis from China. Of their seven Board Members, 4 are from China – assuring a majority vote; Yang Wu, Yanzhuan Zheng, Ying Wei, and Yeelong Balladon. The company claims to have six locations including 3 in the US, 1 in China, 1 in the UK, and 1 in Berlin.

Microvast’s Bond Payable seed fund is to Huzhou Saiyuan = based in China. While they have released ‘unaudited’ financial data, it fails to quantify their expenses…   As such Nasdaq is considering their delisting.  Yet somehow, this is the stellar Company Biden felt deserving of a GRANT.

Microvasts stock currently trades on Nasdaq at $1.77 per share, down from a high of $25.20 February 1, 2021.   Not exactly the cream of the crop – in fact it looks as though the company may take the grant and disappear!   Making the argument that this was possibly further CCP blackmail of the Biden administration.

In this same corrupt vein, Zelenskyy’s wife was recently in Paris helping hubby generate more charity toward “Ukraine” while having a fabulous time spending over 40,000euro in a buying spree for herself!   It is believed she managed to obtain $1.1 billion in additional aide – for Ukraine/Zelenskyy  assets.

It is unclear how she is able to travel freely while Kyiv is under bombardments… But then it is questionable whether Zelenskyy actually lives in Ukraine – and more likely he is a fixture of London where he owns multiple properties valued in the multi-millions.

Meanwhile, residents in Paris are told to tighten their belts, wear lots of layers, eggs are rationed, and deaths from lack of heat are expected to rise dramatically this winter after the EU’s refusal to use the Russian Gas Available…

Zelenskyy met with Macron, while Zelenskyy’s wife hob-nobbed on her buying spree with Brigitte, Macron’s wife, – giggling like 2Kamaltoes.   The Hob-nobs seem oblivious to reality – but what can one expect from degenerates?

HARDLY portraying the grieved President’s Wife as she valiantly fights for her country… Zelenskyy’s wife looks jubilant in her premium expenditures for herself and children to the tune of 40,000 euro.

But then, the fact that the US Pentagon has ascertained it has no viable means of tracking even $1 in aide or weapons… the scam is righteously obvious!

At what point will Soros extricate himself from this egocentric narcissist, Zelenskyy?  

Soros was handed Ukraine by Reagan in 1990- 1991.   According to Soros, he also owns Poland as well as many eastern countries that were formerly Russian.   Technically, Soros bought them via their governments, installing whomever he wished.   Now including the US.

Like the incompetent Biden controlled by Handlers who report to Soros, Zelenskyy’s entire agenda is based on money.   And Soros is more than willing to comply – using US and UK and EU based taxpayer funds.   In fact the entire WEF and basis of the Cabal is built on their profits and couplings using ‘Taxpayer Funding” – that’s what makes them giddy!

Backtrack. October 3, 2022, Microvast announces the launch of their new ‘energy division’.   Just in time for the Biden Handlers to pass the Inflation Reduction Act and immediately relinquish $200 million to a China based firm on the cusp of delisting disappearance foreclosure.

IS their ANY accountability for government spending? The new Budget is $1.6 TRILLION.   According to the Federal Treasury, so far, the US government has spent $6.27 TRILLION in 2022.   And they can offer NO AUDIT Trail of $1.  On estimated revenues of $4.9 Trillion.

According to USA FACTS, the governments spent $6.85 trillion. The estimated Revenue was $4.2 Trillion.

MEDIA:   The economy Is Stellar!

PUNDITS:   The economy is strong!

REALITY:   They are completely MANIPULATING THE NUMBERS! And we don’t have a freaking clue.

ADP vs Bureau of Labor – 60% discrepancy.   GDP?   Unemployment?   Contrived, Created, Composed, and Algorithmically fabricated.   NOT ONE statistic coming from our government has any basis in fact!   When the memes reveal that we are now only privy to 5% of the TRUTH – they may be ‘over-estimating’.

Why is our Biden China alliance now relegated to China failing?   While donating hundreds of millions for NOTHING?   The Topsy-Turvy Alice in Wonderland would conclude – 1.   China most certainly has blackmail on the Biden family,   2.   The US Political Parties are having a Massive Party that indulges in everything putrid,   3.   Taxpayers are funding every coup across the globe for at minimum 100 years.


Biden Incites Civil War – A Playbook Act of Hitler’s Reichstag Fire

The media blitz yesteryear:   Trump is a misogynist pig, a racist unhinged orange man bad.   The media blitz today:   Trump and ALL MAGA’S are fascist cult empty headed crazies following a fascist Dictator.   Democracy is at stake!

Flanked by the military, Biden’s WH Handlers are calling for the annihilation of half of America. Why? Because their FBI pranks failed!   Because nothing they have done can deter the fact that MAGA’s are not caving and instead are growing as Democrats flee their Fascist Party.  What these Handlers crave most is a Civil War.

They can’t change us, so they must eliminate us.   War is always the best means but creating a justification is the means of alignment.   Purging the military of any and all conservatives was Lloyd Austin’s job. Those he couldn’t purge, he levied deplorably unsanitary conditions upon – demoting them to the basement graveyards.

With midterms approaching, the Cabalists know that any election fiddling will create riots. Therefore it becomes necessary to label every MAGA a domestic terrorist subject to arrest, and prison without trial.   But, it is a defensive move – not offensive.   Having situated their entire election platform on hating MAGA, they hope to avoid the realities of the wrecked economy.

The Federal Reserve rate hikes have NEVER benefited the economy.   The move is designed to ramp up recession and perhaps depression models.   The 2008 recession cranked down the federal funds rate to zero!   The 2020 Pandemic recession cranked down the federal funds rate to zero.   In both instances, people saved the economy – NOT the Federal Reserve.

The debacle that was Ukraine has not panned as expected despite sanctions, propaganda, and boatloads of weapons.   The Cabalist strategies are an abject failure.   The news of Ukraine continues to die a slow miserable death and the expectation of a Western Bloc New World Order is diminishing.

The FBI’s exceptionally illegal Mar-a-Lago raid has also come to a screeching halt as evidence shows the doctoring and photoshopping involved in the classified document picture.   Any longer if you are an FBI agent either you are complicit in fraud and corruption, or you are ignorant and unworthy of being an agent.

As a result of this Gestapo image, FBI agents are quitting.   New recruits are slim, and like the Austin military ‘persuasion’ via monetary bonus carrots is backfiring.   A three year commitment is required for all new recruits.   But no one wants the honor of being labeled a Fascist.

Biden’s EO calling for an additional 87,000 IRS agents to operate as a shadow military with Quantico style training, is likely to fizzle as well.   Unless he anticipates filling those positions with Antifa.   However, most Antifa members are paid to riot by the Cabal – an actual job is hardly an enticing prospective.

Attention Diversion.   With the entire democrat party honed on Trump and MAGA bashing, candidates have little chance of making any gains in the elections. Leaving us to question, what is really happening?

The democrat party failures have served to heighten Trump’s gains, they are left with two alternatives this election:   1.   An assassination, or   2. A declaration of Martial Law. Military control could mean elections halted as ‘rebellions’ are used as the impetus.

Given the Hitler playbook, Martial Law would be the next Act.

Reichstag Fire: in 1933 the decree was used as the legal basis for the imprisonment of anyone considered to be opponents of the Nazis, and to suppress publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause. The decree is considered by historians as one of the key steps in the establishment of a one party Nazi state in Germany.

The Reichstag Fire erupted in what is Berlin’s Bundestag Capitol. No one to this day knows the cause, but Hitler used the event to claim it was Communists stoking fear of a civil war.   Within hours of the Fire, cities began pulling ‘communists’ off the streets and throwing them in jail.

The Weimar Constitution was immediately written and adopted giving the President the full power to do whatever he wanted to secure public safety. In addition, if German states were determined to be not in compliance, then the Constitution allowed the Reichstag to take over the states.

Civil liberties that were suspended included:   habeas corpus, inviolability of residence, freedom of speech and press, public assembly, free association, and protection of one’s property and home.   Any of these suspended liberties in violation of the Constitution were punished severely.   Including by death.

Anyone deemed to be aiding the Communists were also guilty. Within 3 weeks of the decree, Hitler extended full dictatorial oversight.

IF the US Capitol were to be firebombed – Biden Handlers would invoke Martial Law and MAGA’s would be rounded up immediately.  Which would bring us to Civil War.

GLOBAL Shortages – Supply Chain or Manipulation?

May 31, 2022, the White House passed a proclamation in which all imports of steel and iron are subject to a 25% tariff with the exception of Canada, Mexico and the UK.   The Proclamation considers imports a national security threat!   The US does NOT import steel from the UK.   However, the top five sources include:   China, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan and Brazil.   While Canada and Mexico account for 29% of imports and are immune from the tax, the remaining countries representing 71% of imports will likely fall off as a result of the hefty tariff!   A steel shortage is imminent!

The largest uses of steel include:   Buildings & infrastructure, mechanical equipment, automotive, metal products, transport, appliances, and electrical equipment.

Yet the Media cry foul for the tripled US steel price citing CoVid, demand and Supply Chains…   In fact, EVERY shortage is determined to be caused by Supply Chains and Covid… without exception.   Thus the White House decided to increase that shortage by 71%!

Democrat FDR issued the most Executive Orders Per Year of ANY president at 307 for a total of 3,751.   It was the frame wherein All Things Changed dramatically worse for US citizens.

While ‘blaming’ Russia for food shortages, the Biden Handlers issued an EO 14068 in which all fish and seafood and alcoholic beverages and diamonds imported from Russia were banned.   In addition, the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Commerce had full option to extend those bans to whatever they felt was necessary. That BAN would thus include – Wheat.

Russia isn’t blackmailing the US or EU by withholding wheat exports – the US and UK Governments have imposed a Ban – exasperating the current & future food shortages purposefully.   Just in time for drought conditions in the Midwest to reveal a failing crop season of – wheat due to be harvested this Autumn.

With the 2022 elections now 5 months away, democrats are slated to be reamed.   Their majority will dwindle dramatically and republicans are slated to take both the House & Senate.   Yet instead of addressing the actual issues driving economic failures in the US – the Democrats continue to focus on January 6th protestors and Trump!   In violation of Biden’s EO in which prisoners must NOT be tortured and persons must not be profiled – as in Trump supporters… But then the EO specifically describes black and brown people – a racist pronouncement which leaves white people NOT subject to the protection!

The EU is facing even greater significant shortages and price hikes while wheat, oil, natural gas, seafood, etc… are banned from Russia.   All while the media pronounces Russia is “Holding The World Hostage For Food Shortages”! While the Truth is our respective governments are the culprit.   The initiator.   The duplicitous Traitor.

To counter the wheat shortage, the US Commerce Department proposes building grain silo’s on Poland’s border to house the Ukraine wheat that is nonexistent.   Ukraine’s wheat output is down 42%.   That number is a Media estimate based on absolutely zero evidence or fact.   The likely number is that Ukraine’s wheat is flat. As in barely able to feed Ukrainian citizens.

All the while, the German Deutsche Welle Soros media laments the fact that Ukrainian refugees in Bulgarian hotels lining the pristine beaches, must now share the sun and sand with ‘tourists’ given this is a destination resort … Poor Ukrainians – they must now share… and be wept for as they delight in free living quarters, free food, and a beautiful serene resort locale.   Personally, I can’t afford a vacation.   Neither can most Americans as they try to make ends meet paycheck to paycheck as they work 60 hours a week… while funding mercenaries fighting in Ukraine. Russia claims there are upwards of 20,000 mercenaries in Ukraine.   The daily wage for a mercenary is roughly $2,000.   That would equate to a $4.2 billion bill – so far.

This is the platform enriched by the democrat electorate as we approach the 2022 election.   Nothing to mitigate inflation, the subsequent rise of massive unemployment, and the denouncement of Constitutional Rights.   Instead, our tax dollars are spent on massive price hikes, helping Ukrainians enjoy their summer beach fest, mercenaries so as to pretend we haven’t ignited WWIII, while promoting corrupt fascist committee agendas against US Citizen protestors.

The obvious question – what happens when conservatives control?   Will they be able to unravel the mayhem?   How many Rhino’s are onboard to destroy America?