Western Militaries Falling Apart as the Pentagon Proposes War With CHINA

Two Black Hawk helicopters down – 9 experienced trainees killed!   The military has no idea why.   No communications were revealed.   NO cause identified.   What are the odds?   Two months ago a Black Hawk went down in Tennessee. No explanation was ever given.   Two trainees killed.   No word from the Pentagon. No word from Lloyd Austin.  

Where is Austin? He’s testifying before Congress over the GOP ‘delay in promotions’ with Austin claiming that delaying promotions is a national security threat…   WTHECK?   There are currently 162 active duty 3 star generals including Rachel Levine in public health and 39 active duty 4 star generals.   One measly war – Ukraine.

Yesterday a Republican Congressman submit impeachment articles against Lloyd Austin for his actions in Afghanistan.   Thirteen active duty servicemen were shot and killed because Austin gave a stand down order when evacuating the country.   In addition, Austin did not account for the BILLIONS in equipment left behind for the Taliban.

Over 8400 troops left the military when Austin imposed the vax mandate. Thousands more have been left in limbo as they assert religious exemptions.   The military refuses to provide data regarding the number of adverse events and deaths related to the vax.   But instead has lowered their standard for enlistment because of low recruitment levels across the board.

Did the Black Hawks go done because of pilot failure?  Heart Attacks?

Despite a lack of troops, Biden is demanding an additional $690 million to support ‘global democracy’ and $9.5 billion for a new department.   The new department will be created within USAID.   The new and improved agency will support:  “free and independent media,” strengthen “information integrity,” fight corruption by having the US Treasury “unmask shell companies,” bolster “human rights and democratic reformers” and defend “free and fair elections.”

In other words the new agency will support bloody coups and more mercenaries in Ukraine.

The US isn’t the only country facing an unprecedented military personnel shortage.   Denmark has announced a shortage of 25% and an army in such a deplorable state it will take years to be combat ready for NATO enlistment.   Canada is short 16,000 members to meet recruitment goals, a 16% shortage.   In addition, Canada claims its inventory of weapons is depleted!    Along with all their gold inventory.

The German Defense Minister claims his army is understaffed and hasn’t adequate equipment.   “The German army is not capable of defending itself against a brutal war.”  The UK’s armed forces has been significantly understaffed since 2018 – not just among troops but among intelligence officers as well.   In 2021, the 82,000 recruitment target was scrapped and replaced with a goal of 72,500 to give the propaganda impression of fully staffed…

The Economist, in the midst of these vast shortages and depleted weapons has declared war on China. Ursula von der Leyen of the EU Commission has called for Europe to be ‘more aggressive and more assertive toward China’.   The new Bad Guy was the old good guy.

Suddenly the Pentagon is concerned that China is luring away former US allies and Lloyd Austin can’t understand why.   Could it be that the unveiling of the US involvement in all things coup and the incompetence of the dementia riddled president does not instill confidence – could those reasons justify the migration?   Could the destruction of economies have anything to do with a boundary crossing?   The Pentagon is loathe to admit failure but the reality cannot deny the gross incompetence and fraud being perpetrated.

Laying bare western nations to a frontal assault by any country seems to be the purposeful agenda for annihilation.   ANY soldier in any military is now being called upon to commit hari-kari suicide.   Their reward?   Moldy barracks, shortages of basic supplies, tainted water, inadequate pay, forced sterilization and heart failure…   While the military industrialists languish in lavish wealth accouterments.

The Handlers have achieved many of their goals in disintegrating livelihoods and destroying education – but their determination to create a vacuum of defense is truly deplorable.

The incompetence of the Biden Administration is the heart and soul of evil.   Every one of these goons is well aware of the extent of harm they are creating. Harm that they somehow feel they will be immune to once their time is suspended.

If the Handlers continue to destroy all nonwestern alliances in favor of the creation of a new empire, the Lloyd Austins, Buttigiegs, and Myorkas will NOT be invited to the party. They will be kicked to the curb.   The new world RESET is about the elimination of the weak.   And the puppet show in the White House have identified themselves as weak, incompetent, greedy, and brazenly rageful goons.  


3 thoughts on “Western Militaries Falling Apart as the Pentagon Proposes War With CHINA

  1. Appreciate your revelations…. With the two Army helicopters that crashed at Ft. Campbell, the crash will most likely be related to pilot error while using night vision googles to operate the aircraft. Thanks again for your skillful insights.

  2. Nice write.

    Obviously the kill shots are having a detrimental effect. Flying is extremely stressful. Military stress adds to it. Already many commercial pilots for the airlines have had problems. The FAA has reduced the medical requirements while not admitting the kill shot is the reason. In a nutshell,,, if they don’t give details then a better than 99% chance its the injection. Everybody lies. Why? Don’t know. All of us are marked for death.

    You’re right,,, the enlistment rate is much below what their admitting. You know they lie about everything. Like inflation they claim is 9% is really 18%. Whatever their numbers,,, double or triple them. Any White Christian that joins is out of their mind. I enlisted in the late 60s but today I would stay away as far as I could and I would not report for a draft. Which is likely coming. The joint just isn’t worth it.

    Europe is in a bigger mess than the US if that is even imaginable. The US has bombed Europe’s cheap energy from Russia so production is declining. They have given just about all their arms to Ukraine which most of their equipment is out of date anyhow.

    Russia and China are rapidly building shelters for their citizens. The US could care less about its citizens. I read the US Air Farce has given up on hyper-sonic missiles. Our poor education system strikes again.

    In fact it wasn’t the Americans that got into space, nor did they develop Jet aircraft. It was the Germans they brought over after the war that did all that. Now they’re dead and we are screwed. Pulling engineers and scientists in from India or wherever isn’t going to help. We are out of the game!
    Russia is playing a slow kill in Ukraine while gearing up for WWIII.

    Yeah, we got a few decent systems but they don’t come close to matching those of our newly declared enemies.

    It’s ‘Game Over’ for the Western tyrannical “Demockracy’s”. Their focus on LBTGQ+ and die-versity has buried them and rightly so. Christian children killed and a President cracking jokes when the mood should have been somber was just another mark for the decadence.

    God used the Romans to destroy Jerusalem in 70AD. He will likely use Russia and China to destroy the decadent, immoral and unrepentant West today. So…. might as well hook up with friends and enjoy the end of days as bad business is certainly on the way.

  3. For many, the military is multi-generational. Many (like me) are telling our offspring not to join. We see what is happening and we don’t want our loved ones anywhere near it. Go woke, go undefended. That’s the real recruiting problem.

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