UniParty of The Swamp: GOP and Democrats in Allegiance

Headline: “Former Black RNC Chair urges Trump supporters to leave GOP: ‘There’s the door’…”

  1. Michael Steele is the person this headline references, and as a picky person I have to ask, ‘is Steele formerly black’?
  2. Are these people so daft and self righteous that they truly believe anyone would be left to vote for them?

And then there is Pence.  

In the world of politics, a presidential candidate does not pick their own VP despite public impression. Trump did not choose Pence, Obama did not choose Biden – they are told by their party who would best offset and suit the party so as to create a winning team.   Biden didn’t choose Kamala Harris, she was groomed by Soros as far back as 2004 and was invited to the White House by Obama in 2009 despite her having absolutely no charismatic appeal.   See: https://helenaglass.net/2019/01/30/kamala-harris-a-socialist-soros-protege/

It was the anti-Trump Koch Brothers who groomed Pence for Trump’s VP.   Pence always wanted to be president and according to college classmates, Pence felt he was the only qualified person on earth.   His evangelical judgmentalism was on full display when Pence and Paul Ryan teamed up and created their Pence/Ryan ticket website in 2016. Their tagline was “Make America Greater”  (How un-unique!).   And the website is still viable:   http://pence-ryan2016.squarespace.com/

At the time, Ryan was Speaker of the House who ran unsuccessfully alongside Mitt Romney.   Romney has been an obvious Swamper whose arrogance and ego were quashed miserably with his own failed run.   While advocating “classical liberalism’, Ryan’s youth was marked by:   volunteering for the campaign of John Boehner, a speech writer for Kemp’s FreedomWorks, an advocate supporter for Bush’s Iraq invasion and war, and like Pence, felt Trump’s unCatholic history made Ryan a much better man and candidate.

These men represent the true GOP, the neoconservative hawks who refuse to acknowledge quite simply that – no one likes them.   They are judgmental, caustic, self obsessed, arrogant, and visionaries appointed by the Deep State.

Dick Armey was co-chair of FreedomWorks while employed by the legal firm, DLA Piper.   Some of DLA Piper’s most notable partners include Kamala Harris husband, Douglas Emhoff, and Sir Nigel Knowles, who was a director for Smartmatic, the Soros company which was instrumental in the controversies surrounding election manipulation. DLA Piper ranks as the 5th largest donor for Hillary Clinton.

What is revealed is the fact that the GOP and the Progressive/Democrat Parties are one and the same. The Party of The Swamp.   Aligned. And complicit in all things anti-Trump.  

In 2019 Ryan joined the Board of Fox News and created American Idea Foundation. The Foundation board is comprised of Romneyites, Ryanites, Walkerites – all former High Ranking Republicans whose most ardent focus has been the destruction of all things President Trump.   They aligned with the democrats, they sought whatever means to discredit, malign, and vilify the only President who served The People, in the same vein as the now defunct and humiliated – Lincoln Project.

In 2018 it was speculated that Ryan might join the Bill Gates Foundation with the desire to make a Presidential run in 2024.  

The concept, or reasoning for the alignment of the two extreme parties, is the same;  The People are too stupid, too ignorant, too imbecilic to know what is best for America, therefore we will rule as a dictatorship so as to institute The Greater Good.

Who supported the Lincoln Project?   Ann Coulter, the Getty family, John Pritzker, Stephan Mandel, Jonathon Levine, Christie Walton, Ron Conway, Michael Moritz, Chris Sacca, Martha Kasch, and Amos Hostetter.   Representing: DreamWorks, Silicon Valley, WalMart, links to Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Zappos, Kayak, Paypal, Twitter, Hedge Funds, Hollywood, Instagram, Uber, Bain Capital, Harvard, McKinsey & Co., etc…etc…etc…

The Lincoln Project – Pence – Ryan – FreedomWorks – Fox – they never had any observance of a party, their one and only Master was Money.

The means?   Deception. Illusion.   Collusion. Thievery.

Pence hated Trump his entire life because Trump wasn’t Godly enough.   And Pence was the self appointed Saint to make that judgment and determination.

Michael Steele – the self described RNC Chair Republican? He endorsed Biden, is a political analyst for liberal MSNBC, a fellow of the far far left Aspen Institute, a member of the Lincoln Project, who publicly opined his great revile for Rush Limbaugh.

This is the GOP. Self described Democrats who revile all things Trump and maintain close associations and ideologies with liberal policies, and politicians.   Who they are NOT is anything remotely aligned with The People.

Should Trump create his own party outside of the UniSwamp Allegiance?

BATTLE FOR THE US: Our Everything Is At Stake

So I was trying to find out who is on my states Board of Elections.   And it was enlightening in a very negative way.   Made up of 23 members, they include every conceivable – viable – liberal/Green agency, organization imaginable.   There is no pretense toward fair and equitable.   There is no attempt to embrace a multi party contingent.   Instead, they are a 23 member love fest of no one to challenge anything…

One would have thought that different ideas would be represented. No.   On would have thought that hearing alternate ideas would be valuable.   No.   One would think that the classic phrase of tolerance and inclusivity would apply somewhere.   No.

This is a club.   A fest.   An orgy.   And they don’t even pretend to be – anything less.

For example, my lovely state Voter Committee is represented by: NAACP, America Votes – a liberal feminist fest, a bunch of internal organizations wherein the heads were appointed by the liberal governor, COLOR, League of Women Voters, and a host of democrat socialist who bodies.

How Fun!

It’s like Junior High.  And there is no way I can ever be a part of that clique.   I was a rebel then too.   How sufficatingly boring.  

That means, that the very same people auditing our state elections are themselves the same party 100%.   There is no representative ‘other’ party.   It isn’t a democracy at all!  It is an illusion.  It is something they just – say.

When One Party Determines the outcome of One Party – that is a comedy.   Alas, that would appear to be the evolution of American politics.   And yet, that is somewhat superficial, because that same ideology has already devoured such dynasties as The UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Most of South America, Australia, New Zealand, etc… etc… etc…

In other words, the republican and democrat parties as defined in the US are really benign cancers, nonexistent psychological scabs.   And it was for this understanding that a massive contingent of Patriot Americans converged to support a President that was the most undeniably self sacrificing ever to grace our country.

That Unity is the backbone of all Americans.   It is in our blood. In our hearts. And branded in our souls.   And that unity is and was the target. Always has been and always will be.   Like a festering sore in their agenda, we have only grown more resilient!

And that resilience was NOT even a line item in their plan.   Never Underestimate One’s Enemy.   We are their enemy.

The Battle:   We know they lie, cheat, steal, and destroy. And yet, in order to maintain our own hold on integrity, we must not fight their fight.   If we become like them, we have lost.   The point is to ALWAYS be taller.

If they win this battle, we must rally underground.   There is always another day.   And while President Trump may not be the Leader, he will still be there – in the midst.   And there will be others, others who are devoted, focused, Minded!   And they will be there if we – don’t give up.

Our System – is truly broken.   It can’t be fixed with a wand.   The depth is infinite.   And can only be repaired layer by layer, one sheath at a time.   And that could take decades. It all has to start somewhere. Sometime.   And can only survive with all sailors aboard!

The worst imaginable may be the ultimate outcome of this election.   But it doesn’t mean we all go freaking hide in a hole!   It means we fight harder!   Sly!   If you choose to become a placid sludge, then I suggest you emigrate.

Because – right now we need WARRIORS!

You Can’t Win if You Don’t Even Try To Play The Game.

And in this instance, the consequence is communist slavery for eternity.   Not a small thing to give up for Lent.

God doesn’t save us if we just lay down and cry!   He saves us IN the battles!