UKRAINE Photoshop Propaganda Winning in South America

The ‘professional’ photo ops coming out of Ukraine have become a Hollywood movie set replete with clean, new clothes, a slight shade off in the photoshop coloring of the people vs the backdrop, and horrendously conspicuous inconsistencies.   The latest is a bunch of men wearing the same face mask, beanies, and spotless ‘ski-suits’ brutally shoving bodies into a grave.   The photo montage then reverts to same grave, same date and time but different men all wearing black outfits looking inside a mass grave… Then there is a shot of a makeshift morgue with a man in a brand new silk suit, arms folded delicately across him with a body bag waiting for his disposal.

But the piece de resistance is a picture of a man sitting maskless on top of a truck full of dead bodies in body bags… Of course, that’s what everyone would do – sit on a pile of dead bodies with one’s feet propped up on another dead body…  for a photo shoot.

Good ole AP – leave it to the professional Hollywood miscreants to create morbidity.  Oh right – Horror Movies!

I decided to lookup photoshop techniques and it was quite enlightening.   One of the most common errors is ‘lighting’.   People in the foreground are sharp, the color brilliant – and the chaos behind them is dull, fuzzy, and disregarded by the inserted people who take no notice of their surroundings.

I started looking at Syria again, Serbia, and other wars photoshopped by the pro’s.   And soon, even the faces reveal the fakery.   You can discern people smiling and even laughing in the midst of chaos…

One of the more hilarious videos emerging from Ukraine was a newsman front and center agonizing over the dead bodies covered with black tarps behind him – only to have one of the dead begin moving – taking the tarp off, flailing his arms only to have an assistant quickly replace the tarp over him.   And the clip was still – AIRED as though nothing had happened!


The Newest Darling Mariopul picture fits all of the above disqualifications – including the fact that the pregnant woman on the board has to be carried by six men and they are the ONLY ones fleeing the bombed hospital.   But wait.   They are heading ‘towards’ the hospital – not away.  Oh and her occupation is listed as blogger with a shot of her ‘presenting a boob shot’… looking for attention.

The Western dystopia of disinformation and fake news is overwhelming.   Fake videos. Fake pictures.  There are theories that the fakery is now so multiplied that should we learn the Full Truth we would go mad.

The Bioweapon labs have now been renamed/coined by the US to be ‘CoVid Clinics’.   For humanity.   I’m sure someone will come up with some Ukrainian Covid Nurses crying about how fabulous and heroic ‘their clinic was’ in the face of Death!  Despite Victoria Nuland’s statement under oath to the contrary = BIOWEAPON LABS.   And still, our paid for very legalistic diligent UN has concurred – The Documents of anthrax and plague and TB and migrant birds – neeah.   Just a Clinic.

END of Hunter Biden/President Biden’s alliance with the Ukraine “Labs”.   The Cleaners are now back at their desks. hm-mm.

European citizen voices are completely quashed as all rhetoric is espoused by politicians eager to giggle and cackle and demonize the grand Pubah Putin.   Just in time for Zelensky to photoshop himself into a hazy backdrop of Ukraine while looking like he’s in Florida.   His statement?   Russia will find her citizens looking for a humanitarian corridor very soon.

A threat.

And not a threat to take lightly.   If in fact NATO, the West and the desk-idiots decide to send a few missiles and bombs into Russia they will be countered by a frenzy of retaliation throughout ALL of Europe.   Putin has NO intention of backing down.   He was simply PUSHED too far, too often.

And we all understand how that plays out. The only understanding can thus be – it is what the Mafia/Cabal want – to see Europe in rubble.   And somehow each country aligned with this RESET Cabalist designation is willing to sacrifice their country and populace for this achievement.

JUST AMAZING – The mentality.

Today, Chile’s first anarchist/communist/green President was sworn in as he announced the creation of a New Constitution built on a plagiarized version of the World Economic Forum.   In 2014, the voting process in Chile changed dramatically;   everyone is registered to vote, but voting is voluntary.   Ballots are pre-printed for every registered voter.   AHHHHH!    Meaning all those ballots that are not filled in – can be….by whomever.

Since 2012, Chile has documented that the previous voter turnout for decades at 85%, suddenly bottomed out at 45% whereas the registered voters skyrocketed to 103%.   Isn’t That Odd?   It would be in the real world…

In the meantime, Biden has called on Columbia to be our new ally against Russia.   They agreed.   How much did that cost?   COLUMBIA: Capital of the drug cartel mafia, home to a poverty rate of 28% and GDP per capita level of $6400, a country built on African slaves.

In 2021, Soros played a pivotal role in the chaos that engulfed Columbia with riots, guerrilla warfare, violent demonstrations, and murders.

“President Iván Duque is clearly linked to tycoon Soros since he obtained a scholarship from the National Democratic Institute, an organization funded by the speculator, about 20 years ago.

Subsequently, he publicly exalted Soros’ postulates and his model of society. Then, together with Felipe Buitrago, he published “Orange Economy”, written with economic concepts that the consultant promoted in a seminar in Salzburg sponsored by Soros.

Likewise, it is rumored that his vice president, Martha Lucía Ramírez, has also benefited from juicy contracts with Soros’ NGOs.

Among other politicians, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lopez, who holds the second-highest office in the country, has also been visited by Alejandro Soros, the son and apparent successor of his billionaire father, who also visited prominent politician Sergio Fajardo.

Another politician who is part of Soros’ circle is former President Juan Manuel Santos, who is on the board of directors of one of Soros’ New York-based organizations.

To further darken the uncertain future of Colombia, which already seems to be in the hands of the globalists, Duque is strengthening his relations with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with the complacent eyes of the Democratic Center party, home of former President Álvaro Uribe, who sponsored Duque’s rise to power.” ~ The BL

Communist countries are NOW aligned as Western Allies.   Capitalist countries – are NOT. This is the RESET.


FYI:   Klaus at the World Economic Forum has completely severed any previous, current or future ties with Russia – deleting any reference, picture, award or congratulation of them from all past-present websites and platforms just like a classic junior high school Beeatch might do…  How incredibly immaturely moronic.

SO is that why you left Columbia Schwartmeyer – because you had sowed the necessary seeds?

6 thoughts on “UKRAINE Photoshop Propaganda Winning in South America

  1. Hi

    Isn’t it great how they have duped the dupes walking around in Yellow and blue! I’m seeing bumper stickers of the Ukie Flag. Yellow and Blue sunglasses…. You gotta laugh!!! Idiots!


  2. Sean Penn gave the game away last week when he noticed that the “refugees” entering Poland had no luggage! In other words, Penn was witnessing a carrousel of Ukrainians entering Poland then exiting Poland to again return as a “refugee”. Penn says, “There was no — I didn’t see any luggage.”

    As I’ve been informing readers for some time on Helena, and other forums, there was no ‘collapse’ of the USSR, therefore there is no war taking place in Soviet Ukraine, as the following pictures/video proves…

    The Marxist ‘Hammer & Sickle’ logo still on Aeroflot commercial aircraft…

    …and on uniforms…

    The State Emblem of the Soviet Union atop the Duma building…

    …where the State Emblem of the Soviet Union is illuminated at night…

    Red Star, the official newspaper of the Ministry of Defense of the Soviet Union, is currently the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation’s official newspaper («Красная звезда» © 1924-2022)! And the official newspaper continues to proudly display its Soviet era awards on the masthead…

    1. The Order of Lenin

    2. The Order of the October Revolution

    3. The Order of the Red Banner

    4. The Order of the Red Star

    Now for the Ukraine…

    See the Soviet Union regimental banner carried by the Ukraine battalion in 2014?

    So, what’s the real purpose for the fake war, you ask? To crystalize in our minds the irrelevance of the United States in the world. Of course, the United States is a part of this drama, since we have identified the Marxist co-option of the West’s institutions enabling the fake ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Bloc.

    So, what’s next? Let’s allow KGB defector Major Anatoly Golitsyn have the last word on that…

    “A campaign for a new system of World Government will be launched at Summit level and will be accompanied by pressure from below, the active use of agents of influence and secret assassinations of leaders who are seen as obstacles'”. The campaign will come as a surprise to the US Administration. In the ensuing negotiations, the US President of the day will find himself facing combined pressure from the Russians and the Chinese. The Chinese will by then have adopted a ‘reformed’, pseudo-democratic system. In the course of the negotiations the Russians and the Chinese will begin to reveal their true colours, their fundamental antagonism to the free world and the threat they represent to it. The US policy of partnership with Russia will be exposed as bankrupt. Internally in the United States this will lead to divisions, recriminations and a search for scapegoats. Externally, the reputation of the Unite States as the leader of the free world will be irreparably damaged and its alliances, particularly with countries like Japan which have been pressured into helping the Russians out, will be jeopardised.” – KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, ‘The Perestroika Deception‘, April 30, 1993, p. 166.

  3. Your piece reminds me of the ‘Panorama’ TV programme transmitted in the UK in 2007 by BBC, which was to urge us to enter the Syria war because of alleged chemical attack.
    Anyone interested, take a look at footage at 2:40 showing young men in the yellow room getting up, dragging themselves around (a bit like ‘Thriller’) and some looking into the camera but NO AGONY in their faces. And at 2:26, young Ahmed with white goo on him. The shakiness is well done though.
    if you’re going to fake something you have to do better research into how burns victims behave, and this aint it. The female doctor from Hand in Hand should be ashamed of herself for participating.

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