America At the CrossRoads: A Missive…

The European media Government Controlled Mainstream are simpatico with CNN in their pronouncement of a victorious Biden win before the legal contentions have even been addressed.   The frame – a setup.  

The stage is to give an illusion of a win before a win has been ascertained so as to create the folly of riots and chaos when Trump is declared victorious.   It provides a justification. An excuse.   And given the depth of the fraud and corruption, it appears this is within the “Plan”.

As it became apparent that Biden and Harris had zero chance of securing anything more than a pathetic following of anarchists, the Deep State redefined the stage.   And their partners include Germany, China, The Netherlands, France, and Canada, all countries resolute on a regime that can be infiltrated by Marxists.

And if not Marxists – then chaos and civil war will ensue.

Goading us, they first sought the annihilation of core cities across the US, all run by Democrats bent on the Agenda and NOT America.   This was the intended ActIII to the Shakespearean stage.   To show us what they can accomplish – albeit throughout the entirety of the US.   It is a blackmail of sorts.   “Comply, or else this is what to expect for the next 4 years”.   It is the blackmail used against Syria! Ukraine! Yemen! And countless countries across the globe!

It’s What They Do.

We are no longer hailed as Republicans or even Conservatives; we are the MAGA’s.   A new vitriolic political group that is WOKE. We have numbers that are massive. We are the majority!   And yet, the propaganda would have us believe in the illusion the need, we are small, which is the EXACT same propaganda utilized by Lenin.   If we think we are a minority, if we believe we are a minority, we will cower like a minority despite our numbers being Strong!   And that is how the Bolsheviks/Lenin/Stalin defeated their own people – ultimately resulting in the assassination of upwards of 60 million people.

But Lenin and Stalin were flawed.   It is believed that Stalin ordered Lenin’s death via poison so he could take power.   And that same quest IS their demise – then and now. They will destroy each other – as their ego’s rule their testosterone.

George Bush, Romney, Jeb Bush, Flake, and all the neoconservatives dedicated to the Swamp have come forth to reveal their alliance.   Prematurely.   A Fatal Flaw.   If they were briefed in intelligence, they would know to never give away their position.   But these men are not warriors, and bereft of those values, they have inadvertently become the drag on the Agenda.   Their egos drive their flaws. And as such define their suicide.

While many pundits have compared this agenda to the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, there is one very glaring difference! That Revolution involved one country, Russia.   This Revolution is not even remotely about the US, it is about centralized control over the entire globe.   A heady task, but one the Deep State felt was necessary.   The US was simply the last bastion to affect their Global War so as to encapsulate the entirety of civilization into a Marxist Regime.

Why? Why?  

TO simply state it is about ‘control’ seems overly simplistic.   Power, money – also too simplistic.   The forces determined to eradicate mankind, humankind, are much more perverse and complex.   And while we liken it to the Gog/Magog fight of good vs. evil, even this definition seems lagging.

IN other words, there is a vital missing link of knowledge that has been hidden from us.

And that ‘Link” would provide a greater understanding of – WHY.   There is a gnawing – something else.

What good is money if these powers collapse the economy?   What good is power if you assassinate everyone?   What fun is there to control if everyone is a virtual slave/robot?   What is the real – WHY?

Even in the most psychosis of minds, ruling robots is hardly gratifying.   Which reveals – the Agenda is not – what we think.

Or controlled, by whom – we think.

We look at Hillary and see a beacon of fear postulating and fainting, and somehow accept this as normal.   We see Joe and Jill Biden obviously fending for their own lives as they sell off our Country.   What could be so heinous that these people are so self indulged?

The most recent dereliction of sanctity came from John Piper, who thought it his leadership responsibility to denounce President Trump in the days preceding the election.   Why?   Did this further God?   Did it further Good?   Did it glorify his own promise as a Christian?   Or did it reveal the snake within basket?

Timing is everything. And every true Leader is well aware of this POWER.   When Piper made his article known, he was well aware of the impact it would have on the Christian community and thus the Trump election.


According to Piper – no one is qualified to be President except Jesus Christ.   And therefore everyone else should abdicate.   Because of course, no one is qualified to be “king” including – King David.

I digress – Piper is an idiot.

We now face an unprecedented choice.

What does a Kamala Harris, post Biden assassination, look like?

First we must accept that Kamal toes has presented herself as exactly who she is:   a high school drama, egocentric, dance chic who has no clue about anything other than her sexual promiscuity pleasuring.

Second we must look to what her handlers view as our demise.

Most of us are nonessential.   Including – moi.   We offer nothing that will advance the desire for a robotic society free of the disgust of emotion and outburst.   The chaotic, the anarchists, the BLM, the Antifa’s will all be annihilated because they are simply distraction – and utilized to currently create a diversion. They serve no viable purpose in a utopian society.

Third, anyone who is deemed problematic, as in having an alternate viewpoint will be annihilated.   The few exceptions will be those with advanced scientific or medical prowess.

And of course, all future quasi human beings will be created via – gene manipulation.

Perhaps this sounds off the charts, conspiratorial, paranoid, – or perhaps this is a warning.   And this is our last chance to alter that future.   Civilizations have lived and died over the course of creation.   Did it ever occur to you – how an entire civilization could simply vanish from existence – and no one can provide anything more than – theories.

Let’s not be that Civilization!

I say we defy the Odds.   We buck the history. We give them face.   And we show them that we are More forceful than any enemy they can imagine! You have a choice. You can be a Warrior – or you can be a Basement Biden.   It is – Up TO YOU!

It appears that this is our Final Battle.   We are being called to the plate.   Each of us have a choice.   There are only two choices – and our Leaders, for the most part, have indicated they are subservient to the forces of Evil.

This isn’t a Democrat vs Republican battle – this is our Last Chance.   Our Last Supper.

And Your Choice is Yours.

NEOCONSERVATIVES Against Trump: A Cabal Lineage

The THIN LINE.   The Lincoln Project is everything that Abraham Lincoln was – not.   What it is is a resurgence of the National Union Party which sought to attract democrats into the fray of republicans in their ‘pro-war’ assault.   By contrast The Lincoln Project claims that “two views cannot exist in one party”.   And yet, the organization announced its endorsement of Joe Biden – a Democrat.   Hypocrisy?   

While they justify their hatred of all things President Trump by declaring they have never backed a Democrat president, as an organization they have only existed since 2019.  So backing ANY president could not have occurred.

The rag-tag bunch includes: Schmidt – manager of McCain’s failed run, Weaver & Galen – who worked with Bush, McCain and Schwarzenegger, Wilson – who served as director for Bush, and George Conway – a Washington Post columnist and husband to Kellyanne Conway former Trump counselor and speaker.  The stated goal of The Lincoln Project is all things anti-Trump, currently citing Trump’s response to CoVid.   However, their disdain was quite public long before CoVid and has everything to do with the Cult/Cabal.

Most recently, the former Chairman of the RNC declared his alliance with The Lincoln Project. Michael Steele has a somewhat checkered past having lost a handful of elections. His political career was only really successful when he was picked, not elected, as Lieutenant Governor by Bob Ehrlich.   Erhlich’s short-term political career became nonexistent in 2007 after a failed run for governor.   He did work briefly in 2012 for Mitt Romney’s failed campaign, otherwise he returned to the practice of Law.

Defending Democracy Together:   Founded by Bill Kristol, a Republican who backed Bush, McCain and Romney, is also a contentious anti-Trump organization.   Kristol identifies as a ‘neoconservative’.

43 Alumni For Biden:   Is a who’s who of Bush/Cheney alliances, friends of China, Obama appointees, Cuba sympathizers, CNN columnists, Democrats, and Bill Gates buddies.    Nearly all the 43 served with Bush, voted for Hillary, and/or work for an organization funded by Bill Gates.   As such, they too would be defined as ‘neoconservatives’.   Two people in particular stand out; 1. Joe Kennedy – a Democrat who co-wrote the New Green Deal, and 2.   John Brennan, the disgraced.

Obviously these 43 Alumni are vintage members of the hawk establishment.

Neoconservatism would seem to be at the root of the anti-Trump brigade.   Claiming to be Republican’s, but like the far-left green democrats, the alliance within the party is based on extreme ethics and principles. Neoconservatives typically align with right-wing Socialist objectives. Their ideology references such slogans as “War is Peace” and “Might is Right”.   Detent is considered a sign of weakness.

Neoconservatism arose in the 1960’s among liberal hawks who believed war was the answer to everything. They were comprised of democrats who felt the party had become much too pacifist and felt interventionism via military aggressive force was the means to the end.   Many of the founders are said to have been Trotskyists. Historians and authors, such as Michael Lind and Francis Fukuyama, have aligned them with Lenin claiming they will attempt another Bolshevik Revolution.

While many current neoconservatives use former president Reagan as their mantra of justification, Reagan was a pacifist – VP Bush was the war monger.   Bush was NOT Reagan’s choice as VP, he hated Bush, considered his ideals vastly different than Reagans’, and vehemently disliked the east coast republican establishment which was aligned with Rockefeller.   Rockefeller’s foreign policy was known as quite hawkish.   But he wasn’t called a neoconservative, instead, he was referred to as a liberal conservative – as was GW Bush, McCain, and Romney.  The Presidential Club.

The alternate VP pick being pushed on Reagan was Ford. “Ford was rejected because the Reagans discovered that Ford planned to govern the country as a “co-president” with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger returning as Secretary of State, Ford’s former chief of staff Dick Cheney as Defense Secretary, and Alan Greenspan as Treasury Secretary.” ~ Infowars.

That would be a globalist power play. 

It was during George W Bush’s reign that the foreign policy neoconservatives took hold.   During the Bush administration the US interventionism was prolific in: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Africa, Chile, Peru, …etc.   The CIA and FBI expanded their roles in coups across the globe.   NGO’s sprouted and funding was siphoned from government organizations – USAID in particular.

And then we had 9-11 USA.

Preemptive military strikes became the policy. War the objective. Power the end result.   Bush’s advisors included Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney and Stephen Hadley.  The US dropped $1 trillion on Afghanistan alone!   But that was the point.   Wars completely destroy Budgets and the US hurtled into unaccountable deficits.

The fact that Bush has called upon all his cronies to try and stop the Trump Train means Bush is scared. His fear is leaving him open to mistakes.   And like the Biden, Obama and Clinton messes unraveling at the hands of President Trump, Bush may too have something rather dubious/devious to hide.

There are numerous conspiracy claims that Bush and his administration were behind 9-11.   United against terrorism, the people flipped their opinions and began to embrace the Bush presidency after the collapse of America as we came to realize.   However, Trump’s team may have managed to uncover massive corruption and a Bush 9-11 truth could upend everything.

The alliance with the ‘then’ Saudi regime has also flipped with Prince Muhammed bin Salmon assuming control.   MBS is said to be an ally of President Trump.  To think MBS doesn’t know exactly what happened would be naïve at best.   What he has shared with Trump could be the Bush impetus.

The claim to Republicanism or Reagan by the neoconservatives is simply a hijacked label that has absolutely no allegiance or alliance with the policies and ideals espoused by Reagan.   Instead the labels are utilized to gain a false sense of a common divisive hatred for President Trump.   In actuality, Reagan’s office was no different than Trump’s in that it was stacked with Cult/Cabalists.  In actuality, Reagan would likely approve of Trump’s policies and his nationalistic patriotism.

These anti-Trump organizations have one main goal – to close down the TRUTH, to embolden their lies and deceit, and to support globalism, a New World Order, and Marxist ideals at ANY cost. 

And the CoVid Virus simply helped to open Pandora’s Box…

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: A Bolshevik Playbook

WHO is minding your children?  

Public schools have become the central voice for your children’s minds.   Children leave home and spend 8-10 hours of their day under the thumb of liberal propaganda exploitation.   It is the most aggressive ploy of the Communist manifesto agenda.   A child’s mind – programmed.

Ever notice how submissive and cowed the people of China tend to act. They live in fear.   Their life could be extinguished if they so much as look at a person wrong.   Say something wrong and in China the police will sweep you off the street never to be seen again.

Public schools have adopted this strategy and we are only now fully WOKE.

The plan was executed decades ago when women were told that unless they worked their lives were empty, useless.   Advertisers then decimated television with more and more products that we all had to have otherwise we were ignorant of value.   Debt was a marker of wealth.

In 1946 household debt represented 15% of gross domestic product, by 2008 it was 100%.   Saving to buy something was no longer required as credit demolished our economy.   The more debt, the more women worked, a cycle without an end.   “Keeping up with the Jones” was the meme, people laughed, and then they bought. They bought more and more.   Children were relegated to Child Care institutions as young as 3 months.   Mom needed to work to help pay for more debt.

It was a Playbook.

Ultimately, parents lost control of their children and the indoctrination was perfected.

Today, children are being taught utilizing a methodology reminiscent of communist doctrine.   China calls them ‘re-education camps’.   We call them – schools.

Teachers teach that being white is racist.   Whites should be eliminated.   Whites need to be re-educated. Because blacks in America are the true majority and have been systemically hurt by all whites.   Whites children take this mantra as reality and revolt.

Never mind the actual statistics. History will be burned.   Children will be led to believe that blacks represent 60% of America – and they will believe because there is no one to tell them differently.   Mommy and daddy are over their head in debt and think if they just make more money somehow that burden will be relinquished.   They vow to spend more time with their children – next year, and then next year.   Until suddenly they find their children being told parents should be killed because they represent white supremacy.

One of the new class requirements is Critical Race Theory.   What does it mean?

Critical Race Theory is the view that the law and legal institutions are inherently racist and that race itself, instead of being biologically grounded and natural, is a socially constructed concept that is used by white people to further their economic and political interests at the expense of people of colour.

This is the core of divide and conquer. If you are white and don’t subscribe then you are a supremacist. If you are black and don’t subscribe, then you are an Uncle Tom.   While the concept is not a new ploy, it has been successful historically.   The Bolshevik Revolution used this sort of tear down mentality to persecute and ultimately control the population of Russia in 1917.   Youth, peasants, the workers were targeted.   They were told their lives and livelihoods were oppressed and the only way to achieve equality was through annihilation, destruction and murder.    Lenin, Stalin, and their mercenaries convinced the poorer populace to arm and fight in order to assert their victimhood.   It is estimated that this Communist revolt led to the deaths of 61 million in Russia, and 200 million worldwide.   At the time estimates put the world population at 1.7billion meaning 11% of the global population died under Communist rule.   That would equate to 860million dying today.

The New Green Deal mimics the ideals established in the Bolshevik rule including: elimination of private property, slavery, violence, mass murder, starvation, and economic collapse.   The next sixty years was terror.

And these are the same ideals espoused by Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, and Antifa.   The Bolsheviks were anti-fascist too.   They were sheep led to slaughter under the guise of a utopian world. Instead they got Hell.

With Africa mostly communist, much of South America, China, and Canada, EU and Australia closing in as their socialist regimes sway further into Marxist rule, the US is alone in our fight!

This is not something that simply happens of its own volition, this was planned, orchestrated, and fulfilled.   We are now literally one small step away from losing our country, our livelihoods, our freedom and our lives just as the Bolsheviks did. Just as the Chinese did under Mao.

Why? Why do they want this devastation?

Because to them it will heighten their control, their power, and infuse their desire to be above values, ethics, morality and law.   Their freedom is ruled by satanic will.   A world of peasants, slaves and puppets whose only purpose to to serve them.   Not God.   But them.

This is truly our LAST and only chance to not succumb.   Don’t let this moment go to waste. Don’t give up ! FIGHT!

Red October: The Socialist Revolution in the US

An interesting reference keeps popping up;  Red October. 

On October 25, 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution set in motion a Socialist coup in Russia, toppling and ultimately executing every member of the Tzar family of Nicolas II, including his five daughters, on July 18, 1918.   It was the Russian Revolution that ushered in Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Marx and ultimately Stalin.  This Revolution ushered in the Communist Soviet Union.

Lenin is quoted as saying, “The people have waited long enough for an armed uprising.”  And he gave it to them.  But little did they understand that the Communist block would separate a few from the many, and the many would suffer.

This is the same Soviet Union that drove the Russian people into poverty, that stagnated growth, that saw the assassination of 3.5 to 60 million people as Stalin sought to eradicate all those opposing the institution of the working class – slaves.  Despite the atrocities committed by Stalin, he was hailed Man Of The Year by Time Magazine in 1940 – and was a friend of both Churchill and FDR.  Yes, this heinous Dictator and Assassin, was lauded by our US President and the PM of Britain…

We continue to hear these same cries for an “Uprising” – only not in Russia, but in the US.  The cries come from Hollywood, from Liberals, from feminists, from prestigious universities who are moving from the traditional Democrat platform to a Socialist platform.   Not because they have the vaguest understanding of what it embodies or what it has done historically, but because – it sounds good…

Today, in that light, Obama has announced his endorsement of Ocasio-Cortez, a Socialist who has shown a complete and utter lack of knowledge, economic understanding, foreign understanding or relative business acumen.   She has no background of any content worthy of an endorsement, except that she advocates for a Dictatorship government aligned with the Red October Bolsheviks.  And that means absolute – Control.

Are we witnessing the same Ashkenazi Jewish revolt for power that was successful in the eradication of historical Russia for 70 years?  Is this the agenda for the US?

There is an alternate reference to Red October.  The Book – Film in which a submarine equipped with nuclear warheads could subvert it’s supposed mission as an anti-Russian vessel and actually attack – the US!  The concept being – who do we trust? Who is real?  Who is for the American People?  Is everything upside down?

Because the Swamp government would seem to want us dead, would seem to want America to fall, as we were considered one of two bastions that could not be controlled – the other being Russia.

The movie drama takes place between the 1980’s and 1990’s – which would coincide with the Clinton bid for Globalization Control.  And may be relevant to the destabilization that betrayal creates.

In either case, Red October does not foretell a story that is embraced as good, healthy and in our best interest.  It is a – warning.  And we need to be vigilant.  We need to heed

It reveals the fact that we have no idea who is for us – and who is against us – as our friends are our enemies and our enemies our friends.

While the division that has engulfed our country for the last five decades is very real and growing exponentially, the fact that Socialism has emerged as an alternative can actually serve to benefit the conservatives as voters on the left become divided.  These divides have historically ushered in candidates that would not have ordinarily won an election.   In that light, Obama’s betrayal of the conventional Democrat in favor of the Socialist is an interesting phenomena that could see a shift in the coming months and years… for more conservative draws.

I find it interesting that the same Hollywood that chastises the People for conspiracy theories, is itself the progenitor of Conspiracy Theories!   Hollywood has portrayed the corruption of government, the fraud of wars, the devastation of Big Pharma, ad nauseam… and yet, suddenly, they want us to believe that – oops, change of mind, change of logic, change…   The narrative is clear.   The Swamp has existed for decades.   The Swamp needs to be drained or we will be the next Communist controlled country.

Hold onto your books!  They will ultimately become our Truth!  And historically, we can expect these Truths, these Books will be destroyed, banned, eliminated from knowledge.

Because the burning of history is the ultimate means to control.