Twitter & Facebook CEO’s: Unveiling Their Masters

Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame will be subpoenaed to testify regarding censorship and election interference.  

Earlier this year, Elliot Management purchased 4% of Twitter stock and tried to oust Dorsey.   Paul Singer is the icon behind Elliott Management, and by all appearances, a neoconservative, anti-Trump, vulture capitalist.     He attempted to use his ownership leverage to oust Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter sometime in March 2020.   Silver Lake Investments bought a $1 billion stake and as part of the agreement allowed Dorsey to remain CEO and on the Board.   In addition, Silver Lakes CEO Egon Durban and Elliot’s partner Jesse Cohn took seats on the board.

Durban is a German citizen. While Jesse Cohn’s political views are not readily public, Elliott Management is decidedly working to derail President Trump.

Robert Zoellick also serves on the board of Twitter.   He also Chairs the Global Tiger Initiative within the US-China Business Council, a Director for the Aspen Institutes Strategy Group, and was president for the World Bank.   He supported the Mitt Romney campaign for president and was slated to be a heavyweight within his administration. He also signed an open letter denouncing President Trump.

Patrick Pichette, a Candaian businessman is the Board Chair for Twitter.   He was formally CFO for Google. He also serves as a board member for the Trudeau Foundation which receives funding from the Canadian Government.

And it is likely Jack Dorsey takes his instructions from them.

It wasn’t that long ago that Zuckerberg found himself in a similar situation when George Soros was pressuring him to step down as CEO of Facebook claiming Zuckerberg was working in alliance with President Trump.   Soros claimed that Zuckerberg was responsible for Hillary’s lost presidential bid and was empowering Trump’s re-election for 2020.   Soros also claimed that Zuckerberg was in the game just for ‘the profits’.

Since those allegations, Zuckerberg created his fact checking oversight board.   Of the 20 member board, 18 have ties with Soros Open Society Foundation including: Jamal Greene former aide to Kamala Harris, Pamela Karlan, member of the American Constitution Society which was founded by Soros, Andas Sajo who co-founded Soros Central European University, Helle Thorning Schmidt, former Danish PM who is a Trustee of the Open Society and serves on the Soros funded Atlantic Council.

These are the people censoring media on Facebook.   All at the behest of George Soros – and like Dorsey, Zuckerberg likely takes his instructions from his Master.

A lose-lose situation.

May 2020, Twitter hired Fei-Fei Li, an artificial intelligence (AI) expert who allegedly has close connections with the CCP.    She was appointed to the board of Twitter as an Independent Director in May 2020. She has been tasked with censoring Twitter.

Li quit her role as chief scientist of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) from Google in October 2018 following a controversy surrounding Google’s Project Maven initiative, which helped the Pentagon identify drone targets from blurry video footage. She has been linked to Googles Project Dragonfly which sought to blacklist subjects deemed inappropriate by the Chinese Government.

In essence this would imply that Twitter’s censorship ‘board’ is run by China’s AI.

And Dorsey is in way over his head.

All of the algorithms applied to Twitter to censor, to delete accounts, to revoke Followers, to undermine the entire reality of Twitter, conform to an Artificial Intelligence domain within China.

When Ted Cruz calls in these two CEO’s to explain their censorship, he will discover they have no power – and if the Federal Government were to charge them for criminal behavior, their Boards would simply use that as fodder to oust them permanently and take control.

And of course – that is The Agenda.

NEOCONSERVATIVES Against Trump: A Cabal Lineage

The THIN LINE.   The Lincoln Project is everything that Abraham Lincoln was – not.   What it is is a resurgence of the National Union Party which sought to attract democrats into the fray of republicans in their ‘pro-war’ assault.   By contrast The Lincoln Project claims that “two views cannot exist in one party”.   And yet, the organization announced its endorsement of Joe Biden – a Democrat.   Hypocrisy?   

While they justify their hatred of all things President Trump by declaring they have never backed a Democrat president, as an organization they have only existed since 2019.  So backing ANY president could not have occurred.

The rag-tag bunch includes: Schmidt – manager of McCain’s failed run, Weaver & Galen – who worked with Bush, McCain and Schwarzenegger, Wilson – who served as director for Bush, and George Conway – a Washington Post columnist and husband to Kellyanne Conway former Trump counselor and speaker.  The stated goal of The Lincoln Project is all things anti-Trump, currently citing Trump’s response to CoVid.   However, their disdain was quite public long before CoVid and has everything to do with the Cult/Cabal.

Most recently, the former Chairman of the RNC declared his alliance with The Lincoln Project. Michael Steele has a somewhat checkered past having lost a handful of elections. His political career was only really successful when he was picked, not elected, as Lieutenant Governor by Bob Ehrlich.   Erhlich’s short-term political career became nonexistent in 2007 after a failed run for governor.   He did work briefly in 2012 for Mitt Romney’s failed campaign, otherwise he returned to the practice of Law.

Defending Democracy Together:   Founded by Bill Kristol, a Republican who backed Bush, McCain and Romney, is also a contentious anti-Trump organization.   Kristol identifies as a ‘neoconservative’.

43 Alumni For Biden:   Is a who’s who of Bush/Cheney alliances, friends of China, Obama appointees, Cuba sympathizers, CNN columnists, Democrats, and Bill Gates buddies.    Nearly all the 43 served with Bush, voted for Hillary, and/or work for an organization funded by Bill Gates.   As such, they too would be defined as ‘neoconservatives’.   Two people in particular stand out; 1. Joe Kennedy – a Democrat who co-wrote the New Green Deal, and 2.   John Brennan, the disgraced.

Obviously these 43 Alumni are vintage members of the hawk establishment.

Neoconservatism would seem to be at the root of the anti-Trump brigade.   Claiming to be Republican’s, but like the far-left green democrats, the alliance within the party is based on extreme ethics and principles. Neoconservatives typically align with right-wing Socialist objectives. Their ideology references such slogans as “War is Peace” and “Might is Right”.   Detent is considered a sign of weakness.

Neoconservatism arose in the 1960’s among liberal hawks who believed war was the answer to everything. They were comprised of democrats who felt the party had become much too pacifist and felt interventionism via military aggressive force was the means to the end.   Many of the founders are said to have been Trotskyists. Historians and authors, such as Michael Lind and Francis Fukuyama, have aligned them with Lenin claiming they will attempt another Bolshevik Revolution.

While many current neoconservatives use former president Reagan as their mantra of justification, Reagan was a pacifist – VP Bush was the war monger.   Bush was NOT Reagan’s choice as VP, he hated Bush, considered his ideals vastly different than Reagans’, and vehemently disliked the east coast republican establishment which was aligned with Rockefeller.   Rockefeller’s foreign policy was known as quite hawkish.   But he wasn’t called a neoconservative, instead, he was referred to as a liberal conservative – as was GW Bush, McCain, and Romney.  The Presidential Club.

The alternate VP pick being pushed on Reagan was Ford. “Ford was rejected because the Reagans discovered that Ford planned to govern the country as a “co-president” with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger returning as Secretary of State, Ford’s former chief of staff Dick Cheney as Defense Secretary, and Alan Greenspan as Treasury Secretary.” ~ Infowars.

That would be a globalist power play. 

It was during George W Bush’s reign that the foreign policy neoconservatives took hold.   During the Bush administration the US interventionism was prolific in: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Africa, Chile, Peru, …etc.   The CIA and FBI expanded their roles in coups across the globe.   NGO’s sprouted and funding was siphoned from government organizations – USAID in particular.

And then we had 9-11 USA.

Preemptive military strikes became the policy. War the objective. Power the end result.   Bush’s advisors included Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney and Stephen Hadley.  The US dropped $1 trillion on Afghanistan alone!   But that was the point.   Wars completely destroy Budgets and the US hurtled into unaccountable deficits.

The fact that Bush has called upon all his cronies to try and stop the Trump Train means Bush is scared. His fear is leaving him open to mistakes.   And like the Biden, Obama and Clinton messes unraveling at the hands of President Trump, Bush may too have something rather dubious/devious to hide.

There are numerous conspiracy claims that Bush and his administration were behind 9-11.   United against terrorism, the people flipped their opinions and began to embrace the Bush presidency after the collapse of America as we came to realize.   However, Trump’s team may have managed to uncover massive corruption and a Bush 9-11 truth could upend everything.

The alliance with the ‘then’ Saudi regime has also flipped with Prince Muhammed bin Salmon assuming control.   MBS is said to be an ally of President Trump.  To think MBS doesn’t know exactly what happened would be naïve at best.   What he has shared with Trump could be the Bush impetus.

The claim to Republicanism or Reagan by the neoconservatives is simply a hijacked label that has absolutely no allegiance or alliance with the policies and ideals espoused by Reagan.   Instead the labels are utilized to gain a false sense of a common divisive hatred for President Trump.   In actuality, Reagan’s office was no different than Trump’s in that it was stacked with Cult/Cabalists.  In actuality, Reagan would likely approve of Trump’s policies and his nationalistic patriotism.

These anti-Trump organizations have one main goal – to close down the TRUTH, to embolden their lies and deceit, and to support globalism, a New World Order, and Marxist ideals at ANY cost. 

And the CoVid Virus simply helped to open Pandora’s Box…

The Palin-Trump Agenda

Palin endorsing Trump has a lot of people scratching their heads asking, “What the hey?” Including me. Which bears reason for looking beneath the surface. The media acknowledges the endorsement, but few can answer – why?

When Palin joined the ranks of McCain in his presidential run, that exposed her to the ideologies of Neoconservatism. Neoconservatism was actually a movement created by Democrats in the 1960’s who held different views of domestic and foreign policies. Many within the early movement were Zionists who advocated for democracy through military force. Leo Strauss was considered the father of neoconservatism teaching that, “perpetual deception of the citizens by those in power is critical because they need to be led, and they need strong rulers to tell them what’s good for them.” McCain and Palin share the views of war mongering and US intervention – neoconservative ideals.

When McCain was running for election his primary adviser was Randy Scheunemann, whose advisory qualifications include George Soros Open Society Institute. It was Scheunemann who advocated for McCain to pull in Sarah Palin as his VP running mate.

And while Palin has attempted to define herself as a Tea-Party Republican, her stance on wars and bombing and military rule continue to define her priorities. As in – call a country evil and wipe them off the face of this earth… Another neoconservative advocated for Palin to join McCain, William Kristol, a political analyst and pundit.

Kristol, Scheunemann, Palin and McCain were demonstrative advocates for the coup in Ukraine, the Gulf War, Iraq War, Kosovo War, War in Afghanistan and even supported Obama in the Libyan war. McCain openly befriends the befuddled Soros and their entanglement has been recognized for many years. McCain created the Reform Institute in 2001. Funding for the Institute came from Soros and Kerry as well as a number of pro-abortion foundations. The current President of Reform Institute is Juan Hernandez an ‘open borders freeway’ advocate whose roots are in the Liberal Party and Soros.

McCain has been openly against both Trump and Cruz although his dispassion for Cruz is preeminent. Palin has spent her time since resigning as Governor of Alaska co-writing books which have earned her lucrative royalties – just one is estimated to be upwards of $9 million. Given the enormity of sums flying her way, it has been alluded that she would make a play for running for President. But she still doesn’t have the following.

Along comes Trump. Trump who only recently changed his political party from Independent to Republican in 2012, was a Democrat in the eighties and then again from 2001 to 2009. If Palin was indeed a staunch Tea-Partier, I doubt she would be backing the neoRepublican Trump which means her policies and stances are more aligned with neoconservatism as she learned from McCain. There are three possible motives for her backing Trump: 1. she is looking for a White House position and made a deal, or 2. she and Trump both share a Soros backing, or 3. Soros was wringing his hands trying to figure out how to dismantle the Cruz Trump out of reach candidates when his Republican favorite was Rubio. If in fact Palin moved to the Soros camp when she was introduced by McCain, Soros may have called her in to bring Trump down.

How? While Trump may believe that a Republican woman endorsing him defrays his crass remarks about women in the past and thus give him a boost, it could also spell disaster as Palin is considered a bit ‘out there in la-la land’ by a lot of Republican and Democrat voters, never mind the GOP Party.

On the other hand, if Trump and Palin are both in the Soros camp and this is all a magic trick with mirrors and wires, then we are in trouble. If McCain moves to the Trump camp – that would be a clear signal that the Soros agenda is confirmed.