Twitter & Facebook CEO’s: Unveiling Their Masters

Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame will be subpoenaed to testify regarding censorship and election interference.  

Earlier this year, Elliot Management purchased 4% of Twitter stock and tried to oust Dorsey.   Paul Singer is the icon behind Elliott Management, and by all appearances, a neoconservative, anti-Trump, vulture capitalist.     He attempted to use his ownership leverage to oust Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter sometime in March 2020.   Silver Lake Investments bought a $1 billion stake and as part of the agreement allowed Dorsey to remain CEO and on the Board.   In addition, Silver Lakes CEO Egon Durban and Elliot’s partner Jesse Cohn took seats on the board.

Durban is a German citizen. While Jesse Cohn’s political views are not readily public, Elliott Management is decidedly working to derail President Trump.

Robert Zoellick also serves on the board of Twitter.   He also Chairs the Global Tiger Initiative within the US-China Business Council, a Director for the Aspen Institutes Strategy Group, and was president for the World Bank.   He supported the Mitt Romney campaign for president and was slated to be a heavyweight within his administration. He also signed an open letter denouncing President Trump.

Patrick Pichette, a Candaian businessman is the Board Chair for Twitter.   He was formally CFO for Google. He also serves as a board member for the Trudeau Foundation which receives funding from the Canadian Government.

And it is likely Jack Dorsey takes his instructions from them.

It wasn’t that long ago that Zuckerberg found himself in a similar situation when George Soros was pressuring him to step down as CEO of Facebook claiming Zuckerberg was working in alliance with President Trump.   Soros claimed that Zuckerberg was responsible for Hillary’s lost presidential bid and was empowering Trump’s re-election for 2020.   Soros also claimed that Zuckerberg was in the game just for ‘the profits’.

Since those allegations, Zuckerberg created his fact checking oversight board.   Of the 20 member board, 18 have ties with Soros Open Society Foundation including: Jamal Greene former aide to Kamala Harris, Pamela Karlan, member of the American Constitution Society which was founded by Soros, Andas Sajo who co-founded Soros Central European University, Helle Thorning Schmidt, former Danish PM who is a Trustee of the Open Society and serves on the Soros funded Atlantic Council.

These are the people censoring media on Facebook.   All at the behest of George Soros – and like Dorsey, Zuckerberg likely takes his instructions from his Master.

A lose-lose situation.

May 2020, Twitter hired Fei-Fei Li, an artificial intelligence (AI) expert who allegedly has close connections with the CCP.    She was appointed to the board of Twitter as an Independent Director in May 2020. She has been tasked with censoring Twitter.

Li quit her role as chief scientist of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) from Google in October 2018 following a controversy surrounding Google’s Project Maven initiative, which helped the Pentagon identify drone targets from blurry video footage. She has been linked to Googles Project Dragonfly which sought to blacklist subjects deemed inappropriate by the Chinese Government.

In essence this would imply that Twitter’s censorship ‘board’ is run by China’s AI.

And Dorsey is in way over his head.

All of the algorithms applied to Twitter to censor, to delete accounts, to revoke Followers, to undermine the entire reality of Twitter, conform to an Artificial Intelligence domain within China.

When Ted Cruz calls in these two CEO’s to explain their censorship, he will discover they have no power – and if the Federal Government were to charge them for criminal behavior, their Boards would simply use that as fodder to oust them permanently and take control.

And of course – that is The Agenda.

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