Burisma, Biden, and the Communist China Connection

BIDEN’S CHINA CONNECTION:   CEFC China Energy went bankrupt in 2020. Ye Jianming, the former Chair was arrested by the Communist Party as authorized by Xi Jinping and has remained in detention since March 2018.   “CEFC China funded the establishment of the Hong Kong-based think tank China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC), an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.”

The conviction of Ye Jianming stems from his bribing of government officials in exchange for oil rights.

Prior to Jianming’s arrest, Czech president, Milos Zeman, appointed Jianming as his Economic Advisor.   Milos has been the Czech president since 2013.   Formerly a member of the Communist Party, he has changed political affiliations five times and now labels himself a member of the Party of Civic Rights – a party that Milos created. The party’s ideology aligns with comprehensive welfare state foundations as well as hard left ‘common good’ references.

After Jianming’s arrest in 2018, control for CEFC was transferred to an investment group owned by the Chinese government.   Thus, if Hunter Biden was still dealing with this company as per the emails recently released, he was dealing directly with and paid by – the Chinese Government.

The Biden laptop was handed to the FBI in December 2019 .   While it is likely they viewed the emails, they apparently did ‘nothing’.   Although that nothing could include sharing their information with Xi Jinping and advising that he shut down the company and destroy any prevailing evidence of Biden’s relationship.   This would explain how the hard drive remained out of sight, out of mind – until today.

Rudy Guiliani states he has a copy of the hard drive and all data will be released before the election – 40,000 emails. The actual laptop remains in the office of the FBI – whether it has since been scrubbed is not known.

In response Joe Biden has locked himself in his basement, Hunter continues to bee unaccounted, Kamala claims she needs to quarantine for CoVid, and the media is trying desperately to damage Guiliani so as to diffuse the credibility.

What happens if Biden is subject to a criminal prosecution?

The DNC has the authority to declare Biden unfit and at the last minute appoint a new candidate by vote.   However, that candidate would not be on the ballot and would be a ‘write-in’ candidate.   And every ballot where voters vote for Biden would be eliminated.

Not a good position.

Christopher Wray, the current Director for the FBI, would be held accountable for quashing the laptop information since December 2019.

Wray, a Bush, Mueller, Comey man, has already been under review for his collusion in the Russian Collusion Hoax. Since then, Wray has stated that China represents the greatest threat to America.

The current Board of Directors for Burisma includes Joseph Cofer Black and Alan Apter.   Apter serves as Chair of the Board and has extensive investment experience with Merrill Lynch and Troika Dialogue. Troika is an international banking and financial management company based in Moscow.   It was purchased by Russian Sberbank CIB with offices in London, NYC, Kiev, Kazakhstan and Cyprus. Burisma is registered as a Cyprus company.

Black was formerly with the CIA as Director of Counterterrorism.     He held this position during the 9-11 attacks.   Black was alleged to have withheld information from the FBI regarding two of the 9-11 attackers who were under surveillance by the CIA and had subsequently entered the United States. In response to the attack, Black flew to Russia to ask for assistance in tracking Bin Laden.   After a stint with Blackwater, Black was appointed to Mitt Romney’s failed presidential bid.

The Ukraine scandal that was supposed to be pinned on President Trump was a distraction to bury the real collusion between these various actors within and without the CIA, the FBI, Burisma, China, Russia, the UN, and Kiev.  

I imagine Obama is royally peeved at Biden for allowing Hunter to be so stupid in not destroying the laptop and it’s hard drive.   Because the evidence is mounting and the players will fall.  

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