America At the CrossRoads: A Missive…

The European media Government Controlled Mainstream are simpatico with CNN in their pronouncement of a victorious Biden win before the legal contentions have even been addressed.   The frame – a setup.  

The stage is to give an illusion of a win before a win has been ascertained so as to create the folly of riots and chaos when Trump is declared victorious.   It provides a justification. An excuse.   And given the depth of the fraud and corruption, it appears this is within the “Plan”.

As it became apparent that Biden and Harris had zero chance of securing anything more than a pathetic following of anarchists, the Deep State redefined the stage.   And their partners include Germany, China, The Netherlands, France, and Canada, all countries resolute on a regime that can be infiltrated by Marxists.

And if not Marxists – then chaos and civil war will ensue.

Goading us, they first sought the annihilation of core cities across the US, all run by Democrats bent on the Agenda and NOT America.   This was the intended ActIII to the Shakespearean stage.   To show us what they can accomplish – albeit throughout the entirety of the US.   It is a blackmail of sorts.   “Comply, or else this is what to expect for the next 4 years”.   It is the blackmail used against Syria! Ukraine! Yemen! And countless countries across the globe!

It’s What They Do.

We are no longer hailed as Republicans or even Conservatives; we are the MAGA’s.   A new vitriolic political group that is WOKE. We have numbers that are massive. We are the majority!   And yet, the propaganda would have us believe in the illusion the need, we are small, which is the EXACT same propaganda utilized by Lenin.   If we think we are a minority, if we believe we are a minority, we will cower like a minority despite our numbers being Strong!   And that is how the Bolsheviks/Lenin/Stalin defeated their own people – ultimately resulting in the assassination of upwards of 60 million people.

But Lenin and Stalin were flawed.   It is believed that Stalin ordered Lenin’s death via poison so he could take power.   And that same quest IS their demise – then and now. They will destroy each other – as their ego’s rule their testosterone.

George Bush, Romney, Jeb Bush, Flake, and all the neoconservatives dedicated to the Swamp have come forth to reveal their alliance.   Prematurely.   A Fatal Flaw.   If they were briefed in intelligence, they would know to never give away their position.   But these men are not warriors, and bereft of those values, they have inadvertently become the drag on the Agenda.   Their egos drive their flaws. And as such define their suicide.

While many pundits have compared this agenda to the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, there is one very glaring difference! That Revolution involved one country, Russia.   This Revolution is not even remotely about the US, it is about centralized control over the entire globe.   A heady task, but one the Deep State felt was necessary.   The US was simply the last bastion to affect their Global War so as to encapsulate the entirety of civilization into a Marxist Regime.

Why? Why?  

TO simply state it is about ‘control’ seems overly simplistic.   Power, money – also too simplistic.   The forces determined to eradicate mankind, humankind, are much more perverse and complex.   And while we liken it to the Gog/Magog fight of good vs. evil, even this definition seems lagging.

IN other words, there is a vital missing link of knowledge that has been hidden from us.

And that ‘Link” would provide a greater understanding of – WHY.   There is a gnawing – something else.

What good is money if these powers collapse the economy?   What good is power if you assassinate everyone?   What fun is there to control if everyone is a virtual slave/robot?   What is the real – WHY?

Even in the most psychosis of minds, ruling robots is hardly gratifying.   Which reveals – the Agenda is not – what we think.

Or controlled, by whom – we think.

We look at Hillary and see a beacon of fear postulating and fainting, and somehow accept this as normal.   We see Joe and Jill Biden obviously fending for their own lives as they sell off our Country.   What could be so heinous that these people are so self indulged?

The most recent dereliction of sanctity came from John Piper, who thought it his leadership responsibility to denounce President Trump in the days preceding the election.   Why?   Did this further God?   Did it further Good?   Did it glorify his own promise as a Christian?   Or did it reveal the snake within basket?

Timing is everything. And every true Leader is well aware of this POWER.   When Piper made his article known, he was well aware of the impact it would have on the Christian community and thus the Trump election.


According to Piper – no one is qualified to be President except Jesus Christ.   And therefore everyone else should abdicate.   Because of course, no one is qualified to be “king” including – King David.

I digress – Piper is an idiot.

We now face an unprecedented choice.

What does a Kamala Harris, post Biden assassination, look like?

First we must accept that Kamal toes has presented herself as exactly who she is:   a high school drama, egocentric, dance chic who has no clue about anything other than her sexual promiscuity pleasuring.

Second we must look to what her handlers view as our demise.

Most of us are nonessential.   Including – moi.   We offer nothing that will advance the desire for a robotic society free of the disgust of emotion and outburst.   The chaotic, the anarchists, the BLM, the Antifa’s will all be annihilated because they are simply distraction – and utilized to currently create a diversion. They serve no viable purpose in a utopian society.

Third, anyone who is deemed problematic, as in having an alternate viewpoint will be annihilated.   The few exceptions will be those with advanced scientific or medical prowess.

And of course, all future quasi human beings will be created via – gene manipulation.

Perhaps this sounds off the charts, conspiratorial, paranoid, – or perhaps this is a warning.   And this is our last chance to alter that future.   Civilizations have lived and died over the course of creation.   Did it ever occur to you – how an entire civilization could simply vanish from existence – and no one can provide anything more than – theories.

Let’s not be that Civilization!

I say we defy the Odds.   We buck the history. We give them face.   And we show them that we are More forceful than any enemy they can imagine! You have a choice. You can be a Warrior – or you can be a Basement Biden.   It is – Up TO YOU!

It appears that this is our Final Battle.   We are being called to the plate.   Each of us have a choice.   There are only two choices – and our Leaders, for the most part, have indicated they are subservient to the forces of Evil.

This isn’t a Democrat vs Republican battle – this is our Last Chance.   Our Last Supper.

And Your Choice is Yours.

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  1. Hi

    Did it again… Only had one link showing how many churches were paid off by Gov. I’ll go back to the dot com format until you have time to figure it out.

    I think many would be surprised, A fine article, by the way


  2. Hi

    Speaking of religion,,,

    Amazing how the Church and State have merged. I would think that blaspheme but the clerics seem not to have a problem with it. Instead they have partnered and now the church assists what I would call a beastly system.

    “Well over a half million pastors, church staff members, and ministry employees kept their jobs and continued serving their communities during the pandemic thanks to Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, according to a list released last week.”


  3. It is time for the people to abandon the Republican and Democratic parties, and beginning with the midterms 2022 really begin cleaning both houses of Congress. The social media is destroying our networks so first and foremost we must regroup and be determined to maintain our networks which are our sources of information. Regarding the quasi human beings and gene manipulation, we will need new people in Congress – federal and state – to tame big pharma. I, nor any member of my family, will be vaccinated for this coronavirus hoax. Kamal H. is a whore who has slept her way to the White House. Pure and simple. She is a tool to be used by the people who have put her in office, and worse than Hillary Clinton is that can be imagined. Action is the only behaviour that will produce an outcome, and it now time for action. As always, enjoyed your article.

  4. Great article, Helena. You’re right. We ARE the majority. I believe Trump already has the evidence to prove he won fair and square. I still have hope that the swamp will be drained and things will be better than they’ve been in years. Crazy times.

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