Russia Bombing Hospitals in Syria? Get your propaganda straight…

Russia is bombing multiple hospitals in Syria!!  Wait. How is this known? Who said it? And what is the proof?

First we need a bit of imagery. Most of Syria’s hospitals are empty, long ago destroyed and lost in this heinous vial of destruction. Field Hospitals were staged to treat the wounded, civilians, children, anyone who needed medical care. They are known only through a secretive underground network. They operate in hiding and have rudimentary equipment. Most field hospitals are worked by former medical students risking their lives to help the people. Most of the hospitals operated on the borders of Jordan and Turkey, but many of these were closed down by those respective governments for fear of targeting. The worst cases are sent to hospitals in these neighboring countries. And over the years as the fighting has become incessant, many of the field hospitals were forced to close as they could become an unlucky adjunct within the war campaign.

The doctors describe the horrors while battling tears. The stream of victims is never ending. The death toll is unknown, the injured number is unknown, but we can estimate the numbers into the hundreds of thousands. War is Hell, and each time we seem to fail to learn from our previous experiences and engage – again, and again.

Propaganda is always a part of every war. Theirs and ours. And such is the case in the media claim that Russia is targeting Syrian hospitals. It simply isn’t true.

1)most hospitals shut down years ago. 2) Field Hospitals became the only means within the country to tend to the wounded and sick. And they are hidden, underground units, so targeting isn’t even conceivable.

Medicins Sans Frontieres website has a post dated October 29th in which they claim that a number of hospitals were targeted in Northern Syria, six were forced to close – but one has reopened. What it does not say is what type of hospital, the name of the hospital, or who they say was responsible. Apparently, the media felt it was their duty to fill in these blanks. The only bombings in which blame is specifically asserted is in Yemen where the Saudis targeted and blew up a hospital, and in Afghanistan where the US targeted and blew up a hospital. Otherwise, their website is neutral, blaming – the war.

Curiouser and curiouser said the cat…

So who is responsible for this disinformation: The Daily Beast, The Guardian, CNN, AP, have all jumped on the bashing band wagon, and Newsweek claims that an NGO, Physicians for Human Rights, told them about the strikes. So let’s review the NGO first.

Physicians for Human Rights – an NGO funded and founded by – George Soros. They exposed the use of chemical weapons in Iraq which led to the false war against Iraq by Bush…hmmm, not a good reference for a resume. Their website has an interactive map which displays the various hospital hits through September 2015. Before Russia engaged in the fighting. It delineates by color, the strikes that they have determined came from the government, or ISIS, or Rebels, or unknown assailants. They make no mention of Russia. The six hospitals that the media is screaming about were actually hit in September – before Russia came on board. However, over the past four years, the hits have been devastating and the number hit extremely high!

The Daily Beast – owned and run by former Vanity Fair founder – a tabloid… which merged with Barry Miller a college dropout who became a VP of ABC at 23 doing the ABC movie of the week, is nsot even news worthy. This is tabloid to the nth degree…and deserves as much respect as The National Enquirer…

The Guardian uses their source as Dr. Mohamed Tennari, claiming he is the Director of the Sarmin Hospital, a Radiologist, who at the age of 35 has been practicing medicine for about 7 years. He is also supposedly affiliated with SAMS, Syrian American Medical Society. But the SAMS website lists no such person. Additionally, it is impossible to become a radiologist at the age of 28 unless he began his bachelor degree program at the age of 14…  just sayin’.

His statement of the attack on Sarmin Hospital – I think it was Russian because it was different from all the other times.  Does this sound like proof positive?  Really.   A cluster bomb was used, and a video of the bombing has been uploaded to the internet. Who uses cluster bombs? According to Cluster Munition Coalition, they have been used by the Saudis in Yemen, by the Sudanese in Sudan, by the Libyan government, by the government in Ukraine, by the Syrian government, by the US and UK in the Iraq invasion, Yugoslavia invasion, and Afghanistan war, and by the Israelis and Hezbollah…Hmmm.  Not exactly incriminating evidence against Russia.

And in 2014, Human Rights Watch announced that ISIS was using cluster bombs.

While researching the staff at the Physicians for Human Rights, I came across Elise Baker who is supposedly the forefront commentator of the Syrian conflict. She writes in her blog resume that she wishes Russia would be more demonstrative in issuing a peace process to a conflict that has done nothing but escalate during the US invasion and the rebel invasion of the country. It was written in August 2015. She claims that civilians are called to support ISIS and ISIL as they have no other choice; “Amid the Syrian power vacuum’. She further attacks the US for its airstrikes which only serve to ’embolden’ the ISIS contingent, calling the US airstrikes ‘deadly’.

So who is the enemy? Who is the bomber? Who is targeting whom?

As usual, the media hasn’t done their research. At All.  Propaganda.  It fuels and feeds and creates division and chaos.  Where there is propaganda we can assume that Soros is nearby.

Al Jazeera claims that 595 people have been killed by Russian Airstrikes… According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – which we already know is a ridiculous front for the UK’s M15. Yawn. According to SAMS, their report documented the killing of 599 medical personnel – PRIOR to January 2015. Oops. Get your facts straight…

And a report issued in July 2015, talks of the Turkish troops who destroyed this same town… with the aid of US airstrikes, after the chemical warfare that razed the town in August 2013 according to Tennari, all of this as reported in a ‘closed meeting with the US’.

In addition, Twitter feeds by our beloved Syrian Observatory in September talk of the Kurdish destruction in Sareen – because it was actually taking place in early September – before Russia arrived…and the city is governed by the Kurds. ARGHHH.

This would indicate that the same ‘field hospital has been razed systematically every few months for the past two years – or more… by rebels, by ISIS, by US airstrikes and by the Syrian government.  Does it even exist?  We don’t really know.

The Director of Operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross – says there is no confirmation of – any hits on any hospitals… and the US State Department made the absurd statement that they had read of some of the allegations on the internet… of ‘a’ Russian aircraft hitting ‘a’ hospital but this was not credibly confirmed…  Yawn.  They want the propaganda to continue because it diffuses their own muck-ups and demonizes Russia…  I thought the war was against ISIS?  The media would have us believe that the war is now Russia against the US – in Syria…  Remember Vietnam?

The bottom line – if we dig into the past, nothing, absolutely nothing corroborates the other. If we try to peel back the layers of fakery and forgery, even pictures are used multiple times – over multiple years to claim a fabricated agenda. It is a mish-mash of drivel at best with four, six, five, ten, twelve, and then one hospital confirmed hit. The latest – one – came from our own State Department which also stated that the ‘one was unconfirmed’ – double talk for rumor.

The point? Did Russia hit a field hospital? Maybe. Maybe not, there is no proof whatsoever. We do know that field hospitals are hidden, underground facilities, that no one knows about, so ‘targeting them’ is an impossibility.

Is war Hell? Yes. Has Syria been the target of a failed coup for over five years? Yes. Yemen? Yes. Turkey? Maybe. Libya? Yes. Ukraine? Yes. Sudan? Yes. Ad nauseum. And in the meantime, ISIS al Qaeda, al Nusra continue to RISE!

De Blasio, Wikipedia, Yemen Peace Talks, UN Sexual Assault Scandal and Cyberbullying – what do they have in common? Shame.

News Flash – dot dot do dot……

– Mayor De Blasio of New York is conducting a national media campaign to draw business into New York. The incentive – a tax vacation for ten years! WAIT! De Blasio is the democrat advocating for higher taxes on corporations and high income individuals because, well they deserve to pay more. And yet, here we find the about-face mayor offering free – no tax – incentives to draw business to his state.

I smell an ozone.

And how is it that no one seems to notice this bizarre divesture from democratic rule? Tax, tax, tax! That is the mantra. Finding new ways, the agenda. I imagine they have an office filled with purple people whose job description is, ‘find new ways to tax people so that I, the gov, can make more’. Ba-da-dim!

So what does De Blasio think is fair and equal in his city where the annual budget of $75 – $80 billion, can never seem to make ends meet De Blasio? Not sure, because last year his personal effective rate was just over 8%…


– So, Wikipedia lists the official language of the United States at the federal level – as ‘none’.  Ouch!


– The US military is lamenting the fact that they can’t find more than 200 rebels to train to fight ISIS… yet for the last two to three years we’ve been arming all sorts of rebels! So where are they now? McCain? Hello?

But even the 200 figure isn’t really accurate. Apparently, there are some reports that the number is ‘somewhere between 100 and 200’, which in truth could be – 101. So we just sent 450 MORE trainers for 100 trainees. We have already deployed 1000 trainers/support, the UK has deployed 75.

So we now have a $500 million program for about 100 trainees because according to reports, there aren’t any rebels left there is only Al Qaeda and ISIS. Well, that’s money well spent White House!


– The Yemen peace talks have been riddled in fighting. So what do the sides want? Well, the exiled government wants all the Yemeni rebels to give up their strongholds. That’s it folks. Surrender everything you have fought for and then we can have peace – hmmm. Smells rattish to me. Normally, ‘negotiation’ means give and take. This is not happening here.

The second Yemen agenda is the fact that the Saudi’s are using ‘cluster bombs’ which are illegal and they are specifically targeting civilians which is heinous. In fact, this resembles Al Qaeda tactics. So the blackmail is simply ‘we’ll stop killing your women and children, if you let us take back our cities and put our proxy president back in office.’

And of course, after that – it is anybodies guess what will happen to all those rebels…


– The UN has announced two members of its newly formed committee to review sexual assault claims against UN peacekeepers. One unnamed ‘external’ member is the head of a South African human rights foundation and a prosecutor for the U.N.’s International Criminal Court Tribunal in Rwanda. Waaaiiittt. This unnamed person works for the UN, how is that external?

The other member is Marie Deschamps, a Canadian former judge who recently released a report on Canadian military sexual harassment. The report stated that indeed sexual issues were present and concluded that a committee should be formed to deal with the problem. Yawn.

But wait, the review committee is tasked with ‘looking at the UN’s response to the allegations’ as well as to ‘mandating recommendations as to how the UN should respond to similar future allegations’. Why do you need a panel to discuss this? These people committed atrocious rape against young girls and boys and you don’t know what to do? Your own UN executives then tried to hush the allegations and pretend they didn’t exist – and you don’t know what to do?



– And here’s a good headline: Cyberbullying linked to Teen Depression.

Really? “New research evaluated a number of teenagers…” Of course, the alternative would be; “Teens that are bullied exhibit happiness and a sense of peace and security”… So, Michelle Hamm at the University of Alberta – stating the obvious is a waste of taxpayer funds and a waste of intellect.  Good Grief!

And That’s All FOLKS!