Soros: Bellingcat & National Endowment for Democracy Propaganda Machines

The New York Times is dredging up old disproven news in yet another anti-Russia propaganda that is as old as the Trump demonizing rhetoric.   An arms dealer from Bulgaria – three attempted assassinations – and a hit squad from Russian intelligence – is all they could muster. It reminds me of Hollywood turning Little Women into a feminist journey.   Or the notion that Dean Martin’s hit song, “Baby its Cold Outside” is offensive.

While the article attempts to create some bizarre connection to Russia without any verifiable proof, despite the objections of the very same arms dealer who disagrees with the assertions, despite the disagreement of the dealer’s associates, they cite – Bellingcat as proof positive that this spy story is connected to a Russian conspiracy.  In other words, the New York Times has no news to report and scribbles around looking for anything promoting anti-Russia propaganda.

Bellingcat rose to prominence during the Syrian civil war wherein this guy, Eliot Higgins from the UK, decided he could look at a bunch of pictures online and determine who was doing what to whom in Syria. Of course, the answer was nearly always – Assad and Russia.  But the end was always the means in his investigations.

Higgins was unemployed, supported by his Turkish wife, and began blogging ‘in his spare time’.   He claims to have educated himself in Syrian weapons and began taking contract work from Human Rights Watch – the Soros organization.   Shortly thereafter he was written up by The New York Times, and ran projects for The Atlantic Council. With the equivalent of a high school education, Higgins, was soon touted as the master genius of investigations that always culminated in everything anti-Russia.  The propaganda was so thick, he lost his mojo in the news world and has been given little attention.  But he continues to churn out everything put forth by the grand master – Soros.

Despite having little education, he became a research associate at King’s College London. Highlighted by the Independent, CNN, and New Yorker, Higgins suddenly emerged as an expert on poison, arms, military, tactics, intelligence, and information.   And like Greta Thunberg, he has an assigned task.  His donors include Soros Open Society, National Endowment for Democracy, Digital News Initiative, Adessium Foundation, PAX, and the Dutch Postcode Lottery. What the heck?

The Postcode Lottery was founded in 1989 by Novamedia. Bill Clinton is one of their Ambassadors and the Clinton Foundation has been a large recipient of funds from the lottery.   Other recipients include:   ARK, a children’s foundation created by hedge fund billionaires with connections to Epstein, Clinton, Blair, Spacey, Hurley, etc… ARK states that its focus is on Mozambique and South Africa where the sex trafficking of children is relatively easy to officiate given there is no real legal mechanism to intervene.

Digital News Network is an organization founded by Google to create a propaganda outlet for the European media. Adessium Foundation joined forces with Open Society and the Omidyar Network to censor and police online outlets.

National Endowment for Democracy is a radical US organization that claims roots in Reaganism despite its blistering liberal affiliations including the AFL-CIO, as well as connections to both Hillary and Obama thru its affiliate the National Democratic Institute. NDI’s Board includes: Derek Mitchell who served under Clinton as Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright who served under Bill Clinton, Harriet Babbitt and Tom Daschle – democrats in the Clinton Administration, Diane Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum, and one of our favorites – Donna Brazile who was found to have shared debate questions in the 2016 election cycle with Hillary Clinton.

While NED may have originated with grand intentions as Reagan sought to rebrand clandestine actions of the CIA into a more public organization with a transparent desire for democracy, their power quickly expanded and anything remotely Reaganesque was hijacked and transformed by the Open Society Initiative.  Today they promote chaos and coups.

NED has been accused of fomenting the Hong Kong protests. While initially created to facilitate democracy, they ultimately became the forerunner for coups across the globe under the guise of wielding democracy.   When infiltrated by the Open Society, those coups took on a different meaning as the globalization for one power became the agenda and revolutions became the means.

Time and again Higgins’ very artful investigative reports have been shred by a host of journalists, scientists, and pundits who spend an inordinate amount of time showing how his fabricated scenes created to support his conclusion, are a staged engineering catastrophe.  Sometimes the photographs are so faked as to rival absurdity.  One such fakery was a picture of the arrival of two GRU agents at the London airport proving they were in London when the Skripals were poisoned.  Problem is – both agents arrived at apparently the exact same time per the superimposed time stamp with neither picture showing anyone coming behind.   The fact that it took an independent journalist to note the obvious flaw was indicative of a messy, incompetent investigation that was so obviously rigged it was embarrassing.

But Higgins continues to plod away serving the purpose of illusion and propaganda in a world lacking integrity and thriving on $$$$.

UN: US Poverty Is Trump’s Fault

The UN has appointed an Australian professor who moved to the US to teach at NYU, because he prefers the wages, to denigrate the abysmal poverty in the US as a result of Trump policies. Using figures through 2016, which would cover through the Obama administration, Special Rapporteur, Philip Alston, is actually imposing these numbers on Trump because he ‘believes’ the Trump policies will negatively impact poverty…

One such statistic he quotes is the fact that 41 million people in the US or 12.7%, live in poverty, while 1/3 are children – the highest for any industrialized nation.   Digging a bit more we find that the census also states that 20% of those people are non-citizens and 10% are naturalized citizens. In addition 30% of those in poverty are not working at all, 25% have not graduated from high school, and 15.4 million of adults not working have a disability.  Of course these statistics are – from the Obama era…

If we extrapolate the non and naturalized citizens the figure is reduced to roughly 9% overall.   Nearly half that of Germany…  Oops.

Statistically, Australia, the home country of Philip Alston, has a rather abysmal record of it’s own that should be illustrated:   In 2014, the poverty rate was 12.8%, social assistance payments had not increased since 1994, poverty rates were growing, the indigenous population suffer the greatest and ¼ of their homeless are children under the age of 18.

But Australia prefers not to measure poverty and does not provide a real number, estimates are speculative and statistically defined by private organizations. Obviously, they would rather not discuss this issue with the world at large…or the UN.

Germany as well refuses to measure poverty on a national level although charities indicate the rise of poverty is indicative of ‘unemployment’ (gosh darn, how many committees were necessary to determine that tidbit) and as of 2014 was estimated to be 15.5%.   That would be before the massive immigration policies of Merkel which would have added an additional 2.5 million to the roles or roughly 3.4%, increasing the poverty level to about 19%.  Hmmm, ten points higher than the extrapolated US rate.

Oddly, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, hasn’t remarked on these Australian or German issues, nor is he remarking on Obama, Bush and Clinton policies wherein the US poverty rate was roughly 13.2%, instead he is blaming the US rates on – Trump. Within his own version of ‘extrapolations’ that he has not presented in any mathematical or statistical manner.

Presenting his report to the UN later this month, Alston visited Puerto Rico, rural Alabama and Skid Row.

Skid Row sits in the heart of LA. The elected mayor, Eric Garcetti is a Democrat whose alma mater includes, the London School of Economics.   Prior to his election, he served on the California Board for Human Rights Watch, a Soros funded organization.   LA continues to have the highest poverty rate of any large city in the US which does not extrapolate for the high cost of living.  Alston’s report does not mention these statistics.

Puerto Rico is by far the worst off with a poverty rate at 46% despite the World Bank classifying it as a ‘high income economy’. It is however, not a part of the US, but is a US territory meaning it’s highly inefficient government is guided by regulations and laws of the US Federal government.  

In June 2016 Obama instituted PROMESA in Puerto Rico which included: an oversight board, reduction of minimum wage, increased austerity programs, and non-governmental interference.   The ‘oversight board’ is a committee of 7 appointed by President Obama to make sure the government doesn’t spend money on stuff it shouldn’t… the board includes some bankers, Jerry Brown’s former Finance Director, and a few US law professors.  It isn’t working very well.

Alabama is a country of its own. Poverty dates back hundreds of years made worse by the Civil War and Reconstruction.   Many left the state and only tenants were left to scrounge a living off land they didn’t own requiring children to work instead of go to school, and a descension into Hell ensued. Despite numerous programs aimed at bringing jobs, skills and education, the state continued to fall behind dramatically.

While Wikipedia claims that ‘white rural interests’ dominated the government policies including slave cropping, a quick look found that the Democrat Party ruled Alabama up until 1987.    The economy began expanding in 1990 with the automobile industry being the primary driver followed by steel, iron, paper and lumber. In addition, a driver for expanding commercial interests is the fact that Alabama has a significantly low individual and corporate tax rate, ranking it the second lowest in the country.

While Mr. Rapporteur Alston would focus on these three particular areas as demonstrative negatives is curious.   The fact that the issues underlying poverty in all three can date back hundreds of years is even more curious…  Unless the greater agenda is to create a dark cloud over Trump…   While Republican capitalism has begun to draw Alabama out of its dirge, Democrat policies continue to manage LA and Puerto Rico.

Even curiouser and curiouser is the fact that the Trump administration has basically instituted a tax policy whereby the first $25,000 of a married couple’s income is taxed at $0 can be observed as a failure by Alston would bring to question his intellect and/or common sense.  

Maybe He Didn’t Do his Homework while at London School of Economics…

Syria Sarin Chemical Came From Belgium?

Germany and Israel are tauting a new source for their intelligence gathering, Syrian Archive founded by a two man team consisting of: Hadi al-Khatib and Jeff Deutch. Other members include:  Abdul Rahman Jaloud, Niko Para, Haneen and Tariff (both of whom appear to have no last name), and Sam Razzouk.  According to, the German newspaper owned by the government and edited by Soros, this group is completely unbiased in their reporting of Syria Human Rights violations. 

The governments of Israel and Germany are utilizing the research and conclusions of Syrian Archive in conjunction with the one man show – Bellingcat, to make legal intelligence decisions, including the determination that Assad used chemical weapons on his people in Douma.

Hadi Al Khatib is also a Director for the Center For Internet and Human Rights, whose goal is to provide a platform for the promotion of high quality research about internet and human rights.   The internet has ‘rights’?   The internet is not a person…  

Court action against three separate chemical companies is pending given the evidence provided by these two research companies who claim that chemicals were sold to Assad between 2014 and 2016 despite the ban in place.

AE Chemie and Danmar Logistics are among those cited.  AE Chemie produces personal care and cosmetic products.   Danmar Logistics is a transport company.   The chemical in contention is isoproponal,more commonly known as ‘rubbing alcohol’, which is typically used as an antiseptic and cleaning agent.   It is also used in personal care and cosmetic products.  And apparently is one potential ingredient in the making of Sarin.

The two companies being charged are Belgium and claim they are innocent because customs accepted the shipment with all proper declarations.

It is worth noting that the Executives of the Center For Internet and Human Rights includes Dr. Ben Wagner who previously worked for the Soros funded, Human Rights Watch, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Other researchers and Directors claim in their bios to have worked for ‘international NGO’s’, unnamed.

Sam Razzouk of Syrian Archive formerly worked for International Medical Corps which is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Their Twitter account reveals a very biased and edged analysis with associations such as Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch, and Bellingcat.  While the 2 companies charged never assert they were supplying the chemical to Assad, they claim that they had contracts with paint companies and leather factories in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan for 15 to 20 years.   Leather tanneries are a major industry in the Middle East.

In the Middle East, leather tanneries typically use cow urine and pigeon poop in the processing of the leather which is all done manually, i.e. using hands and feet to soften the hides.   Rubbing alcohol is used to disinfect the leather given the stench and clean the host area.

So, while the claims against these companies may be real in that they continued to transport rubbing alcohol to these three Middle Eastern countries, whether or not Assad took the shipments is indeterminable given he was never the contractual party.   Any assertions against him are completely contrived, biased, and without a Protocol of Truth – a conjecture making the entire allegation relatively worthless and most definitely with an – Agenda

Syria; Chemical Weapons?

The Syrian war is such a universal mess it is completely unfathomable why. The list of countries bombing Syria includes: US, UK, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Belgium, Bahrain, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and UAE.   And yet – with all that in play – ISIS, comprised of about 100,000 fighters by best guess, has actually – grown…

Five years later, a country is completely destroyed, but ISIS and al Qaeda seem to be doing just fine. What kind of military intelligence is conducting this massive catastrophe?   In WWII, Hitler’s army was comprised of over 18 million.   In the Gulf War against Iraq we fought against 650,000 troops and it lasted one month.

We have fake videos showing faked casualties, faked attacks, and apparently a complete inability to determine who is doing what where because we don’t seem to know who is bombing whom at any given time and so the rhetoric is US vs Assad.

Adding to the confusion, weapons are being sold indiscriminately to all related countries by both the US and Russia. It used to be that we could verify who was doing what via satellite imagery, but those too have been doctored to present false information.   So we turned to witnesses on the ground. But they have no factual bearing either as each side presents their propaganda witness.

Recently the US press has begun a campaign of parading previous Syrian victims as their source of information. Hillary capitalized on this propaganda method during her campaign, and the media have recently jumped osn the proverbial bandwagon creating chemical weapon victims. One, used to work for the Clinton Global Initiative… and the other one claims to have escaped after the August 2013 chemical weapon attack, only to show up in the US in September 2013 and start a Twitter account in English…

It’s interesting to note who is retweeted on this Twitter account of Mr. Kassem Eid. It would include Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch, a George Soros organization. There is Liz Sly of the Washington Post. The Daily Beast who has on it’s board Chelsea Clinton. The Syrian Network For Human Rights, a UK based organization that was an offshoot of the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, both one man shows located in the UK. And the very shadowy Eliot Higgins or Bellingcat also from the UK , a stay at home dad married to a Turkish woman who suddenly rose to fame as a weapons analyst…

The information being parlayed is always the same, makes statements of fact without any corroborating evidence, and is continually restated, reTweeted, rehashed by the mainstream media. The idea being if you say it enough, if multiple sources say the same thing – then it must be factual and evidence is no longer necessary.

Now we have Fox News using the fact checker of The Washington Post against Rice, and the mire is so thick we cannot possibly know what is fact or fiction. It is no different than asking Hillary who’s on first in Benghazi!   All it proves is that Rice is going down and she is the Democrat’s scapegoat.

We also now know that the riff between Bannon and Kushner was about Syria. Kushner won – and Syria was bombed without any verifiable evidence other than a statement made by the White Helmets, an organization created in and funded by the UK that ultimately shifted its funding to the US taxpayers. There are photos and videos linking them to complicity with al-Nusra. For their propaganda, they use the Aleppo Media Center to provide ‘pictures’ for release to US and UK media. The authenticity of these photos is questionable…at best.  And certainly completely and openly biased.

Tillerson blaming Russia for their failure to eliminate the chemical weapons in Syria is childish. The OPCW, a Norwegian organization, was tasked with the elimination. They work in cooperation with the UN. It’s latest news brief has declared that they are ‘investigating the claim of chemical weapons use in Syria’. Below is what the OPCW stated in 2016 with regard to the continued use of chemical weapons:

“At a time when the likelihood of states using chemical weapons has become distant, non-state actors – in Syria and Iraq – have not only sought to acquire such weapons, but have also used them. What this means is that chemical terrorism is no longer a theoretical proposition or even imminent threat, but a stark reality. It is also a reality that could affect many more of us across the globe over coming years as foreign fighters return to their homelands with experiences gained in Syria and Iraq.”

There are six countries known to house stashes of chemical weapons: US, Russia, Egypt, Israel, North Korea and South Sudan. However, what the OPCW acknowledges is that ‘non-state actors’, as in terrorists, have stockpiles that cannot be contained.  Recklessness was the Democrat and Republican war hawks agenda, The People are more concerned about the Saudi’s than Assad where Sharia Law, beheadings, human rights violations, war mongering in Yemen, ethnic cleansing, and genocide are all tolerated for some reason… could it be The Swamp back-scratching???

Amnesty International – A Propaganda Machine

Amnesty International’s, Salil Shetty, has taken a scathingly political position against Trump. While Amnesty claims impartiality, and usually references ‘a country’ as opposed to it’s President, they have decided to abandon that rule and attack Trump.

In it’s most recent diatribe, it lists numerous infractions of Human Rights at the behest of Trump.  In contrast, when discussing atrocities committed by Ukraine, Amnesty references ‘the rebels’ and ‘Kiev’, when discussing UAE, it references the ‘authorities’, and in Belgium it is ‘Parliament’.  This attack on Trump is a personal agenda ordered by Soros.

One of Shetty’s accusation against Trump states that by not funding international NGO’s who perform abortions, Trump is denying the human right to abortion. OUCH! When did ‘abortion become a human right’?

The UN attempted to unify the right to abortion as a part of International Law. However, International Law is specifically confined to treaty’s among states. Imposing it’s own moral obligation on the world is more than a bit ‘over-stepping’ their boundaries. It would be no different than requiring all women to wear Burqa’s. Morality is NOT an International Law.

In addition, Amnesty’s Salil Shetty attacks Trump for the Mexico border wall, for the temporary halt to Syrian refugees and the temporary ban on refugees from 7 terrorist countries in the Middle East and North Africa. All violations of human rights according to Mr Shetty. Is immigration a Human Right?

The argument for immigration contests it is a ‘moral right or moral obligation’. Whereas the opposition claims that states have the right to set their own laws within sovereignty. Given there is no universal conclusion one way or the other, it is a deference to sovereign nations to make their choices without any ‘body/person’ denouncing such. The laws of each state are thus free to govern themselves.

We have yet to elect a King of the world, or a moral court of the world whose job it is to govern and restrict and apply global laws upon nations. In fact, it was this ideology of Obama/Hillarygate/Soros that The People rejected.  That rejection has brought about a Soros War.

Amnesty has sparked outrage by making another radical statement claiming that Syria unjustly killed and tortured 13,000 prisoners at the hands of Assad. However, when reading the ‘fine print’, Amnesty has somewhat fabricated a conclusion based on an interesting jumble of information, including using evidence from the Syrian Network For Human Rights, SNHR.

Like the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, the SNHR is a one man show. One man who lives in the UK, who has no background, and who adamantly and openly hates Assad.   Neither of these ‘organizations’ list their funding although it is widely believed to come from the UK’s GCHQ.  

BOTH organizations claim to have ‘a network of spies on the ground in Syria with whom they converse daily for information’.   Like SOHR, Fadel Abdulghani, the Director of Syrian Network of Human Rights, lists absolutely no previous background or history on social media sites. He never existed prior to becoming an expert…and Chairperson of his one man show…

But it gets worse:   Fadel Abdulghani is aligned with the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which the US and Australia consider an alias of MEK. MEK, headed by Maryam Rajavi was considered a terrorist organization by the US as of 2003 and was delisted in 2012.

It gets worse: The delisting of MEK as a terrorist organization was made by then Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton!


Thus it would appear that one of Amnesty International’s prime source for their claim that Assad tortured and murdered 13,000 comes from one man who is affiliated with a former terrorist organization who has no background or previous experience and who would seem to have been ‘created’ from thin air…and possibly funded by GCHQ!  Wow!

Apparently, Maryam Rajavi openly declares that she is the leading advocate and voice to ‘violently over-throw the government of Iran’.   Which oddly coincides with Hillary’s latest speech a few days ago in which she declares that women are the future government of the world…  Elizabeth Warren would agree.

It should not be overlooked that MEK sided with Saddam Hussein, strongly supported the Iran hostage crisis, played an active role in the downfall of the Shah of Iran, and has been viewed as treasonist. But now – according to Hillary, they are just a bunch of peaceful activists. And Amnesty bought it by aligning as their source against Assad, an organization affiliated with terrorism.  Not cool.

And while the media has run with the 13,000 figure, Amnesty admits that the number is simply a calculation based on unverifiable numbers from unverifiable sources… most of whom don’t live in Syria, and are adamantly opposed to Assad.   Sound biased?  Well it should – because it is.

Three organizations provided all the ‘witnesses’? The Syrian Network For Human Rights… The Syrian Institute For Justice and Accountability… and Urnammu For Justice and Human Rights.

The Syrian Institute for Justice lists their phone number having a prefix of +90 53 – which is registered to originate within Turkey.  Oddly, it was founded in 2011, the same as SNHR.  It has no website presence, little background, a Facebook page with very limited information, and a lot of radicalization.

Urnammu For Justice and Human Rights would appear to have no social or web appearance at all…

Given these are the primary ‘sources’, I’d say they were pretty lame and hardly reputable.

In the report, citations routinely include Amnesty itself and Human Rghts Watch (the Open Society Soros organization).  In the real world, such citations would never be considered authoritative.

This isn’t the first time Amnesty International has been called out for questionable reporting:

In 1990, Amnesty reported on the dramatic testimony of a Kuwaiti girl making claims that hospitals were leaving babies on the floor to die! Upon further investigation it was found that the story was a Washington PR contrivance and the girl was actually the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter. Her testimony led to the Gulf War.

In 2011 Amnesty paved the way for a no-fly zone in Libya and the demand for a ‘regime change’.

And in 2015, Amnesty cited The Institute for Justice and Accountability in its statement that the Syrian government was targeting civilians. It was confirmed that this organization/witness was based in Turkey which was aiding the rebels and ISIS.

While Amnesty’s report claims that over 13,000 were executed, they claim to have the names of 36, and refuse to release this list because it is private and confidential. Why? Their calculations are based solely on extrapolations of how many could have been killed on any given day based on statements from nameless sources.

Whatever the Truth may be, Amnesty has clearly demonstrated an agenda in collaboration with Soros which, as tragic as it may be, is not a viable representation of Truth. Unfortunately, it would also indicate that GCHQ works in collaboration with Open Society and Soros.

Now, Amnesty is calling for an “independent review” of their allegations by the UN Human Rights Council whose current members include; Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iraq, Rwanda, Cuba and Egypt. Not exactly the cream of the crop on human rights…

Worse:  The UN Human Rights Council is heavily represented and governed by Soros, Human Rights Watch.

And the circle is complete.

Loretta Lynch: Lynched?

Loretta Lynch, like most of her cohorts is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. Coming from a relatively lower-middle class family in North Carolina, it is interesting to note that her degrees came at a total cost of about $56,000-$60,000, a hefty sum for a father who was a preacher and a mom who worked at a library… The only source of grants and scholarships at the time included a ‘maximum’ Harvard College payout of $800 per year, and according to Harvard Law – there are no scholarships. We are thus left with a similar unclear haze not unlike Obama’s questionable education… and exactly who financed the man-puppet.

Lynch’s agenda from the beginning of her law career was purportedly as drug and violent crime prosecutor, although she claims her first job was working at Cahill, Gordon and Reindell, LLP. A quick research into this law firm and we find that its specialty is corporate finance and high stakes lawsuits, hardly the druggie prosecution bent that Lynch claims. But then, maybe she was merely an intern.

She then worked in the US Attorney’s office on Long Island which seems to focus on complex white collar crimes, terrorism, organized crime, trafficking, public corruption and weapons. Street crimes, drug crimes – the notch of Lynch, not so much. Perhaps another resume bluff.

During the time she claims to have prosecuted government officials for political corruption in Brookhaven NY, 1994 to 1998, the only case I find involves a Republican highway laborer who extorted money from ‘trash haulers’ who wanted access to the town dump. While extortion is a crime, it doesn’t entirely fit the depiction of Loretta Lynch saving the world prosecuting corrupt politicians…

And while there was a bribery case against a car dealer turned developer, John McNamara, the indictment does not mention a Loretta Lynch but references the US Attorney for the Eastern Office and the Assistant US Attorney as the ones involved.

In either/both cases, it would appear her resume is a bit inflated. Which is not a crime, but begs how she managed to get where she is today.

In addition, her classification as ‘Chief” for the US Attorney Office would seem perplexing given there is no Chief designation – there is however, ‘support staff’. Not nearly as impressive.

It wasn’t until 1999 that Mr. Bill nominated her to the position of US Attorney of the Eastern District where she remained for one year before relocating to another law firm that specialized in corporate finance, Hogan and Hartson. During her tenure, they expanded exponentially, opening offices in China, Dubai and Riyadh specializing in Middle East clients.

The most interesting aspect is the Riyadh connection. Apparently, the firm works on behalf of Saudi Arabia and the Royal family. Given the Short tenure with Bill Clinton, and Lynch’s subsequent partnership with a law firm that was picking the pockets of the Royals, perhaps it was Lynch’s connection to the law firm and a brief tenure as a board member of the Federal Reserve that gave her the power to ultimately return to the Obama legacy of appointments. Was she groomed? It would appear so.

Because otherwise, her resume is very lukewarm at best…

June 2015, Human Rights Watch, a Soros organization, wrote Mz. Lynch a letter indicating that they would be working closely with her office specifically to target: 1) the CIA’s torture policies, 2) the FBI’s anti-muslim rhetoric, 3) immigration policies that they feel are too stringent against illegals and, 4) the disparity in prison terms for drug related crimes and the need to reduce and pardon many.

Those exact four points then became the issues advocated by Loretta Lynn as her own – verbatim. In other words, HRW outlined exactly what she would do while in office and gave her notice that she was now on their payroll. Bought.

Making anti-Muslim speech a vendetta worthy of prosecution and illegal immigrants more protected than US citizens, Mz Lynch has carried forth the baton advocated by Soros. Currently, she is working alongside Obama in attempting to create a UN global police force in the US that would take precedence over our current system and Constitution, ie, nominating individuals within communities that would act as the enforcer of UN laws. The plan, entitled Strong Cities Network, would operate in a Socialist/Fascist frame of squelching freedom of speech and transferring control from our enlisted local governments to those individuals whom the UN believes are more competent.

Add to the fray of Lynchism is the most recent faux pas whereby she initiated a supposed clandestine meeting with Mr. Bill to discuss grandchildren and golf (she doesn’t play) in the midst of the Hillarygate FBI investigation for which she has the power to ‘squelch’ the entire investigation and rule ‘no indictment’. Tch, tch.

I remember the Nixon days – it wasn’t so much that he was doing anything that every other politician wasn’t also doing – it was his stupidity in getting caught! And that stupidity cost him his Presidency.

Mz Lynch, Mr. Bill, Mz. Hillary – your stupidity is in getting caught. Over and over and over again.

When will the Soros/Rothschilds simply close their door and begin again with someone a bit more competent?

HRW and Caesar, A Soros Creation

The infamous defector and traitor, Caesar , who smuggled photographs out of Syria in 2014 purportedly showing the atrocities committed by Assad’s regime, has made headlines again.

Human Rights Watch claims that it interviewed relatives of 27 of the 6000 victims and thus the claims are verified. Atrocities! Every victim was someone’s father, brother, son, husband or friend having searched for years as to their whereabouts. “We have meticulously verified dozens of stories”, says the Human Rights Watch Deputy Middle East Director, Nadim Houry.

Really?  Okay, let’s try and see what is real.

Human Rights Watch opposes violence of any sort, they oppose capital punishment and discrimination, believe in religious freedom and freedom of the press – freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. They also believe in legalized abortion… So much for babies rights. Most importantly, they are predominantly funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. Most of it’s accountability is its production of lengthy reports and research campaigns. Little is actually done to improve anything as compared to Amnesty International, which has a more hands-on track record.

The organization has been cited for bias toward US foreign policy (75% of funds are US generated), unfair reporting, siding against Israel, supporting Saudi Arabia, and interfering in the governments of Latin America and Ethiopia.

The Current Director, Kenneth Roth, states that his father fled Nazi occupied Germany in 1938 – about the same time as George Soros. And the previous Director, Aryeh Neier, left HRW to become head of The Open Society Institute.  Tangled!

Nadim Houry has been quoted as Bierut based, Lebanon based, Kuwait based, Middle East based, and Syrian based, since 2010. In 2009, he was shown on a Harvard website as the Foreign Editor for McClatchy Co. The problem? In 2007, McClatchy reports him to be a Human Rights Watch researcher and there is no evidence he was ever employed by McClatchy. But Nadim’s own LinkedIn account shows he began with HRW in 2008 and between January 2006 and January 2008 – he was unemployed.   There is no data to corroborate that Nadim ever worked at Shearman and Sterling. Normally law firms announce new associates, this was not done with Nadim.

Something not right with Nadim? You betcha. His LinkedIn profile does not match up to his profile on Human Rights Watch.

Something not right with Human Rights Watch? You betcha.

Why would Caesar, a supposed military defector from Syria take his photographs to a private NGO, Human Rights Watch? Wouldn’t he take them to the US, UK, German military? Apparently, according to Human Rights Watch, Caesar took them to SAFMCD, Syrian Association for the Missing and Prisoners of Conscience organization. Who are they?  YIKES!  No information is available except that the IP address for .com is hosted in Phoenix, Arizona, and the domain for .net is hosted in Montreal Canada. The Google info is all in Arabic. The domain was not even created until January 2015. In other words – they are a fake – a loose end that was not quite tied up Mr. Soros, for their IP address did not even exist until 2015 and HRW says they got the photos in 2014 from them.

Caesar? A hooded figure whose face is not allowed to be shown even today while testifying in the US.  The report that cites Caesar and condemns Syria’s Assad was sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. No agenda there. The three barristers called to determine the veracity of Caesar?  Even more messed up!

1) Sir Geoffrey Nice was a part of the prosecution of Yugoslavia’s Milosevic. While Milosevic wanted to subpoena Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as Madelleine Albright, Tony Blair and Helmut Kohl, Neier, former Director of HRW and Director of Soros Open Society, quashed the request saying it was up to Sir Geoffrey Nice who saw no point in it.  Were the US, the UK and Germany complicit in the communist regime of Milosevic?

2) In June 2006, Desmond De Silva, prosecutor in Sierra Leone, met with the Open Society Institute’s – Justice Initiative. After De Silva highlighted the need for more legal clinics and funding for court, Justice Initiative – complied.  Greasing the hands…

3) Prof. David Crane states that he is actively affiliated with Impunity Watch an organization under the umbrella of Justice Initiative – Soros.


Bottom line? Like the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, a one man British prop, HRW would appear to have a less than authentic domain.

Human Rights Watch is a Soros organization.  The Three barristers are in some manner complicit with George Soros.  A fake organization took control of the photos and gave them to ‘Soros HRW’.  Falsified occupations.  Falsified data and employment history.  All pointing back to ONE place.  Add to the witches brew the whole entirety of the fake Caesar as a concoction of Qatar and Saudi Arabia…. oh my, oh my said Eeyore…

Another tangled web of Soros creation in order to facilitate the Syrian demise, and the rise of ISIS.

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

~Lewis Carrol; Alice In Wonderland

Russia Bombing Hospitals in Syria? Get your propaganda straight…

Russia is bombing multiple hospitals in Syria!!  Wait. How is this known? Who said it? And what is the proof?

First we need a bit of imagery. Most of Syria’s hospitals are empty, long ago destroyed and lost in this heinous vial of destruction. Field Hospitals were staged to treat the wounded, civilians, children, anyone who needed medical care. They are known only through a secretive underground network. They operate in hiding and have rudimentary equipment. Most field hospitals are worked by former medical students risking their lives to help the people. Most of the hospitals operated on the borders of Jordan and Turkey, but many of these were closed down by those respective governments for fear of targeting. The worst cases are sent to hospitals in these neighboring countries. And over the years as the fighting has become incessant, many of the field hospitals were forced to close as they could become an unlucky adjunct within the war campaign.

The doctors describe the horrors while battling tears. The stream of victims is never ending. The death toll is unknown, the injured number is unknown, but we can estimate the numbers into the hundreds of thousands. War is Hell, and each time we seem to fail to learn from our previous experiences and engage – again, and again.

Propaganda is always a part of every war. Theirs and ours. And such is the case in the media claim that Russia is targeting Syrian hospitals. It simply isn’t true.

1)most hospitals shut down years ago. 2) Field Hospitals became the only means within the country to tend to the wounded and sick. And they are hidden, underground units, so targeting isn’t even conceivable.

Medicins Sans Frontieres website has a post dated October 29th in which they claim that a number of hospitals were targeted in Northern Syria, six were forced to close – but one has reopened. What it does not say is what type of hospital, the name of the hospital, or who they say was responsible. Apparently, the media felt it was their duty to fill in these blanks. The only bombings in which blame is specifically asserted is in Yemen where the Saudis targeted and blew up a hospital, and in Afghanistan where the US targeted and blew up a hospital. Otherwise, their website is neutral, blaming – the war.

Curiouser and curiouser said the cat…

So who is responsible for this disinformation: The Daily Beast, The Guardian, CNN, AP, have all jumped on the bashing band wagon, and Newsweek claims that an NGO, Physicians for Human Rights, told them about the strikes. So let’s review the NGO first.

Physicians for Human Rights – an NGO funded and founded by – George Soros. They exposed the use of chemical weapons in Iraq which led to the false war against Iraq by Bush…hmmm, not a good reference for a resume. Their website has an interactive map which displays the various hospital hits through September 2015. Before Russia engaged in the fighting. It delineates by color, the strikes that they have determined came from the government, or ISIS, or Rebels, or unknown assailants. They make no mention of Russia. The six hospitals that the media is screaming about were actually hit in September – before Russia came on board. However, over the past four years, the hits have been devastating and the number hit extremely high!

The Daily Beast – owned and run by former Vanity Fair founder – a tabloid… which merged with Barry Miller a college dropout who became a VP of ABC at 23 doing the ABC movie of the week, is nsot even news worthy. This is tabloid to the nth degree…and deserves as much respect as The National Enquirer…

The Guardian uses their source as Dr. Mohamed Tennari, claiming he is the Director of the Sarmin Hospital, a Radiologist, who at the age of 35 has been practicing medicine for about 7 years. He is also supposedly affiliated with SAMS, Syrian American Medical Society. But the SAMS website lists no such person. Additionally, it is impossible to become a radiologist at the age of 28 unless he began his bachelor degree program at the age of 14…  just sayin’.

His statement of the attack on Sarmin Hospital – I think it was Russian because it was different from all the other times.  Does this sound like proof positive?  Really.   A cluster bomb was used, and a video of the bombing has been uploaded to the internet. Who uses cluster bombs? According to Cluster Munition Coalition, they have been used by the Saudis in Yemen, by the Sudanese in Sudan, by the Libyan government, by the government in Ukraine, by the Syrian government, by the US and UK in the Iraq invasion, Yugoslavia invasion, and Afghanistan war, and by the Israelis and Hezbollah…Hmmm.  Not exactly incriminating evidence against Russia.

And in 2014, Human Rights Watch announced that ISIS was using cluster bombs.

While researching the staff at the Physicians for Human Rights, I came across Elise Baker who is supposedly the forefront commentator of the Syrian conflict. She writes in her blog resume that she wishes Russia would be more demonstrative in issuing a peace process to a conflict that has done nothing but escalate during the US invasion and the rebel invasion of the country. It was written in August 2015. She claims that civilians are called to support ISIS and ISIL as they have no other choice; “Amid the Syrian power vacuum’. She further attacks the US for its airstrikes which only serve to ’embolden’ the ISIS contingent, calling the US airstrikes ‘deadly’.

So who is the enemy? Who is the bomber? Who is targeting whom?

As usual, the media hasn’t done their research. At All.  Propaganda.  It fuels and feeds and creates division and chaos.  Where there is propaganda we can assume that Soros is nearby.

Al Jazeera claims that 595 people have been killed by Russian Airstrikes… According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – which we already know is a ridiculous front for the UK’s M15. Yawn. According to SAMS, their report documented the killing of 599 medical personnel – PRIOR to January 2015. Oops. Get your facts straight…

And a report issued in July 2015, talks of the Turkish troops who destroyed this same town… with the aid of US airstrikes, after the chemical warfare that razed the town in August 2013 according to Tennari, all of this as reported in a ‘closed meeting with the US’.

In addition, Twitter feeds by our beloved Syrian Observatory in September talk of the Kurdish destruction in Sareen – because it was actually taking place in early September – before Russia arrived…and the city is governed by the Kurds. ARGHHH.

This would indicate that the same ‘field hospital has been razed systematically every few months for the past two years – or more… by rebels, by ISIS, by US airstrikes and by the Syrian government.  Does it even exist?  We don’t really know.

The Director of Operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross – says there is no confirmation of – any hits on any hospitals… and the US State Department made the absurd statement that they had read of some of the allegations on the internet… of ‘a’ Russian aircraft hitting ‘a’ hospital but this was not credibly confirmed…  Yawn.  They want the propaganda to continue because it diffuses their own muck-ups and demonizes Russia…  I thought the war was against ISIS?  The media would have us believe that the war is now Russia against the US – in Syria…  Remember Vietnam?

The bottom line – if we dig into the past, nothing, absolutely nothing corroborates the other. If we try to peel back the layers of fakery and forgery, even pictures are used multiple times – over multiple years to claim a fabricated agenda. It is a mish-mash of drivel at best with four, six, five, ten, twelve, and then one hospital confirmed hit. The latest – one – came from our own State Department which also stated that the ‘one was unconfirmed’ – double talk for rumor.

The point? Did Russia hit a field hospital? Maybe. Maybe not, there is no proof whatsoever. We do know that field hospitals are hidden, underground facilities, that no one knows about, so ‘targeting them’ is an impossibility.

Is war Hell? Yes. Has Syria been the target of a failed coup for over five years? Yes. Yemen? Yes. Turkey? Maybe. Libya? Yes. Ukraine? Yes. Sudan? Yes. Ad nauseum. And in the meantime, ISIS al Qaeda, al Nusra continue to RISE!