Loretta Lynch: Lynched?

Loretta Lynch, like most of her cohorts is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. Coming from a relatively lower-middle class family in North Carolina, it is interesting to note that her degrees came at a total cost of about $56,000-$60,000, a hefty sum for a father who was a preacher and a mom who worked at a library… The only source of grants and scholarships at the time included a ‘maximum’ Harvard College payout of $800 per year, and according to Harvard Law – there are no scholarships. We are thus left with a similar unclear haze not unlike Obama’s questionable education… and exactly who financed the man-puppet.

Lynch’s agenda from the beginning of her law career was purportedly as drug and violent crime prosecutor, although she claims her first job was working at Cahill, Gordon and Reindell, LLP. A quick research into this law firm and we find that its specialty is corporate finance and high stakes lawsuits, hardly the druggie prosecution bent that Lynch claims. But then, maybe she was merely an intern.

She then worked in the US Attorney’s office on Long Island which seems to focus on complex white collar crimes, terrorism, organized crime, trafficking, public corruption and weapons. Street crimes, drug crimes – the notch of Lynch, not so much. Perhaps another resume bluff.

During the time she claims to have prosecuted government officials for political corruption in Brookhaven NY, 1994 to 1998, the only case I find involves a Republican highway laborer who extorted money from ‘trash haulers’ who wanted access to the town dump. While extortion is a crime, it doesn’t entirely fit the depiction of Loretta Lynch saving the world prosecuting corrupt politicians…

And while there was a bribery case against a car dealer turned developer, John McNamara, the indictment does not mention a Loretta Lynch but references the US Attorney for the Eastern Office and the Assistant US Attorney as the ones involved.

In either/both cases, it would appear her resume is a bit inflated. Which is not a crime, but begs how she managed to get where she is today.

In addition, her classification as ‘Chief” for the US Attorney Office would seem perplexing given there is no Chief designation – there is however, ‘support staff’. Not nearly as impressive.

It wasn’t until 1999 that Mr. Bill nominated her to the position of US Attorney of the Eastern District where she remained for one year before relocating to another law firm that specialized in corporate finance, Hogan and Hartson. During her tenure, they expanded exponentially, opening offices in China, Dubai and Riyadh specializing in Middle East clients.

The most interesting aspect is the Riyadh connection. Apparently, the firm works on behalf of Saudi Arabia and the Royal family. Given the Short tenure with Bill Clinton, and Lynch’s subsequent partnership with a law firm that was picking the pockets of the Royals, perhaps it was Lynch’s connection to the law firm and a brief tenure as a board member of the Federal Reserve that gave her the power to ultimately return to the Obama legacy of appointments. Was she groomed? It would appear so.

Because otherwise, her resume is very lukewarm at best…

June 2015, Human Rights Watch, a Soros organization, wrote Mz. Lynch a letter indicating that they would be working closely with her office specifically to target: 1) the CIA’s torture policies, 2) the FBI’s anti-muslim rhetoric, 3) immigration policies that they feel are too stringent against illegals and, 4) the disparity in prison terms for drug related crimes and the need to reduce and pardon many.

Those exact four points then became the issues advocated by Loretta Lynn as her own – verbatim. In other words, HRW outlined exactly what she would do while in office and gave her notice that she was now on their payroll. Bought.

Making anti-Muslim speech a vendetta worthy of prosecution and illegal immigrants more protected than US citizens, Mz Lynch has carried forth the baton advocated by Soros. Currently, she is working alongside Obama in attempting to create a UN global police force in the US that would take precedence over our current system and Constitution, ie, nominating individuals within communities that would act as the enforcer of UN laws. The plan, entitled Strong Cities Network, would operate in a Socialist/Fascist frame of squelching freedom of speech and transferring control from our enlisted local governments to those individuals whom the UN believes are more competent.

Add to the fray of Lynchism is the most recent faux pas whereby she initiated a supposed clandestine meeting with Mr. Bill to discuss grandchildren and golf (she doesn’t play) in the midst of the Hillarygate FBI investigation for which she has the power to ‘squelch’ the entire investigation and rule ‘no indictment’. Tch, tch.

I remember the Nixon days – it wasn’t so much that he was doing anything that every other politician wasn’t also doing – it was his stupidity in getting caught! And that stupidity cost him his Presidency.

Mz Lynch, Mr. Bill, Mz. Hillary – your stupidity is in getting caught. Over and over and over again.

When will the Soros/Rothschilds simply close their door and begin again with someone a bit more competent?

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