Hillary’s Hail Mary – Cleared!

Who is James Comey?

This is not his first run in with the Clintons. In 1994 he served as deputy counsel in the prosecution of Bill and Hillary Clinton for the Whitewater scandal. In that investigation too, the Clintons were deemed to be innocent despite evidence that clearly indicated fraud.

Prior to being appointed Director of the FBI, Comey was a research scholar at Columbia and prior to that he was counsel at Bridgewater Associates, an investment advisory firm.  And prior to that he was with Lockheed Martin…   He had left the various government posts in 2005 to work in the private industry before being nominated by Obama in 2013 somewhat out of the blue. A notable break from past appointments where the Director typically moved through the ranks before being nominated.  ODD….

Why appoint an outsider? And while supposedly, Loretta Lynch stepped down as a source of recommendation for the Clinton email investigation, James Clapper, the Director of NSA, the other oversight to the FBI, did not.   Mr. Clapper is not Mr. Clean either.  He was caught lying under oath in testimony given before Congress when asked if the NSA gathered any data on American citizens. His response, “No sir.” Period. Subsequently, he lied about why he lied stating that he didn’t understand the question and later stating that the question was unfairly loaded. But he did apologize – for lying.

He never was punished for this travesty of law. Instead, as the go to for the FBI in the Hillarygate investigation, one liar relieved another.

Clapper’s own connection to reality comes into question as he continually compares himself and the NSA to Spider Man, Spidey Sense, and clairvoyance.  An obsession that has drawn a few eyebrows upward…

But most note worthy is the fact that Hillary knew beyond a shadow of doubt that she would never be indicted. She knew because the end result had already been determined.  She frequently made public statements to this effect because the game was rigged, as in the Kenny Rogers mantra;  know when to hold em, when to fold em, when to walk away and when to run …  

Even more odd is the fact that Comey made the decision and announcement presumably without the outcome being shared with the Justic Department, Loretta Lynch or Director of NSA, Clapper. Why? Because if the s**t hits the fan, there will be only one fall guy, Comey.

Of course Hillary had been cleared previously without due course as stated by Texas Democratic Rep, Joaquin Castro, as far back as March of this year. According to him, both Congress and the Department of Justice had already looked into the case and cleared her… A blip he was clearly not authorized to publicly announce.

She was cleared of campaign finance allegations by the Federal Election Committee in 2015, a committee appointed by Obama and headed by Matthew Peterson. His claim to fame is that he helped pass the “Help America Vote Act” of 2002. The Act has not been without its own controversies citing;   complicating the system, misappropriation of funds, deficient criteria, and mismanagement.

So what we have is the FBI Director who previously helped clear the Clintons from all wrong doing in the Whitewater scandal, making an executive decision that should have come from the Justice Department, thus over-reaching his/their authority to clear Hillary without the knowledge of the NSA Director whose job it is to monitor and prevent breaches of national security and did so outside of the knowledge of Congress for years, but whose current Director is under scrutiny for his own lack of truth telling while under oath.  GEE, I feel much better now.

The Black Holes of government would seem to layer particles upon particles of incompetence and deceit to an infinite progression of what Trump likes to label the “Good Ole Boys” mechanism of operating within the shadows and always being above the law.

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