Hillary’s Hail Mary – Cleared!

Who is James Comey?

This is not his first run in with the Clintons. In 1994 he served as deputy counsel in the prosecution of Bill and Hillary Clinton for the Whitewater scandal. In that investigation too, the Clintons were deemed to be innocent despite evidence that clearly indicated fraud.

Prior to being appointed Director of the FBI, Comey was a research scholar at Columbia and prior to that he was counsel at Bridgewater Associates, an investment advisory firm.  And prior to that he was with Lockheed Martin…   He had left the various government posts in 2005 to work in the private industry before being nominated by Obama in 2013 somewhat out of the blue. A notable break from past appointments where the Director typically moved through the ranks before being nominated.  ODD….

Why appoint an outsider? And while supposedly, Loretta Lynch stepped down as a source of recommendation for the Clinton email investigation, James Clapper, the Director of NSA, the other oversight to the FBI, did not.   Mr. Clapper is not Mr. Clean either.  He was caught lying under oath in testimony given before Congress when asked if the NSA gathered any data on American citizens. His response, “No sir.” Period. Subsequently, he lied about why he lied stating that he didn’t understand the question and later stating that the question was unfairly loaded. But he did apologize – for lying.

He never was punished for this travesty of law. Instead, as the go to for the FBI in the Hillarygate investigation, one liar relieved another.

Clapper’s own connection to reality comes into question as he continually compares himself and the NSA to Spider Man, Spidey Sense, and clairvoyance.  An obsession that has drawn a few eyebrows upward…

But most note worthy is the fact that Hillary knew beyond a shadow of doubt that she would never be indicted. She knew because the end result had already been determined.  She frequently made public statements to this effect because the game was rigged, as in the Kenny Rogers mantra;  know when to hold em, when to fold em, when to walk away and when to run …  

Even more odd is the fact that Comey made the decision and announcement presumably without the outcome being shared with the Justic Department, Loretta Lynch or Director of NSA, Clapper. Why? Because if the s**t hits the fan, there will be only one fall guy, Comey.

Of course Hillary had been cleared previously without due course as stated by Texas Democratic Rep, Joaquin Castro, as far back as March of this year. According to him, both Congress and the Department of Justice had already looked into the case and cleared her… A blip he was clearly not authorized to publicly announce.

She was cleared of campaign finance allegations by the Federal Election Committee in 2015, a committee appointed by Obama and headed by Matthew Peterson. His claim to fame is that he helped pass the “Help America Vote Act” of 2002. The Act has not been without its own controversies citing;   complicating the system, misappropriation of funds, deficient criteria, and mismanagement.

So what we have is the FBI Director who previously helped clear the Clintons from all wrong doing in the Whitewater scandal, making an executive decision that should have come from the Justice Department, thus over-reaching his/their authority to clear Hillary without the knowledge of the NSA Director whose job it is to monitor and prevent breaches of national security and did so outside of the knowledge of Congress for years, but whose current Director is under scrutiny for his own lack of truth telling while under oath.  GEE, I feel much better now.

The Black Holes of government would seem to layer particles upon particles of incompetence and deceit to an infinite progression of what Trump likes to label the “Good Ole Boys” mechanism of operating within the shadows and always being above the law.

Trump Campaign Manager Smeared

Listening to the mainstream media weigh in on the possibility that Trump’s campaign manager is or is not guilty of ‘assault’ on a female reporter and I am actually appalled. While I certainly do not advocate ‘assault’, when the news anchor stated that they were going out to the people to see how they reacted to the allegations, they went to – Hillary…! Hillary! Really? She is now the personna that represents The People!?

Hillary weighing in on potential assault charges with her litany of ‘above the law’ charges that include placing the entire US into a breach of security is like Stalin weighing in on the death penalty…


No bias in that reporting – and when I changed channels, there it was again, the same weighted, biased reporting that sheds so much antagonism among The People. Hillary is NOT our spokesperson thank you!

Did Hillary divorce her infidel husband? Did she fire him from office and house? Did Hillary fire Huma when it was discovered she was affiliated with The Muslim Brotherhood? What is more important?

I have a personal disgust for hypocrisy. It is the Pharisee phenomena that has given Christianity its fault lines that we still try to separate. A Pharisee is a fake, a hypocrite is a fake, Hillary is a fake, and it is this very inauthenticity that has created the climate of aggression that The People are decrying as FOUL!

Given all the lies perpetrated by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Lawyer, First Lady, Secretary of State and Clinton Foundation officer, just imagine how far she will use her power to deceive and divest and destroy if she is elected? It will be Hillary to the ‘nth degree’. Like an earthquake, the magnitude is multiplied infinitely within the nth degree. A 5.0 quake compared to an 8.0 quake is not 3 points greater, it is infinitely more destructive!

That is the Hillary.

Before, After and While Billy was President:

  1. Hillary was tagged with using the FBI and IRS to illegally ‘target political opponents’,
  1. She accepted the multiple sexcapades of her husband and allowed the behavior,
  2. There was ‘travelgate’ chinagate, filegate and pardongate,
  3. The couple were considered to be theiving when they attempted to confiscate furnishings from the White House upon the conclusion of Billy’s second term…,
  4. They were slapped on the wrist for illegally obtaining FBI files on perceived adversaries,
  5. There was no media concern for the fact that Hillary’s right hand – man – Huma Abedin was implicated as affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood,
  6. There were the House of Cards style conspiracy theories of Vince Foster’s death just before he was going to reveal very controversial information…regarding the Clintons.
  7. The now ongoing – Emailgate Scandal
  8. The now ongoing – Benghazi Scandal
  9. The White Water Scandal when she was an attorney
  10. The Chinagate Scandal in which secrets were exchanged for donations to the Clintons.
  11. And the sse of federal funds for travel and entertainment of extended family and friends as well as the promise of jobs and positions…
  12. The impropriety of funds and bribes in the White Water scandal – in which everyone – but the Clintons – served time
  13. The ‘Sniper Fire’ complete lie.
  14. And the missing documents and billings form Hillary’s law firm that were never recovered…that may have proven her fraudulent practices.

The list goes on and on ad nauseum – and yet she has the audacity to judge Trump’s campaign manager for an ‘alleged’ assault.


And still The Cruz attacks Trump instead of Hillary! It is absurd and drags Cruz into the garbage that he claims to detest. Creating – Hypocrisy.

Mr Cruz are you advocating for Hillary? Because I have heard very little from you in that regard, in The Bern regard, and instead, you focus your attention on a fellow. Where is the loyalty? Where is the integrity? Where is heart? Because even if Trump’s campaign manager is implicated, at least Trump gave him the benefit of the doubt, his friendship, his support, his loyalty, his integrity.

And today, in a world gone to chaos – THAT means a LOT!

Hillary – What Is A Progressive Democrat?

How is it that we have come to the point in our evolution whereby lying is an accepted value?

Hillary Clinton embraces lying like it is a newborn child that she cherishes and nurtures. Truth seems to mean absolutely nothing to her as she continues spilling fabrications that are easily proven to be – fabrications. When her team of writers come together to create her speeches, do they insert these lies purposefully? Because if they do, then they assume We the People are idiots, unworthy of the Truth. If they don’t, they are making themselves appear rather stupid.

Does her campaign manager tell her, “Just lie, everyone knows that’s who you are, no sense in pretending otherwise…”    Or does she go off the teleprompter and make these statements without approval from the campaign staffers?

Hillary began her career embroiled in a scandal and she has maintained a healthy travelgate of scandals since. She is to scandals what dust was to Peanut’s, ‘Pig Pen’. Totalitarianism. Totalitarian regimes stay in political power through an all-encompassing propaganda campaign, which is disseminated through the state-controlled mass media and a single party that is often marked by political repression, personality cultism, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of speech, mass surveillance and widespread use of terror.”

The disappearing documents regime of Hillary began when she was working for Rose Law Firm and subpoenaed documents suddenly went missing – for two years. In addition, a missing hard drive that was ultimately found but significantly damaged, were all part of the beginning of the Hillarygate scandal that would morph and grow exponentially.

An accomplice, friend and attorney for the Clinton’s turns up dead – ruled a suicide despite the fact that evidence was tampered with, the autopsy was lame, most of the photos of the murder scene were declared over-exposed and trashed, no bullet was ever found, the gun didn’t have his fingerprints and has no history, the gun was created from 3 separate guns, a mysterious wound on his neck that was not noted, no toxicology report, and a handwriting expert who found the suicide note an ‘obvious forgery’. It was all “Game Of Cards” style of botched investigation/cover-up.  And the lone possible perp?  A hit by the Clintons.

But all this was just the start of the Clinton debacle that has extended for three decades! Still, in this topsy-turvy world she is considered quite a viable presidential candidate… and we vilify Putin… Seriously?

I’d say that pretty much sums up what a Clinton regime would look like in the White House. Winston Churchill used the term ‘totalitarianism’ to describe Hitler. Italy’s Fascist regime during WWI embraced a dictatorship rule termed totalitarianism. It became the Bolshevik cry during the reign of Marxist-Stalin rule in Russia after the assassination of Nicholas II in 1918.

And we now face this very real possibility here in the US.

Hillary’s stance on the issues, including; individual rights, domestic issues, economic issues, and defense and international issues align almost perfectly with Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a die-hard Socialist by self definition, Clinton is a ‘Progressive Liberal Democrat’ by self definition. Yet their ideologies align nearly perfectly. How can that be?

There was just one issue in which they disagreed, gun control. Bernie had ‘no opinion’, and Hillary, like Obama, vehemently supports greater gun control.  Why?  because you can’t defeat a populace that has a means for self defense.

So is Hillary a closet Socialist? The question has been debated, she has adamantly denied it, and yet, she is backed by George Soros – an atheist, of jewish cultural background, whose mentor was Karl Popper, a self professed socialist bordering on communism. Soros calls himself a ‘progressive liberal’, the same label that Hillary uses to define her political ideology. But, what does that mean?

The definition is actually a difficult track. A liberal typically wants higher taxes in order to use taxpayer money to fund their ideas for a better world, while a progressive wants to use more government ‘power’ to rule. Kant, Hegel and Marx were proponents of ‘Progressivism’. Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt were both Progressives. The movement has been defined radically from Imperialism to scientific racism, to state interventionism, to neoliberalism which fell somewhere between classical liberalism and socialism.

So while Hillary vehemently denies she is a Socialist, she is inches away no matter how you want to manipulate the wording. The only difference?   She advocates for larger and greater government control which begins leaning towards totalitarianism and the dreaded communism. For the Clinton-Soros agenda, it’s more about power and control.

Hillarygate is therefore a neoliberal progressive liberal socialist with imperialism tendencies which could evolve into a totalitarian regime lean into communism.  America!  be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

And the only reason Bill and Hillary are still together today? They have too much dirt on each other to risk.