OLD Farmers Almanac – SNOW and Hybernation Cold!

The Drought CRISIS is running on full steam affecting the western half of the US and 60% of EU countries.   Hydroelectric dams may pair down their delivery removing all doubt that electric cars are a good option, farmland could dry up, and while alternate solutions are available to some extent – ie coal, governments prefer death to the use of fossil fuels.   Because death is um, ‘cleaner’.

Winter awaits, and the party is looking rather bleak.   Without water there is no booze.   Without booze reality opens its cranky eyes.   And suddenly the boozer governments are talking about maybe building more reservoirs… you know the reservoirs that haven’t been built for a hundred years.

Because this winter is supposed to be a doozy, according to the OLD Farmer’s Almanac.   The original ‘Old Farmers Almanac’ was created in 1792 and has about an 80% accuracy rating.   But then, not to be outdone, the veritable scientific science manic decided to create the “New” Farmers Almanac which is apparently diametrically opposed to any forecasts of its progenitor.   But The Science Involved is  based on equitable, sustainable, nice to nature, artistic, ‘stuff’.   Thus one must ask, “are you referring to the New or the Old version?

The New Farmers Almanac was created in 2008 by The Greenhorns.   The Greenhorns are basically what their name implies: backyard gardeners aligned with the WEF promoting ‘equitable, sustainable stewardship’.   Their bios range from teen vogue writers, to ‘anti-capitalist’, to ‘artist’, to wanderer surfer, to those whose passion is ecological restoration.   Really.   WHAT?  

According to the forecast by the Original Old Almanac, this Winter will present as;   Northeast: cold, slushy, snowy, icy. Southeast: wet, cold and snow.   Mid states:   unreasonably cold and snowy, Central Mid-north: Hibernation cold reaching -40, glacial, snow filled.   Central south: normal. Northwestern – normal.   And California et al: DRY.   OUCH.

And given the era, they assume NO WEATHER MANIPULATION!

Plan accordingly.   While all of this aligns with classic La Nina events which occur on a cyclical basis, we are not experiencing ‘normal times’. Our governments are bent on damage.  According to the US Energy Department, Natural Gas is ‘abundant’ in the US. Therefore we should not see price hikes and shortages. Right?

No.   Because of sanctions imposed by the US and EU on Russia, the EU’s supply is negligible and so the US will be supplying most of the EU states.   Meaning the US will have a shortage and price SPIKES are inevitable.   Germany has already declared they are preparing for gas and food shortages this winter and expect massive riots on par with Sri Lanka.   Germany’s solution?   Force lowered thermostats and prepare for food and water rationing.

A lithium battery car requires a temperature zone of 60’ to 95’F.   While California and Arizona might meet that criteria this winter – given their continued drought they won’t have the electricity to charge them.   Everywhere else in the country is forecast to be well below the low of 60’ – meaning those people will be stranded at home and on highways.

Unless they pull out their fossil fuel transportation.

Then there are the lithium powered tanks being ordered by the Lloydus Austinus Pentagon…   Maybe they can operate in Saudi Arabia – but Ukraine?   Nah.   Better carry substantial winter gear for when your tank just dies…

There are other ramifications of these wintry extremes:   1.   The concept of global warming will hit pivotal rage,   2.   People will be unable to get out and VOTE.   Leading to even greater more bold election fraud amongst a class of citizens who seem completely DEVOID of ethics or morals.

While the RED WAVE is predicted from the far left to the far right, smug faces still reign largess – meaning they anticipate and have likely created a Shock Vote relapse of 2020.    Knowing the ramifications.   Will the FBI intercede?   Yes.   As the arm wingchair of the Liberals.   Will the National Guard be Called?   Yes.   As the bombs bursting in air wing of – the Liberals.

The most attacked and desolate members of society under the auspices of the aging inferno we call the Federal Government – is our elderly.   The same elderly who will be most affected this Winter.   While our government does nothing to help.   They are considered the least in the eyes of these doomsdayers.   Yet there was a time when the elderly were worshipped for their wisdom, their knowledge, their stories.   But in a Marxist Regime they are a commodity.   They represent the suckers who produce nothing and consume everything.   And thus, they are always the forced first in line for the proverbial gas chamber.

The second layer that the Liberals are promoting for this Winter is a spate of untenable viruses, including smallpox, monkeypox, a bacterial virus immune to ALL anti-biotics, and polio.   For which medicines will be scarce and distributed to the privileged.

Stay AHEAD of the Curve.   Know their Weapons.   Don’t mix the New Almanac with the OLD.   And Help Thy NEIGHBOR!

WATER Shortages – The Climate Change Conundrum…

30% of earth’s freshwater is underground.   When a state, such as California, depletes this resource due to their inability to capture rainwater, the state literally sinks and fault lines are disrupted by the unnatural movement causing earthquakes and tectonic shifts.   According to NASA, the San Joaquin Valley is sinking at the rate of 2 inches per month. Given an annual rainfall of just 4-5” per year, they rely nearly 90% on groundwater.  

Every year that California experiences a drought, the depletion of groundwater is accelerated and advances even greater subsistence sinking.   Which can never be replenished.   Why?   Because California experiences droughts consistently and because they have relied on groundwater for over a century!

It isn’t just California but cities across drought riddled China have seen Hong Kong sink dramatically!   India’s water supply is challenged by human sewage given facilities are scarce and in many villages rivers and streets are the ‘dumping ground’.

Middle East countries are employing desalinization plants to capture and purify ocean water.   But the sludge byproduct is then tossed back into the ocean which kills all plant and marine life!

The countries with the highest reserves of water are:   Brazil, Russia, US, and Canada.   Although supplies vary widely by territory – aka California.   Europe and Africa are in the lowest quadrant.   Water footprint by country is:   UAE, US, with Canada and Israel tied.

Water shortages are not simply due to drought, but are exasperated by governments that do nothing to mitigate water pollution, waste and capture.   LA only recently initiated a water rationing system.   They get the majority of their water from Colorado.   Colorado has been on a water rationing system for decades!   LA homeowners still water their ‘driveways’.   Beverly Hills is exempt – ALWAYS.

Climate Change is NOT the cause of water disparity.   Corruption and lacking stewardship are the true source.   Historically, climate change created migration.   Today, the vast majority of migration is due to internal warfare and ganglands.   Bringing internal warfare and ganglands to their newly adopted country!   Europe’s crime is an even greater example of this than the US in terms of crime.   But European countries are much more likely to censor any such media revelation.   Their alternative media outlets are not just censored they are ‘unavailable’.   1984 SPEAK.

What if the true necessity for a global depopulation is climate change per se, but in reality a lack of water and a compressed earth core due to limitless groundwater depletion?   What if, climate change is actually being created within earth’s core and not it’s atmosphere?   What if, these tribulites of elite existence think that they can diffuse this compression by reducing population consumption of – water?

This sort of collapse of internal water source would trigger violent earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and storms as nature reacts.   As stated in the Bible.  

Animals tend to be predictors of weather and catastrophic events – much more so than any ‘climatologist scientist’.   It used to be – before ‘science’ created ‘climatologists’ that animals and insects were the frontrunners.   Why? Because they were accurate.   And then sometime in the 1800’s science usurped natural phenomena and asserted that their scientific analysis was vastly superior… and climate forecasting bit the dust!

So now we feverishly listen to the weather ‘forecasters’ as they miss not just the immediate future – but the present!   And no one seems to mind this abject failure except those that rely on weather – farmers and ranchers.

Certainly a part of the failure can be attributed to climate manipulation, but that is a no-no in the realm of ‘science’ – and thus science is relegated to the auspices of ouiji boards and crystal balls.


The given is the unfortunate lie.   The lie manifests and morphs like a cancer, and soon, there is nothing that is Truth.   And it is within this cancer that slip by slide the truth is revealed.   And suddenly a redefinition of reality must be configured.   And many acquiesce to this contrived reality.   While others – don’t.   And thus the ‘Don’ters’ are considered the rebels or the new “Domestic Terrorists” according to the government mantra.


TO Quell the obvious Civil denunciation…

And to equalize the Depopulation Agenda as proposed by the elites in their AI Future which encompasses – AI babies to quell a mother’s maternal instincts…

Cabal, Ukraine, Russia, Truthisms Unraveled – And All The Kings Horses…

With the Globe distracted by a war against Ukraine Nazi’s and corruption, California farmers were just told by the Federal US Bureau of Reclamation that there is NO water for crops.   The US Bureau system covers dams, reservoirs and canals. The state water system upped their December allocation from zero to 15% in January. California’s fruits, nuts, and vegetables will die. Farmers will go broke.   Imports cover a half of fresh fruit and a third of fresh vegetables. The top sources include Mexico, Chile, Peru, Canada, and Guatemala. Importing more may or may not be on the Brandon table.

SO how will this affect US prices and inflation?   NOT well.

December was the wettest in San Francisco’s history.   January has topped records as well.   Extreme drought has been reduced from 80% to 30%.  Remember La Nina?   The annual flux that was always sited as the cause of weather changes?   Apparently – the Global Warming detractors no longer recognize this anomoly.

“California begins the new year in much better shape for escaping its drought thanks to a massive October atmospheric river and wet December that delivered more rain and snow so far than the state saw in all of its last paltry precipitation season.”

But California’s government continues to do what it does best in capturing rainfall – Nothing.

The import/export business of food in the US is rather daunting, a web of irrationality.   As the world’s largest exporter of beef, the US imports beef from Canada, Uruguay, New Zealand and Australia.   Why?

The US trade imbalance is not simply a China affair – 2/3 of 30 countries trade account with the US is negative – we import more than we export.   The net effect of all trade remains a negative. While the largest tanking of US trade balance occurred between 1990 and 2004 tanking from -0- to -$700billion, the Brandon administration is set to create an even greater schism as we now stand at -$860 billion and growing.

While I have divided the Cabal into two distinct entities; The Industrialists and The Bankers, Jon Rappaport delves a bit further.   Rappaport identifies eleven clans within the Cabal, representing the Biblical eleven tribes as:   Military, Medical, Intelligence, Money, Religion, Education, Energy, Media, Corporate, Government, and Tech mind control.

The concept of the eleven tribes of Israel vs twelve came about in 1 Kings 11.:   “the Lord tells Solomon that he will take away from him 10 tribes, and only keep 1 tribe as only those people didn’t worshipped other gods.”

The Agenda of each of these tribes is to swallow all competition so that each tribe is a singular entity. For example; Pope Francis merged Catholicism with Islam.   NATO represents a globular military.   BIS, Bank for International Settlements, will ultimately gobble the Federal Reserve Banks.   Saudi Aramco is the worlds largest energy company by market value and the third largest company in the world!  They most definitely have a seat at the top of the pyramid!

Apple is number 1 and Microsoft is number 2 in raw market value across the entire global market.   That would obviously give them an edge certainly in the pyramid.

While Rappaport believes these tribes rule as a committee of equals, I differ on this concept.   Someone has to be King.   Someone has to be chair and vice chair or nothing gets done.   Someone always has to be – King.   Even in the roundtable of the knights – there was the Head – King Arthur.

So who is the King of the Cabal’s round table?

Likely an old comrade of the Cabal whose age and existence are tenable.   NOT Soros since his lineage does not provide the required heritage.   But the most volatile aspect of the Cabal’s continuance is finding someone with youth who has the will of a brick wall, the fortitude of a hypersonic missile, and the evil pronouncement of Satan – all packaged within a persona that portrays the opposite.   NOT an easy fit.

The economic plague that is imposed by the Cabal most heavily within the US and Europe fit the directive of Klaus Schwab who declared that North America and the EU whites must be the first subject targets of depopulation.

TO answer a question posed to me by a friend – the means of depopulation is a trickle down concept.   The EU and US population over the age of 65 have no productive value and were the prime targets of the JAB.   Africa didn’t take the vax bait, and have thus become a thorn in the agenda.   Russia’s vax was not based on the gene reorganization MRna, and they too became a – thorn.

IF we are to understand and protect ourselves from this agenda – it is most appropriate to acknowledge that the reverse of their Chicken Little Screams is likely more connected to Truth.   IF they want to bomb Russia – that would mean Russia is a threat because they are on ‘our side’.   IF they want to medicate and opiate – that would indicate that medicine is not on our side.   If they want to denounce oil independence – that would be an indicator they are NOT on our side.

This unveiling of the wolves was the bane of Trump’s presidency.   So many wolves don a mask of the sheep.   And thus it becomes a quite difficult board game.   Over the last two years this board game has exposed itself more flagrantly – aka, Cheney, Rubio, Flake, Pence, Romney, Swalwell, – and Cruz, among hundreds more.

In the end, the wolves reveal themselves – sometimes openly and aggressively – and other times inadvertently – which would be the case for Cruz.   Pay Attention.

Ukraine was a hub for sex and slave trafficking, a hub for money laundering, a hub for illicit deals.   They became the defacto Epstein Island.  A neo-Nazi regime!

Russia is doing the world a grand favor.  

And while the Elite Media decry the heinous consequence of War – Hillary’s Libya response, “What difference does it make!”   Comes to mind.   There were no Hillary sanctions, no protests against Hillary, no ‘thug Hillary declarations’   – in fact the entire 23 wars the US and EU participated in or orchestrated since 2000  are deemed – a yawn.  No International Condemnation…

In this the Ukraine shitake – the ‘Bully’ is and was NATO – Germany – US – UK and France.   Of the 23 wars in the middle east since 2000 – the US and UK were dominant aggressors and there is not only no condemnation – but the media would appear to have – amnesia!   Hundreds of thousands died and millions have been subject to adverse injuries.   And no – absolutely no – compassion.

WHY Is THIS Acceptable?

And yet – Ukraine, the new Epstein Island, a corrupted country dealing in child sex trafficking, fraud, and money laundering – is now the US drama child that western nations must ‘protect’?    Why?   Because these same Western Nations are complicit in these heinous activities.   And don’t want their proclivities to be – exposed.  

And as I speak, Ukraine embassies are busily burning ALL documents that might expose these actions.  A Hillarygate  once again.

FALL of America: A Fuel Shortage Distraction Within The Matrix

Biden wants to renew trade with China … but China doesn’t have anything to trade given their economy has fallen into the great black hole of fire and brimstone!   Factories are operating one day a week – barely able to provide materials for China much less other countries.   The MSM parlay of China being the new Mega World Power – is abjectly FALSE!   And in fact, this winter will see extreme death rates propelled by the false narrative that there is a ‘natural gas shortage’ – another BOOM lie.

The Rothschild Economist words the garbage narrative this way:   “Dwindling investment in oil, gas, and coal means high prices are here to stay”. In other words, the ‘shortage is contrived by investment’, not by actual shortages.

As for China, The Economist declares: “China’s New Reality is Rife With Danger” – Jinping will be defined by his campaign against capital excesses.

Why is China collapsing? Because Australia was its main supplier of coal which accounts for 85-90% of it’s electric output.   Further exasperating China’s economy is their high risk ventures into Africa.   A Global bubble will default all of Africa’s outstanding debt.

As of 2018, Angola’s total outstanding debt to China amounted to $4.28 trillion. Ethiopia comes in second at $1.37 trillion.   Kenya – $980 billion.   The list is massive! While China’s ‘investments’ were designed to colonize Africa so as to confiscate needed agriculture land and water, that Dreamer gambit may be the delusion that brings China to its knees.

China is NOT the only country tanking amidst a ratchet of fuel prices.   The UK price has tripled in the last month, in Germany wholesale prices have risen by 450% over the past year while the government provides pamphlets on how to survive a winter without electricity.   I believe it is called “Les Miserables”.

The spike in Europe’s cost is not simply a result of natural gas sitting at Russia’s border waiting for approval, apparently, wind – stopped.   Yes, wind has stopped blowing and thus the electric output from windfarms has plummeted. One GW of power has been the rally call from farms capable of 24GW. As a result, shuttered coal plants are refiring!   SURPRISE!

While Bill Gates has fervently backed a plan to ‘cool the sun’ using chalk dust or particulates, no one surmises how that would impact ‘solar energy’.   Wind won’t blow – sun won’t shine = NO ENERGY.

The SPIN:   the twist to the high priced ‘shortage of fuels’ is the fact that solar/wind shares are still down 20-30% YTD, while shares of the largest oil companies are up 13 -33% YTD.   Bank of America has announced that according to their analysis, oil will hit above $100 in 2022.

The Xcel Energy’s Ponnequin Wind Farm on the border of Colorado and Wyoming recently retired 44 turbines at the average age of 18 years old.   In the next 3 years, 8,000 blades will be decommissioned ‘Each Year’ across the US where they will be laid to rest in landfills located in Wyoming, South Dakota and Iowa.   These three states are the ONLY states allowing blade burials.

Why the Lies?

Even purported Pundits go with the MSM flow believing they are conservatives outside the Matrix.   This simply results in another MSM spin which too often backfires. Currently, the flow is to focus on The Fall of America.   In reality, America still remains stronger than any other nation despite the Biden Handlers economic destruction.   What has changed is the measure.   Europe is in free fall.   China is in the twalette.   Australia has been absorbed by reptiles.   And South America is sending ‘Haitians’ to walk 5000 miles so as to join the America Open Borders frenzy.

Focusing on the Fall of America is the distraction of the global enterprise game. The attempt is to create a trajectory of global economic equality with Africa as the base level.   Once all countries operate as an undeveloped economy we will have equality among the peasants. And once this equality is achieved, the peasants will be more likely to obey given their circumstances are ‘dire’.

UN MANTRA: We Maintain International Peace & Security:
The UN has announced water shortages will be the coming Pandemic.   Floodings rose 134% while droughts rose 29%.   WAIT… how is that a shortage?   Like California, the countries that experience flooding don’t capture the water for future storage, as such the water simply runs into the oceans and is lost.   Asian countries account for the most flooding and lacking means to manage the water; India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan.

Breaking the back of America is NOT as easy as the CULT anticipated.   Americans have more resolve and resilience than every other country’s citizens.   Today we stand Divided.   But the cement is cracking, the seams splintering, and in many ways the Biden Handlers extremism may actually result in a newfound unity as we witness the Reality Show outside the Matrix.

The CULT subterfuge parallels Hunger Games in their desire to create a global Dark Ages with a caste of elites…

Hawking – Water – and Over Population

Stephen Hawking has issued another dire warning stating that world population will outpace resources within 100 years and apocalyptic trends are highly probable.

It isn’t the first time he has issued such catastrophic warnings. But his solution of moon settlement seems rather odd, to say the least. First the moon has no usable resources. Second the moon is highly fragile and upsetting its balance could actually ‘cause’ the earth to enter a cataclysmic stage.  And third, how many people could it support? The answer is none. Fleeing earth that has resources to settle on the moon that has NO resources seems rather ill-advised.

The other alternative being juggled by NASA and the science community is to colonize Mars. This too seems rather inane given that all scientific data theorize that while Mars ‘may have’ had water resources at one time, due to it’s death, those resources can not be harvested. So again, why would we leave an abundant planet for a death planet?

One of the greatest fears is earth’s population explosion. Over the last couple hundred years, Europe’s population has declined, the US has risen minimally, even Africa’s population growth rate is a graphic low. The abundance comes from one source – China. For thousands of years China’s population remained stagnant. Then in 1750 it took a sharp tick upward and by 2017 had risen from 140 million to 1.5 billion, representing 20% of the entire world population.

India’s population is a close second with 1.3 billion, and Africa clambering behind at 1.186 billion. As a region, Asia accounts for 60% of the world population.

Why is this important? Because altering demographics in Europe and North America are going to have little to no effect on the overall crisis of the earth having too many people to sustain.

China’s one child policy was introduced in 1979 when the population was 977.8 million. So despite a one child policy, China’s total population grew 54% matching the total growth rate of India!     Not exactly a success story.  During the same period the US growth was 43%. While China and India can’t boast immigration as a factor in their growth, Europe and the US can, so their rates are a bit skewed and most likely quite lower in actuality.

There are only two means of reducing growth – via birth or via death…

And there is only one way to mitigate lacking resources – attach someone elses.

The most important resource is water.

And while scientists are trying to determine how they can harvest water on the moon, earthlings continue to fail to capture the water already generated here! Wouldn’t it make more sense to preserve?   California is the most mundane example of a state whose usage of water is massive, and yet every seven years whines about drought conditions when they haven’t built a reservoir to capture the rainfall when it is abundant!    Instead it is left to drain into the ocean, unused, wasted.   These same Californians would have us spend trillions $$$$ to extract a couple gallons from the Moon…

Just to prove it exists.

Half of California’s water resources go to watering grass, 14% is lost due to leaky pipes, and 27% is used for toilets… The average water use per family in the US is roughly 552 gallons per day.  However, the largest user of our water resources is through thermoelectric power which consumes roughly 41.5% of all usage.

In other words, all those conservation electric power plants consume 41.5% of our water resources. The states with the largest water draws for thermoelectric power include California, Texas, New York and Michigan. Once again, the circle takes us back to California where consumption of our most valuable resource is the highest, and preservation is the lowest.

Preservation and solutions seem a better way to resolve our earthly problems rather than leaving a dead planet in order to colonize another dead planet… Of course, transporting 7 billion people to the moon isn’t exactly feasible either. It took thirty years to build the Space Shuttle and it can hold 7 people.


Hawking?  Anyone?  Anyone?

EPA – Water Shortages – Fracking – Privatization – Who Wins?

Like a flower that has no scent, there are simply some things in this world that science cannot duplicate no matter how hard they try. Water is another. But while flowers give us beauty, water gives us life, without it we die. As shortages become a larger issue, maps abound with predictions of shortages worldwide, and surpluses too. Unfortunately, the maps don’t always concur.

And while the US would appear to be a hair-trigger on the maps, some showing the US as doing just fine, others are not so amicable showing severe shortages in the US within the next 10 years. Other areas that will be hit the hardest include the entire middle east, most of Europe and northern Africa. Two countries would appear to be consistently well off; Russia and Canada.

FYI – the Brazilian guy who has made an engine that will run on water – ummm, maybe not a good idea…

The World Resource Institute is one of the organizations making predictions. An interesting anomaly is the fact that with the exception of the most northern regions of Africa, and the most southern, Africa will be quite well off, abundant with water. I imagine this corresponds with the recent land grabs that have taken Africa by storm because one of the main functions of this Institute is to determine where sustainable food sources will occur. Given Russia is off limits to ‘land grabbing’, Africa was an easy target.

In the US, drought comes and goes, moves and shifts radically. In 2012, the entire midwest was experiencing a catastrophic drought. In 2015, the catastrophe migrated to California, Oregon and Washington. But there are factors that have nothing to do with climate change or with per capita usage, shale harvesting. Fracking consumes water, and lots of it. One well can require upwards of 5 million gallons of water over its lifetime. While there is no absolute data on the number of fracking wells in the US, according to FracTracker, the number is well over 1.1 million.

Quick math – that would mean water use using an average number of 3.1 million gallons per well at 1.1 million wells would equate to 3,410,000,000,000 gallons of water used per year – for fracking. That’s 1/4th the total usage in all of California from all sources per year. Assuming the average household in the US consumes 127,400 gallons per year, fracking would be the equivalent consumption of 26,766,091 households.

Fracking is not just about water – it is about oil – and oil creates an economy based on increased exports and smaller imports – unless oil prices are low, – and then the economy begins a jittery nose dive which cuts jobs – including fracking jobs – which lowers exports.

So who owns the US water? Privatization has been a slow churn, but a churn nonetheless over the last few decades providing about 15%-18% of the US population’s water. The largest private companies include; American Water, United Water, Aqua America, California Water Services, and America States Water.

American Water: AWK – originally a subsidiary of a German company, it was divested in 2008 and is wholly US owned.

United Water: UWR – a subsidiary of Suez Environment, a French company whose majority ownership is held

by GDF Suez, who is considered one of two of the largest privatized water companies in the world.

Aqua America: WTR – a Pennsylvania company providing water to major fracking enterprises

California Water Services: CWT – is a holding company with subsidiaries in Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington.

American States Water: AWR – also based in California.

While the World Bank and the IMF are aggressively promoting privatization of water, historically it has proven to be an affront to the public with massive rate hikes, corruption and gross water contamination charges.

In an over-reach of the water rights in the US we have our favorite friend – the EPA. The EPA recently extended their Clean Water guns basically aiming them at every tributary, stream, brook, runoff, ditch, standing water, rain water, lake, river and pond across the entire US whether on public or private land.  And the repercussions are being felt.  A Wyoming man who was granted all the proper permits to build a self contained pond on his own property for his livestock is being sued by the EPA for failure to meet their clean water rules.  He is being charged a penalty of $75,000 per day.

According to the Financial Statements for the EPA, it’s ‘non-federal’ revenue for clean water amounted to nearly 5 times its federal revenue receipts.  This would be in addition to the $9billion they receive from the Feds.

A massive power grab – wouldn’t it be fun to charge the EPA the same daily rate they charge for noncompliance in Clean Water? The Colorado River sludge was caused by their own negligence, at $75,000 per day for penalties alone, they would already be liable to Colorado for 24 days – $1,800,000 and counting!! Yehah!

Of course, they won’t be liable. But it was a fun 3 seconds…and it doesn’t seem fair they shouldn’t ante up.