OLD Farmers Almanac – SNOW and Hybernation Cold!

The Drought CRISIS is running on full steam affecting the western half of the US and 60% of EU countries.   Hydroelectric dams may pair down their delivery removing all doubt that electric cars are a good option, farmland could dry up, and while alternate solutions are available to some extent – ie coal, governments prefer death to the use of fossil fuels.   Because death is um, ‘cleaner’.

Winter awaits, and the party is looking rather bleak.   Without water there is no booze.   Without booze reality opens its cranky eyes.   And suddenly the boozer governments are talking about maybe building more reservoirs… you know the reservoirs that haven’t been built for a hundred years.

Because this winter is supposed to be a doozy, according to the OLD Farmer’s Almanac.   The original ‘Old Farmers Almanac’ was created in 1792 and has about an 80% accuracy rating.   But then, not to be outdone, the veritable scientific science manic decided to create the “New” Farmers Almanac which is apparently diametrically opposed to any forecasts of its progenitor.   But The Science Involved is  based on equitable, sustainable, nice to nature, artistic, ‘stuff’.   Thus one must ask, “are you referring to the New or the Old version?

The New Farmers Almanac was created in 2008 by The Greenhorns.   The Greenhorns are basically what their name implies: backyard gardeners aligned with the WEF promoting ‘equitable, sustainable stewardship’.   Their bios range from teen vogue writers, to ‘anti-capitalist’, to ‘artist’, to wanderer surfer, to those whose passion is ecological restoration.   Really.   WHAT?  

According to the forecast by the Original Old Almanac, this Winter will present as;   Northeast: cold, slushy, snowy, icy. Southeast: wet, cold and snow.   Mid states:   unreasonably cold and snowy, Central Mid-north: Hibernation cold reaching -40, glacial, snow filled.   Central south: normal. Northwestern – normal.   And California et al: DRY.   OUCH.

And given the era, they assume NO WEATHER MANIPULATION!

Plan accordingly.   While all of this aligns with classic La Nina events which occur on a cyclical basis, we are not experiencing ‘normal times’. Our governments are bent on damage.  According to the US Energy Department, Natural Gas is ‘abundant’ in the US. Therefore we should not see price hikes and shortages. Right?

No.   Because of sanctions imposed by the US and EU on Russia, the EU’s supply is negligible and so the US will be supplying most of the EU states.   Meaning the US will have a shortage and price SPIKES are inevitable.   Germany has already declared they are preparing for gas and food shortages this winter and expect massive riots on par with Sri Lanka.   Germany’s solution?   Force lowered thermostats and prepare for food and water rationing.

A lithium battery car requires a temperature zone of 60’ to 95’F.   While California and Arizona might meet that criteria this winter – given their continued drought they won’t have the electricity to charge them.   Everywhere else in the country is forecast to be well below the low of 60’ – meaning those people will be stranded at home and on highways.

Unless they pull out their fossil fuel transportation.

Then there are the lithium powered tanks being ordered by the Lloydus Austinus Pentagon…   Maybe they can operate in Saudi Arabia – but Ukraine?   Nah.   Better carry substantial winter gear for when your tank just dies…

There are other ramifications of these wintry extremes:   1.   The concept of global warming will hit pivotal rage,   2.   People will be unable to get out and VOTE.   Leading to even greater more bold election fraud amongst a class of citizens who seem completely DEVOID of ethics or morals.

While the RED WAVE is predicted from the far left to the far right, smug faces still reign largess – meaning they anticipate and have likely created a Shock Vote relapse of 2020.    Knowing the ramifications.   Will the FBI intercede?   Yes.   As the arm wingchair of the Liberals.   Will the National Guard be Called?   Yes.   As the bombs bursting in air wing of – the Liberals.

The most attacked and desolate members of society under the auspices of the aging inferno we call the Federal Government – is our elderly.   The same elderly who will be most affected this Winter.   While our government does nothing to help.   They are considered the least in the eyes of these doomsdayers.   Yet there was a time when the elderly were worshipped for their wisdom, their knowledge, their stories.   But in a Marxist Regime they are a commodity.   They represent the suckers who produce nothing and consume everything.   And thus, they are always the forced first in line for the proverbial gas chamber.

The second layer that the Liberals are promoting for this Winter is a spate of untenable viruses, including smallpox, monkeypox, a bacterial virus immune to ALL anti-biotics, and polio.   For which medicines will be scarce and distributed to the privileged.

Stay AHEAD of the Curve.   Know their Weapons.   Don’t mix the New Almanac with the OLD.   And Help Thy NEIGHBOR!

US JOBS REPORT: Altered, Manipulated, Fake

The JOBS number Biden is touting as showing how stupendous his economic policies have been?   Fake.   A Survey. An altered Benchmark.  A faulted, defunct means of measuring employment and unemployment that requires continual modification each month as real numbers are released.  

Presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the numbers vary dramatically when compared to the actual payroll audit done monthly by ADP.   ADP’s audit of actual payroll takes a month to compile before it is released which makes more sense.   As a test I looked what ADP reported for December compared to the BLS:   ADP – a loss of 301,000 jobs.   BLS – a gain of 510,000. A discrepancy of 811,000.   Therefore, the 467,000 being surmised by BLS for January is significantly suspicious and could be completely wiped to another revision of -350,000 when ADP releases their report in March.

The Lie accomplished two things:   1)   it purportedly made Biden look good,   2)   Gave the bludgeoned tech stock market a Lift!

According to ADP’s Report for December released February 3rd, the biggest losses were from among small businesses. Even Christmas couldn’t hold them together.The other discrepancy is bankruptcies.   In 2020, President Trump introduced the Bankruptcy protection Act for any business owing less than $2.7 million.   Biden increased that limit 280% to $7.5 million thereby reducing the number of bankruptcies and employment losses.

A NUMBERS GAME>  Making Statistical Comparisons Worthless<

BLS claims Biden “added 6.4 million jobs in 2021, empowering workers to secure higher wages”!   The BLS closes their report with a demand that all workers get vaccinated while promoting frequent testing, masks, etc…

Of course the misnomer in the terminology WordPlay “added” is strikingly false.   Jobs aren’t ‘added’ when people go back to work – in addition, employers have shuttered for lack of workers.  It is is similar to the means used to redact and add voters on the Machines used in the 2020 election.  The numbers are Worthless.

Apparently there is nothing sacred from their Lies and Propaganda – we are truly living in communist China.   While our government is living in Sweden where there was no lockdown.

BLS measures payroll by conducting a “Household Survey” .   Anything below 150,000 is cause for concern, negative numbers send ALARMS ~ according to BLS.  The Census Bureau provides the names of households to survey – numbering 60,000 – with the intent they are a composite demographic of the entire population.   Of the households, 75% of the sample remains the same from month to month and 50% remains the same year to year.   The computerized survey is then weighted for ‘independent population estimates’ and those realigned numbers are fed into an algorithm and spit out for public consumption!


These numbers determine employed vs unemployed so as to define new/added jobs.   The US labor force is roughly 170 million – the Survey would represent .00058 of the actual labor market. Given the vast discrepancy for December numbers via ADP vs BLS, I would suggest their methodology is corrupted.

TO add to the fallacy, BLS has announced they changed the benchmark for how they measure the job market and have begun to modify the entire 2021 year to accommodate that manipulation/alteration.   Increasing November by about 400,000 a 200% increase.

When asked about the altered Benchmark, the Labor Secretary deflected by hailing the BLS as the ‘gold standard’… of blah.   But Economists have stated that this manipulation will give the Federal Reserve the impetus to ‘double’ the first rate hike from .25 basis points to .5 basis points which will bring equity shares crashing to a halt.

It would appear that the Benchmark was recalculated based on changing the total labor force from 170 million to 146 million ‘based on deaths’.   That would equate to 24 million people in the labor force who died or were permanently disabled.   In addition, they revised the algorithm to include an estimate of those employees exempt from Unemployment Insurance claiming this data has ‘lagged for two years’.

As a result of this Altered Benchmark, the largest Revision (a negative 489,000) affects the Trump year 2019 which is likely going to be used as a setup for data arguments in the 2024 Election.

Our politicized government is truly a theatre.   Where everyone pretends to be someone else, everything is something else, and the props continually collapse.

TRUMP Pushing The Vaccine: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

The wolf in the room is beginning to take shape and the unthinkable is raising its ugly head…   WHY is Trump pushing the vaccine?   It contradicts everything the conservative movement stands for.   And ultimately frays the very core of trust. While instilling the notion that the last vestige of honesty is really – another pandering Big Pharma Lizard?

Lest we forget, Trump and family had the virus a year and a half ago and recovered with a protocol that included Ivermectin post-haste. Despite that medical salvation, Trump has been coming out advising everyone to take ‘the Jab’!   Which flies contrary to the man who was President just 1 year ago.

To speak of this is blasphemy.   But the Rumble cannot be diswayed.   And with no other ‘hero’ to cling to, the obvious spiral would be – was he part of the plan?   IF Trump had said nothing, at all about the vaccine the idea would never have entered our thought process that he might be the ultimate player. The fact that he now routinely pushes the Jab – is not doing well with my colleagues.

I was reading a comment on one of my blogs in which the author declared, I am beginning to think that the best government is no government. I see very little what any government does other than tax, fine, war, and limit freedom.’

While true – it actually unveils the Agenda of the Cult-Cabalists in how to invoke a One World Government.   And the answer is in front of us – by creating a government of idiots.   All of them.   Including not just the Biden/Harris lizard brains, but the totalitarian regime of Morrison’s Australia, Macron’s green passes, Germany’s Marxism, and Trudeau’s abject idiocy.

Faced with these ignoramuses, we will greedily accept a savior to ‘rid us’ of these unsavory, ridiculous governments that do NOTHING. BINGO.

Could Trump be the wolf in sheep’s clothing? The ultimate weapon to demoralize and then ultimately give us – nothing but the original objective?

Again, in my mind of minds, I keep hitting the wall of objective challenge.

IF in fact, the Cabalist want to purge society of anyone of intellect, what will stimulate them once the purge is complete?   Because the act of very purging is in effect their ‘joy’.   It titillates them.   Gives them something challenging to achieve. It keeps them stimulated.   But if they commit genocide of all those over 60, kill the oxygen necessary for the development of children’s brains, destroy the athletes, who is left?

Mid-western gun toters for one.

There are a few theories as to why Trump is suddenly offboard the Trump Train.   Money seemingly the number One explanation. Big Pharma spends three times as much as any other industry on the Elections.   So Trump didn’t want to get left out?

But Big Pharma has always played both sides – Blue and Red. They front the money to whomever until a clear picture of the winner is solidified.   Pharma was a huge donor in the 2016 Trump election and once he was elected, they pounced on funding the inauguration. They have no literal allegiance except to their own profits.

With a Biden presidency, Pharma was likely a presence at the Roundtable viing for more vaccines.   One explanation from the website medical xpress puts it into perspective with this analogy:   “Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna combined are making $65,000 per minute.”   JUST from the CoVid vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine was approved for over 16 years of age as of last August. Moderna and J&J remain unapproved.

The second suggestion is that Trump has been blackmailed which can flow the gamut including threats against him or his family members, or with a guarantee of the 2024 Presidency, assuming he even wants it.

And the third would be to actually use the Chicken Court to claim Trump incited the January 6th event and put him in the DC inferno. Forever.

The likely scenario is that the blackmail involves all three.

While the poor souls who decide to enter politics may be naïve – at first – the fact remains they all submit to the Money Powers eventually.   And unfortunately, Trump would appear to be – no different.

“THE MULTITUDES remained plunged in ignorance… and their leaders, seeking their votes, did not dare to undeceive them.” ~ Winston Churchill.

Whether Trump is or is NOT a fatality of the Cabal may have no value.

Predictions are rampant that Kamaltoes will not be in the White House by the end of 2022.   With her gone, it would be a quick and decisive impeachment of Biden for incompetence.   While some believe that means a Pelosi invasion, the Constitution would state otherwise.   Congress would be tasked with presenting nominees for a new President who would then have the discretion of selecting his own VP – which of course is done by the Cabal.   But it looks proper on ‘paper’.

It appears this is what Hillary anticipates.   She won’t be elected by ‘The People’, she would be elected by Congress – subject to their blackmail by Big Pharma and the Roundtable of Cabalists.

Personally, I don’t think that will happen.   I think Hillary is being staged – she’s too old and the Cabalists are well aware of their mortality.   Whoever they pick must be able to run their show for decades to come. Certainly not an easy task, and not one that would befit any government official known to man – globally…

At present, 2022 is NOT slated to be a ‘fun’ year.   Despite a mass exodus of Democrats from the grid, elections won’t happen until the latter part of the year, more than enough time to create some massive shape shifting.   An astute man noted that the media portrays their populace agenda within the frame of the 20% leading the 80%.   I tend to agree.

A nuclear attack on US soil would upend the Agenda which IS the preservation of Mother Earth – the annihilation of the undesirables who inhabit the soil is the point. That point would also extend to Ukraine which is not simply rich in soil, black gold, but is now also host to over 198 US conglomerates – including the likes of Pfizer and Boeing…

So. That would be self-destructive.

The eradication of Social Security recipients does make sense from their agenda point of view.   Yet, somehow, within this genocide, they need to preserve the intellectuals who will provide our tech, AI, and agricultural future.   As in Survival.

Hollywood – Sports – superfluous given AI will provide a much better, more professional, version.

Teachers are in shortage. Nurses. Doctors. And soon farmers will be squeezed out via the ‘supply shortage conflation’.  And AI will replace these heritages of occupations.

The scenario is not positive. But society has faced worse in its history of humanity.   My parents lived through the Depression and WWII.   My grandparents thru WWI.   And my Great Grandparents thru the Civil War.   We have a heritage.   And that heritage has always been the defining factor of Americans!

The Australian media loves to vilify Americans while their own citizens remain looked in Internment Camps.   The UK media loves to vilify Americans while their own government has literal physical brawls in Parliament. And German media loves to vilify Americans while eagerly submitting Marxism.


WE are the Warriors. And the ONLY way the Cabalists can make us complacent is to continually berate us with the illusion that we have lost before we even started fighting.