OLD Farmers Almanac – SNOW and Hybernation Cold!

The Drought CRISIS is running on full steam affecting the western half of the US and 60% of EU countries.   Hydroelectric dams may pair down their delivery removing all doubt that electric cars are a good option, farmland could dry up, and while alternate solutions are available to some extent – ie coal, governments prefer death to the use of fossil fuels.   Because death is um, ‘cleaner’.

Winter awaits, and the party is looking rather bleak.   Without water there is no booze.   Without booze reality opens its cranky eyes.   And suddenly the boozer governments are talking about maybe building more reservoirs… you know the reservoirs that haven’t been built for a hundred years.

Because this winter is supposed to be a doozy, according to the OLD Farmer’s Almanac.   The original ‘Old Farmers Almanac’ was created in 1792 and has about an 80% accuracy rating.   But then, not to be outdone, the veritable scientific science manic decided to create the “New” Farmers Almanac which is apparently diametrically opposed to any forecasts of its progenitor.   But The Science Involved is  based on equitable, sustainable, nice to nature, artistic, ‘stuff’.   Thus one must ask, “are you referring to the New or the Old version?

The New Farmers Almanac was created in 2008 by The Greenhorns.   The Greenhorns are basically what their name implies: backyard gardeners aligned with the WEF promoting ‘equitable, sustainable stewardship’.   Their bios range from teen vogue writers, to ‘anti-capitalist’, to ‘artist’, to wanderer surfer, to those whose passion is ecological restoration.   Really.   WHAT?  

According to the forecast by the Original Old Almanac, this Winter will present as;   Northeast: cold, slushy, snowy, icy. Southeast: wet, cold and snow.   Mid states:   unreasonably cold and snowy, Central Mid-north: Hibernation cold reaching -40, glacial, snow filled.   Central south: normal. Northwestern – normal.   And California et al: DRY.   OUCH.

And given the era, they assume NO WEATHER MANIPULATION!

Plan accordingly.   While all of this aligns with classic La Nina events which occur on a cyclical basis, we are not experiencing ‘normal times’. Our governments are bent on damage.  According to the US Energy Department, Natural Gas is ‘abundant’ in the US. Therefore we should not see price hikes and shortages. Right?

No.   Because of sanctions imposed by the US and EU on Russia, the EU’s supply is negligible and so the US will be supplying most of the EU states.   Meaning the US will have a shortage and price SPIKES are inevitable.   Germany has already declared they are preparing for gas and food shortages this winter and expect massive riots on par with Sri Lanka.   Germany’s solution?   Force lowered thermostats and prepare for food and water rationing.

A lithium battery car requires a temperature zone of 60’ to 95’F.   While California and Arizona might meet that criteria this winter – given their continued drought they won’t have the electricity to charge them.   Everywhere else in the country is forecast to be well below the low of 60’ – meaning those people will be stranded at home and on highways.

Unless they pull out their fossil fuel transportation.

Then there are the lithium powered tanks being ordered by the Lloydus Austinus Pentagon…   Maybe they can operate in Saudi Arabia – but Ukraine?   Nah.   Better carry substantial winter gear for when your tank just dies…

There are other ramifications of these wintry extremes:   1.   The concept of global warming will hit pivotal rage,   2.   People will be unable to get out and VOTE.   Leading to even greater more bold election fraud amongst a class of citizens who seem completely DEVOID of ethics or morals.

While the RED WAVE is predicted from the far left to the far right, smug faces still reign largess – meaning they anticipate and have likely created a Shock Vote relapse of 2020.    Knowing the ramifications.   Will the FBI intercede?   Yes.   As the arm wingchair of the Liberals.   Will the National Guard be Called?   Yes.   As the bombs bursting in air wing of – the Liberals.

The most attacked and desolate members of society under the auspices of the aging inferno we call the Federal Government – is our elderly.   The same elderly who will be most affected this Winter.   While our government does nothing to help.   They are considered the least in the eyes of these doomsdayers.   Yet there was a time when the elderly were worshipped for their wisdom, their knowledge, their stories.   But in a Marxist Regime they are a commodity.   They represent the suckers who produce nothing and consume everything.   And thus, they are always the forced first in line for the proverbial gas chamber.

The second layer that the Liberals are promoting for this Winter is a spate of untenable viruses, including smallpox, monkeypox, a bacterial virus immune to ALL anti-biotics, and polio.   For which medicines will be scarce and distributed to the privileged.

Stay AHEAD of the Curve.   Know their Weapons.   Don’t mix the New Almanac with the OLD.   And Help Thy NEIGHBOR!

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