Bureau of Labor Statistics: Fudging Numbers or Lying?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced that the CPI Index for July remained the same – and dropped slightly.   The CPI uses a bread basket of goods to measure increases and decreases.  When I looked up the items in their bread basket – EVERY single one had risen in July except for ‘field grown tomatoes’ which remained flat.   IF every item in the basket experienced price hikes for July, how could the CPI  Inflation rate be lower? 

The items that spiked the most were:  chicken, eggs, coffee and flour.  Oddly, beef is NOT in their metric…   Electricity continued to grind higher while fuel was somewhat lower.   Housing, healthcare & insurance, and Energy are NOT included in the CPI   Likely because those essentials would spike the Actual Inflation Rate to 30% or more.

The omission of these items was not always the case!   Housing costs were omitted in 1983 and food was omitted in 1999.  Therefore, comparing inflation rates to previous periods before 1999 is a worthless analysis.   Once again – moving the goal posts.   But it would reveal how much more intense this Recession is than prior ones – when the rate of inflation is significantly higher when using pre-1999 measures.

Thru May, ADP aligned their labor reporting with the BLS.   But May’s numbers were exceptionally low for May at 128,000 added jobs.   So ADP shut down their operational reporting claiming they needed to amend their algorithms to be more in line with the BLS.   Algorithms.   Because even ADP does NOT use real actual numbers, they input creative accounting methodologies.   And VOILA!  Suddenly BLS reveals stellar numbers for June and July!


Labor Productivity is another stat released by BLS.   The numbers are NOT stellar:   Revised numbers for the 1st quarter are -7.7 and 2nd quarter -4.   Productivity refers to labor.   It means scarce labor has caused business productivity to contract.  It is a key indicator of economic growth.  Or in this case massive negative growth.  For comparison purposes, since 2000, the worst productivity stat was -3.7 in the 1st quarter of 2014.   2022 is MORE than twice the highest number

Another Comparison: During the Jimmy Carter Recession the max negative productivity was -4.7 followed by the next quarter -1.5.

Our Leaders are NOT providing us with the proper information to make informed decisions about our near or far future.   They are not providing us with an honest appraisal.  Dishonesty is the equivalent of lying.  It is this continued lying that has so disenfranchised Americans and Europeans.   It is this lying of all shapes and sizes, in every corner of our lives that has attempted to delude Americans into a complacency that is unprecedented.  Censoring knowledge.   It is now this ‘knowledge’ that they want to censor via our main source – social media conversations.  Conversations that can cross the Atlantic and Pacific.  Conversations that bypass biased media.

With Germany preparing for riots this winter over shortages that could be mitigated, including energy, it is likely they anticipate using deadly vengeance against the protestors.   Instead of providing relief knowing they are pushing their citizens into a death march, they tighten the screws more – no more coal imports from Russia.   Exactly what do the propose to power heat?   Germany is lying to its citizens.

Lying is an Abuse of Power.   It is why JFK, a Democrat, wanted to dismantle the CIA.   Abuse of Power.   But the Abuse has only expanded exponentially.   Nearly all federal departments have gone rogue including:  CIA, FBI, NIH, CDC, and even the Department of Labor which is fudging numbers.   If our labor force has contracted significantly – it would follow that the means for measuring employment needs drastic realignment in order to relay true statistical information.   It is doubtful that this administration has any intention of providing any such insight given the statistics must coordinate with The Great RESET ambitions.

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