Amnesty International – A Propaganda Machine

Amnesty International’s, Salil Shetty, has taken a scathingly political position against Trump. While Amnesty claims impartiality, and usually references ‘a country’ as opposed to it’s President, they have decided to abandon that rule and attack Trump.

In it’s most recent diatribe, it lists numerous infractions of Human Rights at the behest of Trump.  In contrast, when discussing atrocities committed by Ukraine, Amnesty references ‘the rebels’ and ‘Kiev’, when discussing UAE, it references the ‘authorities’, and in Belgium it is ‘Parliament’.  This attack on Trump is a personal agenda ordered by Soros.

One of Shetty’s accusation against Trump states that by not funding international NGO’s who perform abortions, Trump is denying the human right to abortion. OUCH! When did ‘abortion become a human right’?

The UN attempted to unify the right to abortion as a part of International Law. However, International Law is specifically confined to treaty’s among states. Imposing it’s own moral obligation on the world is more than a bit ‘over-stepping’ their boundaries. It would be no different than requiring all women to wear Burqa’s. Morality is NOT an International Law.

In addition, Amnesty’s Salil Shetty attacks Trump for the Mexico border wall, for the temporary halt to Syrian refugees and the temporary ban on refugees from 7 terrorist countries in the Middle East and North Africa. All violations of human rights according to Mr Shetty. Is immigration a Human Right?

The argument for immigration contests it is a ‘moral right or moral obligation’. Whereas the opposition claims that states have the right to set their own laws within sovereignty. Given there is no universal conclusion one way or the other, it is a deference to sovereign nations to make their choices without any ‘body/person’ denouncing such. The laws of each state are thus free to govern themselves.

We have yet to elect a King of the world, or a moral court of the world whose job it is to govern and restrict and apply global laws upon nations. In fact, it was this ideology of Obama/Hillarygate/Soros that The People rejected.  That rejection has brought about a Soros War.

Amnesty has sparked outrage by making another radical statement claiming that Syria unjustly killed and tortured 13,000 prisoners at the hands of Assad. However, when reading the ‘fine print’, Amnesty has somewhat fabricated a conclusion based on an interesting jumble of information, including using evidence from the Syrian Network For Human Rights, SNHR.

Like the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, the SNHR is a one man show. One man who lives in the UK, who has no background, and who adamantly and openly hates Assad.   Neither of these ‘organizations’ list their funding although it is widely believed to come from the UK’s GCHQ.  

BOTH organizations claim to have ‘a network of spies on the ground in Syria with whom they converse daily for information’.   Like SOHR, Fadel Abdulghani, the Director of Syrian Network of Human Rights, lists absolutely no previous background or history on social media sites. He never existed prior to becoming an expert…and Chairperson of his one man show…

But it gets worse:   Fadel Abdulghani is aligned with the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which the US and Australia consider an alias of MEK. MEK, headed by Maryam Rajavi was considered a terrorist organization by the US as of 2003 and was delisted in 2012.

It gets worse: The delisting of MEK as a terrorist organization was made by then Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton!


Thus it would appear that one of Amnesty International’s prime source for their claim that Assad tortured and murdered 13,000 comes from one man who is affiliated with a former terrorist organization who has no background or previous experience and who would seem to have been ‘created’ from thin air…and possibly funded by GCHQ!  Wow!

Apparently, Maryam Rajavi openly declares that she is the leading advocate and voice to ‘violently over-throw the government of Iran’.   Which oddly coincides with Hillary’s latest speech a few days ago in which she declares that women are the future government of the world…  Elizabeth Warren would agree.

It should not be overlooked that MEK sided with Saddam Hussein, strongly supported the Iran hostage crisis, played an active role in the downfall of the Shah of Iran, and has been viewed as treasonist. But now – according to Hillary, they are just a bunch of peaceful activists. And Amnesty bought it by aligning as their source against Assad, an organization affiliated with terrorism.  Not cool.

And while the media has run with the 13,000 figure, Amnesty admits that the number is simply a calculation based on unverifiable numbers from unverifiable sources… most of whom don’t live in Syria, and are adamantly opposed to Assad.   Sound biased?  Well it should – because it is.

Three organizations provided all the ‘witnesses’? The Syrian Network For Human Rights… The Syrian Institute For Justice and Accountability… and Urnammu For Justice and Human Rights.

The Syrian Institute for Justice lists their phone number having a prefix of +90 53 – which is registered to originate within Turkey.  Oddly, it was founded in 2011, the same as SNHR.  It has no website presence, little background, a Facebook page with very limited information, and a lot of radicalization.

Urnammu For Justice and Human Rights would appear to have no social or web appearance at all…

Given these are the primary ‘sources’, I’d say they were pretty lame and hardly reputable.

In the report, citations routinely include Amnesty itself and Human Rghts Watch (the Open Society Soros organization).  In the real world, such citations would never be considered authoritative.

This isn’t the first time Amnesty International has been called out for questionable reporting:

In 1990, Amnesty reported on the dramatic testimony of a Kuwaiti girl making claims that hospitals were leaving babies on the floor to die! Upon further investigation it was found that the story was a Washington PR contrivance and the girl was actually the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter. Her testimony led to the Gulf War.

In 2011 Amnesty paved the way for a no-fly zone in Libya and the demand for a ‘regime change’.

And in 2015, Amnesty cited The Institute for Justice and Accountability in its statement that the Syrian government was targeting civilians. It was confirmed that this organization/witness was based in Turkey which was aiding the rebels and ISIS.

While Amnesty’s report claims that over 13,000 were executed, they claim to have the names of 36, and refuse to release this list because it is private and confidential. Why? Their calculations are based solely on extrapolations of how many could have been killed on any given day based on statements from nameless sources.

Whatever the Truth may be, Amnesty has clearly demonstrated an agenda in collaboration with Soros which, as tragic as it may be, is not a viable representation of Truth. Unfortunately, it would also indicate that GCHQ works in collaboration with Open Society and Soros.

Now, Amnesty is calling for an “independent review” of their allegations by the UN Human Rights Council whose current members include; Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iraq, Rwanda, Cuba and Egypt. Not exactly the cream of the crop on human rights…

Worse:  The UN Human Rights Council is heavily represented and governed by Soros, Human Rights Watch.

And the circle is complete.

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