Russia Bombing Hospitals in Syria? Get your propaganda straight…

Russia is bombing multiple hospitals in Syria!!  Wait. How is this known? Who said it? And what is the proof?

First we need a bit of imagery. Most of Syria’s hospitals are empty, long ago destroyed and lost in this heinous vial of destruction. Field Hospitals were staged to treat the wounded, civilians, children, anyone who needed medical care. They are known only through a secretive underground network. They operate in hiding and have rudimentary equipment. Most field hospitals are worked by former medical students risking their lives to help the people. Most of the hospitals operated on the borders of Jordan and Turkey, but many of these were closed down by those respective governments for fear of targeting. The worst cases are sent to hospitals in these neighboring countries. And over the years as the fighting has become incessant, many of the field hospitals were forced to close as they could become an unlucky adjunct within the war campaign.

The doctors describe the horrors while battling tears. The stream of victims is never ending. The death toll is unknown, the injured number is unknown, but we can estimate the numbers into the hundreds of thousands. War is Hell, and each time we seem to fail to learn from our previous experiences and engage – again, and again.

Propaganda is always a part of every war. Theirs and ours. And such is the case in the media claim that Russia is targeting Syrian hospitals. It simply isn’t true.

1)most hospitals shut down years ago. 2) Field Hospitals became the only means within the country to tend to the wounded and sick. And they are hidden, underground units, so targeting isn’t even conceivable.

Medicins Sans Frontieres website has a post dated October 29th in which they claim that a number of hospitals were targeted in Northern Syria, six were forced to close – but one has reopened. What it does not say is what type of hospital, the name of the hospital, or who they say was responsible. Apparently, the media felt it was their duty to fill in these blanks. The only bombings in which blame is specifically asserted is in Yemen where the Saudis targeted and blew up a hospital, and in Afghanistan where the US targeted and blew up a hospital. Otherwise, their website is neutral, blaming – the war.

Curiouser and curiouser said the cat…

So who is responsible for this disinformation: The Daily Beast, The Guardian, CNN, AP, have all jumped on the bashing band wagon, and Newsweek claims that an NGO, Physicians for Human Rights, told them about the strikes. So let’s review the NGO first.

Physicians for Human Rights – an NGO funded and founded by – George Soros. They exposed the use of chemical weapons in Iraq which led to the false war against Iraq by Bush…hmmm, not a good reference for a resume. Their website has an interactive map which displays the various hospital hits through September 2015. Before Russia engaged in the fighting. It delineates by color, the strikes that they have determined came from the government, or ISIS, or Rebels, or unknown assailants. They make no mention of Russia. The six hospitals that the media is screaming about were actually hit in September – before Russia came on board. However, over the past four years, the hits have been devastating and the number hit extremely high!

The Daily Beast – owned and run by former Vanity Fair founder – a tabloid… which merged with Barry Miller a college dropout who became a VP of ABC at 23 doing the ABC movie of the week, is nsot even news worthy. This is tabloid to the nth degree…and deserves as much respect as The National Enquirer…

The Guardian uses their source as Dr. Mohamed Tennari, claiming he is the Director of the Sarmin Hospital, a Radiologist, who at the age of 35 has been practicing medicine for about 7 years. He is also supposedly affiliated with SAMS, Syrian American Medical Society. But the SAMS website lists no such person. Additionally, it is impossible to become a radiologist at the age of 28 unless he began his bachelor degree program at the age of 14…  just sayin’.

His statement of the attack on Sarmin Hospital – I think it was Russian because it was different from all the other times.  Does this sound like proof positive?  Really.   A cluster bomb was used, and a video of the bombing has been uploaded to the internet. Who uses cluster bombs? According to Cluster Munition Coalition, they have been used by the Saudis in Yemen, by the Sudanese in Sudan, by the Libyan government, by the government in Ukraine, by the Syrian government, by the US and UK in the Iraq invasion, Yugoslavia invasion, and Afghanistan war, and by the Israelis and Hezbollah…Hmmm.  Not exactly incriminating evidence against Russia.

And in 2014, Human Rights Watch announced that ISIS was using cluster bombs.

While researching the staff at the Physicians for Human Rights, I came across Elise Baker who is supposedly the forefront commentator of the Syrian conflict. She writes in her blog resume that she wishes Russia would be more demonstrative in issuing a peace process to a conflict that has done nothing but escalate during the US invasion and the rebel invasion of the country. It was written in August 2015. She claims that civilians are called to support ISIS and ISIL as they have no other choice; “Amid the Syrian power vacuum’. She further attacks the US for its airstrikes which only serve to ’embolden’ the ISIS contingent, calling the US airstrikes ‘deadly’.

So who is the enemy? Who is the bomber? Who is targeting whom?

As usual, the media hasn’t done their research. At All.  Propaganda.  It fuels and feeds and creates division and chaos.  Where there is propaganda we can assume that Soros is nearby.

Al Jazeera claims that 595 people have been killed by Russian Airstrikes… According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – which we already know is a ridiculous front for the UK’s M15. Yawn. According to SAMS, their report documented the killing of 599 medical personnel – PRIOR to January 2015. Oops. Get your facts straight…

And a report issued in July 2015, talks of the Turkish troops who destroyed this same town… with the aid of US airstrikes, after the chemical warfare that razed the town in August 2013 according to Tennari, all of this as reported in a ‘closed meeting with the US’.

In addition, Twitter feeds by our beloved Syrian Observatory in September talk of the Kurdish destruction in Sareen – because it was actually taking place in early September – before Russia arrived…and the city is governed by the Kurds. ARGHHH.

This would indicate that the same ‘field hospital has been razed systematically every few months for the past two years – or more… by rebels, by ISIS, by US airstrikes and by the Syrian government.  Does it even exist?  We don’t really know.

The Director of Operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross – says there is no confirmation of – any hits on any hospitals… and the US State Department made the absurd statement that they had read of some of the allegations on the internet… of ‘a’ Russian aircraft hitting ‘a’ hospital but this was not credibly confirmed…  Yawn.  They want the propaganda to continue because it diffuses their own muck-ups and demonizes Russia…  I thought the war was against ISIS?  The media would have us believe that the war is now Russia against the US – in Syria…  Remember Vietnam?

The bottom line – if we dig into the past, nothing, absolutely nothing corroborates the other. If we try to peel back the layers of fakery and forgery, even pictures are used multiple times – over multiple years to claim a fabricated agenda. It is a mish-mash of drivel at best with four, six, five, ten, twelve, and then one hospital confirmed hit. The latest – one – came from our own State Department which also stated that the ‘one was unconfirmed’ – double talk for rumor.

The point? Did Russia hit a field hospital? Maybe. Maybe not, there is no proof whatsoever. We do know that field hospitals are hidden, underground facilities, that no one knows about, so ‘targeting them’ is an impossibility.

Is war Hell? Yes. Has Syria been the target of a failed coup for over five years? Yes. Yemen? Yes. Turkey? Maybe. Libya? Yes. Ukraine? Yes. Sudan? Yes. Ad nauseum. And in the meantime, ISIS al Qaeda, al Nusra continue to RISE!

Syria – End Times Prophesy?

Ezekial’s prophesy of end times can become obsessive. Over the centuries, as wars erupted and evil men rose to power, they were thought to be the signal that we had entered into the end times prophesy. Today is no different. But we need to be careful, then and now, in pointing a gnarly finger at the supposed perpetrators when we simply don’t know for sure.

Scholars are divided over interpretations of land and peoples and who exactly God has said through Ezekial will be the ones responsible for bringing about end times. References to Ethiopia and Persia are fairly direct encompassing nearly all of the middle east, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, and a fair portion of northern and eastern Africa. But division reigns when defining Phut, Gomer, Meshech, Tubal, Rosh and Beth-togarmah. Some scholars put these places in Turkey, others claim they were all ancient Iranians, and still others argue that they include Ukraine and Russia as reference to the ‘northern parts’, when in fact Turkey was the area north of Israel.

Why is this important? Because when looking to the people that the Bible prophesies will bring about end times, it is important to know how that relates to current warring.

At issue is the fact that multiple times in history, from the Mongols to the Turks and Ottoman Empire, to even Hitler, these people have been said to belong to ‘end times’ prophesy. With Syria now at the forefront, parallels have been made. One such parallel is the destruction of Damascus. The Bible prophesy declares that its ruin will be so complete that it will cease to be a city at all.

Isaiah 17:1-3 reads, “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins. The cities of Aroer will be deserted and left to flocks, which will lie down, with no one to make them afraid. The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim, and royal power from Damascus; the remnant of Aram will be like the glory of the Israelites,’ declares the Lord Almighty.”

The cities of Aroer? The literal Hebrew translation of Aroer is ‘ruin’. There were three cities with this name and all have been in ruin for centuries.  Therefore some argue that the prophesy has already come to be, while others argue that Aroer refers to other ‘ruins’ that we are experiencing today.  And while Damascus lies in rubble, it is still thriving albeit precariously. As such, the fate of Damascus is quite clear in the Bible and thus represents a tipping point.

Russia joined the fight against ISIS in Syria with the blessing of all countries. But their stated targets have included rebel factions as well. There are four rebel groups; two are Nusra Front groups affiliated with al Qaeda, the third is backed by the Saudi’s, the East Gouta Council, and the fourth is backed by the US, the Southern Front. Of course, rebels are fighting each other, fighting the Syrian government, fighting Iran, fighting ISIS, fighting, well, just about everyone.

The US has a twofold agenda, to topple the Syrian government and ISIS. Which is probably why neither agendas have succeeded given in a war it is always a good idea to ‘pick a side’, one side, and stick with it!   Initially, al Nusra was trained and armed by the US until it was pointed out that they were actually al Qaeda. Oops.

Why would Russia bomb and destroy targets that were not ISIS? It’s military 101. To eliminate the enemy. The enemy is anyone who poses a risk to their ally, Assad. Whether you agree with this alliance or not, Russia has been very vocal from the beginning, there was no mistaking with whom their loyalties lay.  This was not a secret…Therefore, the defeat of ISIS, al Qaeda and the rebels is the focus.

The US military tactics have not been effective against their targets; ISIS and Assad. Therefore, it makes more sense to sit back, let Russia clean up the mess and deal with Assad – later. If that is in fact even the true agenda…

Let’s not forget the open mic blunder between Medvedev and Obama in 2012. Agendas are behind closed doors, what the president says and what he does have no common denominator. Trying to discern the truth, the facts, is akin to putting together a puzzle of 1000 pieces when some of the pieces are missing, others are from a completely different puzzle, and still others have been cut to no longer fit.

In the meantime, we stand to set in motion the fall of Damascus and thus end times prophesy.

What may catapult the entire scenario is an ‘accidental’ bomb hitting the Russian military by the US, or the US military by Russia. That is most likely what the media is waiting for, drooling with anticipation as shadows percolate a WWIII scenario nudging with just the right amount of provocation and thus enabling Obama a stay of execution so as to remain in office for an indefinite period while elections are tabled. AND setting in motion a war that no one wants. No one believes in. And no one supports.

In the meantime, we will continue to create a villain, vilify and condemn as though we were God, and act in a manner that is abhorrent in pushing towards a re-alignment of nations and a catastrophe that will definitely take millions of lives.

But maybe, just maybe, that is – the agenda.

Syrian Observatory and Syrian Network For Human Rights – A UK Hoax

Out of the gate – and barely in the first leg of the track and already the media is crying FOUL!

Russia isn’t striking the targets that the US was striking!  Uh-oh. Russia isn’t playing by the board game rules! Russia has bombed civilians! Russia wants Assad to remain! Russia…messing with Hillary emails!

And the source for all this “newsworthy news”? Unnamed Sources. And the ambiguous “Syrian Observatory For Human Rights”, a one man show with highly questionable information that some believe comes from UK intelligence feeds.

Given the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, and Germany combined have managed to escalate the carnage done by ISIS, they will be the first to cry FOUL when trying to ‘save face’. As governments quickly realize that they may be eating mud if Russia has an impact on ISIS, after their own campaigns succeeded only in creating a destitute country mired in rubble creating an immigration chaos all over Europe, Russia might end up looking like the – good guy. And that is a problem.

To think that Russia would step into the muck and use the exact same tactics and strategies employed by the US for two years that has done virtually ‘nothing’, is rather boldly naïve and wholly lacking of an understanding of military intelligence. It’s a Kenny Rogers euphemism, ‘know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to run…’. Holding a hand that has no winning possibility, is tantamount to death in this situation.  Russia is holding its own hand – and it looks nothing like the melee that functioned without proper focus in Syria.

Yesterday the media was screaming that Russia was putting troops on the ground, today the media is backtracking that comment.  They screamed that Russia was killing CIA backed rebels… oh wait, you mean Al Nusra? Because that’s who the CIA backed. So I suppose, technically it’s not a lie… Today, it isn’t Russia putting troops on the ground but Iran, but wait a minute, Iran has had troops on the ground for some time, so what is this media frenzy about?

It’s about creating a false reality.  And its about ridiculously corrupt reporting in which Truth just doesn’t exist any longer.

The media’s illogical logic is to say that Russia is backing Assad… Well, yes, they are, so is Iran, France and the US technically, because you have to pick a side and there are two – Assad or ISIS. Pick one. And since we royally mucked up in arming the bad guys, we are now in the predicament of fighting against our own weapons, and our CIA backed rebels.

Why just a few days ago, France was hailed as a hero for killing 30 14-18 Islamic youth rebels, according to the “Syrian Observatory”.  That was the spin.  These were the first and only airstrikes France had carried out in Syria. And while US military officials tell us time and again it is impossible to know what specific targets have been destroyed and who on the ground are being killed, somehow this Observatory has a crystal ball that tallies up information within minutes of it happening – and even sometimes before it has happened.

How many Syrians have died so far? The actual number is ‘impossible’ to know for certain. We still can’t say how many died in the Vietnam War or WWII, or the Russian Revolution. Technology won’t give us the answer.

The US comprises 80% of all coalition strikes to date. Civilian casualties are estimated to be from 450 to over 200,000. More than half of all claims that US strikes resulted in any civilian casualties were dismissed as baseless.  Phhhyt – gone.

There are now two organizations claiming to have boots on the ground knowledge of every airstrike, every casualty, every name, all knowledge of the events in Syria: Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, and Syrian Network For Human Rights. Both claim to have begun their business as of 2011. Both are based in the UK. The Observatory receives funding from Soros Open Society, the NED (another Soros manufacture), and the BBC World Service Trust. The BBC Trust has come under scrutiny for it’s questionable spending practices. As a charity, it’s funding comes predominantly from the UN, the European Union and Bill Gates.

Despite claims that The Syrian Network For Human Rights has existed since 2011, observance as a source of information was not marketed until sometime in 2013. And while it claims to have dozens of activists and researchers, and hundreds of members, its website names no one.  In fact, it picks up its stories from other sites.  The founder, Mousab Azzawi, and the onemanshow of the Syrian Observatory, AbdulRahman ( alias for Osama Ali Suleiman), have exchanged fierce barbs each claiming the other is a sham. Abdulrahman, originally of Finnish nationality, was on the board of UK Consulting Centre, LTD for a little over one month in 2008, while Mr. Azzawi is currently listed as this company’s Director.  In addition, Azzawi was listed as a Trustee of the Syrian Observatory in 2012, a tangled web indeed!


The UK Consulting Centre LTD. is listed as an adult education and training center with about 12k pounds in assets. I guess it’s not a lucrative business despite profit being their business training model???   Dr. Azzawi is a pathologist. Really?  The company has two uniquely different websites offering two distinct services both created in 2013.  Neither man would seem to have any background on Syria.  No education to qualify them as human rights promoters, and no history prior to 2013.  A pathologist training and educating businesses to succeed, is a very odd career path to be sure…

Using these two organizations as our source of information from Syria, when they are obviously disinformation fronts created by the UK intelligence, hardly does justice to journalism, news, or the media, much less the conspiracy of the government involved in disinformation.  And for mainstream media outlets to continually use these men as their source of information is a grave voice that distinguishes Puppets from Truth.

Russia Taking Over Syria? Nah.

Oh Brother – here we go again.

The media has gone ballistic on Russia because Russia is involved in Syria… as though a) this is new, and b) this is news.

It always takes digging, but if one looks hard enough one can find that Russia in fact was asked to help battle ISIS in Syria. Russia has stood it’s ground with respect to honoring Assad as the President and has stated that position since the beginning of the war. Russia’s Lavrov and Putin both spoke with Kerry in November 2014 and discussed Russia’s role in providing military assistance to Syria in order to fight off ISIS, al Nusra and al Qaeda. Nearly a year has passed and now the media would have us believe that OHMYGOSH Russia is in Syria…

Russia is in Syria, but so is the US, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, UK, France, and a host of bad guys including; al Nusra, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Division 30, Hezbollah, and infinitely more. One would be hard pressed to find a major country that has NOT been involved in the Syrian war. The reason is and always has been that the situation changed radically from a toppling of Assad regime change, to the ill-advised western aid to rebels that suddenly grinned back their ISIS white teeth.

So, the US asked Russia to help fight ISIS. Russia has all along attempted to return the country to its President, Assad, so that non-interference in the sovereignty of another country can be upheld. While the news from Ukraine has faded as Russia has remained loyal to its agreement, the media needed to find another source for vilification. How trite.

The purpose? Diversion.

There is so much more going on in Syria and the Middle East in general that the media is trying to divert the attention and pretend it isn’t happening:

  1. ISIS is raiding or destroying all the artifacts held in Syria. The buyers include Americans, Europeans, Asians, whoever has the cash.
  2. Syria’s oil is continually confiscated and sold by ISIS, flooding the market and creating a glut which is impacting price levels.
  3. Syrian people have become a country of immigrants, Christian and Muslim, with nowhere to go – but Europe, in particular Germany.
  4. No one wants the immigrants but Germany, and their plight is exasperated by human traffickers whose sole investment is in money.
  5. The number of Syrians dead from ISIS, from western bombing, from human traffickers – far, far exceeds anything Assad ever did. We really have no legitimate count but numbers range between 300,000 to half a million.
  6. The number of wounded, maimed, and the effects on children – is far more astronomical than we can even fathom.

Is there a purpose here? Are we ‘saving’ the Syrians from Assad? McCain? Really…

What really happened? What was the culminating factor that led to the demonizing of Assad? In February 2005, a Lebanese-Saudi businessman, and the Prime Minister of Lebanon was assassinated. His name – Rafic Harari. His murder was blamed on Assad.

The case is still under investigation by the UN prosecutor, Daniel Bellemare. While the UN is making claims that Hezbollah was to blame, there are a multitude of other possibilities including:

  1. Syria occupied Lebanon and it wasn’t until 2005 that this occupation was removed per the Taif Accord. Some believe that a tit-for-tat as a result of the loss of Lebanon was vengeance against Harari.
  2. Israel was named a possible source given Harari openly hated Israel.
  3. The US was a possible culprit given Harari had refused to hand over Hezbollah terrorists per demands.

The Saudis wanted revenge. Big time. Harari was a great friend of the Saudi Royal Family. It was in Saudi Arabia that he made his fortune which gave him the edge when returning to Lebanon and pursuing politics. As Harari was brokering Lebanon’s independence from Syria, Assad (the father) had a brief but tumultuous meeting with Harari. After the meeting, Harari resigned as Prime Minister. It is fair to speculate that the meeting was the impetus. There was rampant corruption in Harari’s term and perhaps Assad had evidence. However, upon a bit of research it is worth noting that Prime Ministers in Lebanon typically only last a year or two.

After Harari’s assassination, the Saudis demanded Assad resign they knew bad blood existed between Harari and Assad and the Muslims are big believers in the tit-for-tat rationale. Assad refused. They attempted coups, impeachment, media manipulation, vilifying, demonizing, they wanted – blood. And when these tactics failed, they went after his people and his country. And here we are – today.

So, what the media is doing today in their assault on Putin is attempting to create a false ‘order’ from which they can derive meaning and substance, when there is nothing. When the focus is regenerated, when it is redefined, the world view simply moves, shifts, peers over the imaginary line and creates a new reality. The new reality is that ‘suddenly Russia is hugely involved in Syria’ when in fact, they always have been.

Why are we focusing on it now? Because it appears the Ukraine mess is no longer news, and vilifying can help prop up new and improved sanctions.