HONG KONG Protests: Soros & UK Collaboration

The US is behind the protests in Hong Kong!  

That’s what various media outlets are touting. But three of the main NGO’s backing the protestors are based in the UK;   Hong Kong Watch, Justice Center Hong Kong, and PEN Hong Kong.   All three NGO’s would seem to have connections to the UN. All of the groups operate under the NGO, Civil Human Rights Front which formed under the auspices of the Pro Democracy Group dating to Tiananmen Square uprising in the 1970’s.

While their core ideology lies in universal suffrage and One Country, Two Legislations, factions have risen with differing views on how to attain and retain this framework.   Some reference extreme German liberalism, others voice radical democracy, and still others voice progressivism.   They came to power via the end of British colonialism.

The last British governor of Hong Kong was Chris Patten who also served as co-chair for International Crisis Group, headquartered in Belgium, and is a member of the Global Leadership Foundation headquartered in Switzerland.

The current CEO for the US faction of Global Leadership is Liz Schrayer, a vehement anti-Trumper. Executive Director – Jason Gross worked for various Democrat campaigns, and is chaired by Daniel Glickman, a prominent Democrat under Clinton. While their status is 501©(3), they make no contributions, and operate as a lobbying NGO – which would be fraudulent under the IRS code for a charity.

The head of the Executive Committee for the International Crisis Group is Lord Malloch Brown who began his political career as a correspondent for The Economist, a Rothschild media magazine.   Outside of his career at the UN, Brown had extensive experience in ‘advising politicians’ throughout Chile, Columbia and Peru.   Among his many convenient friends is John Podesta.   Malloch Brown has been a close associate with George Soros working for the Soros Fund Management as well as the Soros Open Society Institute.

When looking for the source of massive protests gone awry, the names of George Soros and Clinton often arise, sometimes unexpectedly.

So why does Soros want to create his breed of chaos in China and Hong Kong?

The media basis of the Hong Kong protests is the introduction of an extradition rule set forth by the China aligned Carrie Lam that would allow Hong Kong defendants to be extradited to China mainland to face charges and actions. Given China’s communist version of law is quite different than Hong Kong’s British law, the consequences could be most devastating!  Hence the legitimate protests.

Soros may not have instigated the protests in Hong Kong, but like the Yellow Vests in France and elsewhere, and the Occupy Wall Street and Ferguson riots in the US, Soros tends to infiltrate with paid anarchists and antagonists to fuel fire to what would otherwise be peaceful.

Why? Soros needs a world war. He doesn’t much care who, so much as what such a war would entail today, how many would die, and who would divvy up the spoils.

Stoking civil crisis’ in the US, attempting to stoke communist supporting anti-Putin rallies in Russia, inflaming the Yellow Vest Movement with anarchists, the Hong Kong agenda was ‘a gift’.

Add to the tumult, tensions between India and Pakistan have reached tensile strength amid arguments over Kashmir.

In 2017, Pakistan booted Soros Foundations from the country amid allegations of espionage.   At the time, Soros was heavily entrenched in the region. Other expelled NGO’s included Save The Children and Medicins San Frontieres.   Both of these organizations have been embroiled in massive scams involving sexual abuse, prostitution and trafficking allegations.

Today, violence in Kashmir has escalated requiring curfews and military presence in the streets.   While officially recognized as a statehood of India, that dictum has been argued by both Pakistan and China.   Who determined that dictum? Why the UN. Of course!

Like Hong Kong, India’s Prime Minister Modi was born during the fall of British colonialism of India.   Do we see a commonality?   British colonies. Which would include, the US. Alas, South Africa, Canada and Australia come to mind.  Ready for civil war.

While the focus of rule has consistently been redirected at the US, in essence, the true force is and has been the UK, aka Britain.

Theresa May was certainly a pawn in that force. The Steele Dossier fabricated by MI6.   And the Russian agenda was regurgitated under the auspices of MI6.   This has been the core of the propaganda for decades, if not centuries.

Where did the global shadow government originate?

It has been referenced by a multitude of US Presidents dating to the beginning of the US as it fought British power and control.   And yet, that yield of power simply went underground.  It never died.  Hundreds of years later…

Soros next target will likely be in South America, perhaps Brazil and Columbia.

The unfortunate truth is the fact that within the US Democrat candidates, while they may all have been educated in the Soros Cabal, they are ignorant to the fact of their superfluous use and future.   In some sense that is sad. But then, everyone has a choice. They can choose the House of Satan.   Or they can choose The House of God.

Ultimately, these Democrat candidates will be the victims of their Cabal.

FYI: The house of God has absolutely no alignment with The Church. Its alignment is to God, and God alone.

Kamala Harris: A Socialist Soros Protege

The Grooming of Female Presidential Candidates has long been in the making and Soros, through his organization, Democracy Alliance, has been once again at the helm.   They have remolded the old stale clay of women’s inequality and assaults on women as an anti-Trump ideology, as though this never occurred before…   They aren’t just targeting women for office, but white Republican women voters.  It is a psych-op that uses analytics, subliminal messaging, and the new and improved white supremacist male bashing. 

It began with the massive perpetuation of rape charges against white males, and it was not relegated simply to high profile actors, it was a Movement.   Dehumanizing, thrashing their ego, and taking away their livelihood was considered just and equitable retribution.   Why?  Because, white women represent the largest voting block at 69% of all women and 39% of all votes.  So if you can turn conservative women against their party, which is portrayed as white supremacist males, you have created a coup.

The next phase of the coup was to have liberals suddenly swaying and calling on God like good Baptists at a Revival!   Only they aren’t Baptists and they aren’t Christian. Using religion, espousing God, demonizing the nonChristlike white women into submission to their ideology is the latest manipulation utilized by these power players.  We see it in Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, etc… women who clearly haven’t the vaguest notion what Christlike means.  And we have it in social media as well with pundits exhorting their Christianity with verbose arrogance.

An organization, ISAIAH/FAITH has capitalized on this God manipulation by promoting “Jesus was an undocumented immigrant”.   Using Jesus in support of every caravan hitting the US border became the mantra of Senators and Congressmen/people.

Both these coup tactics are based on ‘guilt’.   If you don’t support illegal immigration then you are not Christlike.  If you don’t see that all white males are supremacist racists, then you are inhumane and support rape. Guilt.

IN November 2017, Democracy Alliance held a conference in California in which they outlined how they were going to confiscate the 2020 election through these coup means.   Kamala Harris was highlighted.

She was being groomed as far back as 2004 when Oprah featured her on her show.  At the time Harris worked in the Alameda City Attorney’s office, a nobody.  In 2007, she ran  “unopposed” for San Francisco District Attorney – not difficult to win that race!   In 2009 President Obama held a White House dinner for then PM David Cameron wherein a number of Indian-Americans were turned out to be honored for their appointments and campaign contributions, including Kamala Harris and her younger sister, Maya Harris.   There was another prominent member at the party, Amit Pandya of the Open Society Institute who served in the State Department for USAID.  Soros anyone?

In 2012 Forbes Magazine listed Harris as one of the World’s Most Powerful Women To Watch.  How was she powerful?  She was virtually an unmarried nobody.  In 2010, while running for California Attorney General, her opponent was well ahead and declared the vote a victory when quite suddenly – “provisional ballots” appeared and Harris miraculously won the election.  She was endorsed by Nancy Pelosi.

In 2014 as her career path was being honed, she needed a husband, so she married Douglas Emhoff, a California attorney after a 3 month engagement.

Her sister Maya Harris served as Executive Director of the ACLU, was a VP at the Ford Foundation, was the senior policy advisor for Hillary’s 2015 campaign for President, and her husband, Tony West worked in the Obama administration on the DOMA – Defense Of Marriage Act, and the Clinton administration as Special Assistant to the Deputy Attorney General.  Maya is currently running Kamala’s campaign for 2020 President.

Kamala’s citizenship has come into question.   She was born in the US to foreign national parents whose citizenship has not been confirmed.  At the age of 7(?) her mother relocated to Canada where Kamala attended school through high school graduation.   She received her law degree in 1989 although she subsequently failed her bar exam.  Like Obama, it is not known if her Howard University admissions application states that she is a Canadian national and not a US citizen, but her citizenship is questionable.

Her current political shift would seem to align with the New Democrat Party advocating Socialism in the form of free healthcare for all, free school for all, free child care for all, free immigration for all, costly climate change for all, and censored free speech.  And while she claims to be half African-American and half Indian-American, her father was of Jamaican heritage which is awash in a mish-mash of European, Chinese and East Indian as well as African, albeit diluted significantly, as so the claim to be black could be much like Pocahontas and simply a manipulated platform.

While her counterparts include Elizabeth Warren, Gillibrand, Biden, Sanders, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Hickenlooper, Castro, Delaney, Williamson, Yang, Gabbard and a host of other wannabe’s, Harris has the edge with her team of Clinton advocates and supporters behind her – including Soros.  The rest?  Likely Distractions.

Her platform resembles that of Ocasio-Cortez although her legal background gives her a bit more clout – she is still an Indian woman raised Hindi with questionable US citizenship promoting radical Socialism as she appeals to the demonization of white males.


UN Refugee Resettlement – Numbers Don’t Add

US Refugee Resettlement Program makes BIG BUCKS! There are nine government contractors who are authorized to help assimilate Muslims into the communities where they are relocated. Some of these contractors do not appear to actually do anything other than redistribute the money to other affiliates while collecting lucrative salaries for this redistribution arrangement.

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society is one of the Big Nine. Their income was a mere $31 million. There cost for payroll and management services amounted to about $14 million representing about 45% of expenses. Occupancy was $2.2 million, travel was $3.2 million and office expenses were another $2.2 million. Most of their grants go to Jewish refugee programs…hmmm.

While the majority of the funding for the resettlement programs comes from the US government, a handful of private donors include: Patricia Bauman Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gill Foundation, Open Society Institute Foundation (Soros), Public Welfare Foundation, NEO Philanthropy, New World Foundation, Unbound Philanthropy, Tides Foundation, Vanguard Charitable Endowment, Reynolds, and Arca Foundation. Many of these are intertwined and can find there way back to Soros and even Clinton…It would appear that the refugee push is nearly 100% a liberal or Progressive Democrat initiative forged to create a new and  most lucrative business profile – Refugee Resettlement.

It’s estimated that each refugee costs about $65,000 to $70,000 to resettle in the US, that does not include medical care and welfare entitlements after their arrival, it includes airfare and charitable assistance through the nine programs we fund as taxpayers.

The organization which would appear to receive the greatest amount from our esteemed government is the International Rescue Committee, headed by a former member of the UK Parliament, David Miliband, whose annual compensation (not including benefits) is $600,000. Boasting an annual revenue of $562 million, payroll amounts to $211 million, travel and conferences about $36 million, ‘Other’ unidentified expenses are a healthy $10 million, and Occupancy and Office are about $38.5 million. The majority of its grants and support go to Sub-Sahara Africa which does not include Syria, Iraq, Myanmar or Nepal where the majority of refugees originate. Odd.

According to the Resettlement Support Center of Africa, the majority of Sub-Saharan refugees looking for US entrance come from Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and the DRC. According to a report issued by the RSC, it is recommended that ‘psycho-social’ support will be necessary in order for these people to assimilate. Problems encountered include;   they are not educated even at a basic elementary level, many are illiterate, they have no skills, they have little to no English language capabilities, and their culture is vastly different with respect to women and children, ie rape and beatings are acceptable.

While we ignore and attempt to stifle the fact that rape and child abuse in refugee settlement camps is rampant, we can only begin to see what happens to non-Muslim women subjected to their different ‘cultural’ ideologies. Germany is not alone in this, rapes in Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands have spiked as well. Who is protecting these women and children? Obviously NOT the governments, instead they attempt to claim the old school vulgar notion that these women and children asked for it or were simply too ignorant to get away from it. An incredibly dispassionate view of – life!

I am reminded of the atrocities of rape committed by Muslims under the command of US and Canadian military personnel. Our Leaders allowed the violence to perpetuate telling soldiers to ignore the atrocities under the justification that ‘it’s a cultural thing’ – raping and sodomy of young boys…, setting women on fire…, beating children senseless with sticks…, burying women alive… It’s ‘cultural’.

~In Norway 3 Muslims brutally raped a 14 year old girl orally and anally – 1 got 344 hours community service, the other two were sentences to 10 and 17 months in jail.

~In Oslo, 100% of violent rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants, 50% of all rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants

~Sweden has dubious honor of being the rape capital of all Europe. Of the cases that go to court, 70% are rejected

~An 18 year girl in France was abducted and raped by 3 Muslims for two hours – arrested, one of the youth stated that all French are sons of whores.

~5 Muslims from Eritrea were arrested for gang raping a woman in Israel

How will we assimilate ‘that’ culture into our society?

According to UNHCR, in 2014 they submitted the files of 103,890 individuals for resettlement; 12% female – 88% male, they are from Syria, Myanmar, DRC and Iraq. In addition, 73,000 were actually resettled from Turkey, Lebanon, Thailand, Kenya, Malaysia and Nepal. That means no Syrians, Afghans or Iraqis or Yemenis or Somalis went through the UN assimilation process in 2014…at all. In addition, ALL training and integration for resettlement is under the auspices of the new country – the UN does not provide this assistance.

Odd… that’s not what Obama and the White House are saying…

While it is true that refugee resettlement is not knew, it used to be called “Alien Reintegration”, at least in New Mexico it was. A friend and I accidentally drove through a restricted site years ago. Suddenly, the dry dusty agriculture gave way to a picturesque forest, bunnies, flowers and a bubbling stream. “You Are Entering An Alien Reintegration Zone” was our first clue we had messed up! Signs abounded warning against picking up random hitchhikers. We were the only car anywhere in sight and it was eerie! Suddenly four or five helicopters were buzzing all around, sirens wailed and police vehicles zoomed past. “An Alien Got Loose!” I screamed. And while we laughed, we were scared.

In 2014, according to the US government, we took in 69,986 refugees from the Middle East and Africa. So if the UN only sent out to the ’28 countries in the world that have agreed to accept refugees’, 73,000 – that would mean we accepted 96% of all approved resettlement refugees… But wait – according to Eurostat, Europe accepted 104,000 refugees in 2014. Someone is obviously not very good at math.

But that’s what the White House says...cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye kind of promise.

HRW and Caesar, A Soros Creation

The infamous defector and traitor, Caesar , who smuggled photographs out of Syria in 2014 purportedly showing the atrocities committed by Assad’s regime, has made headlines again.

Human Rights Watch claims that it interviewed relatives of 27 of the 6000 victims and thus the claims are verified. Atrocities! Every victim was someone’s father, brother, son, husband or friend having searched for years as to their whereabouts. “We have meticulously verified dozens of stories”, says the Human Rights Watch Deputy Middle East Director, Nadim Houry.

Really?  Okay, let’s try and see what is real.

Human Rights Watch opposes violence of any sort, they oppose capital punishment and discrimination, believe in religious freedom and freedom of the press – freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. They also believe in legalized abortion… So much for babies rights. Most importantly, they are predominantly funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. Most of it’s accountability is its production of lengthy reports and research campaigns. Little is actually done to improve anything as compared to Amnesty International, which has a more hands-on track record.

The organization has been cited for bias toward US foreign policy (75% of funds are US generated), unfair reporting, siding against Israel, supporting Saudi Arabia, and interfering in the governments of Latin America and Ethiopia.

The Current Director, Kenneth Roth, states that his father fled Nazi occupied Germany in 1938 – about the same time as George Soros. And the previous Director, Aryeh Neier, left HRW to become head of The Open Society Institute.  Tangled!

Nadim Houry has been quoted as Bierut based, Lebanon based, Kuwait based, Middle East based, and Syrian based, since 2010. In 2009, he was shown on a Harvard website as the Foreign Editor for McClatchy Co. The problem? In 2007, McClatchy reports him to be a Human Rights Watch researcher and there is no evidence he was ever employed by McClatchy. But Nadim’s own LinkedIn account shows he began with HRW in 2008 and between January 2006 and January 2008 – he was unemployed.   There is no data to corroborate that Nadim ever worked at Shearman and Sterling. Normally law firms announce new associates, this was not done with Nadim.

Something not right with Nadim? You betcha. His LinkedIn profile does not match up to his profile on Human Rights Watch.

Something not right with Human Rights Watch? You betcha.

Why would Caesar, a supposed military defector from Syria take his photographs to a private NGO, Human Rights Watch? Wouldn’t he take them to the US, UK, German military? Apparently, according to Human Rights Watch, Caesar took them to SAFMCD, Syrian Association for the Missing and Prisoners of Conscience organization. Who are they?  YIKES!  No information is available except that the IP address for .com is hosted in Phoenix, Arizona, and the domain for .net is hosted in Montreal Canada. The Google info is all in Arabic. The domain was not even created until January 2015. In other words – they are a fake – a loose end that was not quite tied up Mr. Soros, for their IP address did not even exist until 2015 and HRW says they got the photos in 2014 from them.

Caesar? A hooded figure whose face is not allowed to be shown even today while testifying in the US.  The report that cites Caesar and condemns Syria’s Assad was sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. No agenda there. The three barristers called to determine the veracity of Caesar?  Even more messed up!

1) Sir Geoffrey Nice was a part of the prosecution of Yugoslavia’s Milosevic. While Milosevic wanted to subpoena Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as Madelleine Albright, Tony Blair and Helmut Kohl, Neier, former Director of HRW and Director of Soros Open Society, quashed the request saying it was up to Sir Geoffrey Nice who saw no point in it.  Were the US, the UK and Germany complicit in the communist regime of Milosevic?

2) In June 2006, Desmond De Silva, prosecutor in Sierra Leone, met with the Open Society Institute’s – Justice Initiative. After De Silva highlighted the need for more legal clinics and funding for court, Justice Initiative – complied.  Greasing the hands…

3) Prof. David Crane states that he is actively affiliated with Impunity Watch an organization under the umbrella of Justice Initiative – Soros.


Bottom line? Like the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, a one man British prop, HRW would appear to have a less than authentic domain.

Human Rights Watch is a Soros organization.  The Three barristers are in some manner complicit with George Soros.  A fake organization took control of the photos and gave them to ‘Soros HRW’.  Falsified occupations.  Falsified data and employment history.  All pointing back to ONE place.  Add to the witches brew the whole entirety of the fake Caesar as a concoction of Qatar and Saudi Arabia…. oh my, oh my said Eeyore…

Another tangled web of Soros creation in order to facilitate the Syrian demise, and the rise of ISIS.

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

~Lewis Carrol; Alice In Wonderland