The CROWN, Vatican & NGO’s: Middle Class Peasants Pay Their TAXES

Russia’s Red Line was Crossed.   And the US has pointed the finger at Ukraine.   Leaving the country to be the scape goat testing Russia’s power.   Zelenskyy has effectively destroyed Ukraine.   And western mercenaries and military intelligence apparati have failed.   The entire deflection so as to incite more coups for the global RESET only gave governments an insight into what could happen to their country should they sit back and do nothing.

Western government agencies and controlled media pundits continue to parlay a fake and false narrative because reality would have shown their failure.   The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany has revealed the true mental aberrations of the ruling elite level of hypocrisy spouting and spitting F***k to everyone!

Ukraine could face a complete dystopia. There will be no rebuilding.   And the Ukrainian people, the commoners, the citizens, are the ones sacrificed by the Cabalists.

NONE of it was necessary had NATO and the EU held to their contractual agreements. Every attempt to destabilize Russia FAILED.   The Navalny coup failed.   The economic collapse failed.   And now Americans are left to face the hard fact that our own government – for decades – has been the ‘bad guy’.  

The same institutions that we were led to believe supported our safety and security are now openly flaunting their fraud and corruption.   Just how far back – is the only viable query.

Are we still a British colony?

In order to answer that question we would need to look at who is really controlling the British Empire, because it most certainly isn’t their crazed politicians any more than any US politician has any power.

In 2016, an editor for the Rothschild Economist declared in a heated debate that America is in fact a colony of Britain and always has been.   Further, it was asserted that the US and western aligned nations are run by the Vatican and the Crown.  

Many of our Founding Fathers were loyalists to the Crown – they were the Federalists.  .

Alexander Hamilton, the creator of the US Banking and Financial System was born to woman of British and French ancestry and a father who was a laird from Scotland. A Federalist aligned with Britain, Hamilton wrote the Jay Treaty which expanded British and US trade.   This alliance has the created purpose of maintaining a shadow colony, aka the US.

Interestingly, the Crown is legally exempt from all taxes including income tax, capital gain and inheritance.   Allowing their ‘Purse’ to forever expand while taxpayer’s purses forever deflate.  It’s purse is completely nontransparent.

The Vatican has perfected this form of elitist tax evasion by not only exempting itself and its employees, but for mandating a percentage of ‘voluntary tax donations’  by Italian taxpayers that are supposedly earmarked for charities – actually are given to The Vatican.   The Vatican’s ‘purse’ is completely nontransparent.

The first NGO was the Anti-Slavery Society formed in 1839.   Today there are approximately 1.5 million in the US alone – which are exempt from paying taxes.   For example, the Red Cross is sitting on $2.5+ billion net assets – untaxed.   Annual salary expense is $1..353 billion, other expenses are $290 million, interest is $61 million, program grants are mainly outside America, and Covid blood tests cost $515  million – expensed.  Form 990 tax returns do not require transparency of donors or recipients of grants.

Essentially, these organizations operate under the same auspices as their originators – The Crown and The Vatican. IF an NGO or charitable organization was truly charitable – it’s Balance Sheet would reflect a close to $0 net worth.  Today’s Charities feed themselves first, and their peasants last.

Many NGO’s are controlled by ‘the few’.   Just like Corporate America. And their charity passes to its alternate owned charity in a circle of elite pools.   It is a redistribution of nontaxable wealth among the elite.   King Charles is patron of over 420 charities across the globe – each one raising money for King Charles.

These same NGO’s have situated themselves as the global police, the global morality police, the global coup determiner, and the global confiscator of wealth while middle class pay their taxes.

The Green Climate Fund which confiscates billions from taxpayers doesn’t use the money to eradicate poverty or climate change – they use the money to make usury micro-loans at interest rates of 10% to 50%.   When an individual can’t make their payment, they are offered another higher rate usury loan to use to payoff the interest of the first loan.

A classic Ponzi scheme that is illegal in the US – but NOT illegal in African and South American countries.   Poor Africa.   For 90 years, their poverty rate has NOT changed despite trillions of ‘investments… All Paid For By Middle Class Taxpayers.   TO keep poverty and peasantry high while systematically destroying the Middle Class.

But there are holdouts to this schematic. Russia, Iran, Brazil, Hungary, Belarus, while other governments are waking to the realization they have been duped – and there is NO Place On The Pyramid of wealth for them…  There are Red Lines being crossed everywhere, and soon the collapse of our monetary system will ping across the globe!    GLOBAL DEBT:   $305 Trillion and RISING.

HONG KONG Protests: Soros & UK Collaboration

The US is behind the protests in Hong Kong!  

That’s what various media outlets are touting. But three of the main NGO’s backing the protestors are based in the UK;   Hong Kong Watch, Justice Center Hong Kong, and PEN Hong Kong.   All three NGO’s would seem to have connections to the UN. All of the groups operate under the NGO, Civil Human Rights Front which formed under the auspices of the Pro Democracy Group dating to Tiananmen Square uprising in the 1970’s.

While their core ideology lies in universal suffrage and One Country, Two Legislations, factions have risen with differing views on how to attain and retain this framework.   Some reference extreme German liberalism, others voice radical democracy, and still others voice progressivism.   They came to power via the end of British colonialism.

The last British governor of Hong Kong was Chris Patten who also served as co-chair for International Crisis Group, headquartered in Belgium, and is a member of the Global Leadership Foundation headquartered in Switzerland.

The current CEO for the US faction of Global Leadership is Liz Schrayer, a vehement anti-Trumper. Executive Director – Jason Gross worked for various Democrat campaigns, and is chaired by Daniel Glickman, a prominent Democrat under Clinton. While their status is 501©(3), they make no contributions, and operate as a lobbying NGO – which would be fraudulent under the IRS code for a charity.

The head of the Executive Committee for the International Crisis Group is Lord Malloch Brown who began his political career as a correspondent for The Economist, a Rothschild media magazine.   Outside of his career at the UN, Brown had extensive experience in ‘advising politicians’ throughout Chile, Columbia and Peru.   Among his many convenient friends is John Podesta.   Malloch Brown has been a close associate with George Soros working for the Soros Fund Management as well as the Soros Open Society Institute.

When looking for the source of massive protests gone awry, the names of George Soros and Clinton often arise, sometimes unexpectedly.

So why does Soros want to create his breed of chaos in China and Hong Kong?

The media basis of the Hong Kong protests is the introduction of an extradition rule set forth by the China aligned Carrie Lam that would allow Hong Kong defendants to be extradited to China mainland to face charges and actions. Given China’s communist version of law is quite different than Hong Kong’s British law, the consequences could be most devastating!  Hence the legitimate protests.

Soros may not have instigated the protests in Hong Kong, but like the Yellow Vests in France and elsewhere, and the Occupy Wall Street and Ferguson riots in the US, Soros tends to infiltrate with paid anarchists and antagonists to fuel fire to what would otherwise be peaceful.

Why? Soros needs a world war. He doesn’t much care who, so much as what such a war would entail today, how many would die, and who would divvy up the spoils.

Stoking civil crisis’ in the US, attempting to stoke communist supporting anti-Putin rallies in Russia, inflaming the Yellow Vest Movement with anarchists, the Hong Kong agenda was ‘a gift’.

Add to the tumult, tensions between India and Pakistan have reached tensile strength amid arguments over Kashmir.

In 2017, Pakistan booted Soros Foundations from the country amid allegations of espionage.   At the time, Soros was heavily entrenched in the region. Other expelled NGO’s included Save The Children and Medicins San Frontieres.   Both of these organizations have been embroiled in massive scams involving sexual abuse, prostitution and trafficking allegations.

Today, violence in Kashmir has escalated requiring curfews and military presence in the streets.   While officially recognized as a statehood of India, that dictum has been argued by both Pakistan and China.   Who determined that dictum? Why the UN. Of course!

Like Hong Kong, India’s Prime Minister Modi was born during the fall of British colonialism of India.   Do we see a commonality?   British colonies. Which would include, the US. Alas, South Africa, Canada and Australia come to mind.  Ready for civil war.

While the focus of rule has consistently been redirected at the US, in essence, the true force is and has been the UK, aka Britain.

Theresa May was certainly a pawn in that force. The Steele Dossier fabricated by MI6.   And the Russian agenda was regurgitated under the auspices of MI6.   This has been the core of the propaganda for decades, if not centuries.

Where did the global shadow government originate?

It has been referenced by a multitude of US Presidents dating to the beginning of the US as it fought British power and control.   And yet, that yield of power simply went underground.  It never died.  Hundreds of years later…

Soros next target will likely be in South America, perhaps Brazil and Columbia.

The unfortunate truth is the fact that within the US Democrat candidates, while they may all have been educated in the Soros Cabal, they are ignorant to the fact of their superfluous use and future.   In some sense that is sad. But then, everyone has a choice. They can choose the House of Satan.   Or they can choose The House of God.

Ultimately, these Democrat candidates will be the victims of their Cabal.

FYI: The house of God has absolutely no alignment with The Church. Its alignment is to God, and God alone.