The CROWN, Vatican & NGO’s: Middle Class Peasants Pay Their TAXES

Russia’s Red Line was Crossed.   And the US has pointed the finger at Ukraine.   Leaving the country to be the scape goat testing Russia’s power.   Zelenskyy has effectively destroyed Ukraine.   And western mercenaries and military intelligence apparati have failed.   The entire deflection so as to incite more coups for the global RESET only gave governments an insight into what could happen to their country should they sit back and do nothing.

Western government agencies and controlled media pundits continue to parlay a fake and false narrative because reality would have shown their failure.   The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany has revealed the true mental aberrations of the ruling elite level of hypocrisy spouting and spitting F***k to everyone!

Ukraine could face a complete dystopia. There will be no rebuilding.   And the Ukrainian people, the commoners, the citizens, are the ones sacrificed by the Cabalists.

NONE of it was necessary had NATO and the EU held to their contractual agreements. Every attempt to destabilize Russia FAILED.   The Navalny coup failed.   The economic collapse failed.   And now Americans are left to face the hard fact that our own government – for decades – has been the ‘bad guy’.  

The same institutions that we were led to believe supported our safety and security are now openly flaunting their fraud and corruption.   Just how far back – is the only viable query.

Are we still a British colony?

In order to answer that question we would need to look at who is really controlling the British Empire, because it most certainly isn’t their crazed politicians any more than any US politician has any power.

In 2016, an editor for the Rothschild Economist declared in a heated debate that America is in fact a colony of Britain and always has been.   Further, it was asserted that the US and western aligned nations are run by the Vatican and the Crown.  

Many of our Founding Fathers were loyalists to the Crown – they were the Federalists.  .

Alexander Hamilton, the creator of the US Banking and Financial System was born to woman of British and French ancestry and a father who was a laird from Scotland. A Federalist aligned with Britain, Hamilton wrote the Jay Treaty which expanded British and US trade.   This alliance has the created purpose of maintaining a shadow colony, aka the US.

Interestingly, the Crown is legally exempt from all taxes including income tax, capital gain and inheritance.   Allowing their ‘Purse’ to forever expand while taxpayer’s purses forever deflate.  It’s purse is completely nontransparent.

The Vatican has perfected this form of elitist tax evasion by not only exempting itself and its employees, but for mandating a percentage of ‘voluntary tax donations’  by Italian taxpayers that are supposedly earmarked for charities – actually are given to The Vatican.   The Vatican’s ‘purse’ is completely nontransparent.

The first NGO was the Anti-Slavery Society formed in 1839.   Today there are approximately 1.5 million in the US alone – which are exempt from paying taxes.   For example, the Red Cross is sitting on $2.5+ billion net assets – untaxed.   Annual salary expense is $1..353 billion, other expenses are $290 million, interest is $61 million, program grants are mainly outside America, and Covid blood tests cost $515  million – expensed.  Form 990 tax returns do not require transparency of donors or recipients of grants.

Essentially, these organizations operate under the same auspices as their originators – The Crown and The Vatican. IF an NGO or charitable organization was truly charitable – it’s Balance Sheet would reflect a close to $0 net worth.  Today’s Charities feed themselves first, and their peasants last.

Many NGO’s are controlled by ‘the few’.   Just like Corporate America. And their charity passes to its alternate owned charity in a circle of elite pools.   It is a redistribution of nontaxable wealth among the elite.   King Charles is patron of over 420 charities across the globe – each one raising money for King Charles.

These same NGO’s have situated themselves as the global police, the global morality police, the global coup determiner, and the global confiscator of wealth while middle class pay their taxes.

The Green Climate Fund which confiscates billions from taxpayers doesn’t use the money to eradicate poverty or climate change – they use the money to make usury micro-loans at interest rates of 10% to 50%.   When an individual can’t make their payment, they are offered another higher rate usury loan to use to payoff the interest of the first loan.

A classic Ponzi scheme that is illegal in the US – but NOT illegal in African and South American countries.   Poor Africa.   For 90 years, their poverty rate has NOT changed despite trillions of ‘investments… All Paid For By Middle Class Taxpayers.   TO keep poverty and peasantry high while systematically destroying the Middle Class.

But there are holdouts to this schematic. Russia, Iran, Brazil, Hungary, Belarus, while other governments are waking to the realization they have been duped – and there is NO Place On The Pyramid of wealth for them…  There are Red Lines being crossed everywhere, and soon the collapse of our monetary system will ping across the globe!    GLOBAL DEBT:   $305 Trillion and RISING.

New World Order: British Imperialism and Bloodlines

There exist a small number of “Core” institutions that have expanded their power exponentially since their founding in the first years of the 20th Century.   Those benefactors of philanthropy have used their money, their power, and their charity to create the basis for the New World Order with their stated aim that British Imperialism, specific bloodlines, and Monarchs be central to this goal:

Chatham House was established in London in 1920 by British Imperialist, Cecil Rhodes the DeBeers diamond magnate who made his fortune on ‘blood diamond’ mining in Africa.   Chatham’s sister organization, Council on Foreign Relations was created in 1921 by Elihu Root and Teddy Roosevelt who assumed office after the assassination of President McKinley. McKinley was known as an interventionist having forced Spain to hand over 4 colonies after the Spanish-American War.

Like Cecil Rhodes, Root was opposed to the suffrage movement, supported internationalism, and was an advisor to many US presidents.   During his tenure, he created the Open Door Policy with China – which essentially gave China to Japan.   Root was also the Director of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The Carnegie Endowment works in concert with Chatham House.   The goal of these three organizations is a global world government powered by the richest men in the world whose bloodlines are preserved in British nobility. Trustees of Carnegie Endowment have included Harvard since its inception.

During WWI, Carnegie declared that the way to peace was for the US to enter into the War against Germany. It was also the Carnegie Endowment that created the Hague Court of International Law in the Netherlands – 1923 and the United Nations in 1945.

The second Director of the Carnegie Endowment was John Foster Dulles, his brother Alan Dulles became the head of the newly created CIA. Dulles oversaw the various psychoanalyses experiments on people using drugs, hypnosis, and mind control, including MK Ultra.

In 1923, Reuben Leonard of Canada, donated the land in London for Chatham House.   In compliance with Rhodes, Leonard dictated that his philanthropy was only to be used to support white British male Protestants.

Chatham House created the first House Rule which prohibited members from disclosing anything inside to the outside world with the exception of the content of the meeting – like chapters to a closed book.

Operating under similar auspices as the UN, Chatham declares to be the progenitor of Sustainable development.

Winners of the Chatham House Prize have included a number of prominent NED coup leaders, as well as Hillary, Melinda Gates and Kerry as well as the Committee To Protect Journalism.   The Committee is funded by Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Bloomberg, ford and Annenberg Foundations.

The Chatham House has done little except expand. Having set up offices across the globe and created multiple NGO’s for what could ostensibly be simply another means for money laundering.   It’s cited focus is on ‘reform’ across the globe. What it has yet to accomplish is “Peace”.   Anywhere.

When originally established by Cecil Rhodes and upon his death Alfred Milner, their cited purpose was a Global British Colony/Empire.   While claiming that entering the fray of politics was essential in this achievement, they understood that all political parties were targets.   In that, they declared themselves ‘nonpartisan’.

Donors to Chatham House include MAVA Foundation, UK Government, US Department of State, WHO, Carnegie – US, Open Society as well as the usual foundations and oil companies.

MAVA Foundation claims it is all about saving our planet, however its donor list includes numerous bio firms involved in the CoVid jab, Rockefeller Advisors, the UN and WEF. Slow Food is also a financier.   They claim their goal is the attainment of ‘food justice’, which highlights the unequal and unethical meat and poultry industries polluting our environment. Another WEF hybrid, they promote “equity, inclusion and justice”.

These four organizations, Rhodes Round Table, Chatham, Council on Foreign Relations, and Carnegie comprise the top tier of the global Cabal.   Through their vast networks of nonprofit NGO’s they rule roughly half of the world.   They plant presidents, prime ministers, corporate CEOs, and Boards.   However, it is all based on white British imperialism.

Their entire existence is thus threatened by the BRICS Alliance which is gaining traction as middle eastern, African, Indian, and South American countries come to realize they are NOT invited to the Table. Due to their nonwhiteness and the fact that wealth equals superior intellect… as in British Bloodlines – Monarchs and Bankers and Industrialists.

Biden’s Australia/UK/US Triad – AUKUS: A British Colonization in PLAY!

Why are the Biden Handlers creating an alliance with the UK and Australia?   A better question would be – why are Europe and Canada NOT a part of that alliance?   Why is Germany silent while Macron fumes?   The supposed threat would be China, however, if that were true all of Humpty Dumpty’s allies would have been included.    France in particular is openly angry, while Germany and Canada prefer to pretend nothing happened.  

According to Politico, the purpose of the alliance is “to share information and know-how in key technological areas like artificial intelligence, cyber, quantum, underwater systems, and long-range strike capabilities.”   Specifically nuclear subs.

Oddly, Australia doesn’t have any nuclear subs because they signed an agreement in 2010 pinky swear promising not to produce nuclear material.  Which means the entire pact is about diverting Australia deals with EU countries in favor of creating a more nuclear powerful Triad Australia.

The arrangement is understood as a means of tipping the power void of another British Crown Colony.    Although the media parlays the deal as a means of thwarting China’s aggression in the South China Sea and towards Taiwan, that announcement is likely a deflection.   While Humpty Dumpty spoke of the need to maintain a “free and open Indo-Pacific”, that would be in stark contrast to his Afghanistan withdrawal pronouncement of ‘non-interference’.

Well, look no further than the recent contracts awarded to the military industrial complex!

In July Raytheon was ‘awarded’ a $2 billion contract for nuclear cruise missiles.   In August they were awarded another $960 million to provide hardware and software procurement services to the U.S. Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center for the terminal segment of a joint service satellite communications system.

Coincidence?  I think not.   This Triad was concocted many moons ago.   But obviously the non-interventionism espoused by Biden’s WH Handlers in the Afghanistan pullout was smoke and mirrors – as is well observed.

Was China’s Xi Jinping conned?  

July and August, PM Johnson thought it a fun idea to attempt to provoke the wrath of China by taunting them with warship excursions in the South China Sea.   Johnson was well aware what this childish tactic would gain – the invocation of who is in power and who remains subservient.

The Triad alliance may have omitted Canada because Trudeau is headed for the twalette in the election next week.   It bears mentioning that the Demonic Dominion organization is based in Canada.   Therefore the election can be parlayed with the same Arizona/Pennsylvania/Georgia/Newsom Recall antics.   Does the CULT really want Trudeau to remain?   O’Toole is the opponent who vies for a more moderate conservative party – much like the toolbit Bush, Cheney, Romney, Graham, etc….

Today O’Toole stated that he pledged to have Canada join the Triad.   That statement sounds like a Queen’s Handmaid story.   Which likens O’Toole as just another tool of the Cabalist Cult whose definitive goal is the reassertion of a Global Crown Colony. And thus it would appear that perhaps the Crown is just as weary of Trudeau as they are of Biden.

That leaves Singapore and Hong Kong as the next former British colonies to be absorbed by the Powers.   Given Kamalisha’s latest Asian visit included Singapore, the relationship or threat of colonization could have been the main agenda on the table.

Hong Kong is another former British Colony recently absorbed by China.   Given Hong Kong citizens adamantly feared and protested the absorption… and given the protests were heavily infiltrated by radicals, it could be surmised that the China agenda was a Cabal plan.   Why?   Quite simply – chaos before the introduction of a Savior.   The British Crown will now supplant Communist China with the more moderate authority of the British Crown.    The Colony reasserts its aggressive attitude toward China, and Hong Kong becomes the bargain table deal – all for $1.598.

Recreating the Crown is essential to the institution of a British imperialist rule.

In the forward time of Alice In Wonderland, the pawns of Australia and other territories will build an untenable nuclear war machine. The timeline for these ‘transactions’ is an end game of 2026 – 4 years before the 2030 Agenda is fully implemented.   Via the destruction of China and Russia.

So where is South America in all this?   A land of much fertile soil, and freshwater lakes…   Another Blog…

In the meantime, we can ‘predict’ a British Colony Chess Gamit – in the series, Russia’s Viking was defeated by a little girl.   I would suggest that eyes should remain wide and wary…